Planned Parenthood is suing to lift a ban on this stomach-churning practice


Pro-abortion liberals have been more emboldened than ever lately.

And the abortion industry isn’t about to let anything get in the way of its sick profits.

But when you hear why Planned Parenthood is suing this state, you’ll lose your lunch.

The abortion industry doesn’t want anything getting in the way of its abortion-on-demand profits.

So when Ohio passed a law stopping the horrendous procedure known in the abortion industry by the sterile-sounding moniker “dilation and evacuation,” Planned Parenthood leapt into action.

The procedure Planned Parenthood is so eager to win back the ability to perform in Ohio in reality is dismemberment abortions.

The disgusting practice induces pregnant women, often late into their pregnancy, then the abortionist reaches in and tears the baby apart limb-by-limb in the womb.

Ohio’s 10tv reports:

Planned Parenthood and Women’s Med Center of Dayton have filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio over a recently-signed abortion method ban, Planned Parenthood announced Thursday.

Senate Bill 145, signed by former Governor John Kasich in December, outlaws dilation and evacuation abortions, which is a common method into the second trimester of pregnancy.

. . .

The lawsuit has been filed by Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio and Women’s Med Group Professional Corporation.

Ohio Right to Life has issued a statement in response:

“Ohio Right to Life is frustrated but not surprised that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities decided to sue on the Dismemberment Abortion Ban. This law, should it go into effect, would prohibit the barbaric dismemberment abortion procedure, in which an abortionist first dilates the woman’s cervix, and then uses steel instruments to dismember the living, unborn baby. It’s hard to imagine how Planned Parenthood could be in support of a procedure which allows living unborn babies to be ripped limb from limb. This horrendous procedure took place over 3,500 times in Ohio in 2017. At what point will the court reject Planned Parenthood’s frivolous lawsuits?”

It’s hard to imagine anyone could even conceive of carrying out such a disgusting act on a child.

But Planned Parenthood not only performs them but is hell-bent on keeping them legal everywhere they can.

We want to know. What do you think about Planned Parenthood’s efforts to defend this outrageous practice?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I pray that these murderous doctors lose their fight in Ohio. It is unbelievable that they dismember living babies. It is time to repeal Roe vs Wade. How these murderous doctors can sleep at night is beyond me. They will certainly have to face God one of these days.

    • Eleanor Dumbroski, I agree with most of your statement, except for the facing God part. It is much more likely that these people will not by facing God, but will face Satan himself and his eternal Hellfire and damnation. That is what they deserve.

          • God is equally loving and just. He forgives a repentant heart. Those who continue in rebellion face justice and judgement.

          • There is no way to “come” to an imaginary being. Something that is not real and alive, is simply all in your mind – totally made-up stuff. It is so unbelievable to think that normal human beings can still say and believe this hoax. It’s been perpetrated on humanity for thousands of years.

          • The Bible also say he will punish those for the shed blood of the innocent. He is a loving just God but also can be a vengeful God. He tells is vengeance is mine sayth the LORD.

        • I pray that they feel EXACTLY what those poor poor babies feel. -no I want it to be a million times worse if that’s even possible.

      • Dottie: You are wrong on your belief that the abortionist won’t face GOD!! Everyone on the face of this planet will stand be4 GOD for Judgement to give account of their life!! If their name isn’t written in the “BOOK OF LIFE”, then they will be thrown into the pit of hell by the Angels!! And… you know that GOD sees everything that goes on, on this earth! He is giving people an opportunity to ask for forgiveness of their sins, & if they don’t then when they stand be4 the Judgement seat of GOD, HE will say “Depart from ME, I never knew you!! The Bible speaks of the road to hell being wide, & the road to heaven being narrow! Obviously, that means their is going to be an awful lot of people going to hell!! I don’t plan on being one of them! What keeps a person out of Heaven is ‘Not asking JESUS to forgive them of their sins, & believing that HE died for them on the cross, taking their sins on HIS own body, rising from the grave on the 3rd day & sitting beside HIS FATHER in Heaven!”

      • Dottie, they will face God, and He will say “Depart from me, for I never knew you.” Then they will spend eternity in Hell, with Satan and his demons forever and ever. I wouldn’t want anyone to go there. But they will be making their own choice to go there!

