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  2. Abortion is the murder of the most innocent and helpless human beings and those who murder babies are not human. Life begins at conception. That is a scientific fact


  4. Sad to say if someone has decided to have an abortion? Then it is probably beyond my or anyone else’s control to stop them even if it became illegal? I blame the parents and leaders of some organizations for promoting sexually promiscuous relations outside of marriage. In some cultures the men promote sexual promiscuity as a sign of their manhood but without the responsibilities that go along with child rearing. Then men take advantage of in some cases rape young girls and it is the way of life. Gangster rappers promote this lifestyle and sing terrible rap music about abusing young girls and no one does anything it’s horrible. Then the naacp begs for the government to support this lifestyle so the government can now support feed cloth and house generations. All because they are to stupid to teach them to invest 4.99 in some rubbers and prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Everyone makes mistakes but we are taking about lifestyles where 5 10 15 unplanned pregnancies is the norm in some American cultures primarily intercity? Where young boys and girls still in public schools some as young as junior high school or worse even are endoctrinated into this lifestyle by the teachers in the system and taught to play the Game sista it’s disgusting. Who is going to keep feeding clothing and housing them and training them to work and become responsible adults one day?

  5. There are several alternatives to pregnancy. Having loving sex does not automatically result in a pregnancy, but much caution is highly advised.

  6. I am not saying that I believe in that a human life begins at conception, only after the brain is developed enough where the fetus can live without life support does such a state exist.

    I will stick to the facts, under that illegal alien “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” he allowed Planned Parenthood to turn into a propaganda machine of how unwanted pregnancies ruin the lives of mothers and giving females the impression that they can be as irresponsible in regards to physical intimacy and there is always an easy way to correct the problem of pregnancy hence being stupid is fine.

    Then that evil component of toxic waste tyrant forced everyone on ACA to pay for abortions, what irks me the most about the economy and healthcare Bill’s all Donald has done is tweaked both ACA and NAFTA which he relabeled USMCA Bboth should have started from scratch because neither is for the benefits of true patriots.

  7. Abortion is murder. Murder is illegal. Abortion should also be illegal. One of the arguments is that banning abortion will not stop all abortions. Well, the law has not prevented all murders either. Should we then use the same logic and make murder legal? Of course not. No law has ever prevented all violations.

    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their creator. Abortion violates the first and most important of these ‘Unalienable Rights’. Without which no other ‘unalienable right’ can ever be achieved.

  8. Even if they did not the entertainment industry, social media, etc. fills the mind of teens that sex is exciting and about the most pleasant thing you can experience once the girl gets past the 1st 5 to 10 experiences.

  9. It seems the only animals that can’t control themselves, should have their tubes tied, if they want to get bloody drunk a screw around like dogs. It’s amazing if they spent the amount of time thinking about the possibility of kids before the fact, rather than after, 1. There would be alot fewer abortions. 2. Fewer kids growing up without not knowing who their fathers are 3. We as in taxpayers would not have support some of these baby factories, having babies because they get paid for each kid. Some people would rather do this, than to get a real job. Sad really sad

  10. Jim, you don’t know just how right you are. I spent 20 years working the streets in EMS. 5 as an EMT, 15 as a paramedic. Just one of many, many examples. e responded to a “woman in labor”. Only this woman was 14 years old. When in the ER, she was asked how this happened, with all the sex ed, and free condoms. Her answer? “My momma told me to go get pregnant so I could get my own welfare”. Momma was 36, with 3 daughters. 16, 15 and 14. With no checks in the system, Mom, gets welfare for herself, and 3 minor children. The 16 year old gets her own welfare for herself, and 2 minor children. the 15 year old gets welfare for herself and 2 minor children, now the 14 year old will get welfare for herself and 1 minor child. This is the inner city generational welfare life style. All living in a 2 bedroom public housing apartment. That’s 9 people living there. Plus food stamps X4. Heat and utilities subsidies X4, Rent subsidies X4, and the system doesn’t look for situations like this to say, OH, the 16 year old gets her own welfare?, she’s off mom’s welfare. NO, that’s not even remotely looked at. So why get a real job, when the baby factories is all they need to make a combined $80,000.00 a year for the 9 of them. Something is wrong with a system that promotes this. But yes, let’s let the left wing DemonRats bring more illegals to work the system like this. Let’s let any one get a free abortion, on the taxpayer dime. Let’s give free healthcare, housing and everything else FREE. Only you and I will be paying through nose in sky high taxes, so the Dems can get more voters who will vote for them because the dem’s gave them everything for FREE. This is the America we’re looking at if we don’t support and help Trump and the Republicans (few that may be) that are trying to help him. NO MORE FREE ANYTHING.

