Pope Francis is furious after one of his subordinates dropped this fact destroying a Left-wing policy


Pope Francis is infamous for his left-wing policies.

He even went after President Trump for his belief in secure borders.

And now Pope Francis is furious after one of his underlings dropped this fact destroying a left-wing policy.

While Pope Francis may lean left on many issues, many of the top brass in the Catholic Church do not.

Among them is Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is just one level below Francis.

Speaking at a pro-life and pro-family conference earlier this month, Burke made his views on immigration well known, specifically mentioning Islamic immigration.

He stated that limiting the number of Muslims trying to immigrate to Christian nations would be a good idea for politicians.

“To resist large-scale Muslim immigration in my judgment is to be responsible,” Burke goes on to explain while citing the large Muslim populations in countries like France, Germany, and Italy.

The National Catholic Reporter reports:

Limiting the number of Muslims allowed to immigrate to traditionally Christian nations would be a prudent decision on the part of politicians, said U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke.

During a pro-life and pro-family conference in Rome May 17, the day before Italy’s March for Life, Burke outlined his views on immigration.

“To resist large-scale Muslim immigration in my judgment is to be responsible,” Burke said, responding to a written question.
Islam “believes itself to be destined to rule the world,” he said. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what has happened in Europe,” the cardinal said, citing the large Muslim immigrant populations in France, Germany and Italy.

Islamic immigration is causing immense problems in European countries, with many parts becoming no-go zones for non-Muslims.

Those areas are not open to non-Muslims, and Sharia law is enforced.

Continuing to allow these people to flood into Europe is asking for conflict.

But left-wing figures like Pope Francis refuse to see this, and instead want to continue to allow “refugees” from Islamic countries to flood Christian nations.

But eventually, these countries will lose their Christian heritage if Islamic immigration continues.

Cardinal Burke is simply speaking facts.

Do you agree with Cardinal Burke that limiting Islamic immigration is good for Christians?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Do not just limit them, but STOP them entirely from entering any country in which they will not assimilate into that countries culture.

        • That’s just the RCC teaching, not Biblical. poop francis is NOT infallible, any more than the previous holders of the office.
          MAGA/KAG †
          TRUMP 2020

        • The Pope is only infallible in Church Doctrine material. That does NOT include his stances on immigration, Islam, and many other topics!
          In fact over 100 Catholic leaders/Cardinals/Bishops have challenged Pope Francis with evidence about hersey, and wanting clarifications about his promotion of Islam, a country’s right to border security, and his “approval” of divorced Catholics and their spouses receiving Holy Communion without any evidence of their previous marriage having been legitimately annulled.

          • I was taught that when God made man (and woman) He gave us free will to do as we pleased. That includes Popes, cardinals, bishops, etc. He provided guidelines by which we should live our lives but if we did not want to follow them, it was our choice.

            I’m disturbed that Pope Francis is sticking his nose where it does not belong. In my opinion he and the cardinals should be kneeling in front of the altar every day without fail praying fervently for God’s intercession in what is going on in the world today. His involvement should be nothing more than preaching the word of God.

        • I’m Catholic and we are now dealing with the ant Christ in our church. Pray long and hard and do not support him in any way. I donate to St Jude’s Hospital instead of to my church and I wrote them a letter and told them that as long as this pope supports radical abortionists in Europe I will not attend or support the church. I will alway be a Catholic but at 77 I know how to pray, talk and listen to God directly. So I will shun this one until God takes care of him. And he will.

      • They can’t coexist with our Constitution. The ones in the US need to be deported because there is no such thing as a friendly Muslim when it comes to Christianity. The 2 can’t exist together only because of the Muslims dominate the world instructions found in the Koran.

      • AMEN to that.

        Muslims do not want to become like the country they enter, they want the country they enter to become like them.

        I say up their nose with a rubber hose……….make that a stick of dynamite!

    • I cannot find any kind of reasoning that would give any credence to accepting a muslime into a civilized society or country and expect them to assimilate or at the very least behave as a human. It does not make any sense at all whatsoever.

    • Amen to that. If they won’t assimilate then they should be sent back to where they came from. America had better take a hard look at Europe. They are starting to look like Iran, Muslims in the W.H. and now in congress.

