• AMEN! these people will pay price for murder of these babies! they’re gift from Almighty God! we all will stand before Almighty God on Judgement Day & He remembers all we’ve ever done! I’m thankful I’m covered with blood of my Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST! we sin everyday! I’m thankful abortion isn’t one of my sins! “abortion” is “murder” pure & simple!

          • SCOTUS has changed God’s laws to satisfy the minority supporters of Satan agenda, abortions and homosexually. Sadly some of the so-called Christian churches are part of the problems, and Christian churches are mostly silent.

          • The left has been pushing their agenda, to bully and silence the established church religion. They have used the ACLU and other anti-American groups to bully the church into submission. The left has stacked the court system with activist judges that more or less force churches to do what they write as law or faces persecution. They have churches accept their agenda as normal or face excessive fines, closing of their businesses, or being thrown in jail. The LBBGTQRSXYZ groups have been given special rights to force any people with opposing views, to be silenced or face prosecution. If they are allowed to continue with their agenda; it won’t be long before, they will fine or imprison people for even making any statements against their agenda. They are working towards destroying the Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments. After that, they will establish a Communist dictatorship.

          • What a stupid and unhinged comment!! Please learn to be more concise so we can understand what you are trying to say!1

      • They will receive the same sentence on judgement day they have pronounced on innocent babies – they will burn in hell with their mentor Satan – right next to transgenders, same sex marriage, pedophiles and all the politicians that passed laws against God’s Word.

        • Very well said They have a heart that has gone BAD and they know not how to fix it for Satan has taken it over. I say when there is a heart beat you have life and to kill it is murder!!!!

          • We are a Nation Divided. Actually , Humanity has become divided. Even if those who support the sanctity of life were to outnumber those who could care less about anyone’s life but their own, how do you unify this majority to prevent the death penalty being imposed on those who are alive but do not yet have a vote as to their destiny? sounds like it might be time for God to intervene once again.

          • “For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again. If those days had not been cut short, nobody would be saved. (Matt 24:221). This happens not because we are good,but because we have become irreversably apostate, just like before the great flood.

          • Now you’re just being downright silly!! No one or nothing will be “burning in hell”. Can’t you make up a better lie than that?? You all just keep repeating these funny statements – that you actually believe. I wish you could read and see how foolish you are.

      • Many Jesus Christ’s supporters didn’t vote, many voted ignorantly (one issue) and many Satan’s supporters support late term abortions and the agenda of the LGBTQ and sexual sinful behavior in the Catholic church.

        • I agree that if you vote for it you would do it. Murder is Murder and should be punished as such. How can anyone murder a defenseless baby????

      • And definitely forbidden to ever again have sexual intercourse, that’s Gods way to procreate the human race (in fact even for animals), and if you cannot live with, and except that circumstance, then don’t have sexual intercourse, why should that poor innocent child have to give up his life, just for you having the pleasure of a few minutes of sex. And that child is alive in that womans uterus for nine months, and the you end his life the moment he is born, how disgusting and immoral you are.

      • Not only should whoever is having an abortion be sterilized but the Doctor, whoever is assisting AND the so called mother should be convicted of MURDER. How anyone could kill a live just born baby is just awful and should pay a very very stiff price. Like life in Prison.

      • I’m sorry Dianne I have to disagree with you on that. just castrating them is not enough. If they want to call murder abortion then they should be aborted!

        How anyone could kill a baby I will never know. But after or near birth is absolutely murder

        • Abortion is MURDER in the 1st degree, period. But, you absolutely must charge the Doctor with murder also. I have no idea how any MONSTER could kill a baby, and they should pay for that dearly.

          • YES! Abortion is MURDER! How could a SANE person explain the act, procedure or whatever “pro-choice” people want to call it any other way!

        • Every doctor and mother involved should get a life sentence unless there’s a death penalty in that state. Then they should use the death penalty, it’s only fair.
          In any state where there is no death penalty, no baby should be murdered as that IS a death penalty.