  11. From a retired Science teacher (BS & MS) We were told by Pre-OBummer high school, college and university teachers/ professors that HUMAN LIFE and PERSON-HOOD begins with the fertilized egg ( the ZYGOTE in the womb) and not by the lib-tard nonsense that it only begins “magically” when the HUMAN BABY EXITS the BIRTH CANAL. What conservative voters is to have Congress pass a BILL THAT SAYS “HUMAN LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION”, so that THE 14TH AMENDMENT THAT DEMANDS “DUE PROCESS” applies to the INNOCENT FETUS! –That means that the argument FOR ABORTION of the HUMAN FETUS FALLS APART! The HUMAN BABY ALIVE THE WOMB may NOT be DESTROYED ! MAGA!

  12. What these murders better stop and entertain is they will be judged by the Almighty God and each will pay in hell for eternity. You have a choice choose murder and you will be condemned for eternity. I don’t care if you believe it or not it is true – I hope all who have committed this sin will ask Jesus for forgiveness and those considering abortion will change their mind.

  13. If the liberals want abortion as legal… then they can make it illegal to adopt foreign children. That seems fair! Why are we adopting foreign children when we are murdering AMERICAN CHILDREN????

  14. !9,000 children die every day, and suffer immeasurably from poverty, illness, and starvation, and are you going to insure that these children have a good life, and free from illness, and starvation ? are you? our world is over populated, what is wrong with your thinking.

  15. “life” may begin at conception, and the zygote may be made of human tissue, but it’s *not a human being — a person — until the 25th week, at least*. Before then it’s a “fetus”, or an “embryo”, but it’s not a person.

    About 50% of *all* embryos are spontaneously miscarried, anyway, whether the mother wants it or not. Does that make God the world’s biggest abortionist? Does it mean that “abortion” is good when God/Nature/chance does it, and bad only when the mother chooses to do it? Is the “sin” of abortion the woman’s choosing it? Is human — especially woman’s — will “evil”? How far down that road do you want to go?

  16. Condoms break. Diaphragms slip. Pills get missed.
    Probably the best solution is to invent the “month after” pill. Nobody can argue that a month-or-less embryo is a human being.

  17. Fair is fair. Anybody who objects to abortion should go to the nearest clinic and offer themselves as host-mothers, so the embryos taken out of poor women’s wombs can be implanted in their own. There’s even a way for men to become host-mothers, by creating a uterus out of a fold of intestine. Do I hear any volunteers out there?

  18. Not most ! Everbody sees it! It is a life they don’t want to raze! It is legal murder no mater what other word to want to call it. You can’t white wash it and make it sound like its a good thing and white washing the word does not make you not a murderer! It is the same as assisted suicide, it is still suicide even though you white washed the word with assisted. It was murder by the doctor at your request and that is still what it is. That is what Mrs Bush did when she went to the hospital to die!!!!! And she called her self a Christian!

  19. Man, you are about as full of crap as a Christmas turkey. If Bob hope were alive today, you could throw that diatribe of your at him and based on how he went from rags to riches I don’t think that you would get very far. Bob Hope is not the only one to have survived childhood poverty.
    Here is a thought, “if the nation were to go into a financial crisis causing another, perhaps more serious depression and you and others were to run out of food then it would be up to us preppers to terminate your suffrage. That would be fair; wouldn’t it?