      • True. We should take a hard look. A number of old world nations are taking hard looks at their systems of immigration after they allowed an influx of Muslims and see the results. Terrorist cells/acts. Native citizens being attacked on the street over their manner of dress offending the Muslims. A serious rise in rapes and other physical crimes.

        I question what this Pope thinks is going to happen if the Muslim immigrant populations are permitted to freely breed and expand at rates surpassing those of native populations. What will happen when those populations grow so large that they can vote themselves into full control of the nation.

        The Pope should also consider history. The Church was responsible for driving the Muslims back from Europe and the nations which they has conquered. It was called the Crusades.

        • This pole sucking pope Frank is part of the New World Order AND is a pedophile.
          Part of the 9 something society.(human sacrifices) and unknown to many,has been stripped of his control and is pope in name only until they can decide on the replacement. Go to Truth Unsealed w/ David Zublick.

    • Muslims in general and Muslim terrorists in specific do not assimilate in democracies. Muslims hate any laws other than sharia. Even regular Muslims will assemble into terror cells and training centers to wreck havoc, death and destruction upon unsuspecting societies.

    • I totally agree. Stop them entirely from entering! The pope is coming across as a false prophet. He needs to stick to his “church” & stay out of politics of the USA!!

    • So very correct Joe M. They obviously have a different agenda then the rest of the world. They are not interested in assimilating into anyone elses culture. They have their own religion and way of life that is so ingrained into them that there is no way, especially in the radicals, that they will change. Their idea of assimilating is taking over every country and ruling it their way,, with their ideas and their religion and violence.

    • Don’t stop there. These people have proven themselves not just unwilling to assimilate but actively hostile to the laws and cultures of Europe and the West. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

    • That’s my thoughts………..you put one male and one female in a community in 10 years you would have 100K of those basturds, they multiply like rabbits, and behave like mongrels, they are absolutely worthless spawns of evil.

    • Muslims will not assimilate into any country’s culture unless it is Islamist. The Quran forbids them from doing so since they would then be subject to the laws of man, which would make them apostates and subject to death.

  2. And deport those who do not work, don’t learn the local language, rely on government handouts, take away housing from citizens. etc. A country imports valuable people, not parasites, not disease carriers. If their native countries are “$#it holes”, it is they and their ideas that made it that way. And they will make the host nation into that which they left.

  3. They are nothing but extremist. Send them all back where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pope Francis is on the wrong side of everything. A real far-Lefty. Someone “who knows not that he knows not…” Shun him!

  5. it’s either stop Muslim immigration, or bend over and kiss your country goodbye in 10 to 20 years. Because that’s what it will take them to populate and out vote the American people at the polls. Oh and another thing while you’re at it figure out a way to get rid of career politicians, the actual people that are causing this problem. If we don’t limit terms on these parasites we’re not gonna have a country too much longer, because to get reelected they will do whatever it takes. And if giving the country away is part of it they don’t care. They only care about themselves. Wake up America before it’s too late.

    • Jim — you hit on the biggest problem we have in our country and you are exactly right. We need to put term limits on every political position in this country from city to federal. There should be a 2 term limit just like the President. This would go far in preventing all the corruption,grafting and “perks” for doing favors for foreign enemies. You are right — as of now, they don’t care what they have to do to get elected no matter how low or how corrupt. As far as this pope goes — he is a leftist/libtard joke and the world knows it.

      • As long as there are elections, those who count the votes will decide the winner. The solution is to eliminate elections. Repeal the 17th Amendment and let the states choose their senators as the Constitution originally stipulates, with the inclusion of term limits and right of recall by the governor, state legislature, and plebiscite. For representatives, institute a draft lottery, with qualifications for inclusion in the pool of prospective draftees to be determined by each state.

      • If they’re muslim, a zero term policy needs to be adopted. To hell with giving them two terms since hell will look pleasurable compared to what the muzzies will do given two terms in office.

  6. Cardinal Burke is absolutely correct in his opinion. Islam overtakes everyone else a nd destroys their societies.

  7. Islam CAN NOT and WILL NOT assimilate with ANY other culture.

    Name ONE place on the planet earth where islam has infested and it was a ‘positive thing’?……Just ONE?…..I’ll wait………….(crickets chirping).

  8. The pope is a godless man. Uses his religion for his political views. He stomps on Christians right everyday. He is not a man of God. He hates America. He is not a pope for all people just a very few.