    • Abortion is murder and it is an abomination and a sin against God. Democrats and liberals have completely gone out of their minds beyond anyone’s wildest beliefs. From a purely scientific approach concerning abortion I read a very interesting comment from a board-certified obstetrician who has delivered over 2,500 babies. He said that at no point in the third trimester is there any medical reason, regarding the health of the mother or the infant, that would mandate abortion. It is simply a convenience factor for evil people.

    • While I cannot support the racist Republican party, the Democrats (DEM) have gone stupid. Women’s rights and abortions are two separate issues. I support women’s right s but not abortions. The Dems want to remove God from the oaths, while allowing Muslims to take the oath of offices with their Qur’an and swear their allegiance to Allah, not God.
      The DEM want to accept the sinful agenda of the LGBQT’s and force it on Christians rights. The DEM want open borders to allow immigrants to enter the USA freely, while the Republicans allow many immigrants into the US via visa, H-1B, and birthright law.

      • The Democrats in the past did not accord minorities to be human let alone having rights. Today’s Democrats view minorities only as a tool to be used to further their agenda and ideology.
        The Democrat party has fostered and encouraged racism and bigotry from their beginning to the present day.

      • KKK was created by the dems many years ago but today they try to push it as a republican group. Like usual the democrats lie. Trump wants to eliminate birthright citizenship, watch, it’ll be the dems that will try to stop him. They want open borders to build up their voter base. Liberal democrats should all be deported to another/any country of their liking, just get them out of the US that they hate so much. All legal immigrants that don’t want to assimilate should also be deported, believe that was part of the law, they need to speak English and assimilate to the American way.

      • Well let’s see, the DEMOCRAPS are murdering babies when they’re born, they want EVERYTHING given to illegals, they vote for muslims, they are CRAMMING gays down our throats, they want three bathrooms, they want God removed from everything… and what do you call us? You call us racists. Well I call you and your kind ungrateful fools that are determined to destroy this fabulous country. And I guarantee if GOD forbid you all get your way and destroy America- you will be freaking out wondering what the hell happened. And we proud distraught and heart broken Americans can say YOU DID IT, are ya happy now?

      • Republicans are most certainly NOT automatically racists and neither is your president – elect. That is just leftist democrat strategic dogma.

      • I wasn’t aware that one being a Republican meant one was racist.
        Absolutely incredible , I find out more and more about myself as the days go by.

        Abortion is murder and there is no reason for it. Period!

      • Qualifying all Republicans as racists is a very stupid argument. Everyone is somewhat racist in their own way.
        Racism is not exclusively white against black or v.s. it exists in all form among humans.

      • Leon, read the history of the Republican party. It has always been thr GOP that promulgated legislation protecting the permanently tanned citizens of the country. Democrats are the racists, including welfare and food stamps, housing subsidies, etc., In just the right amount to keep them “happy,” without allowing them to ever become independent of the “help” they’re receiving.
        Learn about Black Wall Street across the country . Whites were borrowing from Black banks and depending on them too much; and then, just like in Egypt, became afraid of their permanently tanned brothers and destroyed their communities all across these United States.
        Only difference was the Egyptians we’re permanently tanned brothers also….

    • How true Jim, to me abortion is murder regardless when it is done, and I truly feel that both the woman and the abortionist should be charged just as any murderer would and should be. The only legal abortion is the one God does and that seems to be pretty rare. WE have to get Roe/wade or whatever that horable law is, off the record and repealed, destroyed, removed or whatever else is necessary. Millions of babies destroyed, and who is to know what one or two if them might have brought to mankind, or for that matter hundreds of them!!!!

