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  2. Absolutely Shut them down now and hold their movement accountable for misbehaving actions and leading American youths astray into unGodliness perverted and sinful lifestyle. Shut them down now just do it like the Nike Commercials said.shut them down!

  3. “Pride” parades are nothing more than a showcase for the extreme fringe of this extremely small population. They do NOT represent the majority of them and should have been shut down long long ago.

  4. They demand that everyone respects their disgusting lifestyle by pushing it on us and our kids in elementary school, but yet they don’t respect the thoughts or feelings of others that don’t want to see their sickening behavior.


  5. I couldn’t care less what they do in their private lives, kill each other for all I care, but don’t try and push your BS off on everyone else. They deserve NO special recognition, NO special treatment, NO special days or months, NO special parades, NO special anything. They are NOT special — they are pathetic and pitiful for trying to make anyone(especially our young) think it is normal and okay behavior. Our education system with all their libtard so-called educators should be forced to keep the subject of homosexuality out of our schools.

  6. Sex has but one purpose, the continuation of our species. So what are they so proud of when their lifestyle doesn’t contribute to the continuation? They have a mental disability and they worship the false God sex. They need a parade to honor their contributions to society when their activities fail to contribute.

  7. If it was just normal gay pride people marching for their cause and not the deviants then I would say no! But the obnoxious and disgusting displays of immoral behavior should not be an example of GAY COMMUNITY!!!!!! I have gay friends and they in no way act this way….They act like normal human beings and I love being around them


  9. I agree with a comment above. I don’t care what a person does at their home. I and I see many others don’t want it shoved down our throats. That goes for other issues. I am tired of turning on the TV to watch something and there is a commercial or the show telling me to accept it. well, I don’t. It is an example of the young people demanding us to respect them. Well they have to earn respect. That’s the generation I and many others are from. I repeat I am tired of the gay issue being shoved down my throat.

  10. I don’t believe that 95% of the people voted to eliminate Gay Rights Parades..because there is much more than 5% of the people who fall into that category and if they voted it certainly would be more than 5% of the people.

    this has to be stopped.Should not be allowed to have a parade of mentally ill degenerates that is most probably all democrats anyway. Libelarism is a sickness anyway

  12. The parades are indecent and are not for public viewing. The Gays should rent an auditorium or some like facility to use and not let children inside.

  13. I heard about a case where a policeman arrested a naked homosexual man, who was out in public and the judge let him go free… because he was wearing shoes!

  14. I totally agree Darren. The straight people do not go around pushing their straight rights in the gay’s faces.
    It is also very difficult to work with them on the jobs, I understand, they go around talking about their sexuality in front of the straight people all the time, one person i know told one to shut the heck up about it recently. She said she was tired of hearing about it.

  15. I agree with Jeannie: If it was just normal gay pride people marching for their cause and not the deviants then I would say no! But the obnoxious and disgusting displays of immoral behavior should not be an example of GAY COMMUNITY! Dressing up very young children in sexual BDSM outfits and using them like pawns to get a reaction from the public, or to satisfy their own fantasies, in my opinion, is abuse. To further plaster them all over the news media is disgusting. As an adult, if you wish to participate in deviant sexual practices, then do so in the privacy of your own home. But to come out nude and act out pedophilia with children is unacceptable.

  16. You are right. Their walking around in LA with the flag wrapped around their balls and women are topless and it’s pure disgusting. I’ve lived with gays for a long time and always respected them and they never pushed their lifestyle on me. Now it’s hard because of these radicals and them thinking everyone has to be like them and every show, or commercial, I’ve become hard core and nasty about them. I really don’t want their sex life shoved down my throat. I don’t shove mine down theirs, as for what Hollywood does in movies that’s there business I don’t go to them or support any of their actions. And as for Disney including same sex everything in their children’s movies is horrible. A person will know if their gay as they get older, if it’s normal like they say. So let nature take its course and keep it out of my wave lengths. I just got rid of HBO and Netflix because of the crap their putting on and I don’t want my great grand kids to turn it on when their here.

  17. You must be or have a family member who is LGBT. The parade was fine when it was just a celebration, like St. Party’s day, but it’s gone to a whole new & disgusting level now and people & families with children do NOT want to see that paraded down the street and on tv. It shouldn’t be shoved down our throats!!!

  18. I don’t give a Rat’s Ass what anyone does in their bedroom—but I totally agree that these parades have become cesspools of sexual exploitation in public before the shocked eyes of children…what’s next on their FAGGOT agenda? Blow Jobs in public to shock us more than trans lecturing 6-year old’s at the library? What is really at play here is prepping the next generation of GAYS as the current LGBTQ are running out of sex partners since their sexual sickness is practiced among less than 8% of the population….

  19. Perhaps you need to REREAD the reason. It has nothing to with it being “gay pride” and everything to do with blatantly open nudity, public sex acts etc. that according to some comments have even offend those who are “gay” the BEHAVIOR being displayed during them is not how they want people to thin of them.

    The fact is if they had a “STRAIGHT PRIDE” parade depicting NORMAL sex and nudity they would arrest the lot of them for violating the LAWS PROHIBITING public nudity, and public sex. They would not DISMISS the violations because some POLITICIANS decided it was NORMAL behavior that has to be ACCEPTED as such by everyone.

    Also you are incorrect in fact 5% is actually higher than the number of those in the population of this nation that have openly admitted to being homosexual and the poll was not “ARE YOU STRAIGHT” nor was it “GAY RIGHTS PARADES” It was about banning the “GAY PRIDE PARADES” due to the abhorrent public behavior committed during them in the NAME of being “GAY”.

  20. All “Gay Rights”, “Gun Control” and Abortion is a manifestation of the New World Order, they want the world population reduced by 80%
    Gays as a rule do not have children, Transsexuals CAN’T have children, after they have become sterilized. Whimpey Snowflakes have Whimpey children.
    Who do you know about, that are striving to achieve those goals?

    Ever notice how the New World Order people never mention what kind of Government, what Religion, or whom they want to be in charge!
    How could anyone really think that THEY will be among the remaining 20%?

    Ever notice how Abortion, Gay Rights, and Transgender are some of the Leftists favorite ‘causes’? They are designed to reduce or partially eliminate the next generation! Gun Control is designed to eliminate effective opposition when the NWO take-over is attempted.

    It is all part of Population Control that the New World Order wants to achieve.
    Their goal is reduce the world’s population into what they believe is a “sustainable” Five Hundred Million!

    Eventually the Reduction of Population must devolve into wholesale murder to achieve the goal. Then those many legions assigned the lower echelon tasks of eliminating the ‘Unchosen Ones’ will in turn be eliminated too, lest they try to stage a coup and take over the new “Government”.

    But of course the NWO people all believe that they will be among those five hundred million that are allowed to remain, and that THEY themselves will be counted among the Elite Leaders of the world!

    NOTES: The population of the USA is 328,915,700 as of May 20, 2019.
    The population of China is an impressive 1,354,040,000, to 1.42 Billion

    The population of the WORLD is:
    ———- 7,678,200,000 — 7.6 Billion
    Minus: — — 500,000,000 —- 500 Million
    – “The Great Killing” will murder:
    ———- 7,178,200,000 — 7.1 Billion PEOPLE!
    —> Yet they all somehow think that THEY, themselves will survive? <—

  21. its no different then any other event. people always get upset when its not something there in favor of. Stop all political events as well then they cause riots and all demonstrations and freedom of speech

  22. “They deserve NO special recognition, NO special treatment, NO special days or months, NO special parades, NO special anything. They are NOT special….” I agree with you. It also could be said about a lot of other things that have been pandered to in the past. IF we are ALL supposed to be equal, why are there so many “special” groups. My opinion coincides with this statement “they are pathetic and pitiful.” So are most people that try to be judged by anything but the content of their character. Unfortunately everyone has forgotten those great words spoken (I have come to believe they were not his words nor his belief) by Dr. Martin Luther King.

  23. The Gays Parade should not be allowed anywhere in the country. What they are doing is “FLAUNTING” themselves to us, and that pisses many of us off, especially when it’s done purposedly, in front of our young ones. The LGBT, has long been allowed to do this, and it should now be stopped. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is like a bunch of “terroists” having a parade in front of us. Would we allow that also???

  24. I guess its good to be proud of who you are and what you believe in, but having demonstration and parades just to try to convince other people to believe in what you think is right o wrong will not make it happen. What you do in your own life is fine for you and anyone that agrees with you and your beliefs but no matter how much “pride” you put out there, you do not have to throw it out there in the street and mock people who do not agree with you. I know a lot of people that applaud your beliefs since they know it will wither and die some day because you will not be providing any offspring.

  25. yes as to should they be banned I have a sister and brother who are gay and NP what they do at home is up to them they don,t act any different then you or me we are all the same and we all chose our way of life and keep it at that

  26. Life was better for all people when non-heterosexuality was kept in the closet. Traditional family values are the only way of life to live by. Statistics prove this to be true. Since political correctness forced society to become what it is today, the minority (LBGTQ) are in control of all the majority’s (NON-LBGTQ) behavior. There are more crimes committed in this atmosphere of self-indulgence. If the majority continues to condone the actions of the minority the future will only get worse until it will self-destruct.

  27. Boundaries, filters and the moral fiber of our country has deteriorated into who can present the most bizarre, disgusting display in front of the entire country. They go as far as demanding that everyone approve of their lifestyle or be held accountable through lawsuits, creating bankruptcy for businesses, and harrassment for individuals. I really don’t care what anyone does behind closed doors but to demand legislation to create an equal statis among heterosexuals where the sexual identity should have no consequense is beyond acceptable. If they want to dress and act like bizarre beings, then they should expect push back from the rest of us. No one especially our children should be subjected to this disgusting display and they should be kept out of libraries and any school functions. Enough is enough and how is it that the minority is ruling the majority?

  28. I do what they cannot stand. When I see something that looks and acts ridiculous I laugh. They hate when I laugh. No one can and will stop me from laughing!!!!