  9. Yes we should not just limit but stop Islamic immigration all together. They have no love or respect for our country, constitution or ANY religious values other than their own.
    Do you know what really upsets me? Because of that atheistic, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, prayer was removed from our school system. But yet when a Muslim child attends our school system not only are THEY allowed to pray, but are given a special room to do it!!! This” political correctness ” has really gotten out of control and we can not stop it.

    • Sure we can Linda M.,,, but it will take an all out war to do so, but it will have start at the top and worl ir’s way down and damn soon

    • And the school system is allowing the muslim teachers to impose their beliefs among our CHRISTIAN school children. THAT MUST be stopped.
      Also, the Islamic believe that the power of multiplication will make them owners of the world and they are mandating themselves to have a minimum of 4 wives and each to birth 8 children. Do the math. While they burst out with procreation, we are killing our babies in the womb and outside the womb and we will end up with a generation of old people and when we all die our citizens will be limited in numbers. So … Guess what?

      • What you posted Golengekko and Tony is so upsetting , scary but so true..How did our country and its values become so corrupt and wrong??? I have noticed subtle changes happening over the years. But never in my wildest imagination did I imagine we would be facing all these horrors now!Both my late husband and myself are veterans and I hate what we sacrificed to wind up to this mess. And I am so sick and tired of the democrats blaming it ALL on President Trump.The total disrespect they show our president is sickening.Can you imagine what would happen to them if they lived in a country like North Korea and made similar remarks?? Do I agree with all of Trump’s policies? No.But he has been trying to do the right thing.. Having our country once again admired by other countries But these democrat leaders want to turn our country into a socialist one and the fools following them are too blind to see it!!

  10. The present “pope” is an apostate who promulgates the anti biblical teachings of the ungodly leftists. The cardinals made a HUGE mistake voting for him.

  11. Cardinal Burke is correct! He knows the underlying problem of Islam that they want to infiltrate Christian countries and slowly erase the Christian faith. History has shown it, and examples are currently displaying in Europes.

  12. Well let’s see, the pope has so much room at the vatican, so let’s redirect them to his space and He can give them santuary. Pay their bills, pay for their medical, give them jobs, provide for their retirement. If he is so concerned, let him put his words into action. Problem solved.

  13. I agree. Stop Muslims from entering into the US. We have no idea if they are wanting to be Americans or if they are trying to take the US and turning it into a Muslim nation. America was founded by Christianity and must stay that way. If those Muslims that are here now and will not assimilate to our laws then they should be sent back for failure to assimilate to American customs.

  14. I attended Catholic School all my life and I have never seen a pope like the one we have now. He needs to step down or be removed. He is not a true Christian. There have been bad popes in the Church many years ago but he is absolutely the worst Catholics should ban together and go to their Bishop and see what can be done to force him to retire. He is not good for the Church or for our country.

  15. Pope Francis should stay out of politics and focus on the Roman Catholic religion which has people leaving its doctrines in droves, me included. It is very apparent Muslims seek to take over the world; the Muslim belief system is far different from the Catholic religion or any religion seeking to live up to the adages, “Love they neighbor”; “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Muslims will only love you if you do ‘unto them’! All immigration into other countries that have worked, fought hard to make their country stable should be able to prohibit immigration from any country. Those leaving their country of origin to go elsewhere should stay in their country and FIX their problems, not bring their problems to live in another’s country. God Bless America.

  16. this POPE was in question in the country where he came from because of his ties to drug cartels. And just recently Poland has had a crisis with priests who cannot keep their hands to themselves. The Pope should clean up his own back yard before opening his mouth about what he thinks is right . This Pope has covered up sick perverted priests and is still doing it . ONE of the worst Pope the church has ever had. Muslims are taking over our cities ,and trying to change what we believe in . Now the Dems have put them into government. We need a petition to stop any Muslim for ever running or becoming a politician. Just look at the radicals we have in the Dem party now . They HATE American . Yes they live off the tax payers and fight against our system. There are places right here in this country that is dominated by the Muslims. Tlaid lied about her district and where she lived and yet she is still part of the Dem party.

  17. The pope is not realistic, Islam will not submit to christianity. Rather it imposes enclaves of self governed mini Islam’s where they run to after committing crimes as murder and kidnappings.
    No country can survive with two sets of laws.