        • I don’t believe a woman has the right to take an unborn baby’s life. God doesn’t give her that right.
          She had her choice whether or not to get pregnant but after that it’s in God’s hands.Gays are coming out of the closet and they’re putting God in one

    • Look, childbirth and pregnancy are *not safe* — and haven’t been since humans started walking upright and growing big brains and big skulls to keep them in. If anything goes seriously wrong, anywhere along the line, the doctor has to be legally able to do whatever s/he needs to in order to save the woman’s life. A woman old enough to become pregnant is provably a human being; a stillborn or half-formed fetus is not. In grim fact, regardless of what religious bigots may say, a woman old enough to become pregnant is more valuable to the survival of the human species (because she has *some* education and is capable of *some* work, as well as breeding) than even a healthy newborn baby is.

      • If you don’t want babies, don’t have sex, if you do have sex, use protection!!! There is NO excuse to become pregnant today, there is no excuse to be an irresponsible “human being” and murder another human being.

      • Leslie, really?! Is that what you’ll tell God someday when he asks how you could support killing his innocent babies? Remember he said “Thou shall not kill!” He did NOT say unless your a millennial democrat women, then it’s ok because your so special. Get over yourself honey you aren’t special.

      • Medical professionals today testify that there is NO medical condition that requires an abortion to save the life of the mother. And it is medical experts – mainly men – who over time attacked childbirth problems until all were brought under medical control. Similarly, there are more crisis pregnancy centers than ever, in every city, staffed by professional women who offer all manner of medical and emotional support, who in many cases have been there and done that, so that no woman need feel that she is abandoned and has no choice. This approach is worthy of America and women. Not mass slaughter.

        • Atopic pregnancy. Baby forms in etopic tube, tube explodes, baby dies , woman bleeds to death. Stupid phone keeps on changing my words.

          • Wow Karen, that is so RIGHT ON! You said it as good as anyone ever could. Thank you for those reality words. God Bless you and God bless America!! 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Leslie Fish , If you believe like that you must be a democrap . This is NOT about religion or race .Killing a healthy newborn baby is NOTHING LESS than murder , no matter how you look at it.
        If the so called mother decides she doesn’t want the baby , it should be given up for adoption & should be sterilized then & there . There are too many people out there that want a child but cannot have one.
        As for Christine Cole , today an ECTOPIC pregnancy is not life threatening, detection is found early to prevent death. The woman may lose a tube , but not her life .

    • I honestly cannot understand why anyone would kill a newborn baby or one about to be born. This is insanity that laws like this are being passed. I am now totally against abortion except where the mother life is at risk. Thanks to modern science we can see a baby growing in the womb. That is a human and I don’t buy into any other argument.

    • The whole world doesn’t seem to care for kids anymore..They’re being murdered, trafficking, pedophiles, beaten up by their parents, bullies and teachers..Gay parents adopting kids and bullying them to be and act Gay…No one, seems to care about any kids anymore..

      • Sad but it seems to be the truth.
        Children are found with no parents nearby hungry and cold.
        They’re abandoned. This generation has “ dumped” all their children wherever they can.
        Taking no responsibility.

    • Please tell me how these scumbag politicians can pass , support and celebrate laws like this and not be prosecuted for murder???? they are as guilty as anyone who murders another person….and why is there not country wide outrage and protests and these scumbags arrested and sent to prison….

    • Unfortunately, many think that the US Supreme Court’s decisions are the law to everyone..except GOD. HE will be the FINAL judge and there will be NO appeal! There will be everlasting Hell to pay!
      The Supreme judge is GOD and NOT the US Court systems!

    • Geriatracide is the premeditated murder of the old who can’t fight back or escape. Infanticide is the premeditated murder of the young who can’t fight back or escape. All the rest are caught in the middle until they become geriatric candidates for being erased as if they were accidents that should have never have never happened. Are you next batter at the plate? Inch by inch ENSLAVEMENT has ALWAYS been a cinch when the GODLESS gain control of the GUTLESS and GULLIBLE. Like CANCER evil metastasizes.

    • It’s wrong that we the tax payers have to pay for them, and the only relief is that all that are part of this will be accountable to GOD for what they are doing.

