• There have been pictures and a video, that have shown an unusual growth between its legs. One video showed the cow getting into a Suburban and something flopping between its legs. I got to see the video one time and it was taken off the air. Why would the media not pursue that interesting fact? If you are able to sling around some junk between your legs, are you really a female? They’re trying to protect it from scandal.

          There have been experts in forensics that have pointed out physical features, such as hand and finger size, shoulder size, shoulder shape, neck features, head configuration, and several other comparisons; that point to Moooooochelle having more manly features, than it does a female.

          I can’t say either way. I’m not convinced that Moooooochelle is clearly a female. I have seen videos and pictures of the two Obozos, working out in a gym. Bathhouse Barry lifts weights like a little girl and the other works out like a man. Barry used five and ten pound weights for workouts and the cow was lifting what appeared to be fifty and seventy pound weights. So, to put the shoe on the other foot, how many times have you had some hair pie from the cow?

          • Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. RP, Moochelle had surgery, and the doctor did not follow protocol or had a change of feelings that he/she just could not operate, just like that religious baker, who did not want to bake a cake for that gay couples wedding!

          • The “ growth between her legs” is an adult diaper that has bunched up in the front. I know from experience this is what it is.

          • You are a disgusting racist pig. No wonder this country is in bad shape. It’s entitled hatred from scum like you. I bet you’re religious too you ass.

        • You sir, are pathetic……….You take someone’s opinion and try to twist the narrative to suit you…..Typical damn Democratic troll.,

        • There are two skeletal differences between men and women. The small size of the pelvic bone on men can be hidden by either implants or padding so that they can appear womanly, but you cannot really disguise the supraoccipital forehead of the male compares to the smoother line of the female facial structure.

          • You are disgusting moron you are the, INCLUDES, JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER, LAUGH!!! “DEPLORABLES.”

          • Sounds like you might be the homo Joey, Melania has more Class in her little finger and has done more in her short time in The White House than Micheal has done in 8 years of her and her hubby trying to DESTROY American Values. The oDUMBo’s had no VALUES like bringing the mooseslime brotherhood into power in the White House , giving more power to a micro organization like the lgtbq than 97% of this Country where we have less than 3% of the population telling the 97% that we are wrong and we must see things their way. Nope the oDUMBo’s lose in every way, shape and form against any and all previous Presidents and especially the Trumps.

          • You must be gay—like the previous administration that you have to defend…..doesn’t work…..come out of your closet! When I was 19 years old I was a nude model for the art alliance. Posing with other nude men or women for art classes – didn’t make me “homosexual!” or did it change my preference.

          • Hey moronville: First Class drips off Melania. Sounds like women don’t care for you, as your the one with no class!

      • What a nasty thing to say about Michelle Obama. Obviously she’s a better person than you are. I suspect she is also smarter and better educated. She is a classy woman.
        Much classier than the people posting nasty things about her.

    • Pedro, you said it right on the nail head. Melania is a class act in all she does. Michelle is a real example of something, I just don’t know what it is.

      • Melania has quietly gone about visiting children in hospitals. She has worked with bullying in schools. She doesn’t try to change laws. She has done nothing to embarrass America. When she travels with the president she always looks beautiful and does not try to call attention to herself. She speaks five languages and from the note you wrote I don’t think you even know how to speak English properly. I think the fact that the former first lady admitted several times that she was “Ashamed to be and American.” should be a bit more embarrassing.

        • Boy, I feel for you. May I suggest, stop listening to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and all the stations that do not test education and more because you have no free thought. I bet you wouldn’t turn her down! Your are the people that will destroy my country as I news media is talking to you and people who want free bees around this country. Do you read or do let let others tell you their bias stories. WOW! Your Scary!

          • Eric, Take a break and have more cool aid you will think clearer and see the light. Just remember your right to pencil in your Michelle’s name next to Democrat U. S. President and you will have done your job.

      • Google Michelle obama at their first 9/11 Remembrance and how she hated being there. Google her saying, obama home country Kenya.

        Michelle dislikes white people, Michelle wearing short shorts on Air Force 1. Mrs Trump has such Sophistication, Elegant Presence, Intelligence. And on a female note Michele has poor taste choosing her clothes. She especially thought she had the best arms and shoulders in the world her designer would accent that part of her body. Her behind is so big a person can sit on it. Inauguration Day 2nd term she wore a pleated skirt, could only see the pleats in the front because her dairyer flattened out the pleats in the back. I believe the news media fell in love with her and people were brainwashed.

