Pope Francis isn’t going to like what this top Bishop just said about the Fake News Media

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the most liberal Pope in history.

He continues to push the Left’s agenda from his position leading the Catholic Church.

And Pope Francis isn’t going to like what this top Bishop just said about the Fake News Media.

Pope Francis has spent much of his time in power cozying up to left-wing politicians and leaders.

While he launched attacks against Donald Trump when he was on the campaign trail, he has been nothing but cheerful with Joe Biden.

Pope Francis even tweeted Biden’s campaign slogan “Build back better” last year, just after the election.

But while Pope Francis may be jumping to cheer on the Left, there is growing opposition to the Left in the Catholic Church.

One of the most vocal figures in this fight is Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas.

During a recent interview with Terry Barber of Virgin Most Powerful Radio, he hammered into lying politicians and the Fake News Media.

“There’s a lot of negativity in our world, and our nation is battered by a press and politicians that are liars,” Strickland said. “They lie and they have an agenda that could care less about the truth.”

He spoke about the fear-mongering from the corporate-controlled media and politicians relating to coronavirus, and encouraged listeners not to buy into the fear, and that they should instead “fear God,” not death.

Strickland also weighed in on denying Holy Communion to sinners who do not ask forgiveness.

“Whether it’s a politician or a prelate in the church, or the father of a family or the head of a billion dollar business, whoever it is, we all before God are sinners who need to ask forgiveness. And if we refuse to do that, we shouldn’t go to communion,” he said.

This has been a hot-button issue, especially with the release of pictures showing Joe Biden receiving Holy Communion, despite his support for abortion and the LGBT agenda.

Bishop Strickland has long been unafraid of controversy.

He was in headlines last year after he signed a document alleging that the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to formation of a world government.

The documents claimed that coronavirus’ end game is about “permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restrictions on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements.”

Strickland is a fierce voice in the church, and certainly the type of figure Pope Francis isn’t happy with.