People are concerned after this athlete won an award


College athletics are quite competitive.

Students athletes strive to perform to maintain scholarships and perhaps even play professionally in their sport.

But people are concerned after this one athlete won an award.

Leftism will always go too far because there’s nobody on the Left who is is willing to stop it.

And what few dissidents there are on the Left who speak out find themselves ostracized.

This is precisely what has happened to feminists who aren’t on board with the transgender movement.

They’ve been subjected to a complete media blackout on the Left, and they’ve had to report to Fox News and conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation to get their message across.

One of the concerns from feminists and other Democrats who are more moderate is the effect of transgenderism on athletics.

Women’s athletics is being raided by biological males who are quickly winning events and shattering records.

And now one transgender college athlete just won an award that left many people concerned.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Big Sky Conference named University of Montana runner June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, the cross-country female athlete of the week.

“June Eastwood finished second in a field of 204 runners at the Santa Clara Bronco Invitational,” helping “Montana place seventh as a team,” the conference noted in its announcement Tuesday. Eastwood previously competed on the University of Montana’s men’s team.

The University of Montana’s athletic director previously cited NCAA policy in explaining why Eastwood was competing on the women’s team. The NCAA allows male runners who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletics after suppressing testosterone levels for a full calendar year.

Scientific research indicates male athletes retain competitive advantages over female athletes, even after suppressing testosterone.

Leftists always roll their eyes whenever conservatives make the “slippery slope” argument, but these same Leftists eventually end up defending the positions they said were too ridiculous to occur.

Transgender athletes are taking away spots and accolades from women.

It’s only a matter of time before a highly-visible sport like basketball is taken over by a transgender athlete.

If biological males start dunking all over women’s basketball at the high school and collegiate levels, one can only imagine the excuses the radical Left will use to justify their inane ideology.

Do you think it’s wrong for biological males to win awards in women’s sports?

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  2. Of course I am against a biological male competing in any biological women’s sports competitions! And winning!! As I have stated on a similar story on Culture Watch, these transgender’s have a very unfair advantage. Even if they have been taking this testosterone suppression for a year or not!! They still have more muscle mass that biological women do. They are still a biological male!!!
    So many young women in high school and colleges that have trained their whole lives in their sport are losing scholarships and awards because of these deviants! This is so unfair it’s maddening!!! NCAA, just like so many others in authority, are just caving in to these deviants without standing up for what’s right.
    I truly wish parents of these young” true” women start suing these schools and colleges for this crap.And start picketing these events that are allowing this craziness to continue.. Let the transgender compete against each other.

  3. The only way for these social pussies to win is to play against people who are not physically the same. If they cannot compete in regular male type sports them give them their own classification and let females go against other females and males go against males and then let the PANSIES go against the other PANSIES. DO NOT SCREW OVER THE FEMALE SPORTS AND COST REAL FEMALES HONORS, AWARDS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND A FUTURE.

  4. I personally think athletes should be sorted by testosterone level, height, and muscle mass, not gender. If there happens to be a strong correlation with biological gender, well, too bad.

  5. I agree with Linda & Joseph, Men should not be allowed to play sports on a Females Team The Transgenders who claim they are Female, & want to play on Females sports teams know they can’t win against their men, so they want to play on a Female Team. I WOULD NOT ALLOW A MALE ON ANY FEMALES TEAM.

  6. This just means that women sports will lose what popularity they have now. It will become meaningless to the average person – except the money spent to subsidize it.

  7. It really isn’t the complete fault of the trans. I”d give 95% of the blame to imbecilic morons who might truly believe in what they are doing is right. The fact remains that a male athlete and a female athlete are so different physically that the unfair advantage goes to the male participant. Yes, I said male participant. No matter what the male participant is identifies as, he is and will be a he and there will always be an unfair advantage in the male category.

  8. Let them compete but let it be known that the scholarship award, and any other records can only be awarded to a biological female. How about a trans gender female award and biological female award for the same event.

  9. Personally, I blame these so called alpha males at these institutions. It must be very humiliating for males attending the same institutions see these pansies competing against the opposite sex so they can win an event. I believe if that’s the avenue they want to pursue, sex change and stand in front of medical practitioners proving they have changed to the opposite sex. Until something like that happens these alpha males should step up and discuss with these pansies what is appropriate besides damaged knees or feet. Biological women against biological women and the same goes for men.

  10. Oh, but, but ….. Democrats are all in favor of WOMEN’S RIGHTS! Aren’t they?

    LOLOL. Nope! They’ve sold out women in favor of their new heroes – transgenders.