      • Yes, his name is Michael. Noone remembers a Gurrrlll in any school functions of a Michelle just a Michael. I was shocked to see this on Ellen and you know she never lies.

    • Perfect answer Anne, she had NO BUSINESS being in the White House if she hates America, it is the Nation’s Capitol. Her husband was a joke who tried to destroy this nation and almost succeeded.

      • Who says she “hates America “? You’re projecting . Her hubby Donald CHUMP hates America and is trying to destroy it – all for his own greed for filthy lucre . Michelle Obama has more class in one cell of her body than than a trillion Melania Trumps.
        That disgusting little whore is a disgrace to the fine nation of Slovenia . She’s a disgrace to this country too and has the dubious distinction of being the first first lady to have been nude model . A whore for a whorish president .

        • How dare you….Michelle is a man, no brains, & has yapped about hating
          America,so why don’t you go with the Obama’s back to Africa. It’s people
          like you that is ruining OUR country, from all the money they hoarded will
          keep ya’all living good over there!

        • Robert, Your hate and ignorance are profound. Pres. Trump clearly loves this country and he has done a lot for us. FACT. But you have no concept of the truth. It was OBAMA who tried his best to destroy this country and thank God he did not succeed. Obama is a muslim traitor who sides with our enemy islam. And both he and Michelle stated several times their hatred for this country and our law enforcement and whites. And it was Michelle who was and is a disgrace. Michelle is a biological male and has only hatred for this country and whites.

          • My,my,my how you’ll sinful white racists still spewing your hatred, spur on by that idiot Trump that lacks certain qualities. His arrogant, egotistical, lying and his past sinful behavior and racist cannot be forgotten.
            He has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honor and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which the past BLACK POTUS his predecessor Mr. B. Obama was generously blessed.

          • They didn’t even know how to salute the American Flag they had their left hand on the right side of their body I watched that live on tv now that sure is an embarrassment for our country when the president doesn’t know how to salute our flag

        • Robert Berger; You questioned if Michelle hates America and calling it projection. Well, then you weren’t paying attention when Obama was in office. They BOTH clearly stated they hated America and what it stands for many times. And how dare you call our First LADY, a whore!! You are a bigoted brainwashed fool that should be more respectful.. Shame on you…

          • Linda M. got it exactly right – that is exactly the way they felt and expressed that viewpoint. But we need to let such idiots have right to make fools of themselves.

        • Robert – you are very sad. I see main stream media has succeeded in brain washing you (a light rinse considering your post). Michelle/Michael has zero class and did everything she could (along with barrack) to destroy this country. They wanted a 3rd world nation (he said that) and a muslim country (Iran, 57 states, etc).
          Melania has more class in her little toe than Michelle could WISH for. Melania is more intelligent, obviously more beautiful (although that would not be hard to do). Your attacks on a beautiful, intelligent woman says a lot about your lack of intelligence.

          • While Melania made poor choices at one time she pulled herself up and became a highly educated woman with true class. Michele, while serving as the first lady was videoed gyrating in hot pink very tight pants and halter top, on a stage in front of a bunch of young men and women. SOOOO classy-NOT! Melania has helped the fight against school bullying, visits sick children in hospitals. She is a gracious and humble First LADY!! Trump clearly loves this country and for the first time, the black unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 yrs. Our GDP has only grown by 2 trillion in 3 yrs under Trump and under Obama in the same period of time 4 billion. Obama more than doubled the rate by the end of his 8 yr. term. Under Obama gas prices were 3 and 4 dollars per gallon. They are down to 2.59 per gallon but were even lower before summer. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in over a decade. Trump also has done what many other Presidents swore to do but never did and that is put our US embassy in Jerusalem.

        • I’m with you. A slut who did nude modeling. And she can’t be that smart to have married that a— hole. Michelle is worlds above her. A smart intelligent woman

        • What a crock! Have you ever seen a photo of Mrs. Trump with her mouth open as if she were screaming at someone? I have seen a lot of photos of Michelle Obama doing so!

      • “Her husband was a joke who tried to destroy this nation and almost succeeded.”

