Planned Parenthood was hit with a six-figure lawsuit that landed them in deep trouble


Planned Parenthood’s business model focuses on pressuring vulnerable women into receiving abortions so they can fill their wallets with their victims’ cash.

But now they are reaping what they are sowing.

And the reason this couple is suing Planned Parenthood will leave you floored.

A couple from Idaho traveled nearly a thousand miles to a Planned Parenthood in New Mexico to abort their baby because they said they “couldn’t afford it.”

However, the medication-induced abortion failed to abort the baby.

And now the couple is suing Planned Parenthood for $750,000 to cover the costs of raising “an additional unplanned child.”

The Albuquerque Journal reports:

Using the last of their financial resources, an Idaho couple traveled more than 700 miles to Albuquerque in February 2016 to terminate a pregnancy that they say they could not afford.

But the medication provided to induce the abortion ultimately failed, and unable to pay for a follow-up procedure, the two now want Planned Parenthood and others to shoulder the cost of raising “an additional unplanned child.”

According to a lawsuit filed last week, Bianca Coons was about six weeks pregnant when she and her partner, Cristobal Ruiz, made the trip to avoid Idaho’s mandatory waiting period, which would “result in the baby being much more advanced in development.”

By early March, a still-pregnant Coons told a Planned Parenthood staff member that she could not afford “a second round of the abortion protocol.”

The lawsuit also says, “The fetus had now developed to somewhere around nine weeks. Ms. Coons could not morally sanction further action to terminate the fetus.”

This is the epitome of Planned Parenthood’s egregious business model.

They know the abortion pill is not safe, and yet they pressure women into going to great lengths (literally, in this case) to end their pregnancy.

The couple was uninformed about the pill, and were just looking to get an abortion in whatever way they could.

So Planned Parenthood swooped to get a quick buck.

But according to the Albuquerque Journal, the baby may even face birth defects like discoloration of skin and blood sugar issues for the rest of his/her life.

Planned Parenthood knows the abortion pill has serious safety concerns.

But they don’t care.

They only care about milking the taxpayer dollar to the last ounce to make their wallets fat and happy.

In fact, one Planned Parenthood executive was even caught bragging that she was going to buy a Lamborghini with the cash she was making from selling the body parts of aborted babies.

But ironically, its their business model that could force them to end up paying out a pretty penny.

Do you support defunding Planned Parenthood? Answer in the comments!


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  2. I feel sorry for the couple because there are so many that want babies and can not have them. I hope 750,000 is the starting point of the monies awarded to them. I hope it puts Planned Parenthood out of business. The government should go after them if this is truly their business model. Because due to the law of 1970 tax dollars can not be used for abortion services.

  3. “Planned Parenthood” should be forced to change their name to “How not to be a parent.” Also they MUST NOT be funded with taxpayer money! I don’t have exact figures but I believe the majority of Americans believe apportion to be abhorrent. The same radical leftists continue to be elected only because of name recognition and will continue to lead the nation in the wrong direction.

  4. Yes, if PETA really cared about things suffering they would be on PPH like there was no tomorrow. These torturers & murders need shut down PERIOD end of discussion.

  5. Yes, If the mother’s life is in danger or raped or worse then I do believe an abortion should be done. But if they wait into the second or third month trimester it is to late. There are to many safety measures testing to check the fetus all through the 9 months. There should not be abortion on demand.

  6. Why in the world should my tax dollars be forcibly extracted from me to pay for this morally repugnant organization, especially when it is to the tune of approximately one half of a BILLION dollars a year. You are stealing from me to commit an even more serious set of crimes.

  7. Roe vs Wade needs to be reversed by the Supreme Court. This would stop the problem with killing babies
    in the womb.

  8. I am so happy that the administration is moving forward on Dr-funding Planned Parenthood. It will be a difficult battle, but I pray that changes will be made, especially decrying infanticide.

  9. I have a couple of those, too. But to whom do we complain?
    If anyone intentionally kills someone it is MURDER, regardless of the age of the victim. He/she can be 50 years old or 5 weeks old; age does NOT matter!
    So, I pray that SCOTUS will have the courage & ethics, now that science has proven that Life begins at conception, to reverse Roe v. Wade [and all other laws that may be similar].
    Those who pull babies apart are nothing short of MONSTERS!

  10. Evelyn:
    Please understand that rape cannot be a reason for an abortion. Although the act is deplorable, 9 months is a relatively short time to endure an unwanted pregnancy, rather than kill a baby. Plus, there are untold numbers of couples who are willing and able to adopt!

  11. Evelyn:

    Here we go again: I just received the following message after submitting my comments:

    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    Please understand that rape cannot be a reason for an abortion. Although the act is deplorable, 9 months is a relatively short time to endure an unwanted pregnancy, rather than kill a baby. Plus, there are untold numbers of couples who are willing and able to adopt!

  12. Here we go again: I just received the following message after submitting my comments:

    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    But I certainly did not!!!!!!!!!!!! When is this a censorship going to stop?

  13. Ruiz, most likely an illegal alien, deport him and his brats back to Mexico, of course they cannot afford those children he is a dreg of the world, being that Planmed Parenthood is taxpayer funded guess who will be picking up the tab?, sue the doctors.

  14. Anyone who is voting Democrat is voting to continue so-called “Planned Parenthood”. A Democratic vote is a vote to kill babies. Think about that. —

  15. It supposedly was never intended for them to be taxpayer funded in the first place. How these politicians turn around and steal our money to give to someone else for immoral purposes is the question of the day. YES Defund the unfunded Planned (Un)Parenthood and stop electing crooked politicians.


