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  2. Has everyone gone crazy or do we have so communistic thinking people who want to erase everything that we remember of the founding of America. Certainly America is not perfect but is the closest to anything the world has ever known as government. The only totally perfect government that will ever exist on this planet is when Jesus Christ comes back at the end of the Tribulation Period and sits up His one thousand year Kingdom in which His Word is law.
    And when we see the crazy things happen world wide it may not be long before He comes back.

  3. Replace our National Anthem? With what? Let’s see…”America the Beautiful”, “God Bless America”, “My Country Tis of Thee” would all be good IF it were to be replaced, which it shouldn’t be. Oh, wait. They all mention God, who is disposed by the left. Never mind

  4. I’ve heard Black Lives Matter wants all grades 1-12 to start having their chosen curricullum. That’s something to Ban, before it gets started. Definitely don’t ban the National Anthem.

  5. I meant to say “despised”, but they did dispose of Him from their party and want nothing to do with Him

  6. Danny, I am with you. From what I have seen, the world sure will not be losing anything. Start with Seattle and Portland and rid the world of all those behind a fence with a mask. How fitting that those pieces of excrement put up a fence. Oh, the irony.

  7. Those that want it banned can get the $ell Out of Our Country !! Let them go somewhere else and see how it is !! My Country Tiss of Me , Sweet Land of Liberty !! KAG

  8. The reason for banning the anthem is GLOBALISM. Get RID of the United States. Join with the corrupt EU to form a Global Government. Familiar? Nazism.

  9. I don’t believe we should ban the National Anthem, but I sure as hell think we should ban the clowns that even suggest doing away with the Song the represents this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think it is the time for the politicians to either start doing what they were voted into office to do or get the hell out of office. I also believe that the politicians should by their own voting, VOTE in TERM LIMITS FOR SURE, if not we have the right to kick them out of office.

  10. I think the President should remove any miliatary salute to our veterans during or before any sports program , where a kneeling position is taken during the Anthem . All of these sports programs receive money from the government for allowing these salutes to take place . Additionally I believe that all patriots should stop attending or watching these sports until they either stop or go out of business . If you complain about these people kneeling and do not stop watching them then you are part of the problem . Let’s see how long these people can survive without our money . Money talks bullcrap walks ! I was an avid fan of football until Clin Koepernick started his crap . I have not watched a game since .Now that coolege players say they are going to do the same I wont be watching them either . My money walked !!


  12. I prefer The Battle Hymn of the Republic but the commie libtards wouldn’t like it either. Leave the national anthem, and our Republic alone. I stopped watching the nfl and if college starts the kneeling nonsense will stop watching them also. I am a patriot and a veteran who wants to see our nation back to what our founders and God established.

  13. This revelation is because of all those $ucken books that parents read saying “it’s OK to let your child act out. It teaches him social freedom and how to express himself.“
    Thank you very $ucken much.
    Give them California, bring the wall up the Colorado River to Oregon and to the “sea to shining sea” and wait for the BIG ONE!!!!!!!!

  14. Instead of banning it the history of it needs to be taught. Kids find it interesting to learn why it was written. This shows even more what is wrong with our public schools. The Little League Soccer Team in Tulsa, Oklahoma needs to be rejected or find new coaches that like America. Why are the parents okaying this?

  15. All of these people wanting to ban everything that is American, rewrite our history, tear down statues are all unamerican. Why don’t they pack up and move to another country? Since they don’t like anything about living here, then move!!! The people who love our country love it the way it is. The ones that want everything changed won’t be satisfied with that after awhile anyway and something else will go on. Enough is enough!! For the people who are so unhappy then go find your little stent in another part of the world but leave our USA ALONE!!!

  16. Not only should ALL those TRAITORS that hate America and everything of and about her be arrested: at the minimum they need to be banned from having anything whatsoever to do with her (i.e., exile {to either a Communist or strictly-Moslem country}, loss of US. citizenship, prohibition of entering any and all territory of hers) for AT LEAST twenty years – and THEN, if they so want, to apply to come here as immigrants; at worst, EXECUTED after court-martial at Gitmo!!!!

    I’d also FORBID “Imagine” (or anything less than 100 years’ currency, especially if it has a Marxist taint – in which case the prohibition has to be ETERNAL!!!) from EVER being considered as a fit replacement for ANY Western-country anthem.

  17. I think we should ban BLM, Antifa, and all racist slave owner Democrat’s.

    If you don’t like this country, no one is saying you have to stay.

  18. There’s about 4.1 million Blacks in the US, The other 310 Million are not Black. Bring it on BLM and Antifa, I don’t think you will survive. The NRA has 6.3 Million alone, not to mention ALL the Retired Military, Including Snipers from Wars past that don’t miss. Bring it on.

  19. These creeps are just trying to steal power by getting whimpy politicians to yield to demand after demand for fear of demonstrations or riots ….they should be crushed like bugs….

  20. Pres Trump has had enough of BLM. He will soon take a drastic stand and bring America back to order inline with the US Constitution. I will be voting for President Trump in 2020 as he is the only viable candidate to get the job done as president…. best since Reagan….. I don’t elect a person to represent me because he/she is charming, charismatic, etc…. I elect them to do the job and keep promises. Trump has done his job and kept promises. I don’t expect a perfect president or elected official… I expect them to do their job, represent their constituents not their will and uphold the US Constitution. Trump for 2020.

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