Planned Parenthood’s targeting of kids just took its most disgusting turn yet


The Abortion Lobby is no longer bothering to hide their radicalism.

Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen recently copped to its true mission: “providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion . . .”

Now, not only has Planned Parenthood affirmed its leader’s shocking comments in its annual report, it’s also using record taxpayer-funded profits to rope kids into abortion with its darkest program yet.

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report showed the abortion group took nearly $564 million in taxpayer dollars from June 2017 to June 2018 on its way to posting record profits.

The report, which is accessible on Planned Parenthood’s website, also reveals assets of nearly $2 billion.

The number of abortions Planned Parenthood committed increased to 332,757.

Planned Parenthood’s executives have made the connection that more abortions equals higher profits.

So they’ve now launched a “chatbot” mobile app targeted at minors.

In fact, they even used high school students to help build the mobile-only application that purports to have “judgement free” answers for teenagers’ “health-related questions.”

Of course, the artificial intelligence-powered bot dubbed “Roo” has one true purpose — namely getting kids off the app and onto text/chat with a so-called “live educator” to put them directly into Planned Parenthood’s abortion pipeline as fast as possible.

AdAge reports:

Planned Parenthood worked with digital shop Work & Co on the strategy, branding, design and development of the chatbot — which began testing last year but officially launches Thursday.

Work & Co worked with teenagers from Bushwick, Brooklyn-based charter high school Math, Engineering, and Science Academy on the project — including on the name “Roo,” which was intended to seem gender-neutral and friendly to the intended audience. The chatbot is designed for 13- to 17-year olds and intends to evolve to answer more questions as more people use it.

Since so many teenagers get health information online, the artificial intelligence-powered bot is meant to give fast answers in a judgment-free, anonymous setting in a manner that’s comfortable for the audience — instead of kids going to unchecked online sources or YouTube for important information. Users can find information about anything from puberty, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy to crushes and masturbation on Roo, which can be accessed on mobile phones at And if they can’t find what they’re looking for, Roo can connect them to other resources, like live educators via Planned Parenthood’s Chat/Text program.

Culture Watch News staff asked Planned Parenthood’s new teen-targeting chatbot “Roo” if a parent’s permission was needed to get an abortion and were quickly directed to text/chat anonymously with one of Planned Parenthood’s so-called “health educators.”

Screengrabs of the conversation can be seen below.

It’s clear, the Abortion Lobby is more emboldened than ever.

Planned Parenthood is clearly unashamed to put their agenda front and center, but there is one simple reason their “Roo” chatbot is a mobile-only application.

Planned Parenthood wants to bypass parents to directly speak with children in secret so they can whitewash what abortion really is and tell young girls they should be proud to have abortions.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing any of Planned Parenthood’s dark ventures.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Wen will stand before Jesus to be judged one day and it will be terrible for her. Jesus said woe unto those who harm the little children. Life begins at conception. It is a baby from the moment it is conceived. All life is precious to God and those who destroy it will have theirs destroyed for eternity.

  3. I say to the young folks if the state of NY had had their way as they have been trying to do for years very few of you would be alive today . . . except for your organs transplanted into other people who can pay for them ! ! ! !

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  5. Yes, Planned Murderhood should not receive any government funding. Aborting the unborn, is not planning for parenthood. Their name alone in a misnomer. Having an abortion does not make you not a parent. Having an abortion makes you the parent of a dead baby.

  6. Amen, there is a very special place in HELL for all associated with plan parenthood. The Great White Throne Judgement, thank you Jesus, I’m not in that line unfortunately growing longer everyday.

  7. When planned parenthood makes generous donations of taxpayer money back to congress for their reelection you can pretty well know that they are not going to leave any time soon. Two things need to happen. One is to stop tax payer funding of planned parenthood and two is if that is “illegal” need to stop them from donating…Wait never mind babies are sooo screwed…Keep the prayers coming. Remember P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens…

  8. Do not defend pland parent hood. The young girls should be taught to keep their pants up,cross legs,and keep their skirts down or in case of jeans etc. they should keep them zipped-buttoned up.
    As for the boys they should do the same. And should any of them – both it takes two – become pregnant be made to deliver the child and pt it up for adoption. There are many who would love to have a child that that cannot have. Make someone else happy. And then learn from your mistakes. LaJo

  9. The very idea that I am being forced, as a taxpayer in supposedly freest nation in the world, to fund am organization whose main objective is to get young, naive teenagers to commit murder on their unborn children is terrible!. If the mother was raped or abused by a relative, her dad or a family friend, that’s one thing, but abortion used as a birth control measure for any other purpose shouldn’t be happening in the first place, but if it is, it needs to be paid for by the people involved, NOT ME!!!

  10. How many times do we have to answer that question? Apparently the people who ask the question doesn’t read these remarks!

  11. Planned Parenthood should be completely defunded and abolished, or else we too will be held morally responsible someday for allowing its prolonged existence

  12. The very idea that I am being forced, as a taxpayer in supposedly freest nation in the world, to fund am organization whose main objective is to get young, naive teenagers to commit murder on their unborn children is terrible!. If the mother was raped or abused by a relative, her dad or a family friend, that’s one thing, but abortion used as a birth control measure for any other purpose shouldn’t be happening in the first place, but if it is, it needs to be paid for by the people involved, NOT ME!!!

