Planned Parenthood’s new president just stuck her foot in her mouth with this statement


Planned Parenthood’s new president Leana Wen is their most radical president yet.

She is doubling down on disguising Planned Parenthood as “Women’s healthcare.”

But she just stepped in it with this outrageous claim.

President of Planned Parenthood, Leana Wen, took to Twitter to clarify her thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s services.

She said she “wants to be clear” that all of Planned Parenthood’s services “from birth control to cancer screenings and abortion, are standard medical care.”

She, and Planned Parenthood as a whole, wants to hide abortion behind the guise of “women’s healthcare services” that are “critical.”

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide mammograms, so their claim to be “women’s healthcare” doesn’t pass the most basic smell test.

To signify just how important this false illusion is to her, she has even pinned a tweet of her interview with CNN where she claims “reproductive healthcare” (she means abortion) is a human right.

The human rights she, and the Abortion Lobby at whole, fails to recognize are the ones that they violate when they abort little boys and girls by the hundreds of thousands.

They only want to defend the “rights” of the women who are keeping their bloody business going.

And they are even planning on keeping abortion around here in the U.S. even if it becomes illegal.

As we reported, Planned Parenthood released a plan called “Care For All” where they outline how they want to grow their business if abortion is outlawed.

The Abortion Lobby doesn’t care for anyone, and will do anything to keep their business going.

Which is exactly why we need pro-life legislators to stand up for what they say they believe in, and start by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Do you think Planned Parenthood is evil? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Laws making sterilization of women who do not pass common sense and exceed a certain intelligence level mandatory is what is needed.

  3. I am all for a women’s “right to choose”. I do not think that I, (the taxpayers), should have to pay for it. I do not want to subsidize other people’s sex lives.

    Would I have an abortion, NO. Primarily because I am a man. But, I wouldn’t do it if I was a woman. My wife and I debated this 32 years ago. Whenever I am holding one of my grand daughters, I know we made the right choice. Our son has grown into a wonderful adult. A good husband and father.

    I can’t imagine a world without him in it. These 3 lovely girls would not have been born.

    Make up your own mind. Deal with the consequences. Lastly, pay for it yourself.

  4. Pure evil! It is a Man hater organization, for sure.
    We may have aborted someone who could have cured cancer.
    Really sad.

  5. It is definitely evil. The women making that choice may not be, but they
    are listening to the ignorant and/or evil people and I will add Godless.

  6. Judith, absolutely. Margaret Sanger would be disgustingly “proud” of PP and its eugenics policy. I do not believe in abortion in any way, shape, or form. A baby has as much right to life as a mother. The baby is a human being with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter what evil judges, abortionists/murderers say, or who changes a definition to cover their hate-filled ideology. Murder is still murder. If females want to do the dance, then pay the price, not the baby; moreover, NOT at taxpayers’ expense. The abortionists and supporters of abortion are making us complicit in murder. May God have mercy on their souls.
    I can speak to this issue…the doctors said I was dead and my mother should have an abortion. My parents, God bless them, said no.

  7. It is sad that so many black women choose abortion. Perhaps if they knew the history of its founder, Margaret Sanger, they might choose to keep their babies. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood by stating, ‘colored people are like weeds and need to be exterminated.” And shame on white mothers too. There are so many contraceptives out there that there is no need for any unwanted pregnancies. This new president, Leana Wen, is an evil person who is going to appear before God one day.

  8. I am against abortion except when the mother’s life is definitely at risk. If the baby is unwanted, then have someone adopt it, who will love and care for him or her.

  9. “Care For All “should also APPLY to the child she wants to abort! Healthcare is also a Fundamental Human Right for an unborn child. The Courts have the power to Speak for the child who can’t Speak for them selves just as they do for a person who has been murdered!!!!! The Courts need to read the Bible on when Mary was pregnant with Jesus and it might open their EYES .

  10. Herbert, you are correct. But what about we the people who elect these crooked Godless politicians who appoint the crooked Godless judges? Who is actually to Blame? I think anyone who would support a Democrat for ANY office is.

  11. Lets face the facts, many woman are more concerned for their own needs more then they are with safe sex, and their end thinking is: If they want an abortion they should be able to make that decision! That is all well and good, but there should be limits, there should be non bias advice, Parental guidance, and not funded by tax payers. If they think anyone believes the federal funding is not used in performing abortions you are kidding yourselves. There should never be funding by any government agency to Non Profit Organizations for Abortions, or use for political reasons and if you take time to look, 80% of our government grants are to Non Profits that do Abortions or have political bias. Even to the point of making political party contributions. Unions included.