  29. I know everyone should have a right to express themselves, and I am hard core when it comes to free speech, it is either free or it’s not. That being said, there is also such a thing as community standards. If they can’t be a bit more respectful in how they carry on in public then they haven’t earned the right to have a parade. There are children out there for heavens sake!

  30. Let the NUT JOBS parade their lewd, ridiculous fantasies for God & all to see. We do have free speech & expression guaranteed under our Constitution, after all. The more these idiots show of their ludicrous beliefs & twisted lives, the weirder they appear to all straights!

  31. More should understand as you do and i agree, as a gay male I’m offended by the parades and refuse to see or attend them… they are not the “Real” gay people just a dressed up mob to insult the straight world and demand acceptance and they are the least accepted people in the world…..

  32. I am so sick of these people and their pathological need for CONSTANT PUBLIC VALIDATION!! Narcissism at its finest! I don’t want to be subjected to their obnoxious behaviors in public any more than I would want to be bombarded by vile behaviors of non-gay individuals. No matter who is behaving this way in public it is disgusting and I will never accept that!!!

  33. It’s celebration of what how to have abnormal same sex. Do we have parades for normal men and women having sex together. It’s a ridiculous reason to have a parade or a month of talking about abnormal sex! It needs to end!

  34. Amen !! Our local,State ,and Fed. government had shove this BS down our throat . You except it or you will be called ever name we can make up. Sick of these people .

  35. I suggest that they read the first chapter in the book of Romans. Paying attention to the last verse. “If you agree you are guilty.” Remember the parade in which Hormel the owner of the meat company showed his butt, in a gay parade? I never buy anything with the Hormel brand. I know that it will not affect him, but I also know that God is keeping a record. Elizabeth

  36. Political events don’t cause riots, it’s intolerant liberals. Their goal is to shut down the opposition.

  37. If the fags are proud of what they are let them celebrate because they probably should enjoy it while they can because come judgement day their fun will be no more.

  38. If you shut them down then who will be next?
    New York’s St. Patty’s Day parade.
    The Easter Parade.
    The K.K.K. parades.
    Pro-abortion parades.
    Anti-abortion parades.
    The First amendment of the Constitution protects all of these and more.

  39. wow, surprised I live in Russia or Cuba or Saudi. Don’t get me wrong I am against these sickies but we are in America. Don’t go if you dislike, encourage your city to arrest those who break the law, i.e. nudity, etc,. Obviously these people do not believe in GOD or the Bible and have a very low opinion of themselves. Keep them out of our schools and libraries but banding them would go against what this country stands for.

  40. I didn’t read any comments until after I posted mine I’m sure glad to know that their aware still people that feel like me I feel like a minority on most matters.

  41. When we disobeyed our Mother and Father in our youth and teenage years and we’re rebellious imbeciles there were consequences for our emotional rebellion and instability. Like spankings or no dinner or getting kicked out of the house for being idiots and some of us even had to go to jail! The same consequences should be administered to these morons for their stupid deviant idiotic devilish childish unlawfullbehavior! If we don’t do something about it they will only get worse. Lock them up shut them down do it now! This is not freedom of expression to express your views in an open public forum as stated in the constitution. This is open rebellion and mockery deviant lawlessness that needs to be addressed and shut down!

  42. I’m 78 yrs old and as far back as I can remember Jehova’s Witnesses were persecuted to a greater extent than even the Mormons. Talk about discrimination. But I’d rather have a short over-the-fence conversation with them than be exposed to all the Gay Pride crap. By the way, what about Hetero-Pride, or Goat Ropers’ Pride, or NAMBLA Pride? Shouldn’t THEY have Pride Parades as well?

  43. Gay PRIDE? Acceptance of a disorder is one thing, but embracing and celebrating it is outrageous

  44. Just look at the vote – it actually reflects the fact that a very small proportion of sick mentally challenged individuals are making the vast majority succum to their sick choices they have chosen for themselves. Florists and Bakeries being forced to provide services that go against main stream Americans Constitutional right to reject services that go against their religious beliefs. My suggestion let California become it’s own country – let all that have the unchristian position of same sex marriage and the BS of Trans. Using opposite restrooms from their birth gender and allowing stronger trans. Individuals to compete in sports with uneven abilities. When they win it is a travesty to say the least. It doesn’t matter if they believe in God or not – one day they will be judged for their transgressions against His warnings – they can tell Him He isn’t real as they face Him on their way to their new heated residence. Sodom & Gammora come to mind.

  45. May 95% of the people on THIS site – but if asked a representative cross section of the population the response would be far different.

    I’m a 67 year old, heterosexual woman from the midwest and Pride Parades don’t bother me in the least. I’m a LOT more bothered by a group of people who want to shut down their parades and festivals just because they don’t personally agree with them. They remind me a lot of my dad who used to say similar things about the Blacks marching during the Civil Rights era – he even expressed some pleasure when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated as he was just a “rabble-rouser”. Our family had more than one heated dinner table discussion over this issue.

    Let the gays have their Pride Parades, heaven knows they were harassed enough over the years to now deserve a little “coming out” jubilation, and as they become more and more accepted over time most of their “outrageousness” will subside. They will settle in to their place as just another group that only the hyper-religious will still feel the need to criticize and berate.

    Personally I find the hyper-religious way more offensive in their self-righteous willingness to deny the rights of others.

  46. Do what you want in the bedroom. I don’t care. But, what are you proud of? I’m a nudist and I enjoy the lifestyle, but proud? Please. Just leave us alone. I’m just too lazy to get dressed.

  47. God says homosexuality is a sin and ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. God’s words, not mine. So celebrating sin is just fine with you. Have you heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? They were destroyed by God because of sexual sin. What homosexuals do in their own bedroom is between them and God, but celebrating their perversion is sick. satan is going to rule for a time and he has libs and homosexuals on his side.

  48. Celebrating sin is a sin. Jesus will forgive all who come to Him and repent, but homosexuals won’t repent because they don’t believe they are sinning. sad


  50. They are abominations according to our Bible, both OT and NT! As so, as this is or was founded on Judeo Christian beliefs…they should be put back in the closet and remain there…Putin wrote us a ‘love” letter as did one Russian academician stating to allow the queers to come out would weaken our nation and so it has, just as Roe did and still does. Now look what we have and our children are suffering because too many parents are forcing their children to be abused through this surgery…those children should be put in good, safe homes and the parents in jail.

    I have not read all the comments but what I have I am so proud of all of you…not that that makes a difference in your lives but you took time to both support and write here…that is more than most do…thanks you.

  51. Bravo! Excellent comment! Live and let live but don’t try to force your ways on me or my children.

  52. If you don’t like men loving men than do not watch our parade on TV. And while you’re at it don’t come to our parade, because we don’t want it disrupted by Religious bigots like you. By the way your numbers are wrong and you know it. I don’t buy for a minute that the numbers that come on that tally are factual. But I will give you an “A” for your effort to distort the truth !!!

  53. God says that homosexuality is a sin and God will have the last word. ALL will stand before Jesus to be judged, even you. You can deny God but that will just get you eternity in Hell with satan, whom you serve. Jesus is there for ALL who will come to Him and repent. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. And if you don’t like the truth, then don’t come here. No one is forcing you to

  54. I think some portions of Gay Pride parades need to cleaned up instead of shut down. I’d like to see the focus of these parades shift to WHY they are proud. Just being born Gay is not a reason to be proud.
    Tomorrow, 6/22/19, Gay Mayor Pete Booty-judge, will be in North Augusta, South Carolina, which is across the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia. Augusta’s Gay Pride parade will take place tomorrow and I’m interested to know if he will cross the bridge to participate.

  55. A few countries execute people who are gay, quite a few countries put you in prison for being gay. A few years ago Colombia in South America had a 15 year prison sentence for all gays in Colombia so………..at very least all LGBT in America should stay in the closet the way it used to be here.

  56. I also know some who would NEVER take part. They just live their lives. Those sick idiots parading around just want attention and want to force the rest of us to accept their perversion, which we don’t have to

  57. The numbers are factual for this board. It is a Christian discussion board and God forbids homosexuality. You can reject God. He gives you that choice. You have no concept of who He is or His great love for you. sad

  58. You are right. God gave us the rainbow as a promise that He will never again send a great flood. But these perverts have rejected God and stolen His symbol

  59. They have a right to peaceably assemble, EXCEPT if their displays have lewd acts or violate local ordinances, they should not be given any more permits! If they can’t behave in an orderly, acceptable manner in public, no parades! If we just ignore them, maybe they will go back in the closet where they belong!

  60. Obama shoved their demented lifestyles into our culture. We on florida voted against gay marrIge. They need shrinks not parades.

  61. Obama shoved their demented lifestyles into our culture. We in florida voted against gay Marriage They need shrinks not parades.

  62. you all have pretty much covered this topic, nothing more I can add , I don’t want to see it, talk about it , God will judge it when he comes back which doesn’t appear to be too long, all things will be put in its proper place ,

  63. 6 steps:
    1.) get the story of a converted gay person
    2.) create a full 5 page article depicting lover, liaisons and totally screwed up life over several years
    3.) commentary gay = misery; not happiness – show how sin wages are death; poor self image
    4.) leverage authority in a national publication to publish 5 page article ( uncensored)
    5.) energize and authorize conservative talk show hosts
    6.) wait for the “fire storm” to begin

  64. Yes, their parades should be shut down. And gays should not be allowed to represent the US on the women’s soccer team at the world cup and show disrespect during the national anthem.

  65. At one time decades ago, I attended two of these and they just seemed like fun, quirky street parties. But, over the past few years things have strange and rather dark. One would think that after winning for same-sex marriage (as it were) and the ability to adopt, there would be a bit more joy in these people. Instead, things have got really bloody militant and thoroughly joyless. With ANTIFA on the rise amongst their ranks, I say “Yes”, it’s time to pull the plug.

