Planned Parenthood announced a sick new plan in response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation


Planned Parenthood is worried Kavanaugh’s confirmation could crush their bottom line.

They know that Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy with a conservative Supreme Court majority.

And their new contingency plan in response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation is insane.

Planned Parenthood is ramping up their abortion operations regardless of what happens to Roe v. Wade.

Their plan is shamelessly called “Care For All” despite its goal of ending the lives of innocent unborn babies.

The plan outlines how they’re going to grow their pipeline of “customers” – young women who they prey on for their bloody business in three key ways:

  1. Creating an abortion “underground railroad” to bring women to states like California and New York to get abortions. We could see new abortion capitals popping up across the country.
  2. Fighting in state capitals across the country to intimidate legislators into enacting their pro-abortion agenda. Their tactics almost worked in flipping Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) during the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.
  3. Changing the culture by targeting teenagers with their pro-abortion propaganda.

Planned Parenthood’s plan reads:

… we will escalate our plans to combat stigma and shift the culture around abortion, including:

• Working with content creators on honest and authentic portrayals of abortion in film and television. We’ve seen the power of pop culture to help challenge stigma and change the conversation about abortion. That is why we’ve collaborated with shows like Jane the Virgin and GLOW as well as movies like Obvious Child to help ensure audiences see real-life, sensitive portrayals of abortion and patients’ experiences.

• Educating people about what abortion is and why it’s an important part of reproductive health care, as well as helping people understand the effects of abortion stigma. We have been using technology successfully to help people understand the reality of safe, legal abortion and what patients experience when having an abortion with tools like the relaunched; educational videos on abortion; and our work on the VR film Across the Line.

• Creating resources to encourage accurate, nonjudgmental conversations about abortion so people have the tools they need to reduce abortion stigma in their lives and in their communities. We want to help as many people as possible understand what abortion stigma is and how people in different communities – including communities of color and the LGBTQ community – may experience it. And we’re also working on how to reduce stigma in our own lives, work spaces, and relationships.

Planned Parenthood will be working with pop stars and Hollywood to push propaganda at their target audience – teenage girls.

Recently celebrities including actress Emma Stone wore Planned Parenthood pins at the Oscars.

Other celebrities like Mila Kunis have announced their support for Planned Parenthood on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel and urged viewers to donate to the abortion organization.

Planned Parenthood also claims their goal is to educate the public on abortion.

Yet they constantly attack Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers who offer life-affirming services.

In fact, Planned Parenthood protested outside of the Supreme Court earlier this year as the NIFLA v. Becerra case was being heard.

The NIFLA ruling struck down a California law that would have forced Christian CPC’s to essentially become free referral services for Planned Parenthood.

Finally, Planned Parenthood’s most nefarious goal is to make abortion common practice.

Gone are the days of “safe, legal, and rare.”

Now they are targeting young women with social media campaigns like “Shout Your Abortion,” which encourages women to proudly and publicly proclaim they had an abortion.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues to rake in over $500 million in taxpayer dollars annually.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. They should show the actual procedure for what they do both short term and long term. Seeing a real abortion should turn stomachs and make people not want to us their tax dollars for such a terrible practice.

  3. Plan parenthood is nothing but a bunch of BLOOD SUCKING FREAK’S, let bollywood & the losers that want or need to have an abortion pay for it themself, not suck the taxpayer for money to justify their blood thrity lunacy, listen it takes two HE&SHE to make that baby even though it’s not his body carrieing the baby he helped create,if she did’nt want to create a baby there r ways to prevent having one,he should have say in any abortion y bc it’s a part of HIM period, IT’S LIFE FOOL’S how would it be if u were aborted think about that!

  4. Defund Planned Parent hood it is such a scam and now with all their campaigns to kill more babies disgusting

  5. I think abortion past a few weeks is wrong but if a woman can live with killing her baby I can let her do it. I am not willing to support her unwanted child or taxing everyone to do so. I am very much against all that taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood. A lot of it goes to the political campaigns of Democrats so it’s just a way for the Democrats to get taxpayer money.

  6. I think abortion past a few weeks is wrong but if a woman can live with killing her baby I can let her do it. I am not willing to support her unwanted child or taxing everyone to do so. I am very much against all that taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood. A lot of it goes to the political campaigns of Democrats so it’s just a way for the Democrats to get taxpayer money.

  7. Yes, money is the only thing that PP understands and how to get as much of it as they possibly can, legally or illegally. The only way that abortion and the harvesting of baby organs can be stopped is to take their funding away and refuse to give them licenses for other medical procedures that they want to start providing. May God bless all those who believe in Him and believe in His commandments.