  20. I got pregnant with an IUD firmly in place. I was married and had an 8 month old baby when I found out I was pregnant again. Have been forever grateful that “abortion on-demand” was available at that time – which was over 40 years ago. Glad I wasn’t forced to have another baby so soon after the birth of our daughter and have had to tell my parents and in-laws that we were giving their grandchild up for adoption.

  21. I agree with you. Their is no guarantee of how life will be for anyone, rich or poor. Just to abort a baby because of what may happen is ridiculous.

  22. we can’t control the fetus God eliminates but we can control the ones the mother’s chooses to destroy. God has his reasons and I am not questioning it. I doubt it is not the same as the mothers doing it. She should either use protection or keep her legs crossed if she doesn’t want to have a baby or kill it.

  23. you are only thinking of yourself and not anybody else. We’ve had 3 kids and I treasure all of them. You obviously went through life without thinking of what you missed. I feel like it was better you didn’t have any more because you are selfish. Perhaps your mother should have aborted you. I may have made her happier.

  24. Just look at those purposing that Abortion be continued. The Nazis did things similar in Nature and, the World stopped them. This explains what the Democrats are standing for here in Free America. Life is not Free and, you have to fight for your every breath. Babies are being murdered by the same Liberals who wouldn’t kill a Red Legged Frog but, would prosecute you for killing that Frog.
    Those women who open their legs for any guy coming down the rod and, don’t want the kids they are propagating by being loose legged should be Neutered.

  25. Abortion is just a free pass to commit murder. Life begins at conception – period. It’s a very sad day in our country that this is even a topic of discussion. America is going to be held accountable to God one day for murdering these innocent lives.

  26. All absolutely true – glad there’s a few people out there with some common sense and not just knee-jerk reaction.

    Other stupid response I often hear is “what if your mother had aborted you?”. Then I wouldn’t be here and I’d never know.

    What I am thankful for is that I was born to parents who wanted me and had sufficient resources (although far from wealthy) to provide me with a relatively happy childhood. Like both of my children.

  27. Actually I did have another child – several years later. That child was also wanted and cherished, just like our daughter. Both are now adults, and I have two grandchildren who I adore as well.

    If my mother had aborted me I never would have known and if would have made her happier that would have been ok too.

  28. I don’t care how you look at Abortion, it is still murder and all of these women that had Abortions throughout the many years are all murderers. That is how God sees it and they will all burn in Hell.

  29. So Anglo America, a question for you.
    Are you willing to shell out tax dollars to pay to feed, clothe, educate, house, provide health care for all these fetuses that don’t get aborted? That is the alternative to not providing abortion. If you’re not willing to pay taxes to provide all those services for the unwanted pregnancies, you’re only pro birth. You’re not pro-life unless you oppose war and capital punishment.

  30. BJ you nailed it! I remember when Life magazine way back when photos of the birth of a child through the many stages science indicated that life began at conception. Women did not like that and so here we are decades later 50 million so far are since Roe vs Wade murdered.

  31. Why should the tax payers, pay for the abortions? If a woman wants an abortion, LET HER PAY FOR IT !!!!!!!

  32. At a bare minimum, taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize it.

    If you wish to kill your baby, you shouldn’t get to do it with our tax dollars.

  33. I agree with you 100 per cent bj. I am so thankful for my daughters birth mother giving such a beautiful, heaven sent, daughter to our family through adoption. She is now the wife of a great and caring husband and two wonderful sons that are now in college majoring in engineering.

  34. The Government shouldn’t be able to tell a woman or man what he can and cannot do with their bodies.

  35. Then maybe god can explain giving children cancer, allowing them to be abused, starving to death by the millions in 3rd world countries (not to mention going hungry in the USA). When he explains then maybe I will too.

