Parents were disturbed by this question a 9-year-old boy posed to Pete Buttigieg


Democrats are unmoored from any sort of moral principle.

The party drifts further and further Left and Democrat presidential candidates are doing nothing to rein it back in.

And parents across the country were disturbed by this question a 9-year-old boy posed to Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg has inexplicably gone from being the mayor of South Bend, Indiana – whose population is significantly smaller than attendance for Notre Dame’s home football games – to being a contender in the Democratic primary.

Buttigieg has little experience and has never won a statewide election.  But he’s gay, so that affords him a degree of cachet amongst leftists.

When Buttigieg first came into the scene, he tried to portray himself as a moderate, but he’s proven to be more radical the longer he’s been in the race.

Buttigieg’s stealth radicalism is indicative of his party’s movement, particularly on cultural issues.

That was evidence during a rally in Colorado when Buttigieg was asked a disturbing question by a 9-year-old.

The young boy asked, “Would you help me telling the world that I’m gay, too? I want to be brave like you.”

This exemplifies the Left’s efforts to push ideology on a younger and younger audience.

A 9-year-old shouldn’t be at a political rally asking questions about sexuality.

But this is what the Left wants.

Leftists want kids speaking “their truths” about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Children who are 9-years-old (and younger) aren’t emotionally equipped to grapple with complex questions of sexuality, but they’re encouraged to do so by the political class.

This does nothing but spread confusion.

A recent study in Sweden showed that the number of cases of young girls identifying as transgender has increased by an eye-popping 1,500%.

This is not a phenomenon that’s occurring spontaneously.

These ideas are being foisted on kids before they’re ready to handle them.

The constant preaching of radical leftism is nothing more than a social science experiment gone horribly wrong.

Even members of the Left are beginning to see it.

Drag queen performer Kitty Demure warned parents that drag is absolutely not for kids.

The 9-year-old boy who asked Buttigieg that question hasn’t even gone through puberty.

His feelings could be completely different in four or five years.

But the adults in the room aren’t exactly acting like adults.

They’re clapping along uncritically, chanting “love is love” – as if a 9-year-old knows what love is – like trained seals.

WATCH the disturbing scene unfold below:

Is a 9-year-old asking a question about sex at a political rally appropriate?

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  2. Parents in our country are not in vain worried about the fate of their children. who are in the greedy hands of the democratic party’s Levtists, who have been corrupting our children from a very young age until they reach adulthood. By doing so they are preparing electorate zombies who are ready to vote even for our country’s worst enemy – the communist.

  3. Satan (aka Lucifer) has two kinds of soldiers he uses to do his bidding. The first group of soldiers are called “demons”. The second group are called “democrats”.

  4. This is exactly what happens when you throw out GOD and promote a deviant lifestyle to our young people as normal ! The Democrat’s have no souls or moral compass what so ever!! Heaven help our next generation and our great country. Let’s pray there is hope for both!!! FluffyPillowFive’s comment is spot on!!!!

  5. fluffy, you did not go far enough. It is not just democrats. satan also has all other communists, atheists, muslims and all others who deny God. satan has many people very deceived. It is very sad that it is the children who are the innocent victims. Jesus warned against causing a child to sin. These people are truly perverted and evil

  6. Yes. indeed God does answer prayers. But, again FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. When we stand before HIM..He..will ask what visible actions we took to STEM THE TIDE OF WICKEDNESS ! PS: imho–Too many people are sitting on their blessed assurance looking out the window for the rapture…WRONG ANSWER..

  7. Keep your hateful ideas to yourselves. I am straight and knew my sexuality before I was 9 years old. All of my Gay friends knew that they were gay from a young age. Mayor Pete gave a very thoughtful supportive answer to a child who knows his sexuality as do most people by age 9. This child is God’s creation and God does not make mistakes.

  8. A 9 year old does not really know what they want. This kid needs some mental health Doctors skill to fix this child. Why was this kid at a rally? Where did he come up with that question? Was he pushed by someone?

  9. That is so sad and Buttgig should be ashamed with his corruption of young minds. They see him kissing his husband on stage and naturally they would have questions but this was not the right one. Pretty sure it happened in the Liberal paragons of Denver/Boulder? We don’t care if someone is gay or not, just don’t slap us in the face with it and your views are not in sync with most of the population because they are skewed by your Homosexuality!