    • What is wrong with the Democrats???? They are for everything that is anti-American and even killing babies! They as a group have gone beyond insanity and evil with their far left leaning positions. They are NOT the party of the working man an woman and America. They need to be put out of office. Period. They represent nothing that is good for America. Absolutely nothing. Are they actually looking for a shooting war because they seem to be headed that way. They are unbelievable.

  1. With so many against this, how are the few domineering over the many? Just doesn’t make sense unless the devil has made the many blind, deaf and dumb.

  2. How could anyone condone murder? I read an interesting comment somewhere. “Why not just kill the one you allready have?” That way you could correct any errors you made in the upbringing.

  3. Abortion is murder. Period. It doesn’t matter what spin you put on abortion. Bottom line, it’s murder of the fetus or unborn. Should be quite obvious who is the Murder Party of America.

    • They do not believe in GOD or they would not have done it. Hope if any of them that have kids and love them they consider the ramifications if they had not let them live. Cannot help but wonder how much these evil Dems will make off the bodies of these children. And they had the nerve to vilify Trump because he separated children at the border to protect them from perverts.

      • Let us not forget it was Obama and his minions the Democratic Party that initiated the separation of children from their families – one thing the Democrats are good for is a short memory – just like they were for the wall previously but didn’t have the backbone to erect one – we now have a President that is willing to defend Americans.

  4. Border walls are immoral but abortion is not? Have we lost our collective minds–it’s murder of a human being plain and simple!

  5. As a country we are further than “down a slippery slope” in regards to the taking of a human life. We are in a dreadful state of seeing murder as an answer to our problems. We already have such abominations as euthanasia on our list of things to do to people and that doesn’t even mention such atrocities as sexual mutilation, thanks to the Godless Muslimes. We need to be more prayerful, to thank God more often, and with greater reverence than we have in the past. He, and he alone can help cleanse our great country from our satanic ways and thoughts. MAGA . Bob Simmons

    • What the Nazis did to the Jewish people in the Concentration Camps during World War 2 was met with global disgust and the leaders of the Nazis Party were tried and convicted of deplorable crimes – how is murdering innocent children any different – except we justify Planned Parenthood actions of dismemberment and the sale of the parts, because our Supreme Court Justices have deemed a fetus as non viable when it comes to identifying them as a human being. The politicians and the Justices will also be deemed non viable and spend eternity in Hell.

  6. Abortion is murder for convenience sake. WE are sacrificing human lives that says this person does not deserve to live because the mother does not want it or the mother or parents do not want a child right now or they cannot afford a child. Then DO NOT GET PREGNANT!!!!!! If a woman is raped, don’t be quilty of killing an innocent child. Let that child be born and give it up for adoption. You never even have to see it. Don’t murder a human being that God allowed to be conceived because you are selfish. Abortion is telling God who is the only creator of life that you are his equal and you get to decided who lives and dies. Cuomo is a murderer. The Democratic governor of VA is a murderer. All who support abortion and especially those who declare it legal and those who are involved in doing abortions will stand before a Holy God and face their judgement for these heinous cold hard hearted murders with their heads bowed in shame and they will spend eternity in HELL separated from God. Cuomo is as guilty as those who are doing abortions. Satan owns the minds of these evil people and they have believed his lie that this is perfectly fine to do. Satan hates life, he hates God, he hates love, he hates everything good but oh how he hates anything and everything that God stands for. God does not stand for abortion. He stands for LIFE. Satan hates humans. All those that he can live through, he knows will be joining him in the everlasting lake of fire and he welcomes their company.

    • Well said Donna!👍🙏
      It breaks my heart for what breaks Our Lord’s heart. These decisions have consequences that are devastating. Most of these women are making decisions they will regret later, & will not be able to take their decision back. I hate that evil people Governors, PP, Women libs, are telling lies to make these women think they are making good decisions. We have so many people who will adopt and help them with better options. 💔💔

      • Yes Sara, there’s a lot of ppl that would love to adopt, this country should make it easier to adopt a US born child. If they made it easier perhaps so many ppl wouldn’t have to go out of the country to find a child.