        “…A joke…”, Robert? For some reason I can’t seem to work up a laugh! Of course you knew that.
        As for the “…almost succeeded…”, He came so close it was a wonder he didn’t succeed, and take the country down! He failed because he didn’t consider that some of this countries people, just wouldn’t allow that to happen. But 20 years from now, people will be talking about just how close he came!

        • 20 years from now people are going to be wondering how stupid we all were for electing a president/citizen from…and how he fooled everyone being married to a man. That’s the sad part folks.

      • The Obama years were the worst 8 years in history. He wouldn’t wear a flag pin & she made it clear that she hated America. She’s a no-class witch who can’t begin to compare with Jackie or Melania.????

    • If Michelle had any real love of her country, she would quietly try to stop competing while no longer first lady. Trump was duly elected as was Obama. We didn’t see conservatives continue to criticize the newly elected one when it was Obama. Go to the ballot box and let the people decide. It sure would help if the newsmedia weren’t so corrupt and bias.

    • I agree that Michelle and her husband won an election to a country that they had no love for. He didn’t do too bad as President but I’m sure he had to go against what he would like to have done to this nation instead of for the good of this nation. Obama is the first and only anti-American President that we have ever elected.

      • Bonnie, I agree with you 100% So many Americans are told what to believe and they stop there. I feel when it comes to politics you can’t take information at face value. All the major TV stations spew hate and no content! Very surprised at the lack of curiosity. Trump has tone so much for our country, those stations do not report it, any of it. If not a free thinker how I never forget seeing the obamas first 911 Remembrance in NYC. Cameras showed her disgusting facial expressions, she said something to him. Who wants to know what she said, well known lip reader who said, anyone can google it, Don’t remember the exact words but it sure showed how much distain she has this country.


    • Yeh well when you decide to leave Canada and become an American then you can comment. As an American I feel daily shame for the racist actions of the current president. He is not worthy of the office or the title. Heis a disgrace.

      • Good grief, Sue, you can’t be serious! And while he certainly isn’t the best President this country has ever had, he most certainly isn’t a “disgrace”!

        I’m not a fan of Trumps and I didn’t vote for him in the last election. But neither did I vote for Clinton. It is she who is that “disgrace” you spoke of.

      • sue, Pres. Trump is not racist. He has done far more for blacks than Obama ever did. That is a fact that can be verified if you bother to check. Not worthy of the office or title???? YES, he is!!! He was elected by the people and that MAKES him worthy. If not for the illegals and dead people and those who voted more than once, he would have won by a landslide. Racist??? Both Obamas are very racist and hate whites. But that is fine with you. A disgrace??? Both the Clintons and Obamas are a disgrace. They are vile corrupt liars. But the dems have no morals so lying is fine with you.
        And Mary can comment when she becomes an American??? Who put YOU in charge of this board?
        If yo are so ashamed of Pres. Trump you are free to MOVE!! Please do.

        • No I see the truth coming out with Trump in office. The Ovotmits were destroying the country from with in. Big backer of them was George Soros’s who I wish would be declare as terrorist. He has funneled so many hate groups out there and he comes in when he ruins the country and buys it up .

          • George Soros was the largest contributor to the Trump campaign by contributing between two and three billion dollars to the Trump campaign which was paid to Trump through his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

      • I agree. She showed us all the time how much she hated our flag and this country. Melania shows how much she loves being American. Unlike Mooshell.

      • Sue. You are mixed up. Clinton and Obama were disgraceful. Obama hated this country and did his best to destroy it. Clinton. Well. He was just Clinton. But his wifey showed us full on disgrace.

      • You ass-he is absolutely not racist. That’s the ridiculous comment all you lefties pull out when you don’t have a leg to stand on. Shut the hell up you goon troll.

  2. Melania is total class and caring while michele was the opposite and will always be remembered for her starving school children while taking her extended family on tax payer funded trips over seas.

  3. Obama wife has tried to set herself up as a beauty queen, I think that she is looking at a broken mirror, each to their own, but I don’t see anything special about her. Ask your self what did Obamas wife do anything to promote different causes, but herself.

