Planned Parenthood is jumping for joy after the sick thing Elizabeth Warren did


While most of America is at a stand-still due to coronavirus, abortion mills like Planned Parenthood are thriving.

Due to be considered “essential,” they are operating with impunity, using up vital medical supplies that should be reserved for actual health care workers.

And now Planned Parenthood is jumping for joy after Elizabeth Warren did something sick.

With people being forced inside with the spread of coronavirus, abortion mills are running into some problems with providing their baby murder services.

So a solution used around the world has been to increase access to abortion pills, which kill the unborn child without needing the physical procedure.

Those drugs are not available over the counter and generally require a visit to a doctor or an abortion clinic to obtain.

But in Britain and Ireland, they now have a system for the pills to be mailed to them after a short phone consultation.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service and Marie Stopes UK (BPAS) are among those offering the phone service.

“We’re really proud to be able to offer this to our clients to help them access abortion care at a time of great uncertainty,” BPAS tweeted.

British authorities are giving the go-ahead for these pills to be used until 10 weeks’ gestation.

“Abortion care is an essential part of health care for women: services must be maintained even where non-urgent or elective services are suspended,” the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said.

“Abortion is time-sensitive, and attention should be paid to providing care as early as possible given gestational limits,” it continued.

In the United States, there is now an effort, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren to implement the same system.

Warren, along with Senators Patty Murray and Tammy Baldwin, penned a letter to FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn making a similar demand.

“People who need an abortion cannot delay care and should not needlessly risk coronavirus exposure,” they wrote. “”Given the years of scientific evidence indicating that medication abortion is a safe and effective treatment, we ask that FDA take immediate steps to temporarily exercise enforcement discretion on in-person dispensing requirements, so that people can more easily access abortion care without putting themselves or their healthcare providers at risk of infection from COVID-19.”

If implemented, Planned Parenthood would certainly become the premier provider for these phone-an-abortion services.

This is just another example of Democrats and abortion mills exploiting coronavirus to support their pro-abortion agenda.

Planned Parenthood has come out with statements not only claiming that abortion is in as much as demand as before, but that it is in higher demand due to the increase in unemployment.

Do you think abortion should be considered non-essential during the coronavirus pandemic?

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  2. So BPAS is proud of killing babies. Not only is that extremely sick and chilling, there is an especially terrible place in Hell waiting for them

  3. For those that believe in abortion, can we do post-birth abortion on people-of any age if they cause an inconvenience is our lives? You know a cheating spouse, 16 year old teenager who is really a pain to deal with, spouse that has health issues, parent that has dementia. You get the idea. The thing with babies, they didn’t do the deed-they are the result of 2 people having sex. The baby didn’t do anything. Most abortions are not from rape, they are from a male and a female who didn’t take precautions. Maybe we should start saving the baby and post-abort the two people who caused the problem? I wonder how many people would be for that?

  4. Elizabeth Warren, Patty Murray and Tammy Baldwin should be jailed for inciting murder. They should be cast out of America. They have no value of life. Only GOD has the power to make them kind of decisions, not these scumbags. REMEMBER GOD IS IN CONTROL.

    Elizabeth Warren is so ugly she could trick or treat on the telephone. Part Indian my ass, she is a cross between a moron and an idiot. IN MY OPINION.

  5. I say stop the abortions!! As I see here there is a whole list of people here that all want kids!!! So all you pro-lifers step up and take these kids on! If your so pro life it shouldn’t be a problem! Step up and put your mouth where the money is!

  6. Sharon – I think you were trying to show the ridiculousness of murder for convenience, but do you realize part of what you say is exactly where we are headed? The problem with that is the government will determine who is convenient and who is inconvenient, just like they determine what is essential and what is inessential.

  7. The demoturds ought to be arrested for murder in the first. They have planned this crap out and should be forced to pay. Since they believe in the death penalty that’s what they should get.

  8. To bad her fake tribe didn’t have her mother abort her, it would have made the world a better place.

  9. Abortions on demand are unneeded and the doctors commit murder for hire. There at least 12 preventative means for pregnancy. There are also day after means to prevent pregnancy. If you don’t use one or more of these methods you are lazy. Criminal caused pregnancy should always be terminated at the patients request thru a hospital and with psychiatric after care.

  10. If abortion is “health care”, then assassination is “protected political speech”.
    While I am against killing in almost every form, I can agree to the execution of abortionists. They are serial killers from which our society must protect ourselves.

  11. I would like to know which one of their children they would have aborted?
    These are sick people who have no regard for life.

  12. Those who would abort a baby at any stage should be tried for capital murder. For example if the doctor/parent waited for a year to kill the baby the nation would cry about how depraved that Dr. or mother is for that. So tell me how does a year or 6 months after birth change the facts of murder when done before actual birth?

  13. I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result…

  14. Notice all the things democrats are trying to sneak in because of this virus.
    Federal money to bail out states with underfunded pension systems.
    Mail in voting.
    Easier access to baby murdering.
    Stimulus money to illegal aliens.
    Parts of the Green New Deal.
    And pork for democrat donner special interests.
    Never let a crisis slip by.

  15. It’s too bad warren’s mother didn’t have an abortion So we wouldn’t have to listen to her constant ideological left wing crap

  16. Women’s healthcare is still an essential service. PP is not an abortion mill like the pro-poverty pro-death right wing would have you believe. PP provides a range of health care including pre-natal care for the poor. Abortion is a small part of what they provide. For those women who know that another child is just another life that cannot help but be neglected in a world of capitalist driven poverty, abortion is the proper choice. For the 95% of women who are thankful that they chose abortion, PP and other clinics are an essential service. To denigrate the work the clinicians do by saying they shouldn’t have the PPE resources to do their important work is beneath most Americans… except of course the disgusting trolls complaining about the essential work that PP is doing.

  17. To HCB. You are right that PP is an essential program. Not only do they help woman with gynecological needs they also supply BIRTH CONTROL. So if you chose not to be a responsible sexual active person it’s ON YOU.

  18. To HCB : The proof against your statement that “Abortion is a small part of what they provide.” was shown when a law was proposed to prohibit performing abortions in the same facilities where “Planned Parenthood”provides their “other services.” In response “Planned Parenthood” said that a part of their current company could not financially survive !!! In fact, abortions are the MAJOR portion of the “services” which PP provides, with another being the SALE OF BODY PARTS (quite similar to an automobile “chop shop” dealing in stolen parts !) A more fitting name for the “PP” organization would be “Planned Homicidal Prevention Of Parenthood !” As a taxpayer, I GREATLY RESENT having a portion of the money extorted from me through my government as taxes being spent on murdering babies, who certainly do not deserve to die for the irresponsibility of people who would neither responsibly control their sexual behavior, nor pay the price of their own misdeeds and raise their own naturally started and developing offspring. The babies are not the guilty parties !!!


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