  18. Sick of this Pope. Terrible Pope! How did he ever get in to be Pope? His predecessor was a wonderful man who is still alive and well!!! As a Life long Catholic, I am over him and all of the liberal political stands he takes.

    • Kathy, I, too, was a Catholic much/most of my life. Whatever happened to Benedict XVI and why has he been ousted from the papacy (Pope Emeritus). Where was the MSM when the Vatican decided to get another pope? His Argentinian background under a dictatorial regime when he flourished in BA in the ’90s wasn’t accounted for (Kirchner, I think). What little MSM reported anything stressed the fact he comes from Italian heritage, ignoring his acts as cardinal

  19. Islam doesn’t and will not assimilate , ( its against the Koran ) and The World leaders know it . There is a plan laid out telling of the Three World Wars , written by Albert Pike , Islam plays a huge role ! While Christians have their beliefs , and do live in peace with others who do not believe as they do , Islam will not ! The Albert Pike Prophecy’s clearly show the Plan of the Secret Society’s ( NEW WORLD ORDER SPOKEN OF OPENLY BY SO MANY EVEN OUR AMERICAN PRESIDENT , BUSH SENIOR ) which will destroy , and then rule out of the ASHES . Islam Mahdi , ( Savior ) is the Anti Christ of the Bible , book of revelation . Islam either rules or destroy everything . Sorry to say but this POPE is probably the one Prophesied of BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ITSELF in their own writing as the Apostate POPE .

  20. Cardinal Burke is 100% right. Pope Francis the Marxist should be “IMPEACHED”! Holy Father, my ass! He is an idiot to support immigration of all these scimitar-waving Muslims! They simply want to behead all Christians and spread their anti-Christian, barbaric, bloody “faith” all over the world. Time for another crusade to kick their asses out of Europe, America, Canada, Australia and all other formerly all-White countries. Time to sing ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS and kick some butt!

  21. The Cardinal is absolutely right. This Pope keeps pushing me further away from the Church. Attending Mass is like listening to the Democratic agenda in this Country. I don’t need to hear any of it in Church. Church is like a respite from all that is going on in the country. Besides that, isn’t the Vatican surrounded by a wall. Hmmmm.

  22. Finally, a Catholic Cardinal spoke the truth to protect mankind from the program of hate sponsored by the Islamic mentality.

    The first law of nature is self-preservation and the Islamic people, evidently, don’t know this simple basic truth!!

  23. Maybe the Popes beanie in too tight. Get him a larger size. Islam is out to destroy first the Jews and then the CHRISTians then the rest of the non muslim world. When they get to Rome they will destroy the Vatican and everybody inside of it.

  24. Sorry to say I have no respect for the Pope. So when I see the Pope open his home to the true Islamic cult and let them stay with him oh let’s ten years MAYBE I’ll consider his idiology but I don’t see it happening.

  25. The Cardinal is Spot-On! It is prudent, necessary and just plain common sense to keep Muslims out of primarily Christian Nations. Islam is a plague that must be eradicated and kept from proliferating in the Western world.

    • Once they learn to believe that the Pope is a human and not JESUS incarnated they will begin to see the truth. I am nor ever was a Catholic, but my wife WAS at one time until my preacher, a friend and I opened her eyes. She has been happy ever since knowing she can talk to GOD through HIS SON JESUS and not have to pray through idols and priest!

  26. Talking about preventing a Muslim takeover is fine but who is going to take action to stop them before it gets too big to control? The Democrats are so crooked they will resort to ANYTHING to win the election and get their way. I know too many people who believe them and the fake media and automatically vote the same bad people in because they think they are good. Our children are being murdered in the womb and those that aren’t are being taught gender stuff and Muslim culture and that Us has a bad history. This starts at kindergarten, thanks to Target supporting the organization that is going to start teaching it to these little ones. GOD HELP US!

  27. I’ve had a little contact with Muslims but do not look for more. I have always been a fan of history and it’s an excellent teacher; limit this culture or cut it off entirely, it’s their way or death’s way once they’re in power. Unless you live as their slave-servent.
    These large companies are FORCED to speak out for financial reasons, not belief. I’m sure there are some people
    who agree but not all.
    We all have to take care of our own lives and those our lives encompass, however we are led.