  66. The only “group” in this country that should be allowed a flag, parade and honor is AMERICANS….stop the labeling and division and be proud of this country…if not, there are plenty of exits for the haters

  67. As a Christian and even before I became one I was and still against these gay pride Parades and will never ever be a part of any of them. I am going to keep my Christian faith forever and will spread the good news of Christ to this lost world.

  68. My son and his wife saved their money and took their early teen children to Calif. on a vacation and ended up accidentally on a gay pride parade day in San Francisco. They got on a bus in town and on the bus jumped adult nude idiots and it was all disgusting. My family was in shock! I don’t go around nude, why can or should they? Gay is their sick choice but lewdness and vulgarity in public is another story, you should be arrested for nudity in public. None of our family will ever go back to California or anywhere else we are unlucky enough to run into such idiocy . Shame on the world for allowing this. WHY are we allowing this? It is the law you say? Then CHANGE THE LAW!!!

  69. Do what you want in the privacy of your own home. You gonna be perverted, keep it quiet. You don’t get to parade it down mainstreet, you moron.

  70. The Bible permits same-sex marriage and same-sex relations the same way it permits fornication. Faithful America, a *liberal* Christian group, reports:

    “A Tennessee sheriff’s deputy and part-time pastor is calling for the police and courts to put gay men to death. ‘I’m sick of sodomy getting crammed down our throats,’ said Grayson Fitts in a recent sermon, implying that police officers like himself ‘should enforce Leviticus 20:13… If they are convicted then they are to be put to death.’

    “Facing criticism, the deputy sheriff doubled down in another sermon: ‘I’m not calling anyone here to violence. I’m saying it’s the government’s responsibility.’

    “Sheriff Tom Spangler condemned the remarks and placed Fitts on leave, but that’s not nearly enough. As long as this hateful pastor is still a police officer twisting Scripture to harm LGBT people, the residents of Knox County will never be able to feel safe.”

    The commandments against same-sex relations are found in Leviticus, in the Old Testament, and some liberal Christians and LGBT Christians argue Christians aren’t under Mosaic Law, but under Jesus’ new covenant of love. The problem is, the argument that the Law is abolished comes from Paul, not Jesus, and Paul condemned homosexuality in his epistles in no uncertain terms. (Romans 1:27; I Corinthians 6:9-11)

    Conservatives demonize Islam as cruel and barbaric, forgetting Christianity’s own record of barbarism, whereas liberals merely see Islam as six hundred years behind the secular West. Think back to what Christianity was like six hundred years ago: the Crusades, the Inquisition, burning witches at the stake, etc. If Christians today are tolerant and civilized, it’s due to the past five hundred years of SECULAR social progress nearly all of which were resisted by previous generations of Christians:

    …democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of human slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights…

    A hundred years ago, for example, ALL Christian churches opposed birth control. Sexual morality for Christians is detailed in I Corinthians 7. If Christians actually followed the biblical commands against fornication and sexual immorality in general (Romans 1:24-27; I Corinthians 5:1,9-12, 6:9-10,15,18; I Thessalonians 4:3-5; ); as well as the commands that women cover their heads while worshiping (I Corinthians 11:5-14); Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes (I Timothy 2:9); Christian women are to keep silent in the churches and Christian women are not allowed to teach nor hold authority over men (I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-15)… Christianity would resemble Islam!

    The “Sharia,” or Islamic Law has been condemned in the West as cruel and barbaric. The penalty for habitual thievery may be loss of a hand. The penalty for premarital sex may be a hundred lashes in public. The Islamic codes of justice, however, are similar to the civil and criminal laws found in Exodus 21-23. Pastor Grayson Fitts words indicate Muslims aren’t that different from conservative Christians!

    When Jesus was asked about the woman caught in the act of *heterosexual* adultery, he answered, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in his epistles and indicates accepting Christ means giving up these things (I Corinthians 6:9-11). So only Christians abstaining from fornication on biblical grounds are in a position to condemn homosexuals on biblical grounds.

  71. If I, a heterosexual, did what they do on the streets, I would be hauled off to jail. I have good ethics and morals, so rest assured, I would never do any of that perverted cr**. Parents that bring their children to these things, should be shot! They should, at least, have their children taken away from them. That is child abuse, pure and simple. God help America!

  72. Unnatural, abnormal, deviant, perverse, warped, sick. What you do behind closed doors is your business….keep it there. This is not something to be “proud” of…..and not something that needs to be ‘paraded’ around as though it is normal, or expecting that normal people will accept the perversion as normal.

  73. Sorry they had to deal with the perversion in SF, but that is considered “normal” in that sick city. Please do not judge the whole state by SF. There are a lot of better places to go. They should have gone to Yosemite or the central coast instead of that wicked city.

  74. God gave us all free will, so God bless them. If they need to march to demonstrate that they are not ashamed, so be it. If they want to march just to have fun, so be it. They are demonstrating their own feelings, not forcing anyone else to feel the same way. No one else has to look or participate. Just honor them. Let everyone celebrate their own choices.

  75. Do you even know what they stand for and do. They perform unnatural, pervers sick acts that animals dont even do

  76. You say the Bible permits same sex.Think about what you said.
    God made a man and woman with specific Reproductive organs that is to be used as designed. Now you say it is ok to use the organs in a sick deprived perverted way by the sick LGBT community.
    Animals dont even do those acts.

  77. So you aggree it is ok to perform despicable pervers unnatural acts that animals dont even do. Look at the harm that has been done to thousands of boys by homosexual scout leaders. Wake up dear

  78. So you are ok with the unnatural acts that is performed by the LGBT people. This is so vulgar.God made a man and a woman to re produce and not a man to stick whatever up whatever that animals dont even do. Lets call a spade a spade and not beat about the bush people.
    Call it what it is, sick deplorable sinfull acts

  79. The sickening left is promoting homosexuality and perversions toward our children. the men try to act like a woman and it is coming across as a fool.
    These nasty perversions are disgusting and sickening. Keep your crap behind closed doors, people don’t want to see your filth.
    Take a long look at yourselves, your an abomination.

  80. I hate every expression of perversion and every effort to legitimize it. No matter how common it becomes it will NEVER be natural, moral or right. However, as a Bible-thumping Evangelical Christian (missionary to Haiti and Cuba) I’m aware that our rights to express our beliefs are being increasingly denied. I spent four years in the Army defending everyone’s rights to be as ungodly or sickening as they can, without causing blood or pain. Taking away the rights and privileges of disgusting people loses us the rights and privileges to be disgusting to the demonically oppressed and possessed. Jesus said there’d be days like these, and sure enough, they’re here. Celebrate the fulfillment of the Word of a Prophet who actually predicted something that is actually coming true. Not everyone has that! “Pride goeth before fall.” Hear the shoe dropping?

  81. Knowing God’s Word as well as you obviously do, you realize that in the Old Testament sin was spelled out and codified, so there would never be a question of what God’s nature allows Him to condone or endure and which not. All 600+ of those excruciatingly detailed delineations are, in the New Testament, boiled down by Jesus into “Love.” He then set about to personify and demonstrate that love by his deliberate choice to sacrifice Himself and spend time in hell for each of us, so we wouldn’t have to. Two thousand years later, Christianity, having been the tool of various theocrats, Nicolaitans and oligarchs, has become a laughing stock and diametrically opposed to Christ’s mandate to follow His example and die to ourselves and our desires to run the whole show. We Christians have only one tool to deal with what Christ and the New Testament writers predicted WOULD be coming-apostasy and the spirit of anti-Christ. We get to deny fellowship-period! Not up to our understanding of God’s standards? Don’t hang out with them, approve them, condone them in your assembly. Yeah, they’re wrong as hell and they suck, some literally but remember: We don’t work for the Judge (yet) but for the Chief Counsel for the Defense-Jesus! Carry them on your aching back and dump them on His Alter through you interceeding tears. Then it’s up to Him.

  82. L Hinderrand: These radicals LGBT’s will not calm down. They are becoming more flamboyant, disrespectful and totally disgusting in their openly display of sexual acts, in parades know less! But you find hyper-religious ways more offensive??? We are not denying their rights?? You have got to be kidding me!! Well lady, I would rather honor GOD than rally around these radicals that has no respect for decency or other’s values … FYI, read Rihard’s comment. That is from a gay man. It might enlighten you.

  83. I wonder what kind of reaction the LBGQT community and the Libs would have to us holding a heterosexual pride parade? I venture to say they would outraged! So much for equal treatment!

  84. You have obviously only seen the CENSORED parts of these parades that can be shown on TV.

    That or you are OK with CHILDREN being exposed to public sex acts, Nudity, and all the other stuff VIOLATING currant laws that goes on but is IGNORED because its a “GAY PRIDE” parade.

    IF I was to even show a PHOTO of one those acts taken during such a parade to a Child I would go to prison and be labeled a “SEX OFFENDER” for doing it but the GOVERNMENT allows them to OPENLY perform them in front of everyone during one of these parades without filing any charges against them.

  85. totally agree with your comments! sad state of moral decay this country has been in and mainly pushed by the socalled progressive liberal demoncraps!

  86. so what you mean by “real” gay people.
    gay is gay and you all perform perverted sick acts
    God created man and woman to live in harmony
    and produce children
    Folks, I can only imagine what sick perverted acts the LGBT++++ performs

  87. I wonder what percentage of the lgbt+++++++
    community is democratic
    now that will be very cool to know
    anyone have any idea
    If a high percentage I REST MY CASE

  88. So mister LGBT+++ Q or whatever it is called now.
    you are ok with performing sick perverted sexual acts
    Get help and fall on your knees and oray to God for help

  89. Take you lack of the complete text and realize that it is not Paul nor is it the Christian . All Scripture is Given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit read 2 Timothy 3:16 and perhaps you will realize that it is not the Christian that condemns or judges sexual immorality it is God himself and Jesus Christ that is making the judgment . Christ says that He does not judge you , but His word shall judge you . That means all of Scripture both Old and New Testament will be the judge of ones life. All judgment belongs to God and Christ . The Christian is not responsible for what The Holy Spirit has chosen to have in the Bible . The entire Bible is the inspired word of God. Or God breathed. I think you need to look at what Christ says about Children to see how much the word of God condemns LGBT. ” If you cause one of these little ones of mine to sin it would be better if a millstone were placed around your neck and you be cast into the deepest sea. All children are a gift from God and therefore causing them to become sexually immoral is the sin which Christ is speaking of .