  4. The Obamas Were and are the worst of the worst that America could have ever had represent it as the “Beacon On The Hill” for the rest of the world to only hope that they could emulate the greatest country God has created on this earth.
    Their agenda, Thank God fell short, of allowing America to “Lead From Behind”. Think about that?
    “Lead From Behind” Now that’s the leader of the “Free” world.
    Obama was the brainchild of the most treasonous attempt of a “coup d’ etta”, Hilary financed it and Brennen executed it. Note that I chose my words very carefully. Executed it, which is what we the people of the United States Of America, using its created Dept. Of Justice must exercise its prosecutorial powers to preform its Constitution duty, in indicting, trying, and if convicted, “Execute ALL of the participants responsible for this crime against the United States. After that they can then start looking into all of the other corruption within this Republic before we have to get locked and loaded to MAGA.

  5. Michelle My Bell is an overrated, underclass POS, along with her rag head husband. I’ll probably get a call from the Federalies saying, what was that about rag head, you say?

    She and that thing she is married to is an empty suit who destroyed this country. He is a hollow, soulless, evil Demon! He needs annexorcism.

  6. yes Debbie, you said it like it is! the rag head did everything in his power to destroy this country, and
    55 % of this country was right behind him! I don’t know what the problem is with the mindless trash that followed him is, but we sure don’t need a single one of them in this country dragging her down!!!!!

  7. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  8. Everybody before me said what was to be said; and a bit more. That Melania is a high class woman, and the most beautiful first lady since decades, can not be disputed! And the way she speaks, the way she acts and performs, all that is proof of highest human value! She is gorgeous!

    • LHGB: I absolutely agree with your comment as well as everyone else’s., so far. Melania is a class act. An eloquent First Lady. I will never consider Michelle Obama a first lady. Just like I will never accept Obama a true president of this great nation as well.. They both disgraced our country and it’s values.

  9. Malania, in my opinion, has been the most beautiful First Lady. She has shown herself worthy of being an American let alone wife of our President. She is willing to stand for this country though foreign born. When I see pictures of her I see a heart of gold. The Trumps are what we need in politics- can’t be bought, and want to keep America great, and safe. I’m so glad I made the right choice when I voted for President Trump. I will again next year as well.

  10. Melanie by a landslide . Obama’s were an embarrassment to the country they tried to destroy it. Thank god for Trump he is saving the country and the people.

  11. If Melania is so great why was/is alwaying cheating on her? Maybe she don,t like sex with a person with such small hands and so quick to finish. Poor woman. So sad

  12. I think it was a bad mistake for Mrs. Trump to have posed nude it’s a poor representation of the title First Lady. At the same time I think she currently represents the U.S.A. far better than Mrs. Obama ever did and I don’t believe that our President is a racist. Black unemployment is lower than it’s ever been so how can anyone play the race card on him. The way I see it in choosing a candidate in an election you have to try to figure out which one is the lesser evil, and Trump is a far lesser evil than Hillary and any of the others who are currently running. Trump 2020.

    • Mrs. Trump was a Model long before she ever became Mrs. Trump. A HUGE number of models do pose nude or partially nude. As well as a HUGE number of female actors show their bodies in full or partial nude films. Your comment about her posing nude is nothing more than a direct and personal attack on her that has absolutely zero meaning to anyone with more common sense than a tree frog.

  13. It doesn’t make any sense to argue with a bunch of ignorants Republikkklans,racists idiots…Donald Trump is a corrupt inmoral beast that everybody has a hard time calling him “the president”His time is running out fast and will go into history as the more stupid and immoral Jack-Ass that ever entered the White House and all yours sound like graduate from The failed “Trump University”…Anyone who voted for Donald Trump and agree with his agenda of hatred And bigotry,Lies and wrong doings and evils is nothing but a jerk…That is in the wrong side of what America is all about ”Dignity and Respet”!!…Melania Trump And Mike Pence are doing a great job as dumbbells!!….Yes or not???…I’m surprised that they had not followed all of the finest clowns that came to the White House with the Donald to make America the laughingstock if the world!!..Every single day we Wake-Up to a new embarrassment or scandal!..Came on!!Vote him out of the White House and make America great again!!

    • jm…Your ignorance and hatred are very sickening. Please name ONE THING Pres. Trump (YES, he is your president) has done that makes him corrupt and immoral. YOU CAN’T!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. And YOU are the sick racist. It is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. They are ALL loving, decent people who do a lot for others. NONE of them care about the color of someone’s skin. Most republicans are Christians and follow Jesus and His teachings. Jesus forbids your sick hate and lies. And God created and loves ALL races. You need help. It is YOU who is a laughingstock and an embarrassment to the human race.

