Planned Parenthood enlisted Hollywood to peddle abortion with this new book


It’s no secret Hollywood and Planned Parenthood have a sordid love affair.

Hollywood’s systematic attack and shut-down of the pro-life documentary “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” makes that clear.

But now Hollywood elite are backing this shameful pro-abortion book that takes things too far.

Hollywood just can’t get enough of abortion.

The hit Netflix series Bojack Horseman made an episode on the so-called “benefits” of abortion just a couple years ago.

And in 2017, the Emmys threw two awards to the pro-abortion show “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

But now some of the Hollywood elite are promoting a coffee table book telling women to boast about their abortions.

Shout Your Abortion is a book about women who got an abortion and are proud.

The Book’s website explains:

Shout Your Abortion is a collection of photos, essays, and creative work inspired by the movement of the same name, a template for building new communities of healing, and a call to action. Since SYA’s inception, people all over the country begun sharing stories and organizing in a range of ways: making art, hosting comedy shows, creating abortion-positive clothing, altering billboards, and starting conversations that had never happened before. This book documents some of these projects and individuals who have breathed life into this movement, illustrating the profound liberatory and political power of defying shame and claiming sole authorship of our experiences. With Roe vs. Wade on the brink of reversal, the act of shouting ones’ abortion has become explicitly radical, and Shout Your Abortion is needed more urgently than ever before.

It’s the culmination of a twitter campaign pushed by Planned Parenthood.

Now Hollywood celebrities are coming out of the woodwork attempting to “destigmatize” abortion.

Planned Parenthood and Hollywood have long been preying on teenage girls to keep the business in operation.

In 2016, Chelsea Handler stated she was “grateful” to have two abortions at Planned Parenthood when she was 16 years old.

And Margaret Cho makes sure to talk up abortion in her comedy sketches.

Further, Jemima Kirke told XO Jane that having an abortion was the right decision for her.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood liberals trying to normalize abortion? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. There is one way people, especially those who are pro choice, to visually perceive the impact of abortion. Go to the, and watch in real time the numbers as they increase, and with each passing moment knowing an innocent life has been terminated.

  3. Exactly if your 16 and get pregnant give the baby up for adoption. There are plenty of people who would love to have children but for some medical reason can’t.

  4. Hollywood types don’t want to be tied down to a beautiful child…….they think they are too georgus to stretch out their bodies…..which are all fake and put together by surgeons~ Sicko hollywood is not what American values are about…………they just don’t get it………Murder is Murder……that baby is alive and growing inside those Killer Mother’s bodies………….the Pearly Gates will haunt them about how they are murderers……………God loves all babies………Stop your open screwing around and use birth control or put the child up for adoption……………

  5. At least Chelsea Handler is more attractive than her abortion compatriot Martha Plimpton who not only had 2 abortions but sings the praises of the guy who performed them, oh yes I forget the stupidity of of those women which is the cause of their pregnancy would have ruined their lives but they turn around and place the blame on the embryo.

    Yes, folks in most part I may not believe in abortion especially among whites and those delusional enough to believe they will make money among the genuinely cognizant peddling their talent in what they define as entertainment, career hopefuls who will never have a true career, but a human life does not begin at conception that begins when a fully functioning brain has formed.

  6. There is no divine being, divine beings do not wait until a person’s life ends to punish them for atrocities, yahweh certainly did not wait until people died to punish them in the old testament now did it.

  7. I think all Hollywood actors should pledge to abort their pregnancies for the next ten years to show that they actually support Planned Parenthood. It would not only show true commitment but, in about 20 years, we would have at least ten following years of peace and common sense.

  8. This is truly a horrible situation in our country and the world.
    I wish I could unread this article. Shame on all these Hollywood despicable women who support PP and have given up their souls to the devil!
    This is complete liberal insanity on parade. Abortion should be illegal.
    Maybe this California fire is a sign for more than bad forestry!
    God save the children. God bless and save America!!

  9. Stop giving to the United Campaign and fine out all you can about it. You can give to a cause but if that cause gets what they ask for any money over that goes to some one else!. I stopped giving to it just shortly after it all started. It is all a scam!

  10. I don’t know about that. There seems to be a lot of people walking around without a fully functioning brain

  11. Those of us who are pro-LIFE should promote any and all books, films, etc. that give this perspective, i.e. “Gosnell.” Support with publicity campaigns, reviews, etc…the way to combat lies is with truth, always…

  12. Yes, but we will ALL come before G-d the Father for judgement…my sins are grevious, but they are washed by the precious blood of Jesus-these people have no clue. I’d pity them if they weren’t so ignorant…

  13. 2 Corinthians 4:4
    The god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.

  14. ..I AGREE FULLY.. DOES ANYONE DO POLL A POll on WHAT THEIR POLITICAL AFILLIATION IS..!! Dimms- sicuallists- commie- lgbtqrixp- whatevers..!!!..


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