  90. I guess you did NOT understand, what Vasu Murti: was saying.
    Read it AGAIN, it was Tongue-in-cheek!
    HINT: “sex relations the same way it permits fornication”
    Perhaps you owe him an apology?

  91. L. Hildebrand:
    “I’m a LOT more bothered by a group of people who want to shut down their parades and festivals just because they don’t personally agree with them.”

    It’s not about disagreeing with them, it’s about their blatant lewd behavior they get away with because they are “special” deviants. If heterosexuals performed sex acts in a public parade they would be arrested, charged and sent to prison for what these “special deviants” get away with on a daily basis. No group or class of people should have special rights in this country greater than the rights of others.

    “as they become more and more accepted over time most of their “outrageousness” will subside. They will settle in to their place as just another group”

    No, they will not. They will continue to push their agenda as far and as wide as they can. They are now attempting to make pedophilia normal. Do you agree with that? If they had their way they would make it legal to rape your grandchildren. Are you OK with that?

    “Personally I find the hyper-religious way more offensive in their self-righteous willingness to deny the rights of others.”

    Religious people do not attempt to deny the rights of others, it’s the LGBTQPIZ+++ community that is doing precisely that.

  92. gay pride realy seriously
    What pride doing perverse acts sodomy stick you knw what up you now what you bunch of sick people
    yu are the most disgusting people on Gods green earth

  93. With all this disgusting parade crap and the sick democrats i am wondering where on Gods green earth is there a place to live without lgbt+++++++++ exposure no democrats no atheists and no dang muslims
    just hard working God fearing people that live in harmony
    Please tell me there is such a place

  94. Matt: Leviticus 20.13. God: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  95. Barbara, the LGTBQ people are 1.6% of the US population. It grows to 5% of the voters when the brainwashed retards vote for them.

  96. David Lagesse: Because he told ME he was not a Christian. Vasu has done many long winded postings and has been corrected by many as to him missing the point of each and every story. He tries to impress people by quoting this one , not really stating HIS own opinion.But that is neither here nor there.Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs and these forums are here for that purpose.BUT, what most are here stating, they DO NOT want these radical homosexuals performing their sexual acts in public, under the guise of a parade.This is for sure a double standard ,legally wise. YOU try walking down the street partially nude , or performing a sexual act and see how for you get…All because the” political correctness” pendulum has really swung out of line.
    If you can not see that Christians and their values are slowly being destroyed within our country, I think sir you should really open your eyes.
    What is missing from Vasu’s posting here is ” Democrats for Life” with their address. That’s what he supports…..

  97. There MAY BE a ” Straight Pride ” parade held in Boston at the end of August 2019….so I HEAR . W-I-s-h I could be there….tho’ I’m Canadian but can’t afford to go . I wish the Organizers GOOD LUCK !

  98. If not shutting them down, as they have a right to freedom of speech, but to control the open actions that they are promoting. Most parades have rules of conduct and they need to be adhered to also in the Gay Pride parade. Mobs and riots are controlled, so be all gatherings of expressive groups. Also control the LGBT promotions from drifting into public schools. The hierarchy of child development involves a child searching for identity and any influences can be challenged related to family dynamics but when bombarded by one area, the child may be confused even more to the state where they may not know who they are. As parents, grandparents and mentors, we need to use these situations a time to answer, as best we can, the questions that may influence development of the child.

  99. While I do not believe gay pride parades are a good thing, they are a protected thing. Just like the KKK has the Constitutional right to assemble and march in parades, so do gay people. If we make gay pride parades illegal, then we make all parades illegal. If you don’t like the gay pride parades, protest them. Better yet, go and preach the Gospel to them.

  100. Sr.Nancy Ruth: You are correct that people have a Constitutional right to assemble. But what people DO NOT have a right to do is publicly have open nudity and preform sexual acts in their parades! There is a severe double standard now. Even within obeying the law.Which I am quite sure every town has a law against open lewdness. The average gays are appalled at these radial LGBT’s and hate how they are conducting themselves.This is what people are upset about and want “their kind” of parade shut down….

  101. It has happened in Boston MA . They so far can find a way to shut down the Straight parade. I had 2 cousins that were gay and lesbian. They are both gone now and they have to atone for their sins. Neither ever pushed their beliefs on anyone. My family knew it was just not talked about ever.

  102. Vasu…the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is an abomination. You may quote the Bible, but you have no concept of what it teaches. You have not studied it.

  103. terri…Do you have any clue that God FORBIDS what they are doing??? God commands that we hate sin and do not participate in it. And, YES, the goal of these perverts is to force the rest of us to accept their sick perversion. Honor them??? SIN IS NOT TO BE HONORED!!!! If it was okay to sin there would have been no need for Jesus to suffer and die on the cross, ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. They are celebrating their sin and making a mockery of God and His laws.

  104. Exactly! Ever notice how normal heterosexuals (1) don’t need parades to declare their sexuality and (2) how normal heterosexuals don’t feel the need to announce their sexual orientation in the first five minutes of meeting people? I liked it better when perverts were prosecuted for their sick choices!

  105. NO pervert of any persuasion should be allowed to represent this country! Men cheating by competing as “women”, women using steroids and testosterone to gain unfair advantages. There are TWO genders, male and female. If you want to pretend to be something you’re not, go to one of the idiot countries that encourages this crap!

  106. The parade would be fine if some or most of them acted like they had some sense and not be so vile with their crude vulgar actions like being totally naked or wearing fake sexual organs. Any heterosexual would be arrested for the same actions. I have no problem with anyone having a parade and acting like adults. It’s gone too far with the LGBTQ movement when they are allowed to make it a part of children’s studies. Your sexuality should not be forced on others.

  107. How are they “attempting to make pedophilia normal”??? Gays are no more likely to be pedophiles than straights, and probably way less than Catholic priests. Exactly where did you get the insane idea that “they would make it legal to rape your grandchildren” ?!? Grandchildren but not children? Or nieces or nephews? That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    And your biggest misrepresentation “religious people do not attempt to deny the rights of others” made me almost choke before laughing out loud. That seems to be the primary activity of religious people these days, that and gleeful condemnation of everyone that doesn’t follow their personal interpretation of the bible.

  108. So don’t bring your young children to Gay Pride Parades, problem solved – and BTW I have been to several and never saw anything like what you seem to be portraying. Have YOU ever actually been to a Pride parade??

  109. We already have those parades.
    Mother Goose, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Toy Parades, etc.
    We just don’t label them as Heterosexual Parades.
    We’re civilized.

  110. L Hildebrand:Your response for us objecting to these RADICAL LGBT parades is, just don’t bring your children to a Gay Pride Parade. Is that your ludicrous remark??There is a BIG difference in a Gay Pride parade than what this radicals are now doing in THEIR parades.Let me guess, just by your responses;Your gay and an atheist and a Democrat correct? Well that explains it all….Because if your none of what I just stated then you really need help. But come to think of it, if you are any of the above stated, you still need help……

  111. Rump Humper
    Rump Pumper
    Rump Thumper
    Tube Goober
    Booty Bopper
    Pooper Snooper
    Booty Bandit
    Turd Burglar
    Fudge Packer
    Limp Wrist
    Loose Fart
    Dung Detective
    Friend of Dorothy

  112. They have as much right to receive a parade permit as any other group, but reasonable people shouldn’t observe (attend) them, and any activity or display in violation of local laws should result in arrest and prosecution. There should be no reason not to enforce all applicable laws. Gays should not receive any of the special considerations they frequently demand.

  113. Harold:Very well stated and you do not owe Vasu Murti an apology.NOTHING he writes is “tongue-in-cheek.He is a hard core Democratic that spews their hatred of the Christian beliefs and goes on and on trying to justify his posting(s) by quoting this one and that one. I am quite sure Vasu is a nice man. But not a Christian by any means..

  114. Its not enough for them to have all these demented parades their lifestyles are being rammed down our throats in commercials and practically every TV show. Ive actually talked to a couple both women that thought they could conceive a child without the help of a man. This action will not be tolerated by God much longer. Read Revelations and the answer will be clear.

  115. What is the difference between girl spaghetti and man spaghetti?

    that is funny as hell you dykes

  116. Yeah, and we ALL have to stand for their punishment because we allow it. Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, because we allow the sin to continue plus murdering innocent babies

  117. HC;Yes you are correct. They are an abomination in GOD’s eyes. But the point I was making is,according to the Constitution, anyone has the right to assemble.Like it or not. But there are a HUGE difference in what these disgusting radicals LGBT’s are doing during their parades and a regular Gay parade. But personally, I shun them all.

  118. “So don’t bring your young children to Gay Pride Parades, problem solved”

    When it is PUBLIC no it is not solved in some instances people have no choice when all they have to do is be doing their own normal daily routine and run into one or worse be at their OWN HOME when one goes by.

    Do you think they actually go out of their way to plan the course of one to avoid apartments, residential areas , people they KNOW will object to their PUBLIC NUDITY, and PUBLIC SEX ACTS etc.?

    It seems that those responding in support of these pride parades think we are talking about the “GAY RIGHTS” parades that were CIVIL and in compliance with the law those no longer occur as THEY ACHIEVED their goal.

    What we are talking about here are the “GAY PRIDE” parades where the RADICAL everyone “HAS TO BE GAY” (like the one that spouted every CHILD should be REQUIRED to have a SAME SEX encounter so they would UNDERSTAND) activists DEMONSTRATE or SHOW OFF their idea of sex in public view demanding that everyone accept that as normal behavior when even other gay people have stated that is NOT how they behave and find the parades offensive.