    • Jm: You come on this web site and spew your hate for Republicans. Why? Because we know the truth and you Democrats are so blinded by hate you can not see beyond that? Please tell me what Obama did FOR this country, other than TRY to turn into a NWO nation. He clearly stated many times , as well as his wife, their hate and distain for our great country. Apologizing to other countries for being an American . Obama brought over 100,000 Muslims into our country solely for his ultimate plan to destroy our country from the inside out. The list of his hatred for our great country goes on and on. But yet you condemn Trump because he is not the run of the mill politician. Yes, just because we are Republicans, we are not blind to the fact that President Trump is not a eloquent speaker and has a flamboyant personality. But better he has these flaws than the traitorous ones that Obama and the Clintons exhibited. And still are. The party you back supports abortions at any stage now and has thrown GOD out. And this is something to be proud of?
      You claim Trump is a laughingstock. But do you know what people from other countries are truly laughing at? “The squad” and their treasonous actions and words. The hateful rhetoric and disruption they cause every day. Not to mention the millions of dollars wasted by the Dems( and still are) on their witch hunts against Trump. This is what people are laughing at. Or a better word is dismayed. Can you only imagine what wonderful things COULD have been accomplished IF the Dems worked WITH our president, instead of against him? YOU wake up and see what your party truly stands for and who is really causing the scandals!!
      Oh and on a personal note, I served my country with honor and I graduated from college with honors. Did you????

    • The demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats are the problem. TRUMP in 2020!!! I am a
      Vietnam Veteran and all of us who fought for our country are proud and appreciate everything our duly elected President has done for us and for our country.

      • Dusty Road. what rock have you been sleeping under, I guess you wouldn’t know class if you saw it. Id guess you are one of the dumpy Democrats, who can’t see over their glasses.

  14. Trump is an asshole leading our country to hell ! All you Republicans ar brainwashed with this psycho !!!!!! Hope and pray that he does NOT win 4 more years in the White House or we are certain to be doomed by this Anti-Christ. !!!!!! And Remember the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States !! I gouge it every time I see his face on T V. ! CAN OF YOU READING THIS REPLY ???? THIS IS MY FREE SPEECH !!!!


      • Rhonda, please explain the disaster the republicans are leading us into. So you support the dems’ hatred of this country and everyone who does not agree with their satanic agenda. Either you stand with God or you stand with satan. satan controls the dem party, as they have thrown God out.

    • Raymond, your hatred is very sick!!!!! And you are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, republicans ARE NOT brainwashed. They have brains to think for themselves. It is YOU who has no concept at all of the truth. You attack Pres. Trump who has done nothing wrong but it is just fine with you that the Clintons are vile and very corrupt and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House! WAKE UP!!! Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. If Hillary had won, this country would be finished. She would have continued Obama’s destruction. You called Pres. Trump the anti-Christ. You are WRONG!!! Try actually reading the Bible and see that is not possible. IF you are a Christian, and I am very much doubting it, Jesus FORBIDS your hate and lies. And Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus forgives ALL who come to Him. You better hoe and pray that Pres. Trump wins another four years. The dem party has thrown God out and satan controls their party. Like you, they have nothing to offer but hate and lies, which satan thrives on.

    • Raymond, Yes, you have free speech, but that in no way means you are right. You are free to make a fool of yourself and that is what you did.

    • Raymond: YES I CAN READ YOUR REPLY. And this is me exercising my right of freedom of speech; go find another website to spew your hate on…We are not interested in hearing from another disgruntled Leftists that is angry their evil queen was not voted in…….

    • Who said we are all Republicans? I had hope for obummer but he let us down…in 2008 when the banksters stole $800 trillion,and everyone home. Ooh excuse me – bankster bailout. I hope Trump takes them all down!

  15. Melania Trump has a way that can be described as GRACEFUL . . . Thank you and Donald for serving this country – One grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. bj . . . thank you much for your kind words. It’s my faith in The Lord that guides me. I’m not perfect but I know the Jesus who is and He “has my back”. May God bless you . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. Lisa, keep your “prayer time” on . . . This may be a tough fight but it would be worth it when the good things “roll in” . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. Where and why in the world is this rhetoric coming from?