  12. Let God be God, He doesn’t need your help in this matter! Remember biblical history, the flood killing all life except Noah’s family on the Ark, the King of Egypt trying to kill off all the male babies of the Israelites (Hebrews, and then the Passover! God let barren women have babies, and had fertile women become barren. You nor I know what God’s plans are for every individual. The bible also states the birth is when the body (baby) comes out of the womb and receive God’s breath of life! Life & death is always controlled by God!

  13. I believe that abortion is murder. The babies didn’t ask to be conceived. Tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for innocent blood to be spilled. If a woman doesn’t want their baby then do something to prevent it.

  14. I would put planned parenthood and Jack the Ripper in the same category.CONGRESS STOP THIS DAMNED FUNDING FOR THESE BUTCHERS.

  15. Nothing will happen to PP. Congress missed their chance and blew off the defund request! Now they will even get more funding for the so-called healthcare with Dems in charge! This is a real tragedy for America while they want open borders to beckon in half of Middle America to replace the aborted children!

  16. Once Planned Parenthood is found to actually be illegal,then its time for us citizens to make sure the Abortionists are made to understand we will Not tolerate them legally or illegally.We must fight them,Literally.

  17. It sickens me to think that America has stooped to allowing pp to exist.
    And for our so called politicians to fund this holocost to little boys and girls. Is completely wrong. Defund them , put them out of business. Let’s make is a law, babies in the womb are people with rights. If you kill them, you are a murder. Penalty of death for murdering a child.

  18. Planned Parenthood despite the attempt to legitimatize it is still nothing but a butcher shop that promotes abortion so it can sell the baby body parts for profit. I really get mad to think that under the guise of the Farm Bill my tax dollars are being given to this disreputable group. The so-called president Wen should be ashamed of herself.

  19. It is not a women’s “right to choose” that we would pay for but what she chooses that is an elective medical procedure in the category of face lifts and tummy tucks which are unneeded personal choices that no insurance should cover and tax payers should not have to pay for.

  20. What is really needed is self control. If a child is not wanted, do not do what might cause a child to be created.

  21. “planned parenthood” is nothing short of a (currently) legal “murder for hire” organization. It’s members should be SHOT1

  22. Gary, I must say that I have to agree with you. I pay for my health care, with no subsidies. I was very upset with Obama Care. My rates went up and everything changed.

    Now, there are a lot of folks out there who are tickled to death with Obama Care. Funny how it works out though. It seems that the majority of the people happy with it, are the people who aren’t paying for it. If my healthcare was free, I believe that I would like it to.

    You are right, healthcare is not a right. It never was in the entire history of the United States. That is of course until 2008 when Obama declared it so.

    U will leave it at that. Otherwise I could continue to go even further off topic with all the entitlements the Democrat’s think that every one needs.

    A Democrat who has been voting Republican.

  23. I agree with all of you. Tax payers money definitely should NOT pay for abortions in any way shape or form!! If a woman wants an abortion she can pay for it with her own money. And it seems like no one has mentioned… It takes 2 to make a baby. What if the man wants his baby?? I understand the woman is carrying the baby, however, the baby’s father should have the right to CHOOSE if he wants his baby or not. And yes I know it’s her body, however, she chose to play. She can deal with the consequences of he actions. The dad has a CHOICE too!!

  24. Why is the Government giving $500,000 every year to Planned Parenthood! That’s Government subsidized murder!

  25. What is tragic is when the aborted child could have been a healthy baby that a childless couple would have been grateful to have. There are many couples that wait for years to be able to adopt a child. I wonder where these considerations are on the priority list of our pro choice politicians, if they are even there at all.

    The hypocrite Liberals insist they are so concerned about tearing immigrant children from their mothers. What a crock. When it comes to abortionists ripping unborn children from the womb, they couldn’t care less.

    I still wonder how many of the older pro-choice or abortion activists were anti-war protesters in the 1960s? How many of them spit on our uniforms and called us baby killers?

  26. The prime target of Margaret Sangar was against minorities, or non-Caucasian, whom she considered inferior to include the Black Communities. Margaret Sangar was a racist and proud of it. Incidentally, she was the founder of Planned Parenthood.