  28. I completely agree with Cardinal Burke. Even St. Thomas Aquinas said that immigrants must be willing to wait “a long time” before becoming citizens and they must also be willing to assimilate. A vast majority of Muslim immigrants do neither.

  29. Biggest mistake ever made was giving the Vatican diplomatic status. How many Muslims is Francis going to allow to emigrate to the Vatican, heck how many Presbyterians or Baptists will he allow there. They should not have country status as they operate like no other real country on the planet. When Muslim countries allow the same number of non Muslims to emigrate to their countries and practice their religions freely all immigration by them must be halted.

  30. How can this hypocritical “a–hole” still even be a Pope with the Godless way he conducts himself? Is there no way to dethrone him?

  31. He is absolutely right! That is the only ideology that is incompatible with other Faiths and cultures. The very name islam means to submit. It’s sad they can’t live and let live but it is what it is.

  32. The whole idea of a pope his reached the end of its logic run. When men can vote another man into a position of “Christ on Earth” and be forced to abide with his decisions . . . no matter how politically flawed and unreasonable they prove to be . . . the rank and file Catholic followers are forced into a blood allegiance that is considered sacrosanct, and unable to be challenged. I was brought up as a Catholic and abandoned that strain of Christianity, due in-part by this particular office and its dictates. Blind allegiance to ANYTHING without question is INSANE . . . kind of like today’s leftist Democrat party ! Hey . . . see how I snuck that in ! Unfortunately, it’s not a joke and it’s stark reality.

  33. Nope start cleaning out muslims in the no go zones destroy the mosques and deport them they bring nothing but destruction to christian nations 🎚

  34. The Muslims have assimilated quite well in this country. Why don’t your cretins read about in somewhere besides a right wing rag.

    • Joe the Plumber,
      Why do YOU always post on” this” website if we are are all cretins??You can never voice an opinion without calling others names.Why? One of your biggest problems is you are a democrat.Well, I suppose I answered my own question , didn’t I?
      Have you forgotten 911?? I haven’t, because I lost some relatives and friends that day.bin Laden’s religion was Islam.So please don’t claim that they have assimilated quite well in this country.Their religious beliefs promote violence and hate against us. Or anyone that does not follow their beliefs..So if we allow a huge Islamic immigration into this country I can only shudder what we will endure.
      Now, if you want to start acting childish and start calling me names, so be it. If you talk about me you will at least leave someone else alone..

      • There are Islamic extremists and Christian extremists, KKK, Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the abortion clinic combers, David Koresh, many of Hitler’s henchmen, the Spanish inquisition and conquistadors killed countless millions as did soldiers and knights in the Crusades. Linda, you don’t history past a few years,

        • Sorry Joe the Plumber but I don’t know what you are trying to say;”Linda, you don’t history past a few years”. What exactly does this mean?
          I am fully aware there has always been extremists through the ages.Everyone has had their own beliefs(as misguided as they were, at times) for centuries. But I can not change the past. I CAN try to protect my future and my adult children’s.And anyone’s belief(Islam) that teaches we are all infidels and to eliminate us, I will take offense to.There are power in numbers…..
          And on a personal note, thank you for not disrespecting me in your comment.I think we all can voice our opinions without stooping to name calling. But sometimes someone’s beliefs are so strong that we all become passionate in voicing them.

          • You’re one of the few polite ones here as well Linda. American Muslims have committed virtually no crime in comparison the the average person. Most Muslims in other countries are not criminals but the bad ones are horrific as scene in Paris, 911, New Zealand and many other places. However most of the violence in this country done by terrorists in this country since 911 have been white supremacists or gun nuts, Tim McVeigh, abortion bombers, school shootings, Charlottesville, Sandy Hook, etc. The Republicans voted against a law that would make people on the terror watch list not be able to buy weapons. Think about that.

        • David Koresh is made to look tame and lame by comparison to islamic fundamentalists. David Koresh never sent his followers out to blow people up.

          Islam leaders do just that and promoting how wonderful ‘life’ is on the other side if you die a martyr.

  35. Cardinal Burke’s opinion is correct. Muslim immigration has created tremendous problems in Europe. Thankfully, we here in America have a president who understands this, but is usually hampered by liberal courts. There is one other matter that deserves mention, on more then one occasion I have encountered Muslims who have stated, one of their most fervent wishes is to see a Muslim banner flying high above the Vatican. If that day ever comes, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

    • Well Bob with the present Pope and his sympathetic views towards the Muslims, their flag will be flying over the Vatican real soon, and heaven help us all then!!!How in the world did we get to this horrible state of affairs??? What is happening???