    How pathetic that adults who are supposedly intelligent can
    make such unkind comments!

    Get over yourself and join the country that is “for liberty and justice for all!”

  19. Hoe in the world would anyone want to compare Our First Lady to a? We have what you call Class today, finally in OUR WH and don’t anyone forget it! Brans, Brawn and a working President! Along with Class and Beauty!

  20. Obamas, wife will never be in the same league as Mrs.Trump. I don’t care for Michelle Obama, she always acted like she should be something special, which she is not and will never be.

  21. Malania is a class LADY and more American than Michael will ever be. Only two sons born to the Robinson family in Chicago—Robert and Michael. And where are the birth certificates for the two girls….do they really deserve the attention they get? Do they qualify for secret service protection?


  23. Why would I think someone who was only proud to be an American once or twice in “her” life was a good first lady? She hated our nation and both Obama’s did their best to destroy it and they are still trying to.

  24. We all are getting tired of, Obama,Obama never did nor ever will be nominated for anything good. I will always remember both B Obama & M Obama as self serving and selfish people, surely the people who take these polls have something better to bid their time.

  25. Melania is the best first lady of all time! She’s the hottest first lady ever and I’d be happy to take her panties off and boink her!

    • Wow, Eliot or may I call you Idiot? That statement was completely uncalled for! What rock have you been under? Melania, unlike Michelle, has not done anything to warrant such a ludicrous statement! Maybe you should crawl back under your rock and this time cover yourself over with a load of dirt!

  26. WOW! . . . man, the comments just keep “rolling in”. I thank God for the good he’s done for me, and for a Gracious POTUS and his wife for serving us. Remember that God loves all of us IN SPITE of ourselves . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  27. Neither of the Obamas should have been allowed in side the fence around the White House let alone inside. There are numerous pictures of that low life posing as a president with his feet on the furniture. He needs a spanking on FOX tv. He is such a pile of S_it.and the guy he lived with should not get honorable mention anywhere.

  28. Trump is the worst president this country ever had. He is running a criminal enterprise. He rubs elbows with dictators and is losing his mind. And as for as Malania, She’s going to leave him for a black man. Boom!!

  29. President Trump is a good and Gracious POTUS, especially with ALL of his accomplishments toward all Americans, not just the “chosen few” . . . One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  30. For god sakes, stop this stupied poll President Trumps wife wins period. Obama’s old lady, never did anything but stuff her pocket with hard earned tax payer money, witch she and Obama still are on the tax payroll. Sorry to say but these crums will be unless something happens to change that so called law.

    • You mean crooks! Call it what it is please. There has been enough written on this questionnaire for people to research, except for the nasty trolls…small chance the D-rats will do that. Lol.

  31. I see these so called christians are true to form, praising a “woman” who made her her money posing naked and “dating” rich men over a woman who is an accomplished educated attorney who has done many great things for people all around the world. You hypocrites are downright laughable. The Apprentice: White House Edition has people blinded by the light of Hollywood and everything that goes along with it – sex drugs whores crooks and christians, LMAO! Man-lania indeed – pitiful, plastic and pathetic!

  32. There’s NO COMPARISON — Melania wins “hands down”. Were it not for the OBVIOUS press bias, she would be all over the “news-scape”. You can put lipstick on Michelle but she’s still Michelle — Melania lives (and is in) a different world !!

  33. Compare their background and education. One has a law de.gree, the other a fake degree. One worked in law, the other spent most of her time with old rich men. Mater of fact, she even married one. Too bad the honeymoon
    was over so quick. No wonder the pres are so unhappy and is always staying awake all night with his twiter

  34. The Obamas are out of the OVAL office . . . We can rest easier now! Keep your “eyes and ears” on and DON’T rest TOO easy, though. We need to KEEP this Christian Republic Christian. and, thank all the voters who voted POTUS Trump (and don’t forget Melania!) in office – One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

    • Well said JoeyP. Trump is trying to save Christians from the Chinese who have murdered millions for being Christian, Muslim and Falun Gong in camps now present day.

  35. I’m thankful Almighty God has placed a wonderful, beautiful woman to be First Lady of the United States! God bless Melania Trump & keep her safe from all harm!

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