Planned Parenthood scored a victory that put every school child in danger


Planned Parenthood has been on a mission to put itself in charge of teaching sex-ed in America’s public schools.

Their goal is to build a never-ending pipeline of young customers for abortions.

Now, Planned Parenthood scored a win that could radically change this state’s sex-ed laws.

At Colorado’s State Capitol, a radical new bipartisan sex-ed bill (HB19-1032) is on the move.

The bill includes a $1,000,000 grant earmarked for Planned Parenthood-approved sex-ed curriculums that encourage promiscuity.

Planned Parenthood lobbied for the bill and was a top donor to Representative Nancy Todd (D-41), one of the bill’s key sponsors.

The bill forces both public and private schools to teach “the relational or sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals.”

Democrat State Representative Susan Lontine (Denver) said the bill is an effort to push for “acceptance” of LGBT lifestyles.

The bill will also ban abstinence-only teaching.

The Windsor Tribune reports:

After more than 10 hours of debate and the testimony (both written and spoken) of more than 300 people, Democrats on a Colorado House committee approved a controversial bill addressing sexual education in public schools shortly before midnight Wednesday.

That new section on “healthy relationships” and the “different relationship models” students may encounter appeared to be the touchstone for most of the objections from parents, educators and faith leaders Wednesday. Dozens of speakers told the committee they worry that if the General Assembly passes the bill, school districts will be teaching kids about sexual acts and lifestyles their faith disagrees with.

“If you’re for House Bill 1032, then you’re for exposing 9-year-olds to sexually explicit techniques,” said James Rea, a father of four. “We don’t want to expose our children to this kind of forced sexual education.”

But this isn’t Planned parenthood’s first rodeo.

In Reading, Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood tried to convince the school board to install Planned Parenthood “health resource centers” in its high schools that will simply prime high school kids for abortions.

And in Spokane, Washington, Planned Parenthood convinced the school board to approve their sex-ed “curriculum” which teaches promiscuity to teenagers.

Forcing the state of Colorado to teach pro-abortion, pro-LGBT sex-ed content in both public and private schools shows that Planned Parenthood is literally out for blood.

The more Planned Parenthood shoehorns their sick sex-ed “curriculum” into classrooms, the more customers they will have for their abortion mills.

Do you trust Planned Parenthood to teach sex-ed classes in American government schools? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. What Planned Parenthood is doing right now is much worse than dropping a bomb on all of the school in America. By showing this to the Children of America is corrupting their innocent minds that will supply All of the Abortion Clinics with enough Baby parts that will keep all of these Luciferians shelves stockpiled with enough food for them to eat for years. And don’t think that a lot of these American Politicians are Innocent either.

  3. This is so disgusting and sad that this country has reached the bottom of the barrel of immorality. School is for teaching reading, writing and math not the filthy, sinful corruption of the evil radical left. I as a tax payer, whose tax dollars pay a huge portion to fund schools, do not want my tax dollars funding such filth.

  4. Please don’t send your children or Grandchildren to this expose’ of sex-ed …why don’t they teach the children self defense…

  5. We have all the do gooders to thank for this stuff in our schools for voting for people you know nothing about and for the greed of so many others. Sounds as though the teachers get off on young children. Won’t be loge before we hear that the kids are having sex with the teacher watching to make sure they do it right as they will say. That is another reason the courts don’t want to go after the Clinton’s Daniel.

  6. We are not a Marxist nation, in which government has the upper hand about our children’s education. They are getting away with murder, because, us, the United States citizens have become lazy and detached about our children education.
    I am speaking up, because I took action when my two boys entered school. I put on hold my architecture career and got involved with school volunteering in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala. There are cases in which the parent cannot get directly involved, in those cases make contact with the ones volunteering in your child’s school, form a group of concerned parents, and demand to be a participant in school daily activities. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OWN OUR CHILDREN. They act as if they do, because we let them do it! If we are concerned about our children, let’s demand participation on their daily routines out of home. IT IS OUR RIGHT!!