  8. You are a bunch of under educated human beings. There is NO TAXPAYER funding for abortions. There hasn’t been for about forty years.Planned Parenthood does NOT “harvest and sell” baby parts. THAT was a hoax perpetuated by the religious right. WHEN you PERSONALLY are willing to guarantee the quality of life of “child” you purport to be “saving”, let me know. You care NOTHING about anything other than controlling women’s reproductive RIGHTS. If MEN were FORCED to bear children or even be RESPONSIBLE for them, there would be no challenge. When it was suggested that men needed the wive’s consent for vasectomies, OR ED treatment, congress went crazy, or at least the. MEN did.I
    BEFORE men got “involved” in women’s “medicine”, about 1900, WOMEN took care of all female, “ills” including abortion, birth control, and child birth. Folk remedies were passed down from mother to daughter, and many pioneer woman took herbs with them when they moved west and SHARED them with their neighbors.
    Please take the time to educate yourselves. Abortion is in the bible, not as an EVIL abomination, but as a necessary medical procedure. Study women’s health through history and STOP being sheople.Please.

  9. Murder is murder and you will face our Lord and answer for the murdering of an innocent baby. May God have mercy on the souls of women who have bought into this planned parenthood crap! If you want to have control over your body, do it before you become pg. There is birth control everywhere for all who are of age. Take control before a baby is formed because of your actions. We must go back to taking the results of our actions. Defund planned parenthood and save lives. All will answer for their actions to Jesus. Yes there is a heaven and there is a hell. There is a real devil who inspires wrong thinking for you own lust. Hell is a horrible place and many will soon see what hell is really like! Get ready for the trump is about to sound!

  10. Pastor Lin. You don’t know of what you speak. I hope padtirvis your first name because you are not a man of GOD. Abortion is murdering children. This was the final straw for Israel and will be for the United States. And planned parent hood does indeed receive and has received tax payer funding. Get your facts straight.

  11. Planned Patenthood should be called UNPLANNED PATENTHOOD. They’re a disgraceful & unforgivable organization responsible for the torturous murder of millions of unborn babies. It’s a sin that our govt funds then. They have no place in a civilized society. Let’s not forget their immoral act of selling body parts too. With the millions they make from that act alone, there’s ZERO justification for our govt to pay them a single penny.
    I have a novel idea… practice celibacy OR get your last butts to a drug store for comdems &/or obtain one of the many forms of birth control that are EVERYWHERE. We can’t stop Soros from funding them, we already know what scum his is.

  12. There is a true story movie that was just released dealing with abortion. It is called Gosnell. This man, Gosnell, ran an abortion clinic in Ohio. The one thing I heard about this movie was that the “doctor”, if an abortion ended in a live baby (I thought you couldn’t get an abortion after the first trimester my understanding abortions are performed on demand now?) was born the “doctor” broke its spine. I will not watch this movie. My grandnephew was born at 7 months 1 week. He was perfect. eyelashes, fingernails, toenails, but small. I could hold his whole body in my hand. I got to see him about 12 hours later in the NICU. Both arms were taped to tongue depressors for IVs. He threw both of his arms over his head and screamed like a banshee. Very active.

  13. Y’all might want to read up on the “Open Borders Foundation”? Mr. George Soros founded it back in the 1980’s. He has funded it to the reported tune of $38 Billion since then. Planned Parenthood is funded by the Foundation also.
    I am also going to the White House site and voice my opinion to “Stop Funding” abortions. I just don’t understand why these girls don’t use birth control? When I was young a judge would order the father to pay child support or marry the girl he got pregnant. Teens have gone to hell in many cases. Like two women at work said while talking next to me, “You can raise your daughter, BUT the streets will raise your boys!”.

  14. We should be forced to support abortion through federal funding. There are other options for a woman that chooses not to have a baby. Has anyone ever heard of abstinence? Just one method of several choices.

  15. DEFUND totally PP, who support the MURDER of the most innocent of human persons, their screams are silent, as their little lives are ripped from them, by the choice of their mothers and the a$$i$t of the Dr’$, enacted by the so-called ‘right to privacy’ S.C. decision by Harry Blackmun and (6) other justice’s.

  16. I think I have read that a person who murdered a pregnant woman was charged with two murders
    Hers and the baby’s.someone tell me how abortion is not murder,

  17. In the Paul Ryan bill that passed, that the President signed, Ryan put in 500 million to Planned Parenthood. The bill was so hugh that President Trump only read part of it, but signed it because it had 600 billion for the military. He said he will never do that again. Paul Ryan should be kicked out of office.