  13. Here is my answer to that law approved by those Communist/islamic/sharia ideology embracing judges that comprise the majority of federal judges if minors are allowed to decide on their own to have an abortion without getting the permission of their legal guardian then if said legal guardian takes offense to them having done so then said legal guardian if they choose to do so should be able to cut off all financial support for said child.

    Judges can not pick and choose what is ethical and what is not in regards to the rearing of children, if parents are held responsible for providing financial support for their children the child moral behavior is also up to the parents.

  14. Clearly an issue Trump does not have enough of a concern for on his own and will only be persuaded to make a motion directly to the SCOTUS by Michael Pence, taxpayers should never have been forced to contribute to any action the consider to be ethically improper and that includes free security detail of business ventures in hot spots for our wealthy or that of the wealthy of our government’s allies, our troops should be armed and patrolling our border with Mexico with orders to shoot to kill any and all approaching our border.

    Line our borders with signs of graphic picture displaying in no uncertain terms large enough for them to see 200′ away what will happen if they attempt to enter our nation illegally.

    Why the 200′ feet distance, well consider the size of those caravans and that some of that scum actually seeped in regardless of the fact we have had border patrol and the National Guard who allegedly have suppose to have made that impossible, each pool of toxic waste will grow in size and trying to decontaminate the pool before it flows into the United States will be impossible unless you do so before it exceeds the 100 to 150′ range.

  15. Abortion is another name for murder. But they don’t stop there. They often kill the women/children who come to them.

    They also are covering up for the sex trafficking. What do they care about the children who have been raped? They want those body parts to sell. Not only should our tax money NEVER be used for such immoral and illegal activity. But they need to shut down permanently. They make their money from death ..not life.

  16. These children are sent back to their handlers (pimps) only to be raped again and again. The crime is never reported ..not by planned parenthood. They cover it up. The evil of this organization has NO bounds. Arrests need to happen!!! Take them out!

  17. When will you fools realize that neither you nor the government has any business or say in abortion. That is a right of the individual. If it were practiced more in third world countries, there would be many less problems. They breed, can’t take care of the offspring,have no income, then cry to developed countries to take care of them. And if the child lives long enough to be of value, they join ISIS or (in the case of most females) are sold. Start using what god given brains you should have for reasoning. If you think all these people/kids should be brought here, YOU take them in, and use your time and resources to care for them, not mine or federal funds.

  18. Women are pro-life too! But so many have been brain-washed. They need to wake up …stop killing the most precious gift in the world. You’re own baby! Nothing is more amazing than holding that baby in your arms. Nothing!

    Men also need to feel they can speak. It is not just the woman’s baby …it is their baby too!!!

  19. Abortion is murder. Why do you want your tax dollars to pay for it? It has nothing to do with 3rd world countries or the poor or ISIS. I do agree we should NOT pay for illegals …that part of the argument is right. Let people who want to come here do so legally. It is interesting how people who want to all of us to pay for free abortions also think we should give the illegals free healthcare, free education, free homes, etc.

  20. ⚠️ Abortion has absolutely nothing to do with women’s equal rights; however, something is very wrong with demanding equal rights to terminate an innocent life!!
    ⚠️ Demanding rights to dispose of innocent lives like human waste just leaves me cold and speechless. I agree we live in a throw-away-society and “convenience” is needed more than ever BUT isn’t this crossing the line?!!
    ⚠️ Demanding rights to drag innocent lives away from their God-given homes?!! The mother’s womb IS everyone’s first home!!
    ⚠️ This sounds awfully like the Holocaust!! Why should anyone have the right to do this?!! It’s barbaric.
    ⚠️ Demanding rights to donate or sell baby organs (body parts) “before” they are put to death?!!
    ⚠️ Isn’t “adoption” an option?!! American babies are desperately needed for women who cannot have children. Our government needs to address [adoption] laws.
    ⚠️ It should be noted that globalists have focused strongly on “depopulation” for decades; however, we now have a pro-life President who can address these laws. Ivanka Trump would be a great lead on revisiting [adoption laws & regulations], medical coverage & related expenses for treatment.
    ⚠️ Abortion is a “moral issue” in & of itself regardless of race, rights, politics or religion. Humanity is very capable of doing much better than this!!
    ⚠️ DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD !! Taxpayers should NEVER be forced to support abortions with tax dollars !! Also, did you know Planned Parenthood [donates] millions of tax dollars to the Democratic Party ?!! Just another backdoor method of stealing money from taxpayers. Laundering money is a crime!! Here we are forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood & then they turn around & donate millions to the Devious DC Dems!! God help us all.

  21. Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than any group of shrill, self-righteous, fire and brimstone ranting radical right wingnuts. Where, exactly, do you think young women, low income women those without insurance get their contraceptives – the Tooth Fairy?

    Getting rid of Planned Parenthood and overturning Roe v. Wade won’t prevent abortion, it will just make it more dangerous. Try thinking about this all the way from front to back and not just in typical knee jerk fashion. If the end game is fewer abortions you should all be pushing to expand the services of PP.

  22. Absolutely Planned Parenthood should be defunded! I loved President Trump’s idea of taking away their taxpayer funds for the abortion side of their business because it IS a business. In fact, what they supposedly made on selling baby body parts should have totally funded then.


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