  17. Can’t understand why any taxpayer money should be given to something like Planned Parenthood. It has absolutely nothing to do with what the taxpayer’s money is supposed to be used for. Fix a bridge or two that’s more like it. The government has no right getting involved in the murder of babies? Who started that? It’s not what we elected them for. They’re supposed to be running a country, not a baby murdering company!!
    Now women are telling them what to do. They want their way on everything including getting away with murder.

  18. Pp should b shut down PERIOD!!!! 750,000 is nothing but a drop in the bucket to them. Should b millions!!!!!!! The couple, to me, is guilty as well. They should of used birth control or gave the unwanted baby up for adoption. With abortion being an option so freely today is a crime in itself!! As a Christian I’m going to pray all goes well for this baby, and pray this couple sees the error they made and repent. This isn’t a case of a mothers health being compromised, it’s about reckless sex! And to say”we will just abort” is just not right to me. They had options! But pp should b held responsible and defunded immediately!!!!!!! They are a MURDER FACTORY!!! All those poor innocent helpless sweet babies being murdered brings tears to my eyes every time I read about it and think about it???????????????? why can’t people see that pp isn’t about women’s health?? It’s a butcher shop for babies!! Human beings!! I’m just furious!! This couple though should give this baby up for adoption because it’s unwanted. I pray they change their minds and LOVE THIS BABY❤️ after being born and see what a beautiful gift God is giving them. ???????? To me this abortion failed for a reason for this couple. Maybe they will be a super loud voice that will get PP shut down FOREVER!

  19. I agree with you George! Once again anything that the federal government gets their hands on is ineffevtive, corupt, inefficient and wasteful. Let them pay the big bill. Too bad it will only come out of our taxes if the couple wins. So Planed Parenthood is off the hook anyway.

  20. Hahaha..! PP is getting back a very, very small fraction of the payback they deserve, having killed, now, millions of innocents. Hope we see more of this – and a TOTAL reversal of taxpayer funding of this deathouse business…! They are in it for the MONEY, not “healthcare,” and their lying, deceptive tactics need to be exposed once and for all. Yay.

  21. If people want to play
    Let them pay
    Taxpayers should not fund
    The results of casual sex
    And not one penny to pp
    The only thing they plan is how
    To bilk the taxpayers


  22. Why should they be awarded anything? They went there to murder their child and now they want to be paid because it didn’t work? They should be on their knees thanking God for preventing them from murder. Sick world we are living in!

  23. “Thou shalt not murder.” This is the correct translation from the Greek.

    At the same time SCOTUS was making law from the bench by ruling that abortion was legal, the 45 Declared Communist Goals for the Takeover of America was being introduced in the House and is, therefore, on the congressional records.

    People need to find another means for birth control instead of using abortion. Stop relying on the government for your every need and own up to your responsibility. Taxpayers are sick of taking responsibility for you!!

  24. Defund them NOW!!! I don’t understand why they need our tax dollars in the first place because they make the women pay for the abortions. What does our money go towards? When I go to my doctor for my “women’s health” care, I have to pay the doctor for his services. He does not get money from the government in addition to my payment. Why does Planned Murderhood get money from the taxpayers when they’ve already received their payment from the women?


  26. Butchy, you mean to say that a mother should kill her child in order to save her own life? I am a MOTHER, and believe me, I am ready to give MY life in order to save my children’s at any time . SINCE WHEN A MOTHER KILLS HER CHILD SO THAT HER LIFE CAN BE SAVED? THAT’S NOT A MOTHER IN MY BOOK.

  27. Butchy, please forgive me, I meant RHONDA, she is the person who wrote “This isn’t a case of a mother’s health being compromised,” Rhonda, my comment is lovingly made to you. God bless you both. I know that you meant well Rhonda.

  28. UH??? ATTEMPTED???? No, they all should be tried for MURDER! When they kill a baby & cut up it’s body parts & sell them for $$, then they ought to be lined up & mowed down w/a machine gun!
    No clemency!!!

  29. But Tom, tax dollars are indeed given to planned parenthood! Our government has been supporting pp since 1973. This is why the question “ should pp be defunded”.
    It is a shame and an immoral thing that pp was ever funded to begin with!

  30. Planned Parenthood is perhaps the worst thing to have ever been allowed to operate within our once great country. The men and women who work within Planned Parenthood should be arrested and jailed for a variety of crimes … unfortunately, our weak leaders and gutless politicians stand by and do nothing at all! I sense that the reality of the absolute evils practiced by Planned Parenthood are beginning to get much more public attention … I look forward to the day that we all watch the goofy employees of Planned Parenthood being served with long jail sentences for all of their awful behavior and senseless murder of beautiful young and innocent children!

  31. I could care less about the couple, in retaliation maybe God stepped in and is teaching the couple a lesson, that life is not to be tampered with. As for that human rendering plant the Planned Parenthood Butcher Shop, they deserve the worst, for all the murders they have premeditated. I can not think of anything sicker than that organization with a close second by the Democrat Party, who is party to the buchering. Hope they all rot in hell.

  32. It is a shame that the parents of those seeking to murder a baby did not themselves have an abortion. It is hard to believe that people having abortions are so morally bankrupt. Not only are they killing a precious life but they are turning their back to god and saying I have no desire to get into heaven. What fools !!!!


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