    Give them enough time and they’ll find a way to sell out transgenders in favor of the trans-species. Humans who consider themselves dogs, cats and canaries. Or maybe even those total fruitcakes who think they’re trees and bushes.

    Yep, Democrats will champion them all. But for now they say, “So long women, we’ve used you and used you up”.

  11. People got what they wanted, now they are complaining. Why weren’t they complaining and protesting before the new rules were implicated? Because it was not PC? Or because if you spoke up before then you would be branded some type of phobic, racist or conservative religions phanatic? This is the culture today of the country, don’t speak up before ( because you are afraid of retribution) but whine and complain after the fact. Reminds me of the old saying, I didn’t complain when they came for the man down the street, I didn’t complain when they came for the man next door, wait a minute there is someone knocking on my door.

  12. I am not against bio-males competing in women’s events, PROVIDED, the playing field is leveled. By this I mean, either ALL females (real and he/she) must have the prerequisite levels of estrogens’ in their systems at the time of the competition or have the prerequisite levels of testosterone in their system at the time of the competition. The competition will be between all women identifying as women and all males identifying as women with the same limitations and/or augmentations. It is also my firm belief that these males who identify as women in sporting events do so because that is the only way they stand a chance of winning. Consider this; did Bruce Jenner identify as a woman when he won his Olympic gold?

  13. There is no such thing as “transgender.” Anyone who says otherwise is either biologically clueless or morally corrupt!

  14. This is nothing more than promoting mental illness. Every person in their sane mind knows this is wrong. When these fairies can’t compete against men and win , they want to compete against women because it’s obvious women are physically weaker than men. That would be the same as having grown men competing against young boys because they want to stay a child.

  15. “There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT SEE !” Those who approach a situation with a flagrant goal of cheating do not appreciate the damage thus being generated. A person’s body has been endowed by the Creator with certain specific characteristics related to gender. It is reasonable to select goals for oneself in keeping with them. Exercise and good diet will benefit the body. Chemical abuse will bring eventual damage. Steroids have been abusively taken by individuals in order to unnaturally develop muscles and endurance – for the very fleeting glory thereafter attained. But the body thus chemically abused suffers early problems of numerous types. Physical breakdown and early death become probable as results. Cancellation or avoidance of consequences become the greatest wish of those individuals, but they are not able to erase the reality of the history of their own behaviors. Men who “identify” as women will also face consequences not necessarily yet identified. The glory will be so very scorned by the individuals, once having reached the total results. As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20:20.” The great problem is that current vision of realities is too often self-obscured. That is the case for one who is UNWILLING to see !!!

  16. Women and men should compete in sports separately.

    No gender mixing. Makes sports competitiveness unhealthy and a bad influence on others.

  17. Yep, but I don’t care if the trannies compete against themselves in their own class. wouldn’t bother with watching it though.

  18. I guess I’ll get some flack here but I saw this coming in the 60’s when Feminists demanded equal pay and obertunies. Fine, they earned it and should be treated as such. But the Ulta-Liberal Feminists started to get carried away. Girls in the Boy Scouts, playing on boys teams like wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, etc. even though there are girls teams in these sports. Men don’t complain about it or they are called male chauvinist pigs. Shouldn’t women now be more tolerant to the transgenders for the same rights women fought for? Now the NCAA will let star players appear and get paid for commercials? Who benefits from this? Most sports are team sports. One star player is only a star because his teammates block, assist him, etc. There is no I in team. But they want the star players to get paid but not his teammates? What next? Free Agency? Political correct Liberals have made most everything once descent in our Country to a farse

  19. When this started you remained silent now that the situation is at your doorstep, you’re unhappy. You watched as PC politicians did this to you and now that the horse is out of the barn you see a problem. Now that there is no gender difference we should just do away with male, female categories and let all compete equally that’s the world gone crazy idea is, right, no difference all the same? So confusing.

  20. I’ll say it once again. If you’re born a male, no amount of drugs, hormones, or elective surgery will make your body a female. If you’re born a female, no amount of drugs, hormones, or elective surgery will make your body a male. I want to know when June Eastwood’s next menstrual period is due to occur…

  21. Yes!!! It is soooo wrong. Women fought long and hard for equality, and now they are losing that to men. Just goes to show you, women’s lib NEVER was about equality. Where can girls and women go to compete against their equals? Are they going to be forced to go through life taking Testosterone?!!! They might, just so they have a chance at competing. Otherwise, biological females will have to go home and watch the medals, they worked so hard for, going to biological men. That’s called Liberal Fairness!!!