  36. I agree with the above comments. When Muslims are in sufficient numbers to vote themselves into our Congress, our State Governments, school boards, etc. they will do exactly what the above comments address, and the fight is on to keep them from taking over the country, from the President on down, and the Courts. Unfortunately, our own Constitution prevents us from denying that to happen. We are doomed sooner or later, and it will all be traced back to large immigration of Muslims.

  37. Cardinal Burke is absolutely right. How sad that Pope Francis would encourage the U.S. to take everyone into the country. When is he going to take down the wall around the Vatican?

  38. Muslim’s focus is on world domination and completely eliminating all other religions. When they move to other countries they take over areas and make them exclusive Muslim enclaves. They do not immigrate the overthrow. All non Muslim countries should band together and stop these attacks on societies that have religious tolerance. These people are raiders and should be treated as such!

  39. I totally agree…Muslims will never really become Americanized and they will destroy our country from within…if we allow them to come in.
    The current Pope needs to get his act together or step down. Sounds to me like cardinal Burke would be a better choice.

  40. I do know history, and yes there have been limited times in the past when Muslims and Christians could get along, but hate and evil has always won with the Muslims. They hate all things Christians and all else that is not Muslim. Therefore, they should not be allowed in this great country

  41. Yes, I agree with him. We can NOT co-exist with somebody that wants to cut our heads off, simply for not following THEIR Koran. They are nothing move than a cult. And, I’ve got news for the pope, if they DO take over, the Catholic church will be banned, along with all other Christian religions. Which I believe has been his goal all along. He’s got his eyes on being in charge of the apostate church that is mentioned n end time prophecy. He’s an apostate if I ever saw one! HE wouldn’t know Christ, if He hit him upside the head.

  42. Satan finally got a man to the top spot in the Catholic Church but GOD has many more around him to point out exactly what he is. Francis is a fraud and will be excommunicated before all is said and done.

  43. Throw that Idiot Stupid Mindless Traitor Pope OUT!
    He is Horrible.
    Too liberal, too Leftist.
    Get him out Now!!
    He’s the devil incarnate…

  44. Famous Muslim people that you didn’t know were Muslims and who co-existed with Christians with no problems.

    1. Shaquille O’Neal (Retired professional American basketball player for the Lakers)
    2. Zayn Malik (singer from the group One Direction)
    3. Dr. Mehmet Oz (The American television Dr. Oz from Oprah)
    4. Mike Tyson (former heavyweight boxing champion)
    5. Janet and Jermaine Jackson (brother and sister of Michael Jackson)
    6. Dave Chapelle (American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer.)
    7. Ellen Burstyn (American actress)
    8. Casey Kasem (He was a DJ back in the day, he is now deceased)
    9. Snoop Dogg (American rapper and actor)
    10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American retired professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks & the Los Angeles Lakers and an actor)
    11. Muhammad Ali (professional boxer, now deceased)
    12. Amal Clooney (American lawyer and married to George Clooney)
    13. Mahershala Al (American actor)
    14. Omar Sharif (Egyptian actor, best known for his performances in “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Doctor Zhivago” and “Funny Girl,” died in July 2015)
    15. Faran Tahir (Pakistani-American actor, best known for his roles in “Iron Man,” “Star Trek” and “24,” )

      • Do you know the difference between religious people and extremist?

        Let me give you an example: You are a Christian person (correct?), so is the KKK. Are your beliefs in line with the KKK? Do you want to kill people like the KKK?

        So why can’t Muslim people be different than extremists?