        • Such fairy tales!! Please stop promoting those old fables and lies, and join the rest of us in the real world!!

    • What really makes me mad too, is the fact that our tax dollars support them. How did this happen. We need to look very close at anyone we vote for.

      • It’s really simple. Anyone who’s voted for any democrat for anything over the past decades voted for abortion. Any one who still believes the democrat party is moral and compassionate and defends the weak and helpless is delusional as well as sick, sad, insane and out of their damb minds. Joe Biden had it right. We snatch children from their mothers and with America’s tax supporting of Planned Parenthood, we should feel shame.

    • Eleanor – This practice is barbaric and in conscionable. You keep calling these cretins “doctors”. The oath doctors take at certification is “FIRST, do no harm”. They stop being doctors when they have sold their soul to support and practice barbaric procedures. They are no different than the ghoulish inhumans who performed experimental cuts during WWII. It sickens me and should to ANY person who cherishes life. We have evolved into a race of cannibals,eating our own young. Not just these violators of decency, but we who sit back and wring our hands.

    • Planned parent hoodlems should be closed down permanently. They have to be really sick to want this. Some day they will stand before God with the Doctors and the women that let them murder their babies. It will not be a happy day for them. It is too bad that these innocent little babies has to pay for their sins without ever having a chance.

    • It is time that we start holding the women that have these abortions, accountable!! They are the ones that are doing this, they are the ones that are flat out murderers of their own child!! We need to call them out every day and call them what they are, murderers. There is so many things on the market, that should make abortions unacceptable. They have the day after pill, what they were just too lazy to take one? I know it is an awful word, but I hate these women!!

  2. As I was about to write a response, it occurred to me that the words of one of the Founders said it best.

    Judge James Wilson was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and a Supreme Court Justice. He was regarded by the other Founders as the leading scholar of his day. On the subject of abortion and the Declaration of Independence’s stated inalienable “Right to Life”, he stated “With consistency, beautiful and undeviating, human life from its commencement to its close, is protected by common law. In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By the law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence, and in some cases, from every degree of danger”

    As for Planned Parenthood, there will come a time when they will reap what they sow.

  3. Demon Rats were worried about an “ATTACK” on abortion when Kavagnauh (-2 for spelling) but the ONLY thing that has affected ABORTION ON DEMAND is this move to kill LIVE CHILDREN. The right has only asked for the “DECISION” be made with in 20 weeks!! THE LEFT is making this a SUPREME COURT make the decision!!! SEEMS LIKE A NO BRAINER TO ME! I guess the left will not be happy until the can KILL ALL MINORS ON DEMAND!!! That means YOU CAN MURDER ANY DISAPPOINTING CHILD UP TO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION????? SICK DEMON RATS!! People are BEGGING God to wipe the EARTH CLEAN! IF climate change were REAL THEY are the cause of GOD’s WRATH!!!!

  4. Planned parenthood are all murderers. They have no mforals and their soul has eroded to nothing. They are so evil, worse than even thought of. Of course the women let these horrible are complicit in these murders. How can any of these subhumans look in the mirror. The Supreme Court in all of this. They are weaklings who can’t stand up to the media. Kill roe vs wade.

    • There you go again – blame the woman!! You seem to have forgotten that a man was also involved in the pregnancy. Where is your concern and disdain for the man?? How about we sterilize all the men involved in these pregnancies!!! That would sure send a message.

  5. All of this People that Suport that type of Crime, they will have to Face God when they done on this Earth and will know the Consequences of Killing Baby, While they can’t defend thenself from this Criminals

  6. This isn’t abortion it is outright murder and these people who preform this should be charged with murder in the first degree.

  7. I thought everyone knew that abortion is done in such fashion! They use an instrument similar to a wand type food processor that grinds the baby while at the same time vacuums out the contents of the uterus. Next to the table where the woman has been drugged and cervix has been dialated, is a large glass jar, maybe two, into which the blood, baby and all contents go. The woman can view the jar(s) filling with that precious life being sucked out of her.
    How inhuman and tragic! I’ve seen it; and the whole time someone is making a big profit! Why can’t people understand that abortion is premeditated murder for hire?!
    Is there ever a premeditated murder that should be acceptable?!
    I hate the fact that through hardy approval and taxes we all become complicit to abortion on demand! Where is my right to choose complicity?!!
    How can a person decide to kill the life in the womb for convenience? Or for profit and call it choice, good or without conscience? To spare the life and health of a woman who, by victim or consent carries a human life in her womb?
    “Planned Parenthood” the title itself should make all people understand that the whole mission to abort babies is to “commit genocide and thereby socially engineer” a society.
    And the victims of “choice” and the life of babies pay for the massacre!
    Just today alone, how many souls will cry in anguish before God our creator?!
    My heart and soul grieves….