    IF anything the “MODERN” pride parades are doing the opposite of what the RIGHTS parades did by deliberately OFFENDING everyone they can.

  119. Have you ever stood by a tank truck pumping out a cess pool?
    It does not elicit laughter- neither would a homosexual parade!
    They are nothing but abominable!

  120. They don’t believe its “normal” or genetic, since every time my former “gay” friends got drunk it was like ‘try it, you’ll like it’ They did not respect my refusal to engage in such activity. I had to knock one 300 lb homo boy off his barstool to get some respect. That did it.


  122. My children worked during the summer at a family carnival. The carnival was asked to a gay pride event in Hollywood. Many of the high school age young men that worked at the carnival game booths were accosted and had to watch out for themselves for assistance during that weekend. The gays kept after them. The boys laughed about it, but sounded scared for their safety. The nudity, off colored remarks, gestures, and language toward the boys was very bad, but the workers had to be on their best behavior. Heck, it is so easy to get sued, fired, etc. in this day and age. The carnival owners never worked that parade again. A relative of mine worked at Knott’s Berry Farm and noted they had to add extra security during the gay days at the Farm. The Farm had to hire extra security to watch the men’s bathrooms to keep the gays from using the area to have sex. The Farm’s male workers had to be extra careful and were often accosted. Many did not want to work that night but wanted to keep their jobs. So believe me they do go after the straights.

  123. the biggest fault with the so called gay community is their idea of , its okay to walk around shoveling , sexual preference down everyones throats, the flamers really give anyone looking at them as just freaks , nothing else, they ruin it for all others that keep their sexual preference at home or at least in control, you have the right to be who you are , but if you outright force your self on others , well then you will be judge accordingly … we have religion one of the biggest realms of such activity since the beginning of time , … individualism is great , but not at the cost of others , have some coolness , and what you believe in and play in is for you not everyone else , I would like to have a loser parade now that would be big

  124. Olga B. It truly saddens me our country, local ,and state laws protect these radicals. They act like a deranged pack of wild animals and their rights out weight ours.We have to stand quietly and allow their debauchery performed openly!!How and why did it get this way??? I will always honor GOD’s word and will not bend to their disgusting displays….

  125. If we do not speak up then we are complicit. The LGBTQs want to teach our children and grandchildren through the schools, libraries, churches children’s TV programming. They really are a small minority, but their influence, thanks to the liberals, starting with Michelle and Obama, has gotten totally out of control. Why do we need Gay Pride month, sexual perversions in parades down public streets, perversion in our classrooms? It is disgusting!

  126. I’m happy to see and read that so many people find these “ parades “ just plain disgusting. When I saw one on the news a few years ago I was sickened. Two grown men French kissing like they were alone. It was really over the top. I love my wife of 33 years very much, her and I met when I was 27, her 30. ( a cougar lol ) Anyway, her and I are ok with public kissing and yes when we were younger we sometimes bordered on obscene. Lol. Not really, but we did get carried away at times. However, we are man and woman. Not homosexuals. We’re both Christian and happy. My problem with gay parades is their grotesque display in public! Their butt cheeks hanging out of cut off jeans, t-shirts cropped showing their hairy bellies, tongues wagging out of their sweaty lips. I’m getting nauseous just writing this! I think they know how sickening it is and do it for that reason? Like shock value, only it’s gross value? If you see it and your with your family you want to say something to them about your children or wife having to witness this hideous display. Then they start screaming about discrimination and such. Your standing there fearing arrest! Something needs to be done to stop these disrespectful queers.

  127. Yeah I know queer is not politically correct, but just like a bunch of you guys and gals, and our President….I’m sick of being politically correct!

  128. You’re entitled to your opinion but if you don’t like the gay pride parade, don’t watch. there ya’ go, plain and simple.

  129. I so agree. But those of us who find their activism reprehensible and vulgar and their grooming of our children for their deviant sexual pleasure MUST speak up and in a loud and demanding way. This heresy has to stop. Now!!

  130. Not a bad idea Brad…. Heterosexuals having a their parade. No one could deny it because it would be a discrimination case in court……

  131. Homosexuality should not be addressed… America is so far behind Europe regarding education the educators should be concentrating on education of subject matter.

  132. Advertising that you are different than the rest of us isn’t necessary in fact it’s just rude. Pushing the idea that our children need to know about you choices is in the end going to cost all of us.

  133. I agree they are beginning to show they are only for themselves and their agenda into making children think its ok to be sinful any where they want.

  134. As long as MAGA hats are legal under the First Amendment, so too must Gay Pride marches also be legal under that same Amendment.

  135. William M. – What is wrong with your statement IS THAT WHEN CONSERVATIVES HAVE AN OPINION THEY ARE BEATEN, SPIT ON, AND OTHERWISE ABUSED. Why don’t liberals follow your advice???? Restaurants chase conservatives out!!! Conservative journalist was hit and kicked by a mob who had masks on (cowards).

  136. They don’t, uneducated people like you two need to. I’m heterosexual and can’t believe all these horrid comments. Just because this stupid article “claims” that this happens at pride rallies, you blind sheep climb aboard the wagon. SMH

  137. I believe Trump did shut down most gay pride parades coming out of U.S. embassies . Obama must have promoted them because these parades almost became the signature of the USA . I did like to think I was paying for gay parades . The rest of us don’t run sex parades .

  138. What are they trying to prove to us heterosexuals. Is it necessary to prove you are different? What is the matter with you blasting your “stuff” out all over the place? Haven’t you heard less is more and most of us couldn’t care less what you are or how you live your lives. Stop shoving it in our faces!

  139. I’m sorry but the whole thing is just stupid. Let’s have a parade because we’re gay or parade because we’re straight or because our hair is brown?
    Gays make no sense wanting to be married,it’s a complete contradiction.
    Marriage is completely based on religion. COMPLETELY!
    It’s just a bunch of people trying to work the system to get benefits. A piece of paper doesn’t change that and for a gay couple a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. Like I said marriage is based on religion and God don’t like fags!

  140. What I want to know is why do we celebrate how people have sex, in the first place? Are we going to start having S&M Pride Month, Rape Pride Month, Pedophilia Pride Month……how about Necrophilia, or Hooker Pride Month,…..Beastiality Pride Month, on and on and on. One makes as much sense as the next.

    It used to be so great to see anything Rainbow, especially a real one. Now, it means something perverse to display one of God’s beautiful gifts.

    Saying all this falls under free speech, to me, is debatable. Why is it ok to forbid a Manger Scene being shown on public property, when you can have a parade of perversion on public property?
    The whole thing just disgusts me and makes me very concerned about our country’s morals and ethics and future!

    God Bless the children, present and future!

  141. Absolutely they should be shut down. They are lude, ugly, disrespectful and for the most part disgusting. They don’t show any class or self control. If they want people to respect then, they need to keep they need to keep their halt, or should I say two thirds naked bodies in their bedrooms, not on the public streets They need to show the world that they have some class and respect.
    How about a nice parade with floral floats, and beautifully dressed models in classy cars. If they want to carry their rainbow flags fine, but clean up your act.

  142. “True citizen” that’s a laugh. First off this stupid site riggs the voting. I’ve voted no twice and it automatically changed both to a yes! I’m heterosexual and have been to multiple pride events, not once has anyone been naked ar depicting sexual acts during them, yet you morons believe it just because this poll says it happens. You closed minded people don’t get that homosexuality occured back in Roman times and before. All those people don’t choose to be gay, did you choose to fall in love with your significant other? No, regardless of what you say or think, feelings were evolved leading to a relationship, period.

  143. Don’t forget the priests. They are responsible for lots of boys turning gay. Wonder if there isn’t going to be a “special place in Hell that’s “extra hot” for those people, in the name of religion, who offended Gods children”!!!
    The parades should be stopped, and news should not include videos that
    “glorify and promote” the parades. Call your local news stations and demand they stop showing all the perversion on the news, and announcing that there’s “activities for the kids”!! NO CHILD should have to be exposed to sexual perversion!

  144. they need to be dragged directly to a “mental institution” and locked up!
    to even entertain the idea that “homosexuality is a normal way of life” is

  145. They have become so pervasive that your mere presence is offensive to those who will NEVER be admitted to heaven. (I Cor 6:9-11 [read verse 11 twice to understand the difference of positions!] )

  146. Terri Ashbrook, finally another human being on this site with some common sense! The majority of you uneducated trolls, will believe anything you’re told. Animals hump one another regardless of their sex too. The majority of these parades are decent, but there are a few bad apples. Look at football with Collin Kaepernick, do all football players make a protest during the national anthem? No, just a select few. STOP STEREOTYPING!!

  147. It should be 100%.Am stunned it is not. This behavior is abhorrent, abominable according to Almighty God. He destroyed an entire nation for this practice. I am afraid that our turn is soon here.The things happening, are leading to the dreadful day when the anger of God will come on us as history showed with Sodom Gen 18:1 -19:38. Unless as a nation we repent and turn from our wicked ways.

  148. I agree. If this is their choice of expression, fine. But they have stolen God’s rainbow, co-opted the entire month of June, and think it’s fine to have drag queens in hideous apparel reading to preschoolers and young children in PUBLIC libraries!! I learned as a biology major that about 10% of animal species can be homosexual in nature. Ok – but the other 90% should have some say, too, about having our space invaded. Keep your lifestyle to yourselves, please. ????

  149. It’s kind of hard to miss all of the hoopla on tv mainstream media giving free advertising to the pride movement, with drag queens reading to young children in public libraries and God’s rainbow stolen. There is publicity that invaded our homes constantly – like the “celebration” of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall incident in NYC that started the whole thing – on every news channel & news source online too!


  151. And there you have it!!! People may knock the bible but truth be known that book has been around a lot, lot longer than any of us living now have!!!!