  7. When that little heart beats for the very first time it should be considered a human being! There are to many “individuals that use abortion a a form of birth control. This I disagree with 100%! if for some reason the baby dies, THAT is a reason to abort him/her or if the mother’s heath/life is in jeopardy. Late term abortions are absolutely murder ,in my opinion! That baby dies a horrible death!

  8. I remember the comments made by the New Virginia Guvnor during his election commenting to a comment Candidate Gillespie (SP) made. “I would never harm a baby”! Another blatant lie made by a Democrat!
    How do you know when a Politician is lying “When their lips start to move”.

  9. If someone gets an abortion it’s her life and she’s the one who has to live it.
    It’s her body not mine. However, I for one do not feel I must pay for it out of my taxes. She wants it done then she must pay for it out of her own pocket. Not my financial responsibility!

  10. What’s next? Grandma & Grandpa or how about down syndrome persons. If the second coming of our LORD and SAVIOR is near, he needs to push his arrival date up, because evil now rules.

    • Evil now rules because we the people have closed our eyes to what these murders are doing and we have chose to vote straight party lines instead of vetting the candidates and electing the best . We as voters can point our fingers at the politicians but we put them there and if we that are so upset with their actions don’t remove them – the blame is ours for their actions.

    • If they push Medicare for all, you bet it will be Grandma and Grandpa, I would say the magic number of 70, then they will put you to sleep.

    • Absolutely grandma and grandpa will be next! Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California and Colorado already have legalized physician assisted death. Babies with Down’s syndrome. I have had friends and relatives who were told they were carring a downs baby, they refused abortion and their babies were born normal. How can any normal person kill a living human being. A doctor who promotes killing a baby should have his license taken away. What happened to “Above all do no harm?”
      Do they still have to take that oath?
      They have to take God out of everything because at some level they know they are wrong and God will judge in the end.
      Nancy Pelosi said “who needs God when you have the Democratic Party.”
      That’s how they feel! We need God not the demoncrats! These are dark days for humanity!! Dear god help us!

  11. It’s funny how if someone kills a woman who is expecting gets charged with a double murder. But if someone murders a baby for no good reason it’s ok no one charged. Think that Jesus is coming back? Sooner than you think. No nation that ever killed their children has ever survived, they have all faced the wrath of God and America is not exempt.

  12. Taking a life is murder..Only God has the right to give life and take away.. We are talking about evil and murder to abort a innocent baby. God help those who think any different !


  14. I agree with everyone All Abortions should be banned. It is Murder of a Human Life. It is a living being inside of the woman.

  15. Have we become monsters that kill their babies
    Never thought we’d see this in America
    Liberated women now are defined by yelling “mother f*****” & killing babies. It is hard enough to justify abortion up to 20 weeks, but this is barbaric
    God help us !

  16. This is MURDER!!!! Why all of a sudden is this bill being presented in all of the democratically run states out east. This was put together way before January and by whom? These people are the death cult. The baby parts people such as planned parenthood love selling these baby parts all over the world…. Find out what this death cult is really doing…..God Help us is right! We are in Sodum and Gamora!!!!! They will be picking and choosing who lives and dies in the delivery room….just as they do in China!!!

  17. Every single student, high school,college and even politicians should be forced to watch 10 different late term abortions. Then maby these laws will change

  18. Abortion is murder, would these liberal non fear of Gods commandments want their mostly DNC or no politics, would they want their daughters or grand daughters to have a murderous abortion from day one unless their was a life threatening situation for mother or child, shame on DNC souls for pro-abortion, but judgement from God is upon you and your corrupt ways.

  19. and Jesus said: “Unless you change and become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven; If
    anyone should cause one of these little children harm, It would be better for that Person to have a MILLSTONE
    tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea”…Matt: 18:6

      • Please don’t forget the man involved here too. Woman didn’t get pregnant on her own after all. Or do you still believe in the immaculate conception?? Please see that the man is castrated so that he can’t father anything ever again!! What’s fair for one is fair for the other!!