  8. I have heard the pundits claim that the US is a caring and compassionate nation so why in “God’s” name do we allow this butchery on our little children.Wthout the children we have no future.

  9. Yes, everyone will face Judgment. Secondly, no one NEEDS an abortion. What people NEED is to learn how a woman becomes pregnant, and if she does, including teenage girls, she needs to carry the baby full time and give it up for adoption if she feels she cannot take care of the child. I have always heard about “accidents”. Men, find a new activity. Keep yourselves from being in positions like this so a girl does become pregnant. Young girls who become pregnant because step-fathers rape them, report the rape. Do not let these men off the hook. Planned Parenthood does not report these rapes because they want the continued business.

  10. The planned parenthood bunch needs to be dismantled! The womb used to be the safest place but they have invaded that safe place! Pray God starts with the mothers to open eyes, while tearing down the practice of these evil and wicked people! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

  11. I pray that the state of Ohio wins this suit! Life begins at conception! Planned Parenthood is nothing but a baby murdering business. They should be disbanded completely! Not one cent of taxpayers money should go to this atrocity of an organization!

  12. Planned Parenthood isn’t about the women. It’s about their profits. They make millions every year from selling organs, tissue, etc. What has society become that people are ok with this murder? And murder it is. I pray the PPH fails in their suit.

    • That “soon” has been coming for years. Don’t believe it. It is simply a threat to keep folks in line. Go ahead and enjoy life and don’t worry about a thing.

      • Nancy…You have no concept of the truth. You will know the moment you die that God is very real. And You have no idea who Jesus is or His great love for you. sad

  13. Inside their womb, babies can hear, feel pain months before they are born. Imagine if they did that to you. Pulling limbs one by one. This is so outrageous! We are back to old Roman days in arena where audiences watched people eaten by lions, being killed in fights and pulled apart ALIVE. This is so wrong. Jesus will come after you and throw you in HELL!

  14. I think that there is NOTHING, that Pro-Life will not stop at, to remove womens HUMAN RIGHTS. After all, except for medical emergencies, the FIRST tri-mester is when maybe 99% of abortions occur. And before anyone asks about un-born “bill of rights”, I ask this question. If the un-born are to be given human rights, what about the un-DEAD? Shouldn’t vampires, werewolves, mummies, demons, and other un-DEAD, have a bill of rights, as well????

    • I am Pro-Choice. But I believe that this push for late-term abortions in starting to cross the line for what I can handle. Some are calling to allow it until the umbilical cord is cut (partial birth abortions). Well maybe those who joke about Un-dead bill of rights would also be crazy enough to allow the parents to have a test period before they decide. Maybe up to one year. If they don’t like them, abort. The point is there should be a reasonable line. I think if you push that line too far, you are giving then a reason to go after Roe v Wade.

  15. If the law in this country dorsn’t Get these monsters, God will! But then these fools are atheists! May He judge them severely! They will spend an eternity in Hell!

  16. After that baby has a heart beat it is a live human. What women has the right to take another humans life??
    If she didn’t want a baby get your tubes tied!!! Stop killing. Stop playing God.
    I say if they do this horrific act it should be mandatory to get their tube tied!!!

    • It is a live human from the moment it is conceived. Murdering a baby in or out of the womb is not only wrong, it is the worst kind of murder, as a baby is the most innocent and helpless human being

  17. Abortion is murder How can these people murder babies inside and outside the womb. Some people don’t believe in God. Maybe they should rethink it
    Planned Parenthood seems to be a bunch of legal killers- maybe there are some good in that web of deceit. In my opinion!!!
    But ripping unborn babies to pieces one piece at a time then selling baby parts. Is horrible. Or throwing away baby parts
    Now they want to kill or let die newborn babies. Whatever happened to The Doctors Oath?? It’s a disgrace to humanity and The United States of America!!!!!


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