  36. Mike, the answer to your question is “ASXOLUTELY NOT”. It’s time the “city class of resident” STOPS believing that America owes them. NO, I’m not willing to pay for all of what you state, food, clothes, education etc. It’s up to the PARENTS of those children to take responsibility and GET A JOB, or two, or three each to support their own children. My father worked 2 jobs, my mother worked 1 job. My wife worked 1 job, I worked 2 jobs. We only had 2 children, because we decided that was all we could afford. WE TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves and our family. YOUR attitude shows a complete lack of any responsibility. Public assistance, welfare, etc. on the backs of the taxpayer seems to be thought of as a RIGHT, AKA an ENTITLEMENT. Well guess what, you, and no one else is Entitled to anything, but the right to pursue happiness. That means get off the streets, stay in public school, take out student loans and go to college, GET A JOB, pay back the loans and start a productive life. Only then, get married and start a family, supporting yourself and your own family. The taxpayer and society owes you, and everyone else, NOTHING. THAT is the problem. Unfortunately, to be honest and open, that statement must be made that it’s mostly city dwelling minorities that have this attitude. I saw it first hand, 20 years in EMS, Paramedic. Stop with the “taxpayer must provide for these kids”. The taxpayer should pay for NO abortions, zero, nada, none. Abortion IS murder, These children have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And it’s their PARENTS who are responsible for providing for them. NOT the taxpayer. That is the attitude change you, and the rest of the left, need to change. Then, and ONLY THEN, will this country be straightened out, and race relations can improve. NOW, do your part, and tell the rest of the left to do their part.

  37. That’s a damn lie! Republicans care about children more than Democrats ever have and to hear them take verses from the Bible while talking about the migrant children makes me want to ???? puke! They don’t care about these people. It’s all about the votes and power and that’s all they care about!

  38. If anyone doesn’t want a baby then they should keep their legs together or don’t have unprotected sex. At least if you do get pregnant and you don’t want it, there are lots of couples that can not conceive that would love to have a baby. There is such a thing as adoption.

  39. I support tax payer funded one way tickets with mandatory never return to America for all those that believe we should support the slaughter of humans by abortion, or any other freebie programs.
    Unless a person is mentally or physically incapacitated, get a education a job or starve to death, that is compassionate to all of us that bust our butts in taking care of leeches.

  40. The Bible states that “Life is in the blood”. It is a scientific fact that their is blood in the male sperm. Upon ejaculation, the father’s blood type mixes with the mother’s, and the child’s will be a combination of the two. That blood already exists in the male sperm and female egg prior to intercourse. The two mix and make the offspring. The very moment they meet life begins in the child.

  41. Sorry, but if you are too stupid to prevent a pregnancy with all of the birth control devices we have, then try holding an aspirin firmly between the knees. Abstinence is the very best way to prevent pregnancy and it is “Free.” And it is always available except in cases of rape. The worst thing this country has done is to make recreational sex acceptable. We took off the restraints we should have and now with a thousand birth control items available, we have used everything except the one that works everytime, ABSTINENCE!

  42. You, (Pun Intended) screwed up big time. You may never admit it, but you murdered one of God’s creations. You make the age old mistake of thinking you and your sexual partner created the child and therefore have a right to destroy it. Acts 17:25
    nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things;
    However, you have hope. But I can tell you with all sincerity God will only forgive you, if you confess it as murder. He doesn’t accept us whitewashing our sins. I cannot rape a woman and just say to God, I had sex with an unwilling partner. I need to confess it as a horrible crime of rape against another of his human creations. If I do that he will forgive me, if I am very sincere in my repentance. We need to learn to hate our sin as much as God does. Why? because God hates sin. Why, because it deprives us of life.

  43. And just what do you think planned parenthood uses the 500 million a year that Obummer gave them. It’s tax dollars paying for abortions. Open eyes. Open ears. The left is even trying to prosecute the reporters that exposed PP for selling baby parts, and using that money to provide “free” abortions. Regardless of the Hyde act, or any other law on the books. It’s ALL funded by the taxpayer. Those “free” abortions are being paid for by someone, guess who – the taxpayer.


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