        • I agree 100% that the man who got the woman pregnant needs to be castrated, along with the woman getting fixed. That way neither one can start a human life and then just murder the baby.

  20. It doesn’t make any sense when there are families out there that can’t have children of their own that would gladly adopt one of those kids and give them a great home and all the love they can handle.

  21. Shame on fighting for women’s rights about their own bodies, You are taught birth control in school, and birth control is given out free in some places and cheep in others…. you know what causes pregnancy! if you didn’t use birth control there is a morning after pill. God forbid you were attacked, but while in the hospital there are lots of solutions and help available to you. Wake up! These late term murders are done so that they can sell fully developed baby body parts. People make mistakes, but prevent it or take care of it early, Before a heartbeat, because after that, it’s murder.

  22. Where is the RESPECT that we are all to everyone. With this bill, in my opinion, allow all the negative to aspire. Is this what we were brought to live with? Anyone who utilizes this bill will be inviting the devil to rise up against us as a population. Remember the love of G-D.

  23. Not only late-term Abortion but all abortions should be banned, it is murder no matter how you look at it. Stop the murders of the innocent NOW!

  24. ABORTION is wrong no matter who is paying. I have been Catholic my entire life, have a Catholic Education from Ursuline Nuns. There is no gray area here it is wrong. I was taught the difference between Right and Wrong, both by my parents and The Ursulines as well as by the moral code of society. There are no gray area where some things are concerned. This is the work of the Devil. The Pope, Cardinals, Some Bishops and other clergy are misguided somehow. This is also not a majority rule of agreement among the People of the United States, but it is being shoved down our Throats. How wrong can this be. Very wrong. Gov Andrew Cuomo a “Catholic” is deranged, look at his face when he speaks about this he is in bed with the DEVIL, so is Nancy Polisi and friends. There day will come as well as all those others who are supporting and promoting and behaving in an amoral immoral way. We as a voters are having our rights Hijacks by all these liberal amoral politicians and others Hollywood A? listers who have no talent as well as those who use smear tactics to try to bring the rest of us in Line. I donot believe that we as taxpayers should pay for anyone Abortion. I did not create the problem, if you the perpertrator and partner want to engage Sexual behavior then accept the consequences. Donot come to me the taxpayer and demand my dollars to pay for your irresponsible deeds. Noone is forcing this behavior a crime of Rape is a totally different story. But this is not about this. Remember Sodom and Gamorah from the Bible. We are there with all these behaviors.

  25. On abortion, any female that has an abortion,[before having the abortion] should have to see the movie Silent Scream. It is about an abortion and what a child in the Womb looks like while being pulled apart.
    As a male, I cried to see a child being so brutally torn apart.

    if a woman, or young female can continue on with an abortion, then while the doctors have her on the table, need too clip the cords as well. This may sound cruel, however the female-in-question will not have to go through the same situation again.The above was Point “A”. Point “B”, is that if she knows the “donor”, then get him so he can get his”just reward”. and that would be… strap him to the “table” then clip his supply cords…Boom! Now he and she can not have children unless the adopt!This would “fair” to both parties, and there would be fewer”unloved accidents that live in homes with no true “father”. I am not saying that if you are “adopted”that you do not have a “true father”, I mean one that follows you from “conception to birth”. I welcome those that are, or have been adopted, and wish to offer “Peace, Love, and Grace” for ever. I would say I am sorry for the topic , but my wife and I were not able to have children, so this is the reason I feel the way I do. Peace to all.

  26. Those that believe they have a right to destroy life are the same crowd that believe they should repeal the 2nd amendment, limit or destroy your speech, redistribute what you worked for your entire life. The list of their destruction on liberty is endless and it comes down to identifying them for what they truly are, murderer’s, thieves, atheists heathens with no back bone, summation, they are communist. Maybe they should be post birth oborted.

