Planned Parenthood’s new president just let the cat out of the bag with this nefarious tweet


Planned Parenthood and their pals in the liberal media constantly claim that abortion is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does.

That is a bald-faced lie.

And Planned Parenthood’s new president just spilled the beans on their true intentions in a tweet she will live to regret.

Planned Parenthood and the liberal media touted a manufactured statistic that only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s “services” are abortions.

They counted services that were part of the abortion process as separate actions, grossly inflating the volume of Planned Parenthood’s other services.

Part of this inflated arithmetic was equating a simple pregnancy test with an abortion.

They touted this 3% statistic because they knew if Americans found out the truth, they would be immediately stripped of the $500 million in taxpayer funding they receive each year.

But now, Leana Wen just let it slip that Planned Parenthood’s core mission is providing abortions to women.

Wen was complaining about what she thought of as a fake news headline Buzzfeed ran that actually tried to downplay abortion in hopes of portraying Planned Parenthood in a positive light.

But Buzzfeed missed the memo that a new sheriff is in town and she’s unashamedly peddling abortion as Planned Parenthood’s “core mission.”

In one tweet, Leana Wen just proved right everything her critics said about Planned Parenthood’s sick abortion scheme.

And she hasn’t even deleted the tweet, showing she stands by every word she said.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded?

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  2. ARREST all the people of “PLANNED PARENTHOOD” and charge them with MURDER! Abortion is MURDER not a form of allowing sexual promiscuity and then killing the fetus and having the taxpayers pay for the MURDER.

  3. Interesting. I made a comment. It did not show up. I restated it. It still did not show up. I try a very short comment. How are Women’s lives at stake as this President says?

  4. Planned Parenthood Should be Defunded and the monies they receive from the Government of TAXPAYER’S Money needs to be returned with interest in clueded ! So if Planned Parenthood have about $500 MILLION over the last Decade should be Returned ..

  5. There is nothing on earth as weak and persecuted as and UN-born BABY and God is watching and He knows our names every one of us. There will be judgement for all of it.
    God have mercy on the innocent victim’s of the God-less killers, Amen.

  6. Take the money from PP and put it toward our countries safety. We need a wall at the border to save our country,we shouldn’t condone murder.

  7. Why is a private corporation funded with any taxpayer dollars? They should be paying taxes not be the recipient of other peoples tax money. They are not a charitable institution. They engage in the murder of the unborn. If that is legal, we should be scratching our heads and asking why are we killing our children but protecting the children in other countries? That’s what the Democrats seem to be concerned about. The people and children in other countries. Apparently our citizens and children are expendable. What is wrong with this picture? OH! It’s the Democrats. Let’s abort them retroactively, then the world WILL be a better place.

  8. Absolutely! I am tired of my tax dollars being used to pay for what my Religion says is immoral and murder. They really should be aware of what is waiting for them in the afterlife.

  9. YES,YES,YES,YES YES!!!!!!!! Why should they be able to get funds for MURDER? Planned Parenthood what a MISLEADING name Planned Murderer’s is what they should be named they are a disgrace. Instead of abortions why don’t they teach what causes pregnancies I guess there are a lot of young women and the emphasis is on YOUNG women who are really mislead. There is a solution to this problem if you have an abortion for birth control REPEATEDLY then it should be MANDATORY to have a tubal ligation if women are repeat and I do mean repeat OFFENDERS it is apparent that they have no respect for the SANCTITY of life.

  10. Hell yes they should be defunded.I am pro life and don’t want my taxes supporting the irresponsiblity of women whom decide to kill their unborn children!

  11. The 500 million dollars is some thing the voters for that didn’t know about. I’ll bet they wouldn’t vote for it if they did. We could save a lot of money to build the wall if Trump would stop all the money we give to crap like that. I still think the voting system is rigged !

  12. I have said all along
    About 60 million innocent babies have been kill through abortions (MURDERS )
    They all are for Plan Parenting
    Big money for them at a babies life expence

  13. Abortion should not be considered Birth Control. Every female has access to multiple forms of birth control in every drug store and family planning Dr.’s office in this country. Why do taxpayers have to pay for your abortion because you are mad at “HIM” for getting you pregnant – because you are careless – cannot control yourself and several months later suddenly realize “Gee, it’s moving – guess I need an abortion” – Yes, it is alive – thriving – growing – a human life – if you have to pay for that abortion yourself, then maybe you would think twice before you do “IT” and learn to be responsible for your actions.