  7. Stupid comment, old dog! Isn’t it up to the parents to teach sex education? I have great grandchildren and I would not want them to learn the LBGTQ.. lifestyle in school. They are way too impressionable in Elementary School. That reminds me of my youngest granddaughter, now 23, who was convinced that she is Lesbian and it turns out she was just confused because she is in love with a wonderful young man who makes her so happy! My oldest granddaughter was never confused and she has four little ones and she became an RN before she had the kids. My daughter gave her the best sex education she could have gotten and she learned the rest in nursing school.

  8. I find it interesting that the governor of Virginia is being yelled at for a picture with a black faced white boy and a white boy in a KKK costume back in school probably being a school play as we have not been told what is behind the picture and why do two kids have uniforms that are pretty expensive when renting. Any way the Governor wanting infanticide that Virginia legislature said no to while nothing is being said about Cuomo who with his legislature voted on and passed a bill legalizing infanticide when nobody but Cuomo and his hinies knew about the upcoming vote. Cuomo gave in to planed parenthood on this first and the news is dead silent on a law that is now in effect without the voters even knowing about the bill coming up for a vote. I know New York city residents are a bunch of cheap dicks who think torturing babies death is their apple but the rest of New York outside of the Big Apple is furious as killing babies is not our thing.

  9. Planned Parenthood has no business anywhere near a school or young, impressionable, children. The parents should teach their children according to the beliefs and values that they want their children to embrace. The parents can enlist various books, church groups, and other resources of their choosing to aid them in the sex education of their children.

  10. I totally agree! This is disgusting. But where are the parents?!?!? If I were a parent of a child hearing this filth I would be suing everyone in sight. Why do people put up with this?

  11. Acceptance my butt. Parents get off your butt and sue the schools until they learn some common sense. It’s not my place to accept anything. Parents protect your children and sue the schools like crazy. Facebook is taking away our freedom of speech. They hire Muslims to work at Facebook and they prevent us from posting on
    Facebook and Messenger. Muslims say what they want about us Americans and they never get blocked. I am sick of Facebook !

  12. Everyone needs to demand that the Governor of New York resigns. Let’s do what we have to do to make this happen. Parents stop watching TV and get busy making this evil Governor of New York resign. Anyone that agrees with that evil Governor is just as evil as the Governor. Let’s get busy and fire that Governor!

  13. IF this article is correct then the Planned Parenthood will just educate themselves out of business because those children will NOT create more people to be educated by Planned Parenthood because of ALL of the abortions they perform will just reduce the number of people to produce the babies that would have to use their aervaces to abort their babies until there are not enough people to use their services and so the planned parenthood will not have anybody to use their servacesand Planned Parenthood will have to quit doing abortions because there willl be NOBODY to abort their baby.

  14. It is my understanding the bill has an op-out clause that will give parents the option to say no. And that’s where the answer to all this progressive anti-traditional values crap lies, with the parents. They must speak up, speak out and if necessary protest in the streets.

  15. The movies we are entertained by have an age appropriate designation. This was put in place to PROTECT young minds some time ago. So how is now different? What changed? This garbage is NOT appropriate for children at the movies so why then is it ok to call it “sex education” and is OK????? There is a reason why 9 years olds can’t go to an “X” rated movie. So why is it OK for graphic sexual details to be taught in a classroom? Can’t our kids have an innocent childhood??? What’s the rush to overload them? They are already experiencing panic disorders and stress beyond what they are capable of handling and legislators want to add MORE?? WTF!!

  16. This is just the next step in the LGBT/Liberal master plan. Abortion at will at any time, now this sex-ed/LGBT
    abomination. What is coming next is legal pedophilia and sex with animals. Just wait.

    100% of all funding for Planned (Murder) Parenthood should cease today. There will be a civil uprising in the next few years and long overdue

  17. The Old Dog: Unless I totally misunderstood your comment, it seems that you approve of this Sodom and Gomorrah left wing approach to demonizing our children. The actions that have been taken to approve this sex “education” by Planned Parenthood [of all people!] is nothing short of sick!
    Teaching children about puberty, both boys and girls, MIGHT be acceptable, but not when taught by those who agenda is evil !

  18. I guess this is the outcome, slowly surrendering their rights as parents to a government that is allowed to not have any accountability, but is allowed to become dictators through and by the people.


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