  27. I is so sad that the Blacks in this country are not smart enough to figure out exactly what the Democrats are really about! I guess they are happy on The Plantation!

  28. One & Done:
    Each time a female and her abortionist murder a child
    the both of them should immediately drop dead too.

    Plan your parenthood instead of planning the murder of your child.
    Abortion makes you the parent of a dead child.

  29. ANYBODY who is okay with this new abortion bill , should be REQUIRED/FORCED to watch the video of an abortion .
    If you still feel the same , you are not human & need to be removed from society .

  30. the thought of full term abortion is so repugnant I can hardly think about it…IT IS MURDER!!!!how can any person see that fully formed infant and reach down and dispatch them like they were an unwanted animal. It is horrendous..

  31. What’s next??? when they reach 9 months of age do we review their right to live.If they have health issues do we euthanize them!? If they don’t look like their parent do we get to kill them and try again??
    Maybe we we should let them live until they get out of grade school and decide if they are smart enough to be allowed to live!

  32. They are on the same level as the killing of the Jews in WW11. Just wait until the come before the great white judgement of God. They are bound for internal hell. And besides they don’t have the guts to kill someone that can defend themselves. They a just sacrificing children to the devil.

  33. I am for making our government illegal, One they should have no say in how we live our lives, the constitution was created to protect us not to tell us how to live. I’m not pro abortion but i am also not pro anti-abortion, they decision should come from the parents and their own beliefs, If they have strong beliefs then no problem, but the point is the government is to much into telling us when to sleep, when and what to eat and even goes so far as to make live more difficult for some. They regulate prices on medicines and also what medicines are okay and we the people suffer for that. They want our guns, they want to give free medical, food and housing to illegal immigrants but yet let the homeless and our veterans live on the streets and beg for those freebies they want to give away to non citizens. Talk about genocide they do nothing to help seniors. True people are living longer but instaed of making sure their last days are spent in comfort they hold back on increases in SS but give SS to illegals not to mention income tax returns. Am i wrong then read the “fake” news that you all belive when it comes to Trump.

  34. Since GOD didn’t look the other way when ancient Israel/Judah worshipped other god’s (the worship of which required CHILD SACRIFICE) and allowed them to be ‘carried off’ to Babylon I think it’s UNLIKELY he will ‘turn the other way’ when we use the term abortion to refer to our CHILD SACRIFICE (to the god of convenience).

  35. I am sorry to see the United States of America become a country killing babies. That is Infanticide Hitler made good use of this term.

  36. ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  37. I live in VA. My family has been here since Jamestown. Our clown of a governor wants to murder babies. Once he stepped into that pothole and caught so much flack the black face issue was brought up. That has been the total focus to draw attention away from him being a baby killer. He’s like a horrible relative that just won’t go home! We are stuck with him! We think he was elected by fraud. Plus, we have been invaded by a lot of Dems in Northern VA. The majority of VA is conservative. When we brought up voter ID’s and an investigation of voter records, he had a fit! What does that tell you? He knows that’s the only way he was elected, by fraud. Now that he has made a complete fool of himself and our state. He has announced that he plans to work very hard to make sure minorities have all of the help he can give them for businesses, schools, public housing and public assistance. Wasn’t he supposed to help ALL of the people? He goes from one extreme to the other! He’s a pedatrition that sees nothing wrong with killing babies! We must be in the Twilight Zone. Somebody stop this crazy ride, we all want to get off!

    • Good Question, why is Planned Parenthood getting taxpayer money????? How do we stop Planned Parenthood from getting ANY TAXPAYER money?????

  38. The first thing to go in the destruction of any nation is morals. Abortions happen when the people are morally bankrupt. Furthermore, abortion here in America is Americas holocaust but worse if that is possible. hitler murdered about thirteen million, six million of them were Jews, in the holocaust America has aborted over sixty million babies. Just imagine that if anyone can.