  14. Why in the world would PP get $500 million in taxpayer dollars?
    Who is responsible for this?! This must be investigated and stopped !
    And whoever in congress set this up they should be fired as well
    PP is not eligible for any government assistance. Where is the outrage ??
    God bless the child! ????????????????????????

  15. It seems to me that instead of concentrating on abortions they should be teaching these women to keep their legs crossed and to be sure that protection is always used. Oh wait — there goes their profits — forget that idea.

  16. Women’s lives are at stake because if they can’t get legal abortions, they will be forced to go to the “back-alley butchers”!! Just as in the “old days”, when a woman needed to end a pregnancy she was forced to use a clothes hanger or worse, go to some unsafe part of town to find help. Roe versus Wade ended all that. Now women can get real medical procedures. How can anyone not see this???

  17. Defund and close their doors! come on like the world didn’t know. If you want birth control keep your legs closed or Willy in your pants! You should pay for your own birth control and be willing and able to take responsibility for your actions! Abortion is murder period!

  18. Planned Parenthood touted a manufactured statistic that only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s “services” are abortions. They counted services that were part of the abortion process as separate actions, grossly inflating the volume of Planned Parenthood’s other services. Part of this inflated arithmetic was equating a simple pregnancy test with an abortion.

    They touted this 3% statistic because they knew if Americans found out the truth, they would be immediately stripped of the $500 million in taxpayer funding they receive each year. But now, Leana Wen just let it slip that Planned Parenthood’s core mission is providing abortions to women.

    Leana Wen, MD tweeted: “First, our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and reproductive health care. We will never back down from that fight – it’s a fundamental human right and women’s lives are at stake.”

    Yes, but to be fair, it’s a two-way street as to whether taxpayers should fund a practice they find morally objectionable. In 2013, Katie McDonough wrote on (a liberal website):

    “It is no secret that crisis pregnancy centers lie to women. But what many Americans may not know is that, in 34 states across the country, these antiabortion centers are able to stay in business thanks to funding from taxpayers.

    Yes. And unless these crisis pregnancy centers are completely secular, this violates church-state separation.

    “…one thing remains consistent: 34 state governments across the country are using taxpayer dollars to support groups that use lies and medical misinformation to keep women from obtaining safe abortion care.”

    Yes, Katie McDonough is correct: crisis pregnancy centers shouldn’t resort to lies and medical misinformation to protect the unborn.

    At a pro-life demonstration years ago, when Father Frank Pavone of Priests For Life asked Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King if the pro-life demonstrations were comparable to the civil rights movement, she replied, “Father, this IS the civil rights movement!”

    If protecting unborn children is a noble cause and calling, a just and religious cause, like the civil rights movement, why should pro-lifers have to resort to lies and deception?

    The Ten Commandments warn against bearing false witness.

    Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, said: “Let your word ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no,’ no. Anything beyond this is from the evil one.”

    (Isn’t Satan known as a deceiver?)

    Even the apostle Paul, who taught a completely different theology than that of Jesus, condemned dishonesty (Colossians 3:13).

    Boy, they “believe”!

    “…some states funnel family planning funds directly to these centers… Some states, like Virginia, sell ‘Choose Life’ license plate frames and send the proceeds directly to these antiabortion groups…” wrote Katie McDonough.

    Yes, but to be fair, it must be pointed out that on the Democrats For Life email list nearly two decades ago, Louis Shapiro (“Shapiro” is a Jewish name, but he’s a conservative Catholic and former Republican) asked:

    Why do abortion-rights advocates, preferring to call themselves “pro-choice” rather than “pro-abortion,” object to “Choose Life” license plate frames, when the slogan capitulates to the other side by inferring “choice” ?!

    And women aren’t out there getting “recreational” abortions, either.

    In a 1989 opinion editorial on the subject of abortion entitled “The Bitter Price of Choice,” pro-life feminist Frederica Matthewes-Green wrote: “It is a cruel joke to call this a woman’s ‘choice.’ We may choose to sacrifice our life and career plans, or choose to undergo humiliating invasive surgery and sacrifice our offspring. How fortunate we are—we have a choice! Perhaps it’s time to amend the slogan — ‘Abortion: a woman’s right to capitulate.’”