  152. So I guess that means I can’t walk down the street with my wife and children without being bombarded with nudity and hedonism. Go find a cave or desert somewhere and have all the sex parades you want I really don’t care, but stop trying to force this debauchery down our throats. We have freedoms also. You get butt-hurt and so do we so whose rights are superceded?

  153. And it is as much a perversion now as it was in Roman times. It always has been, always will be an abomination of nature.

  154. It has been some time since the gay and lesbian couple had to hide in a closet. Well I have a relative that is a lesbian and she is out rite telling everyone that she is gay if they ask her. You don’t see a girl scout or a boy scout parade down the street Everytime another scout from another troup decides to meet each other. (This is an example) I’m straight and I don’t get together to have a parade. I’m proud that I’m straight but I don’t parade down the street. They may have a flag of many colors they don’t need to have it flown by government places. The only flag that should be on the flag poles should be
    The American flag and under it the state flag.

  155. My beliefs says yes, but the law of the land says no. This is a law I don’t think affects me because I can ignore the parade. This is a voluntary type thing so let them and ignore them.

  156. Absolutely correct Ginger, and as vulgar as their public displays are, only God knows what they do in private.

  157. Gay people must respect heterosexual feelings, what they do in private is up to them. Suddenly, it’s pushed down peoples throats. Why can’t they start behaving as normal people? It’s that chip on their shoulders that makes them want to destroy the world. Why do they want to disrupt everything…not enough they’re allowed to marry, but insist in marrying in church! There are millions of heterosexual couples that live together with same benefits as married couples. Gays expectations and impositions is what disgusts, cruel and lack of sense.

  158. Guess you haven’t seen same parade I have. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Including men with black leather coats with nothing underneath (flicked coat open periodically). Get a clue. Gross!!! Keep it in their bedrooms!

  159. “2 Timothy 3:1-5
    God will not tolerate this perversion much longer.”

    How DARE you claim to know the the mind of the Almighty?!
    Repent while you have the chance.

  160. Of course they should be shut down! It is just a means for homosexuals and lesbians to march down the street and act as disgusting and amoral as possible! There is no pride in marching down the street in thongs, no shirts to expose your pierced parts and saying and doing disgusting acts!

  161. Since the LGBT/BDSM community went so nuts over the straight pride parade I see no reason to treat gay pride parades any differently than they treated the straight pride parade. Shut down all gender identification pride parades and go back to treating each other with respect. For those who can’t handle that, gather them all in a high walled arena, pass out knives and guns and let them have at it.

  162. Real Americans love parades but we do not like men and women
    dressing or not dressing and showing their bodies to our children
    because they act queer (that is one of the terms they use to
    describe themselves right? Gay Lesbians Babies, Trannies
    Why do these people I mean they are men and women even if
    their mentally unbalanced minds believe they are a different
    kind of animal Blacks get the month of Feb with only 28 days
    yet there are over 45 million of them but these other things
    get more days to act like a different kind of animal and there
    are only about 5 million of them??

  163. They need to be shutdown as Godless, profane exhibitions of sodomite behavior that is an affront to morale sensibility and an unabashed display of amoral exhibitionism. That doesn’t include the criminal acts of pedophilia in recent gay rights mass act of sodomy {so called parades}.

  164. Plain and simple THEY ARE BIOLOGICAL ABNORMALITIES. Every species on earth has them and humans are no exception. So the question remains, WHY ARE WE SO OBLIGED TO CATER TO THESE FREAKS OF NATURE?
    I could see being sympathetic to their plight and even create a telethon or something to aid them like other abnormalities in society but to treat them as if they are normal and to celebrate their unique demented sexuality is insanely offensive to the other 95% of the world.

  165. How can you not watch. You watch what you think is your favorite TV and all of a sudden women kiss each other and men do the same. Or go to a movie like Disney’s Beauty and he Beast and it shows up. I will not get up an walk out of a theater or stop watching what was a decent show. It’s forced upon us now? It’s proud to be an abnormality of God?

  166. dont these poeple have jobs where do they get there money
    i would never hire them queers looking like that
    and have them represent my company
    unless i was a queer myself

  167. obama is the greatest queer of them all
    did you ever see him kiss that michael
    aka michelle obama the the transfestite
    NEVER MAYBE after they did their thing

  168. I think the Queers have a right to parade, but I don’t think anyone should go to them. Keep the kids home, for goodness sake–don’t expose them to those disturbed individuals.

  169. I absolutely agree. There are 3 in my extended family and at first I was okay with it, but now that they think they have “ALL” this power and flaunt it, I am against it. I dont need to see my niece and her “WIFE/HUSBAND” kissing in front of everyone at a family get together or see them sitting and rubbing each others back and neck. I dont like it when a straight couple puts on a show ffor the family much less “GAY”!

  170. I totally agree. And the issue should not be discussed in pre-K or KDG classes. High School but only as a day of learning in the health program. We dont need to have it shoved in our faces.

  171. These “folks” are sick! Force their abhorrent lifestyle & open displays, individually or through “parades”. An insult to a normal relationship as defined by God’s Holy Scripture….HE destroyed one city because of its “lifestyle”. Have respect for “straight” lifestyle….don’t flaunt your sinfully sick displays on society!

  172. Suggest you attend the “halloween party” in Greenwich Village. You’ll think you died and went to hell.

  173. My ability to run fast and possess the slyness of “brer rabbit” saved me from a few “gay” guys when I was a young teenager…..and that was back in the sixties.

  174. I agree that we should have a Straight Pride Month along with a Straight Pride Parade. Why can’t we celebrate our authenticity before something as perferce as the Gay Pride clan.

  175. As a US citizen I am embarrassed that the rest of the world sees us as a liberal, tolerant nation when it comes to perversion and deviant behavior. The fact that we allow these gay parades and gay pride months in this nation is an abomination to God. We will reap for this sort of behavior. Time to bring it to an end.

  176. This perversion has been practiced as long as humans have existed. God hasn’t shut it down yet.

  177. DEMs think America is a democracy (It is not). A democracy means majority rules.
    So how does less than 3% of the population get to determine the actions of 97%. Wake up wooses. There are more of us than them. Stop being the Silent Majority. Vote with your money as well as your hands.

  178. God has destroyed every one of them down through the ages. Sodom and Gomorrah for an example, and He will destroy the present in due time.God gives people time to repent and do His will. If no repentance, God will destroy this movement.

  179. Jesus paraded for some 3-years all over the Middle East with mostly other men and a few women espousing his views that we (no further distinctions here!)should love one another (no distinctions here either!).

    Given most comments here, he should NOT have been allowed to “parade” either….

  180. Another idiotic attempt to control our lives. The Pride Parades have been going on for decades with no problems. Now that the LGBTQ? has started pushing their agenda down the throat of regular people through demands that overreach and have become damaging to their culture, people want to shut down the Pride Parades. This is another overreach by regular folk trying to get the LGBTQ? to shut the F up. As a lesbian I am ashamed by the crap the LGBTQ? are pushing and know they are doing more harm than good. On the other hand the Pride Parades are a tradition that has been nothing but a positive celebration and shouldn’t be stopped since it is pretty much the only positive thing the LGBTQ? has going for themselves now.

  181. IF every single person on Earth Being Gay, would eliminate “Planned Parenthood” and it would be Extremely Illegal To Biologically Produce A Baby, therefore it would take one generation to die off, then this blue marble called Earth would be populated only by animals like Rats and the animals that are inside every Zoo!

  182. not sure why we keep getting “polls” and request for our opinions. the results are the same…90 to 100 % against, yet not one step taken to halt these disgusting events or teaching in school. AND they seem to always have enough sick observers to plan and carry out another one. Don’t know about you all, but I am getting almost just as tired of trying to help effect a result with these internet polls. we have apparently run out of civic and political leaders with enough “moxie” to go along even with the majority.

  183. Yes, There should be NO gay parade! This is a sexual preference and should remain in their bedrooms! Why do they feel the need to” come out”? Just live your life . I don’t need to know your sex life! As American you have the right to live and work without discrimination, just like anyone else! Don’t throw your way of life in our face and try to teach it to our children. Don’t try to force us to approve of it, either! The Bible Rom.1 says plainly that it is wrong, but so is lying, stealing, killing, adultery……etc. GOD hates all sin, because HE is Holy! HE loves all of HIS creation that is why HE sent JESUS to die for our sins! The Bible says “HE wants none to perish”! The choice is our own, Heaven or Hell! Therefore, your life and how you live it, is between you and GOD!

  184. THESE ARE NOT GAY PARADES, THEY ARE QUEER PARADES.CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE.back in the 1950,s the police used to arrest queers and and believe me they sure were not called gays.Being gay is to be happy not to be a queer.AND if they do not like being called what they are thats tough. The truth hurts doesen!t it…And the same goes for same sex marriages which consists of two queers living together, and also people who want to change their sex.I am 85 years old,born in 1934. served in the US NAVY for 20 years in Korea and Vietnam and I have seen the country go straight down the tubes.I am sorry that I gambled my life for the country we have today…There are no morals or principals that I was taught working in the world today.