    A little research will show that many of the Planned Parenthood Clinics, that provide abortions, are located in and around the Black Communities. You will also find that the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood are White Democrats. They are the ones that have been the deciding factor in providing Federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Coincidence?

  27. No. You confused the right to choose with what was chosen. It referred to the right, not abortion. Everyone has the right to choose. You did not say abortion was an elective procedure.

  28. When I worked at pentagon, office secretary was on 4th abortion. Does that count as a significant level…one of my Jewish friends was aghast as an acquaintance of his and his wife were aborting as the fetus was female.. the secretary did not want to pay for birth control and could get abortion for free.

  29. The only thing I can add is America will pay for all of the evil she does to the millions of babies she has murdered. May God have mercy on our nation. You can’t do wrong and get by. the Ten Commandments state “Thou shall not Kill” and abortion is murder.

  30. Ja-Vul – Mein Nazi, und zen ve vill send zem to ze showers, und finally to ze ovens, Ya?

    What an idiotic statement you made there!

  31. Both, control and eliminate. Sadly the black parents, organizations and churches are not informing black youth about abstaining from sexual intercourse. And all the pitfalls of pre sex before they are mature, financial able to support a child born out of wedlock. And also the getting of an STD. Abortion should NOT be used as a birth control method. Sadly too many black females are getting enormous amounts of abortions compared to other races in the US. The PP agenda seem to be more about abortions that prevention. All US citizens females should have access to the latest birth control medicines, and also males.

  32. While these are tragic examples, mandatory sterilization is not a Christian solution. Congress must pass a Personhood Act to make babies persons from the time of conception thereby making abortions illegal.

  33. Tax payers are paying and supporting many of the children born of wedlock. I support low cost birth control for who cannot afford it. But there are a few religions that are against birth control meds. Sadly many females are using abortion as birth control. PP doesn’t seem to be in the birth control promotion.

  34. It’s amazing that all these liberals are pro abortion killing an innocent child but are against the death penalty for a serial killer talk about hypocritical.

  35. Well Don the founding hore of planned murderhood defined that very procedure for africans in the USA… der furher just kind of picked up on it…

  36. yes and it came from that $lut ho margret sanger… the founder of murder inc unplanned parenthood… der duffenhozers liked the idea and ran with it..

  37. ah so, mao naize was great slanty eyed leader… of children… the bag of chinkee schitt had to murder an estimated 70,000,000 chinkees to finally get some folks to do what he wanted..

  38. but it IS an elective procedure and folks do NOT have the right to murder, especially the twits that wait until the third trimester.. Abortion for true health reasons should still be legal… as an option to stupidity NO…

  39. Bless you! Too many politicians are voting the Dem line, not their consciences. Anyone who approves of abortion – their own OR others – is pro-abort. Translated that equals murder, because a beating heart will have been stopped. You cannot be Pro-Life if you do not condemn abortions by others.
    “Thou shall not kill.”

  40. These people are disgusting! They try to convince people that murdering babies has something to do with women’s health. THEY ARE MURDERERS AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!

  41. Are you kidding 4 times ? Didn’t anyone of her friends tell her to keep her legs closed or to at least take B pills or even get rain coat covers for how many Guys she had played hid the Winnie with lady your a nut case

  42. The most sensible comment so far. Sir I applaud you for your good and smart thought on the hot issue. You can go ahead and have your baby kill if you so desired. However, pay for the cost out of your own dollars. Don’t take my tax money to pay for it.

  43. Exactly! Self control. As to this woman’s comments that abortion is “women’s healthcare”, what about the baby’s healthcare? Doesn’t this innocent vulnerable baby DESERVE a chance at life? How selfish can this PP President be?

  44. I support birth control as well. In today’s world there is absolutely NO reason why any woman (poor or otherwise) should kill her baby as these measures are readily available. The ONLY reason elective abortion is done is for Selfish reasons–the baby is an Inconvenience to them, nothing more. Shameful.

  45. What about the care of the unborn human being. What could this innocent child have been even given a chance, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, WHO?
    Is there no guilt from those who get the abortion or those who kill the innocent? This baby is part of the mother’s body or a hunk of flesh. It is a human being in the making. If you don’t believe that try a DNA test on the fetus and you will see that it is different than the mothers. That means it is another person. The womb simply acts as an incubator untill such time that the baby can live (with parental help) on its own ourside the womb. Please give it a chance to live. I’m sure there is someone out there that would love and care for it. I have adopted three.


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