    A Feminists For Life pamphlet, What Women Really Want, from 1995 similarly says:

    “Since both sides of the abortion issue agree that no woman wants to have an abortion, it is a cruel hoax to call abortion a woman’s ‘choice.’ No woman should be forced to choose between relinquishing life and career plans or suffering through a humiliating, invasive procedure and sacrificing her child. Abortion is a last resort, not a free choice.”

    The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, all oppose abortion, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor have peace on earth until first we abolish the killing of animals. An abolitionist pamphlet from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the 1980s said concisely: “A nonviolent philosophy begins at breakfast.”

    If vegetarianism were merely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws,” why are pro-lifers offended by pro-choice vegetarians and pro-choice vegans? Clearly, they’re offended because they know vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances.

    Issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but do involve the animals’ right to life. Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Shelley, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish nor Muslim.

    When asked on Dennis Prager’s conservative talk show, in 1992, about the animal rights position on abortion, Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, admitted: “We’re divided.” In 1998, the now-defunct Animals’ Agenda ran a cover story on the debate within the animal rights movement over abortion.

    Speaking before college students at Stanford University at the end of 1998, Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, said Feminists For Life has many vegetarians and vegans within its ranks. Serrin Foster identifies herself as a vegetarian. When told the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, Serrin said understandingly, “The Children’s Defense Fund is also divided on abortion.”

    In the late 1990s, I was on an email list for pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans, moderated by Rachel McNair, past president of Feminists For Life. (The mere existence of such a list debunks Republican propaganda that animal activists are all officially pro-choice.) Rachel, a vegan, Quaker pacifist, vegetarian since the 1970s, after reading Frances Moore Lappe’s Diet for a Small Planet, began her activism protesting the Vietnam War. Rachel was a grad student in psychology in the late 1990s. She is now a professor, and has written several books on nonviolence.

    When I told Maria Krasinski of Democrats For Life in either 1999 or 2000 that the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, she said she was relieved to hear that. She said she was previously under the misconception (no pun intended!) that animal activists were all officially pro-choice, and therefore felt she could not support them, though sympathetic to their views.

    In 2004, on the Democrats For Life email list, Maria mentioned a poll which found animal activists evenly divided on abortion. This is significant. It either means animal rights really are a bipartisan cause which conservatives can support alongside liberals, or it means many liberals are uncomfortable with abortion.

    I’ve pointed out before as well that religious pro-lifers dictate to those outside of their faith… but react with disbelief (“God!”) when told it’s wrong to kill animals.

    If their interpretation of Christianity “exempts” these Christians from protecting animals, are pro-choice Christians similarly exempt from protecting the unborn?

    If you carry pro-life Christian sectarianism to its logical conclusion, religious pro-lifers (resisting animal rights on sectarian or religious grounds) can’t oppose abortion, either, if someone else’s religion permits it!

    Similarly: if you carry the abortion-rights philosophy of “choice” to its logical conclusion, then pro-choicers, claiming to believe in “choice,” are hardly in a position to object to crisis pregnancy centers offering girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy an alternative (a choice!) other than abortion!

    If Planned Parenthood believes in “choice,” they must similarly allow their contributors a choice as to whether or not they want their donations to fund abortions, or merely health related services, contraception, sex education, etc. Perhaps if Planned Parenthood allows donors a choice on whether to fund abortion, their funding for abortion will quickly dry up!

    And if the Democratic Party believes in “choice,” they must offer their constituents a choice of whether to become pro-life Democrats or pro-choice Democrats.

    Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said in 2014, “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    Feminists For Life, PO Box 151567, Alexandria, VA 22315

  19. This is a reply to Nancy. Your are talking about the “old days” when there was no birth control and a lot of females were not hep on sexual stuff in the ‘old days”. Today is a whole different scenario. Women’s lives are not at stake as far as getting pregnant any longer. They are very knowledgeable now. They are using it as a form of birth control. There is such a thing as adoption. Now when you have an abortion it is plain murdering a child. If someone stabs a pregnant woman in the stomach and kills her and her unborn child, they are charged with 2 murders. What is the difference? No difference. Now, if a woman wants to get an abortion. That is fine with me. That is her choice. But she & the male should pay for it themselves and not expect anyone else to pay. They can still get a legal abortion. Just pay for it!!!! If she gets her wisdom teeth pulled, I am not expected to pay for it.