  185. The Bushes, Clintons and OBamas are SATANISTS and pedophiles. So are many in Congress. Others have been fit into a frame-up and are extorted for the length of their political careers. The religion they are establishing harkens back to ancient – even pre-biblical- times when first born male children were sacrificed to Mulloch or Baal or whatever blood-thristy entity the culture worshiped. Sumerians, Khazarians, Canannites, Egyptians, etc. etc. etc. all partook. They hate Christianity because it stopped that garbage and deprived them of their insane evil. They also practice cannibalism, and torture children so as to maximize the concentration of adrenochrome in their blood, which they drink after they kill them. These people are beyond SICK, and what we call the “Illuminati” have been at this for millennia. Freemasonry tends to be a common thread. The practices particularly attend to the highest levels of the banking industry, almost as if Shylock from Merchant of Venice was prophetic. The Rothschilds are at the top of the heap; wasn’t Epstein arrested returning from France? He is part of their crowd. Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of media magnate Robert Maxwell) and “Ray” (Rachel) Chandler are two of his procurors. Remember Clare Bronfman being arrested for essentially funding that NXIVM cult?? Look at pictures of Gloria Vanderbilt and study her “jewelry” and clothing – it’s filled with Luciferian symbolism (Anderson Cooper is her son – he ain’t so neat and clean). IF this venue permitted me to upload pictures I could show you pictures of pedoart owned by Tony Podesta the rooms of which resemble one of the Vanderbilt manions, and pedoart owned by the CEO of Nike (surprised?). In modern times the only presidents who were not members of the club were JFK, Reagan and DJT. JFK wanted to end the Fed – Rothschild’s wouldn’t have it, and neither would GHWB (whose father Prescott Bush owned a bank and funded Hitler); They tried to assassinate Reagan (I’ve heard rumor that GWHB had dinner in Dallas with the Hinckleys the night before that attempt.)

    There’s too much to say – except they have been doing this for ages, and are strongly embedded in the intelligence communities. Check out thes books:

    Springmeier himself was a child victim of the depravity they practice, as well as a member of the Intel Community.


    Bella Dodd was an Italian immigrant who graduated Columbia University Law School (Columbia has links to communism and luciferianism that are a topic for another story) and became the chief legal rep for the American Communist Party in NYS. She alone infiltrated over 1100 card-carrying communists into all levels of the church during FDR’s and Truman’s time. She was able to extricate herself and recanted to Fulton Sheen, but her damage was done and MORE IMPORTANTLY, that infiltration NEVER stopped. She stated that she had been funded by “global financiers” (read: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, etc.) in a worldwide effort to destroy the church, and they’ve done a bang up job.)

    BTW – for those who remember Bishop Sheen – he did not “just go off the air”. He had all the money he needed to buy all the airtime he wanted, but the networks refused to sell it to him at any price. Who runs the media? Six companies control 90% of it; it was not that way back in the 50s and 60s. Fake News looms large in all of this. Rap music has been intentionally inflicted on us for its violence, vulgarity and hate message (http://www.hiphopisread.com/2012/04/secret-meeting-that-changed-rap-music.html).

    Last – check out this gents blog – he is a little verbose for me (I should talk!!! lol) but he gives a ton of info.


  186. I have many in my ancestry that are homosexuals. They have never been subjugated, treated with disrespect, etc. Now that this alphabet crap is being shoved down my throat, I have a hard time of looking at family members in the same way. Instead of enlightening me, it is making me want to puke. I don’t care (and never did) what you did in the privacy of your home, but forcing it on people and particularly children is a disgrace.

    I used to hang out with my best friend and we would go everywhere together, now when we’re in public I wonder if people think we’re a sexual couple…that would devastate me if someone thought that. We’re both Christians, go to different churches and have difference of opinions, but now it’s almost to the point where we make sure we have both sexes with us, so we won’t have people thinking we are mutants and genetically flawed.

  187. i agree if they want to be queers in their own homes that’s fine. but quit trying to push it off on people who don’t want this perverted way.

  188. Don’t watch? It is invading everyone and everywhere, don’t we normal people have a right to live in clean environment without this “pollution”, like we have the right to clean air and clean water? Do we have to walk around with eyes shut in order not “TO WATCH? You moron. I believe your brain cells have been heavily polluted already!

  189. Hey, I need something to laugh at and besides, they expose themselves as to what they are. Keep up the parades as I see them as revealing the truth of degeneracy.

  190. If they kept it clean and family friendly, it would be a different story like a Christmas parade.

  191. If we do not speak up then we are complicit. The LGBTQs want to teach our children and grandchildren through the schools, libraries, churches children’s TV programming. They really are a small minority, but their influence, thanks to the liberals, starting with Michelle and Obama, has gotten totally out of control. Why do we need Gay Pride month, sexual perversions in parades down public streets, perversion in our classrooms? It is disgusting!

  192. FIRST OF ALL THEY HAD NO CHOICE,THEY WHERE BORN LIKE THIS !! with attraction for the same sex HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH UNGODLINESS thats rubbish, Parades are NOT needed,

  193. But God tolerates priests who molest children. And I’m not gay .also there are gay priests what do you do with that.all hypocrites

  194. Hey former marine you don’t mention the gay men who were fighting at your side to protect our country.oh I’m sorry don’t ask don’t tell is that what you did? And I’m not gay.

  195. You’re about as stupid as stupid gets Michael. The perverted priests doesn’t flaunt their perversion like these wild animals at these gay parades.

  196. You cannot force acceptance of those who are seen as vile, foul, disgusting or sick. These “people” need mental health counseling, not a freaking parade.

  197. Let’s find some isolated island in the Pacific and ship all queers there. In one generation there will be no more queers.

  198. William M: The LGTB perverts are offensive to normal people. Can we just exterminate these criminals when they march?

  199. Children living in LGBT homes are sexually abused and raped by visitors LGBTs in their homes!

  200. Yes, that’s their darn business, let them sin in their OWN HOUSE, God will deal with them, totally disgusting. This is very serious, and I do not care to see any of it. S M Sites

  201. Sure let them have a gay pride outing at 3 to 5 am on halloween[the eve of all hallows] while everyone is sleeping and they can have all the strange and sick goings on to their hearts content
    This way no one will have to know or care about how looney and vile their pursuits are-and do not let the media in on this circus!!!

  202. laughable but sick… It’s not laughable when these LGBT are teachings my grandchildren and great grand children filth.

  203. When the left believes something is offensive they don’t turn their heads. They scream and kick . They assault any one that disagrees until officials remove the offensive statue or history. So the LGBTQ are offensive to me and others. WHY MUST WE SUBMIT TO THEM. THEY ARE THE ODDITIES. DON”T SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS!!!!
    So following their lead they must be removed from the public sight BECAUSE THEY ARE OFFENSIVE TO ME AND OTHERS.

  204. We do. Sarsour, Omar, Talib, Pressley and AOC get parades and recognition all the time. The left celebrates this. We should stop them immediately. Get all Muslims out of our country. If we do not, our country will fail.

  205. Isn’t it odd that these rodents demand “Gay pride parades” and see it as their right, but openly sneer at the thought of a “Straight pride parade”

  206. Shut Them Down As They Do Nothing But Cause Trouble For Everybody From The Police, Decent People, Business, And Cities And Towns They Appear In. If These People Want To Be Different (FINE) Just Don’t Make Everybody Decent Have To Put Up With There Nonsense. I Don’t Give A Fig If You Like Boys Or Girls As That Is Your Business Just Don’t Keep Forcing It Down Our Throats.

  207. Perfect statement there. The middle east has the perfect rules and punishment for THEM DEVIATES! Oh Almighty GOD, please smythe them all for good as in SODOM and GHOMORRAH….

  208. GOD created two humans, one being a man and the other a women. God meant for the two to be together, to create offspring. If he wanted GAYS and LIBs then he would NOT have put man and women together! We DO NOT want to see your actions in public it is sickening.

  209. We have another sick Sodom and Gomorrah on our hands. Displaying sin sick acts in front of children are beyond anything normal. Parades out…go back in the closet.

  210. Sharon, one word for u ur reprobate,& if it’s choice this one will take u straight to HELL, those who make this choice enjoy ur trip it’s eternal!

  211. Get rid of these perverted useless people, judgment day is approaching, As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man! I sure wouldnt want to be in their shoes!

  212. queers should be outlawed or find a island where they are all sent and if any kids come along they are removed from island and no evacuation for storms

  213. What is objectionable about “Gay Pride Parades” is not that they are declaring their preferences opening. It’s the public display of obvious sexual conduct and the promiscuity…it’s particularly offensive when there are children present in the gay pride parade group acting out–but if children are present in the general population where these parades take place, that’s also most objectionable. This stuff reminds me of the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. These two town in the Judean desert were destroyed by a rain of fire and brimstone (must have been a volcano nearby there) … and the Jewish Rabbi’s spoke to the event as a punishment from God for the iniquity of the people. Perhaps we need a bit of that now to make a change in our lifestyle where public displays of offensive behaviors are prominent.

  214. Totally agree
    Let them scream and holler. It will be a blessing to shut them down. Those parades are a total disgrace and do not serve a good purpose to anyone”s soul. I dont know how they were given so many Rights when the entire idea is evil and WRONG

  215. Yes of course we would love to see this trashy, scum filth parades stopped in our cities ! Why should we have to put up with the filth in public ?! The only reason now they are allowed is for lib dems politics ! The next question how far and long is our God going to allow this indecency to go on and especially exposed to our little kids ?? It’s time for us that believe to take action against this scum publically to our society ! RS

  216. I’ve attended a parade and I can assure that they are not rated PG. a man dressed as a nun wearing a foot long ‘appendage’ attached to it is not child friendly. The parades should be rated x.

  217. If gays want to parade around and show pride, cool. Dress for public exposure. Keep your naked ass in your own home or in friends home that think like you do.. If straights want a parade to show pride, that should be allowed also. so long as they dress for public exposure. Having children in your parades who dress like adult strippers and wander around like they are in a strip club, your perverted ass needs to be in jail for child abuse. What 2 or more consenting ADULTS do in privacy is nobody’s business but their own. When you involve children in your perversions, then it becomes a legal matter and your sorry ass should be in jail.

  218. These homosexuals have a right to express their ideologies just like anyone else not matter how distasteful

  219. Holly Rose, you might not be offended by homosexuals displaying their bodies without their clothes on, and even performing physical acts that ordinarily performed at home in privacy, but you are one of the very few who would not be offended by these acts. You may have no problem with promiscuity and homosexuality, but a great many of us DO have a problem with it. The human race has come a long way from 1200 B.C. But even so, there are still sexual predators walking around among us, and they will hurt us, and our children, if we let them. Aside from that, it is NOT okay to behave in ways that offend others, without their express permission. Most of us know better than to offend others with our behaviors. People who feel they must act out to show their disdain for others because we don’t all “love” them in spite of their homosexuality should be counseled or picked up by the paddy wagons and put in a jail cell so they can learn what acceptable public behavior is.