  18. Taxpayers should Not have to
    pay for another’s abortions! Kill all the Babies you want if that’s what you want, but Karma will get you! I don’t want to pay for it


  20. You’ve got to be a brainless Democrat puppet abortion is murder plain and simple you don’t kill human beings in the womb because the women are too lazy to use birth control they should have the baby and give it up for adoption you don’t kill another human being for another human beings mistake and you’re an idiot

  21. Planned parenthood is a murderous organization and needs to be defunded. There are many places women can get free health care. This is one of their arguments.

  22. You sir are a false prophet. It fully rebukes the slaughter of children which abortion is from the beginning. You are reading into the Holy scriptures what you want to see. Try reading what it says and then maybe you can repent for funding this atrocity. The control of reproductive rights is not to create a baby if you don’t want one. There are many ways of contraception and abortion is not one. It is flat out murder.

  23. I do not want to be paying for abortions. If someone wants to murder their unborn children, using abortion as a means of birth control, so be it. Live and Let Live. It is not my Responsibility to pay for it.These folks need to pay for what they choose to do themselves and be accountable

  24. where does it mention abortion is okay in the bible bookm chapter please. need to see it in black and white. KJV please.

  25. This is Pagan Activity that The American Oublic is Required to participate in.. Welcome to The New Babylon thanks to Demigod Government that ignore The Constitution.. Money Over Created Human Beings

  26. It would appear that President Trump should have pulled his nomination and left him with his reputation ruined. He just sold out all of the people who fought for him. So now we have two pseudo Conservatie Justices. America doesn’t have long left, probably about two years, when the Left has the House, Senate and Whitehouse. They will start destroying the Military and economy the minute they have control.

  27. What the heck happened to Kavanaugh agreeing to continue funding killing babies. I originally thought he was more of a Conservative, but acting now more like an evil Democrat!

  28. Joe and James, I think it is unfortunate that the mothers of ‘Murder the Babies!’ advocates didn’t have abortions! Those are the only ones I would approve! Perhaps these women could have an ultra-sound with the volume up to hear and record the screams of the previous baby when it is being cruelly
    dismembered. In addition, a micro-chip recording must be implanted in this
    murderer’s ear so she hears it every day of her life…. is this too nice?

  29. Pastor Linn, would you please share your Biblical enlightenment with us? I’m assuming you refer to the Jaint James version, but NOWHERE in mine can I find any advocation of abortion. This is confusing.

  30. Randie like you, I don’t want to pay for abortions or murder of any kind. EVER. I believe the world has rejected morality and has become a self indulging Sodom and Gommora. It is disgusting that the young peopl worship the sluts and slime of Bollywood and turn their backs on Christian, Jewish, Roman Catholic teachings for guidance. The scriptures warn about worshipping false idols. Sadly, our nation can’t legislate MORALITY. Pastor Linn might tell us more about that.

  31. why are thes people so wrong many women need health care many women will die without the abortion so will her child killing two con not be acceptable wake up to the different issues of womens health no religion says killing two is great ideaa

    Defund Them.

    The mentally challenged democRats are crying & screaming about illegal alien children at the border but yet they endorse killing children inside our borders.

  33. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  34. First, not all Planned Parenthoods offer abortions. For example, there are eight such non-abortion Planned Parenthoods in Texas that 160,000 women rely on for well-visits & cancer screenings. The Planned Parenthoods that do offer abortions are not funded by the federal government. By law, federal funding cannot be allocated for abortions. They are funded by private donors. And interestingly enough, one of their biggest private donor is Bill Gates. (I found that intriguing as someone who works in the Information Technology field. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, a computer operating system that half the world uses.)

    Second, pro-choice legislation reduces abortions. Women need birth control so that they don’t get pregnant when they don’t want to. Planned Parenthood provides birth control and sex education which prevent unwanted pregnancies, which reduces the need for abortions.

    And third, Democrats/liberals would rather endorse women to have the right to choose what they want for their lives versus having a group of non-medical people (men) decide for them. Republicans/conservatives morality seems to stop once a child is born. Help feed that child, educate that child or house that child is beyond your “Christian” beliefs.

    In the immortal words of George Carlin, “No neonatal care, no daycare, no Head Start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing! If you’re pre-born, you’re fine. If you’re preschool, you’re f***ed!”

  35. Makes me want to throw up, thinking about MURDERING NEW BORN BABIES! Anyone that thinks that allowing a new born baby to to DIE “AFTER” they are born, is called a MURDERER!


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