  20. Nancy…abortion is the MURDER of the most helpless and innocent human beings. So you think that murdering babies is fine. You are very sick. Read a biology book. Life begins at conception. It is a BABY from the moment it is conceived.

  21. Just look at who leads these subversive organizations. The slimy, immoral maggots should be campaigning to keep the sluts legs closed, instead of turning their wombs into death camps.

  22. There is an organization called Real Choices that helps pregnant women through the pregnancy and adoption if they so wish. Perhaps this organization needs more publicity and PR to show women that they do not need to have an abortion. I would love to see someone from that organization respond to this and give more details on their services.

  23. I totally agree with you. Babies are gifts from God and need to be loved and protected. There are means such as birth control pills to keep you from getting pregnant if the timing is not right for you. Tax payers should not have to pay for the murdering of precious babies. Planned Parenthood is a criminal enterprise that makes millions of dollars selling innocent babies body parts after inflicting their tiny body’s with murder. Planned Parenthood, helps nobody but themselves. they need to be put out-of -business.

  24. Planned Parenthood funds abortions worldwide-!!! All they should be doing is supplying birth control medication, condoms, tubal ligation, and vasectomies. Instead, they sell the fetus called medical waste and make even more money. A total disgrace. Cut funding now until they change their policy.

  25. Why would anyone want to fund the murder of young babies? This is evil and the act should be stopped, and the actors should be punished.

  26. Jeremiah 1:4-7

    4.The word of the LORD came to me:
    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born
    I dedicated you,
    a prophet to the nations
    I appointed you.
    “Ah, Lord GOD!” I said,
    “I do not know how to speak.
    I am too young!”
    But the LORD answered me,
    Do not say,
    “I am too young.”
    To whomever I send you,
    you shall go;
    whatever I command you,
    you shall speak.”

    Each abortion destroys a
    “prophet to the nations “
    Each abortion interferes with
    Gods great plan.

    When we turn our heads ,
    or refuse stand or speak up ,
    for our unborn lives,
    We are just as guilty , as sinful
    as those committing the
    murderous crime.

    We will ALL have to stand in judgement before Our Lord God.

  27. When I first heard about women marching for planned parenthood, and women of our Church were marching. I was disgusted because I thought Churches should be marching against it. Only God can judge but then I found out the Church I belong to gives the money we donate to the synod, who donates to this murderous organization! I’ve been sick ever since I found out. I’m looking for a different church but I’ll check the back ground this time. Come Lord Jesus come back!! The devil is spreading his evil all over!

  28. Murder is murder no matter how PP sanitizes it. If you don’t want to get pregnant, prevent it, not murder the results.

  29. Appears now tax payers are going to pay for a woman killing a child who is full term before giving birth in New York and probably soon in other states. Then she will give birth to a dead baby. They say only if the woman’s health is in danger. Abortion clinics are already advertising “come one come all if you have decided at the last minute you really don’t want to be responsible for taking care of your baby and feel you just couldn’t give the baby up for adoption.” How would an adoption clinic even know anything about the woman’s health and do they even care? If my tax dollars go to pay even $1.00 for this I will gladly quit paying my taxes and go to jail if I have to.

  30. We the tax payers are funding Planned Parenthood, $500 million, in turn Planned Parenthood, is funding the Demoncrates?? Something is very wrong. This is why the demoncrats fight so hard for Planned Parenthood, the Dems will loose all that taxpayer funding!

  31. As a tax payer, there should be a box to check on the tax return where tax payers should be able to opted out funding Planned Parenthood. Tax payers should have a say to individually opting out of MURDER.

  32. Folks pph going out of business forever would make my day and it would save millions of lives. That being said you do realize that pph will never go away. They are like malignant cancer that just knows to kill and nothing more. They give taxpayer money contributions to Congress for their reelection and you think for one second they will kill the goose that laid the golden egg? No more than they will vote for term limits. If America really did care for babies like we all say we did we would track down where pph donations go to and not vote them in. We need to make a stand and stop whining about it on facebook. Sad when new york passed the law making it legal to kill an unborn child up till their born yet they outlaw the death penalty because they don’t wan’t to be barbaric, how pathetic… I know that new york is suppose to be capitalized but like obama they lost the right when they allowed the killing of babies…

  33. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  34. NY new abortion law allows nurse practitioners to do the procedure. Without a Dr. Even around in case of problems. Also up to the date of delivery.


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