  22. As long as people’s brains are being softened by currant “progressive” thinking these aberrant things will happen. Next will be legalizing cocaine, sex with animals and children, etc. Of course these trans sports people cannot win in an all male event. I think there should be events for trans only. Four separate events: Trans “females”, trans “males”, females and males. Only in this way would it be fair. Do I see that coming? NO

  23. Mr. Medlin tells it the way it should be.
    Women competitors should receive a mouth swab cytologic chromosome examination to rule out the possibility of a transgender male, who should compete only in their class Transgender only.

  24. Liberals won’t accept that, but there’s no logical reason to oppose ranking by physical characteristics, like in boxing.

  25. A transgender is NOT A WOMAN ! It is a FREAK and can not compete fairly with females ! The Freaks are males that are losers when they have tried to compete with males !

  26. This is not only unfair, it is a depravity. The LGBTQ movement and their supporters in the Democratic party, academia, the media and Hollywood, are making every effort to undermine and destroy traditional values and the American way. There is legislation in the congress, the Equality Act, which if enacted will create a special class and status for LGBTQ, and should that happen, religious liberty,women’s sport, among other areas will be fractured.

  27. If this trend continues whereby more and more “transgenders” compete in women’s athletics, real women will stop participating knowing that that they can’t truly compete against biologically male athletes, thereby effectively destroying women’s athletics in violation of Title IX.

  28. I would hope you would also ban any female from playing on a men’s team. That would preclude the female kicker from playing on the football team that got all the news about how wonderful it was.

  29. “XX” is NOT EQUAL to “XY”.


    Have a “Transgender only” competition event, featuring all XX & XY transgender individuals only………see where the results fall.

  30. The only reason these he/she want to compete against women is because they don’t stand a chance against men. I agree with An above, have “Transgender only” competitions.

  31. Trangender is just another word for queer and lasbians. I read on another site that a transgender was complaining that men wouldn’t date it. I wouldn’t either. This makes it hard to go out and have a good time. Can’t trust what might walk up to you. Good luck to men and women. These freaks have made dating a battle. Who can you trust?

  32. The athlete competed within the rules, so I have no problem with the athlete. I do believe, however, that the NCAA needs to continue to evaluate its competition rules. It would be nice if we had more unbiased scientific data, but our universities are run by politicos, not scientists, and it is difficult to find truly objective science anymore. The Left must be defeated if we want to restore fairness to athletic competition.

  33. That is not going to work, as most of the people who have undergone sex reassignment procedures did so years after the start of puberty and thereby the transgender females (biological males) among them retain all the muscle mass and strength accumulated while living/growing with natural testosterone levels!

  34. The leftists are inconsistent on this! They want to ban conversion therapy for minors (and for everyone if they have their way), but want to allow gender changing! They need to be consistent!

  35. Yes, that is kind of true, since the self-appointed experts on the matter thus far have not complained about parents making the decision on behalf of their children to technologically alter those children’s sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics, provided that a licensed medical professional agrees with some specific instance. The problem is that the activists plainly oppose to psychology-based treatments and neurology-based treatments that would seek to align a person’s mind or “instinct” with that person’s sex chromosome pairing, so in lieu, they support reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy, possibly some psychological manipulation in the direction of disguised mismatch. This has a lot to do with the effectiveness of conversion therapy having been not only challenged and ultimately “debunked”, but also the therapy itself considered to be potentially abusive, which has not yet happened with “approved” treatments of gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. One more thing to note is that conversion therapy pertains to sexual orientation more so than gender identity, which themselves are two different things albeit related. The idea behind sexuality conversion therapy is to get a biological man be be sexually aroused by women or “heterosexual” thoughts instead of fellow men or “homosexual’ thoughts, likewise getting a biological woman to be sexually aroused by men instead of fellow women. A wholly-fertile person may desire this because he or she intends to start a family in at least both the genetic sense and the traditional nurture sense; or the reasons could be religious, such as if a rookie priest or rookie nun wants to be completely divorced from “temptation”, at the same time as not being outright castrated or spayed, thus not physiologically weakened. The psychology community has been struggling with these topics since the advents of psychology and sociology. Humanity has been struggling with not-exactly-rare “abnormalities” for eons.

  36. By the Bruce Jenner was man who ran as man!! No comparison to who she is today!!!!!


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