  10. I don’t give a damn about how some adults choose to lead their lives, BUT Butti-edge-edge should NOT be promoting his homosexuality in public for minors to imitate. Children should not be exposed to the graphics of same sex kissing on lips, because it could easily indoctrinate a “straight” child into a “gay” child. DISGUSTED AMERICAN!

  11. I raised my kids to except gay people as equals and that he gay life style is immoral but it is excepted in our society as long as they dpnt push thier life style on our young. We can not hid our kids from gay people or they wont learn from it if we shield our kids from all the bad in the world then how will they learn how qhat is bad and what is good. One thing I hate is them Christian’s blabbering howvevil gay people are some are evil but most are just regular amercians just want to live their lives as free americans,what’s wrong with that god says hate the sin love the sinner he also says do not judge least ye be judged so all of you so called Christian’s attacking gays saying thier evil I got news for you your the evil o es and as long as you have that attitude you ain’t getting into heaven hell has a place for hypocrites

  12. The alphabet crowd numbers are diminishing so the are recruiting like pedophiles with drag queens doing story time in libraries and how man TV shows have homo characters?

  13. Way to go David that is the right answer. However the evangelical Christian is a breed all in itself. Most of them are a lot like the Pharisees what it seems like they have forgotten is Christ came to minister to the most lowly and forgotten not the Pharisees.

  14. The next question is was he with his parents because if he was the Republithug/Fascist need to mind their own business. Parents choice.

  15. The real question is, Is America ready for a queer President? What will happen to the respect for our Country if our President is openly gay? Will other countries even speak to him?

  16. Sodom and Gomorrah. Butt should be arrested on the spot for crimes against humanity. He incites underaged children, who at age 9 cannot comprehend whether they are gay or not. Perhaps puberty will reveal this. The frenzied crowd applaud this devious act of a very sick America. Seducing underaged kids is a crime. Shame on you Pete Butt, you are a criminal in sheep’s clothing

  17. I would have asked Bueitibug for only one answer Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination. Laws are laws and even Jesus Christ was not above the law. He will not condone the breaking of the law either.

  18. That was truly disgusting. That poor kid needs some real help from a real man. Perhaps he should be in rolled in a good Sunday school and a good conservative strong Church. Hopefully it is not to late to guide the kid in the right direction.

  19. As Pete Buttigieg pointed out, this was incredibly courageous of the young man. For those who think that the young man can’t know his sexuality because he hasn’t reached puberty, what an incredibly ignorant and insensitive comment. Children begin to sense and question sexuality at a very young age. The failure of our educational system to address family systems and sexuality at the elementary school level puts the USA far behind other countries in sexual awareness and birth control. Religions, particularly right wing evangelical cults, are to blame for this obstructive control of the government and our schools in violation of the Constitution.

  20. In the end, those who teaches or leads these children in to sin. Their sins will be upon their heads. Those people have to answer for their own sons as well as all of us. Remember this, “Judge not, lest yee be judged. For by what judgement you judge. You will be judged the same”. And all of us do it everyday without thinking. GOD HAVE MERCY on us.

  21. The crowd in all likely-hood are mostly gay. So the question provided for them a sense of assuring comfort from their trouble existence as biological abnormalities.

  22. We had to endure 8 long years of a “job Giver” from a Chicago Bath House named Barry the Fairy !
    We can not afford another gay SOB in our White House ever again ! Buttman must STFU and go back to Indiana so his fudge can be packed by his Hubby !

  23. There’s no way I believe this kiddie goes to his parents and says he wants to go to the gay guys rally and get on a national stage and ask such a stupid question. I think this kids parents need help for allowing this, they must be real Lu-Lu’s.

  24. I dont care what anyone says…..every person should have gotten up and left this meeting.
    I grew up near SF and knew many gays. If they trust you and think that you are accepting then eventually you will HEAR the truth. It is always the same.
    “We need to groom children to be gay or there will be no more gays. We will all die off.”
    That is a fact. Many tried to seduce me and groom me when I was young. Several tried to rape me.
    To say that this is acceptable in any way is a travesty and is unjust. The older I get the more I realize I should not have been nice or friendly to any at any time….however the good part is that they eventually told me the truth.

  25. Could this lad have been a Democrat plant? I wouldn’t put anything past the Communist party.
    Mr. Buttigieg needs to get back to South Bend and focus on his mayor’s job. We do not need his sordid lifestyle being forced down our throats.

  26. This child is asking for help on how to let people know he is gay. Did he not realize that he was being broadcast on TV and the world now knows of his sexual preference??? Just asking this question in itself shows that this child’s sense of reasoning still has not matured to the point of logic.