    BUT remember a wall on our southern border is IMMORAL according to Nancy Pelosi but low and behold abortion is NOT?

    Putting someone to death for mass murdering people is also cruel and unusual punishment yet abortion is a women’s right? Really?

    Sorry it is murder. Changing the name to abortion does not change the final outcome. Its death to a once living human!

  39. There is an enormous amount of money involved selling baby parts, and baby Adrenalin to ,make a drug called Adrenochrome which the elite rich use, elite politicians use, and elite movie stars use, all are very rich. Look the Drug up and see who uses it yourself. Read about it. Also read about the Ancient God Moloch or Molek. Read how they obtain the Adrenaline. Then look up child sacrificing to see how old a practice this is. It is Mentioned in the old and New Testament. The God listed is a Canaanite God.

  40. If abortion is legal, then it is only right that they should let convicted murders go free! After all, what is good for one should be good for all, don’t you agree?

  41. Actually one of our states just gave a repreive to a man who killed his girlfriend because she was pregant with his child and he was only charged with her death, the infant is no longer considered a life.

  42. Every Single US Congressional Member That Votes For The Killing (ABORTION) Of Unborn Babies Or Even Babies That Have Already Been Born, Truly Should Be Held Accountable For Their Extremely Evil Deeds! This Means, They Surely Will Answer For Their Murderous Deeds When After Their Own Questionably Heavenly Candle Light=Life Is Extinguished=Have Been Blown Out=Dead/Ded, And They Will Certainly Will NEVER PASS THROUGH SAINT APOSTLE PETERS = THE ROCKS PEARLY GATES, BUT END GOING DOWN INTO HELL, AND NO PIT STOPS IN PURGATORY! For The Gay Community, you all remember that it would be extremely hard, even ILLEGAL to physically give birth to a Baby, that is according to The US Constitution and The Ten Commandments, WHICH IS A UNFORGIVABLE SIN!!!

  43. Democrats are the devils pawns for doing his evil deeds. They are so easy to manipulate. Satan really does not have to prod them much. Their hearts are already drenched in evil so they are experts. When we found out the the United Way supported Planned Parenthood, we stopped giving to them. We do not support any organization that helps PP.

    • Ms. or Mrs. Donna, BIG TIME Thank You, for that information, because I did NOT know that The United Way supported PP! Now there is another person, ME, MYSELF AND I will NEVER support The United Way N/Either, ANYMORE! Because PP will KILL/WASTE/SMOKE/SLASH/BREAK/MURDER of Human Embryos of the age of 1 day and older, MAKES ME VERY …. VERY SICK TO MY SOUL! Thank You For That Information, And I Will Tell All Of My Friends And Families, So They Can Inform Their Friends And Families Also!!!

  44. I fail to understand why the age of the child makes a difference. If it doesn’t then lets make it any age, I have some adults that could use aborting, most of them are democrats in congress!

  45. Abortion should be BANNED and Planned Parenthood needs to be closed. If you watch the news and read you will know that Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts to the highest bidder.

    The whole thing is just awful and needs to be stopped plus the person having the abortion and the Doctor performing said abortion should go to prison for MURDER.

  46. Looks like only one democrat voted and the remainder was republicans. glad to know that most Americans still have enough gumption to not follow the left and their crazy ideas.
    Sure hope they can figure out how to bottle those cow farts we sure don’t need them in the atmosphere and i
    would like to keep my bull cause i may want a burger one day. I get hungry when the left starts spreading their BULL

  47. Killing babies in any state of life is murder. God has a living plan for every baby and life to live for a reason. You yourself have lived life to your current age for a reason. You have been through hell at times and the most wonderful time anyone could as for as well. You live this life to believe in God and to learn lessons for a reason. For one day when life rests and you return to heaven God will ask you what you learned and why you felt you did or did not learn from certain life’s experiences. He will not judge you ,,only have search your soul for the real answers….Babies have a life to live as well….for a reason..Killing a baby is killing a life that God has sent to live for a reason.



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