  220. They can express themselves without shoving their ideologies down our throats. There is too much made of their sexual orientation which many of them believe to be something that they were born with. Enough is enough. Just like all the other “diverse”, they get too much time on the national calendar. They are taking over everyone else’s concepts about sexuality and sexual orientation and making it seem like they are the normal ones and not the abnormal ones. Tired of “gay pride”. Why be proud of that????

  221. And for perverting children and having them in these parades “twerking”. It is disgusting and is child abuse, and any parent that would allow that should be in prison.

  222. It will never happen, but would love to see prime time coverage of the GayDay parade in San Fran Feces. People have no idea of the outrageous depravity that passes for normal behavior in this modern day Sodom.

  223. Yes I miss the closed closet door so much. Who in the world let that stupid evil minority out into the world in the first place huh??

  224. Everyone in Latin America are catholics and Christians. Muslims not welcome there and deviates either as they are an abomination of GOD our Father in heaven

  225. F I N D J E S U S., dumbass child of SATAN and you will be straight. No more deviate way of life.

  226. Shut them down for their own good. If they go to church but don’t read God’s word, and don’t know God’s Word same for everyone, will be no excuse if don’t know. God will not accept them in the end, if don’t repent to God and recant the sin. That goes for everyone re sin. We can’t call ourselves Christians if don’t want to do God’s will. They are not hated, sin is, as people don’t want them thrown in fiery Hell on judgment day. Those warnings are Love for fellow people. Don’t know God, have a personal relationship with Him – He said, seek me with your whole heart and soul and you will find me (He is as close as the air we breathe. ) Some think if they kill Christians they get rid of them, their soul goes back to God, they will be back with Him at Judgment. God has more LOVE then anyone, but His wrath is against sin. We have been given a choice to follow Him or Satan the two path before us…we cause the bad from our disobedience. Here are a few verses….Romans chapter 1: verse 13 to end. / 1 Corinthians chp. 5: 9-13 -expel… do not associate with / 1st. Corinthians chp. 6: 9-11.- who will not inherit kingdom of God. / 1 Cor. 6: 14-20 flee from immorality…etc. / 2nd. Chronicles 7:14 Christian straighten up your ways / We love our God who created all, all is His and He set down laws etc, for us to live by, and one is to love fellow man, but doesn’t mean we allow ……seek in His word, what He says. New testament proves out what said in Old Testament, besides teaching us what happens when we obey, or disobey. What we must and shouldn’t do. Don’t be led astray by all the teachings out there, check God’s Word for the Truth. Not any new Bible that changes what God said, He said, shall not change one word from His original. Have a good day and may we all find the peace of God in Truth. God said we were perfect when made us, and we are programed through out for the sex he made us, changing the outside confuses the inside I am sure. We can’t partly rewire anything and expect all to work right. Young people haven’t even had a chance to find their lives yet and fall for the fad. God didn’t make them or anyone that way. Sodom and Gomorrah were not a fake story. God destroyed them for a sin, and look at our nation filled with many sins against our God. We all need to become humble and seek Him. Women are not to be over man, can work along side. God put man as Pastors. Man over woman but as my husband said, husband not with His thumb on top of her head. Woman under her husband and God over both. Man is to be over the home, protector, guide. Perfection under God. Seek Ye first the Lord your God and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart. Deut. 4: Young people take care who you are marrying, check out God’s will for marriage too……………..

  227. I have a lesbian step sister and she has never taken part in a queer pride parade that I know of; she is a failed libertarian politician and has only been able to get appointed to a City Parks board during her 30 year or so political forays.

  228. Who cares that they are “out of the closet”? I wish they had stayed in there and am sick of hearing about their odd lives.
    They are very unconvincing and seem retarded.

  229. What if Adam and Eve were homos?? Also, an ”outie” needs an ”innie. (asses are not sex organs)

  230. If these perverts weren’t committing lewd acts while parading let them march until their legs give out, just don’t give them any encouragement by going to watch and taking your children to watch, if no one shows up to make a big deal out of the parade the people that pay for it to happen will hopefully soon get tired of throwing good money after bad

  231. I don’t believe any group should be prohibited from parading. With that said I wish we would not be putting people into separate blocks. We have too much “identity politics” in the country. This divides Americans where we should be uniting people.

  232. I laugh at Trump when he mangles and shlluuurrs hissh shpeeekung like a babbling drunk. Trump teaches that adultery,lying and scamming people out of money. He should go back to boyfriends Vlad and Un, stop by greasy hairy Saudis to lube up.

  233. I do see these degenerate lust fests should not be held where children can see them. But we all know the left will fight tooth and nail to keep it- so the best way to counter it is to have Straight Pride Parades at the same time in the same city only blocks away. By doing so you give the public an alternative and the guys will see just how many show up to their expositions.
    These were first about showing pride in who one was – now they are about promoting every possible “alternative lifestyle choice” except Straight- so turn about it fair play.

  234. The problem is this is all about SEX not Love if it were not about SEX they would not need a parade- we all got it covered with St. Valentines day! Enough of the BS who cares who you sleep with, just don’t push it on others. It’s not like straight people go around pushing it in your face and trying to force your children to accept our lifestyle. Get over it, they are less then 1% of the population yet we hear about them so much it is as if they were 99%. Really with all due respect (and I have two gay people in my family male and female), you do not need the validation of others to be happy. Yes, you should have and now do have the same rights as everyone else, stop trying to get more than that and forcing on others something they don’t want. simple live your lives and stop worrying about everyone else.

  235. We are in these last days before Jesus returns everyone. We are seeing the chaos in Hong Kong, we have seen floodings, hurricanes, tornadoes even mini tornadoes in my country here in NZ, many different faiths are being taught worldwide, violence is getting worser, a man slinging a machete in Sydney trying to threaten to kill peoples lives, this whole acceptance of “we should accept for who and what they are”, meaning that we as people in are in this world should accept homosexuality, people of different faiths, and other things as the per norm.
    Listen there is a real enemy called the Devil or Satan in this world at the moment, who is wanting for us to argue and fight for these things that are slowly destroying this world. Don’t be blinded. This is what Satan is doing at the moment. He is trying to blind everyone to seek to destroy anything and everything he can because he knows that:

    Revelation 12:12
    Therefore, rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.”

    Yes, I don’t particularly agree with homosexuality in this world and what other views that many people have in their different faiths, I am talking about those who follow other doctrines like Muslims, Freemasonry, plus others I can’t think of at this stage.

    Remember what Paul wrote to the people in Galatia about the different doctrines if they read them in their day in Galatians 1:8-9

    8 Let God’s curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven, who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you.
    9 I say again what we have said before: If anyone preaches any other Good News than the one you welcomed, let that person be cursed.

    10 Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.

    So anyone preaching any other doctrine apart from the Bible are cursed doctrines, such as the JW bible, the Quran, the Freemasonry doctrine and many others.

    The jist of what I am trying to say as this: God will be our final judge in the end. He will have the final say about our own lives and what we have done here on earth. Let us continue to stand firm in our faith for Jesus and to model after what Jesus did for us, through his life, death and resurrection.
    If anyone goes on to youtube there is a song called “Bleed the same” by Tobymac,Mandisa and Kirk Franklin.


  236. You are one slimy, bigoted piece of filth and a disgustingly vile bigot ! If we shut gay provide parades down, what next ? This would only be opening the slippery slope toward more and more persecution of innocent people who had never harmed anyone merely because they happen to be gay .
    If you are opposed to gay rights and thinks it’s just fine and dandy to take away rights form gay people, why don’t you move to either Iran or Saudi Arabia, where they have absolutely no tolerance of them and murder them with the utmost brutality . Who needs homophobic bigots like you in America ? And what makes you think that gay people are trying to “shove their lifestyle down your throat” or anyone else ?
    I’m not gay myself but am just as disgusted by homophobic bigots like you as I am with white supremacists and Neo-Nazis .

  237. No society that persecutes innocent people just because they happen to be gay could eve be called “civilized “. If you don’t like gay rights move either to Iran or Saudi Arabia, two countries which brutally murder gays . I’m sure you’d love it there .

  238. Just imagine if we had a straight pride parade, or a “White lives matter protest”, or a male supremacy gathering. They would all be shut down in seconds. That should answer your question.

  239. 1,000% YES they should be shut down! Same goes for Black Expo, Black Lives Matter, Black Guns Matter and any such group of the like. Replace any of those with straight or white and all he** would’ve broke loose. Let alone the unGodly perversion of the left!

  240. I had no idea so many totally stupid sick hatefull idiots were on this Website ! And soon many phony ass religious fanatics ! A gay person does not wake up one morning and decides they are now gay! Do heterosexuals choose to be str8? We have gay pride parades and no sex acts are performed no one wears didos and children are NOT required to attend ! If they are there they are brought by their parents ! Be gay is not all just about sex . There are an awful lot of extremely perverted heterosexuals ! And sexually speaking – what do gay people do that heterosexuals don’t ? The parades are fine! Actually I would like to see a str8 pride parade ! It ought to be very very amusing ! Especially a wife swapping float !

  241. You are one sick sick individual dude.That is all I can say. I FIGGURE THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY QUEER too,right? You are one sorry sorry sick person.YOU need mental help……….!

  242. Yes! They are abnormal, so they should not flaunt the sickness around & be proud of it for the fear others will more become like them. Couple were meant to be man & woman to be able to reproduce. A gay or lesbian couple cannot do so, hence they are not normal. No animals are homo, all are hetrosexual and you can’t tell be they are abnormal. If allpeople were homosexual, we would no longer be on earth. We would have died off by this time. Do homosexuals want humans to disappear from the face of the earth? I wouldn’t mind if they did. Be normal & date the OPPOSITE sex as average people do!


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