    • Omar Sharif almost lost his Egyptian citizenship due to an affair with Barbara Streisand.
      Janet is a very recent convert and obviously had her brain fall out due to being so open minded.
      Mike Tyson – how quickly one forgets his enormous list of legal issues including biting off the ear of an opponent.
      Amal is married to the all to ‘open minded’ George “Looney” Clooney who builds a wall around his Italian estate but doesn’t want a wall blocking illegal immigrants. Gee! How nice of him? Haven’t seen him offer to house illegals and other muslims in any of his estates.
      Muhammad Ali – belonged, at one point, to the same Nation of Islam the Fukkerkhan …. er …. Farrakhan belongs to. We all know how horrid Farrakhan is.
      Snoop Dog smoked too much weed to know what the heck is real anymore.
      Karem & Faran Tahir want to be able to make their money – can’t do that if you’re not outwardly trying to get along with anyone.
      Never heard of #2, #13 and #15 – apparently not all that famous (infamous? eh)

  45. I whole heartedly, 100% agree with Cardinal Burke! Mr. Pope Francis, IF I were you, sir, Me Myself And I, would NOT even let those Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Islamic Muslim People inside Your Christian Home (The Vatican), because they will DESTROY it, like They DESTROYED THAT Ancient City of Petra, and your ancient Romans DESTOYED THE SECOND HOLY TEMPLE ON TOP OF MT. MORIAH IN 70 AD, AND IN AND AROUND 610 AD THOSE ISLAMIC MUSLIM PEOPLE BUILT THEIR AL AQSA MOSQUE ON THE VERY SPOT WHERE THE HOLY OF HOLIES HAPPENED TO BE!!!!!!!

  46. WHO THE HELL cares what the leader of this pedophile group thinks ?!! and to think, I almost married into this group 55 years ago! whew! dodged that bullet !!

  47. The Muslims are mostly peaceful, with the exception of the Wahhabi sect.
    It was the Wahhabis that created ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the 911 hijackers and the African thugs like Boko Haram.
    The Wahhabi sect is also responsible for the myth of the 72 virgins in paradise that the suicide bombers get when they blow up a bunch of people.
    Saudi Arabia is like what the US would be if the KKK took over.
    The thing that really blows my mind is the way that the role of the Wahhabis are unknown to our media, and politicians in Washington.

  48. THE Lord’s Prayer Chain:

    Lord, we will listen more to you by the small still voice of Jesus and less to man who are not holy, perfect or righteous, but must be made Holy, Perfect and Righteous by the Body, Blood and Word of Jesus.

    So we pray for the Spirit of Jesus Christ as against the spirit of antichrist.

    Therefore we take a stand against the beliefs of Ish-lame, Budd-Hiss-A-Snake and Hind-in-Doo or Atheists or Human Secularists or Satanists or Darwinists who do not support Creation by and through God in Jesus Christ. Lord we know you hear our prayers and act upon them according to our interceders in Christ Jesus.

    In the Name by the Body and Blood per the Water of the Word Jesus we agree,

    THE Lord’s Prayer Chain

    • Budd-his-a-snake and Hind-in-doo? It’s pretty obvious you’re talking about Buddhism & Hinduism. Neither of those have done what Islam adherents have done to others.

  49. Swanky Franky is a NWO shill and Bilderberg stooge. He is the Anti-Christ. The RCC is the religion of hypocrites. The hierarchy wants the rank and file parishioners to be poor and humble while they live like kings off the backs of the people who support them.

  50. Pope Francis also believes in the Big Bang and evolution from a common ancestor over 13.5 billion years. That fairy tale is against all Catholic doctrine held for the past 2000 years by all the saints and clergy until Vatican two when the infiltrators of Lutherans, free- masons, communists as earlier described by Pope st. Pius X whose body is one of the incorruptibles spoke about as the collection of all heresies. He is an apostate and is surrounded with like minded advisers who also believe in mythology. May God help him repent.

  51. Muslims will not assimilate into any country’s culture unless it is Islamist. The Quran forbids them from doing so since they would then be subject to the laws of man, which would make them apostates and subject to death. l agree with Cardinal Burke. Frankly, I am done with the RCC until we get a new Pope!

  52. Jim & Jerry, Term limits will not help, The same voting blocks will run the same kind of candidate,
    and we will be putting more and more of them on the government retirement rolls. The problem is
    belief in self rather than belief in the only real God, all other so-called gods are man made instruments of the devil. The Jewish-Christian God is loving, compassionate, forgiving and graceful,
    the false god of the Muslims says KILL THEM, CUT OFF THEIR HEADS. To save our country we MUST
    stop murdering our Babies, we must reintroduce Him into our education system, and into our everyday life. We have murdered, since Roe vs. Wade nearly 62 Million innocent little human beings, maybe God is replacing them with Muslims, who will surely take our nation down. Think about it.


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