  27. Christians,
    i have mailed a NOITS notice of intention to sue.
    I am suing Queer Pete in a federal court.
    $ 40,000,000.

  28. I couldn’t care less what consenting adults do together. I care a lot though when they recruit children into their life style.

  29. For all the people calling us Christians haters and accusing us of being bigots, well all I can say is we do not hate the sinner. We hate sin. And we FOLLOW GOD and HIS teachings. And the bible clearly states their lifestyle is an abomination in HIS eyes. So if you have any complaints, please take it up with GOD. What adults do behind closed doors is their business. But I will never accept their choice as normal. Or be forced to accept it.Especially telling a child of 9 years old to embrace that lifestyle.
    The democratic party has thrown out GOD and dismissed HIM. We will not. And Jack, be quiet.. You are the biggest bigot and racist that posts here. You just side with anyone that isn’t a Republican. Not that you actually agree with their postings….

  30. jackass, you come here and show your ignorance every time you post. This is a Christian site but you have no clue at all what a Christian is or who Jesus is. You claim to have a Bible but it is very clear that you have no concept of what it teaches. You are a very sad creature

  31. Phil Max, you are correct. God DOES NOT make mistakes!!! So there is NO WAY that God created someone to be homosexual!!!! God FORBIDS it. He calls it an abomination punishable by eternity in Hell. It is a sin and ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. But since homosexuals do not believe they are sinning, they will not come to Jesus to be forgiven. satan has them very deceived

  32. HCB, what you call a right-wing evangelical cult Jesus calls His people. ALL who come to Jesus and accept Him as their Savior will be saved and spend eternity with Him. When are YOU going to accept Jesus as the Lord of your life??? You have the same choice as everyone else to be saved, but you have chosen satan

  33. BJ RIGHT ON MY BROTHER. you have it correct. HCB,Phil, and dumb jackass are nothing but hypocrits, to stupid to see the right from wrong. I truly don’t see any help for them but they will when they open their eyes in hell. It’s too late then Rich Man (HCB,Phil, dumb jackass) looking towards heaven but never reaching it

  34. David Pipkin: If you are going to quote the bible, please quote it properly. Did you happen to read the part about how GOD views homosexuality? It’s not us that are judging them or their deviant lifestyle. We are only following GOD’s word. And HE says that their choice of living their life is an abomination in HIS eyes. So no, we are not hypocrites. And because of my belief, I KNOW I will not be in hell. Are YOU that confident????

  35. Not possible for a child to know their true sexual orientation till after they go through puberty and even a few years afterwards. These parents that go along with this gender bending agenda for their very young children are completely mentally challenged.

  36. As a psychiatrist today so many Are practicing Politics instead of Practicing Mental Health! I have no issues having a child attending a Political Rally.. however you can’t tell me that child was not a Plant! He was put there by Buttigieg campaign. To have this child as this question, he did not come to this rally by himself, he had to have been brought by parents or guardians! This was so he can obviously get the vote of this demographics, Trans,gays. Etc! The problem is the liberal Media and Left will capitalize on something that it is not!! Unfortunately, this group of people are so uneducated they’re unwilling to see they’re using a child as a planet!!

  37. Jack, HCB and all the rest of the ultra ignorant need to change their diapers and go night nigh. A mind unused as yours are certainly has not ability to think let alone think this late in the day.

  38. If you truly are a shrink mamm it is good to hear that from a professional I am live and let live type of person what 2 adults do in the privacy of thier own home, does not affect me in anyway as long as no one is hurt. Raising all this hate and discontent just because 2 men or women want to marry is just plain stupid. Just because it happens it does not affect anyone but the couple unless you let it. When I was young I was a gay bashing racist but I grew a small town with no minorities all white, but upon entering the navy I interacted with my first minorities and could not figure out what all the hubbub was about I lost all that garbage and have had a much better life.
    Sorry if I dont make sense I am not we educated but I do my best

  39. Karen, I totally agree with you. What consenting adults do is between them and God. But when they cause innocent children to sin Jesus says it is better that a millstone be hung around their neck and they be drowned in the sea.

  40. This is what happens when people let Satan get in the door [ their minds ] by way of their sins…now it can spread to children if they hear enough people say its okay, nothing wrong with a little sin. Parents that love their kids need to sit down and explain to them that God has laws also and they are to be obeyed, if not, then consequences follow.


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