Parents of this 11-year-old “drag kid” crossed a major line with this sick move


Desmond Napoles is an 11-year-old “drag kid” who recently appeared on “Good Morning America.”

LGBT activists labeled him “brave” and “revolutionary” for drag acceptance and the LGBT “movement” at large.

But his parents made an unforgivable decision when they made him do this.

Desmond Napoles dressed in his usual drag attire and danced on a stage at a gay bar in Brooklyn, New York called 3 Dollar Bill.

He even reportedly had dollar bills thrown at him for his performance from male adults who were at the bar.

The Daily Wire reports:

On December 1, an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt’s “Like a Girl” and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number.

The Daily Wire has reviewed and confirmed the “performance” through video and photo posts on social media but has chosen not to link to the exploitative footage.

The performance, first flagged by YouTuber Yosef Ozia, was promoted on Eventbrite by 3 Dollar Bill.

“Only in New York… a nightclub that makes you go WHOA!!!,” reads the promotion. “FEATURING: Upcoming Legend from Television and the Runway: DESMOND IS AMAZING!!! PERFORMING LIVE! … This stage, this dance floor, this house… is ours as long as we protect it.”

The promotional ad notes that 3 Dollar Bill bar is “queer owned & operated and we foster a safe space from love. We respect all human persons as long as those human persons are also respectful to the ones around them.”

“I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since,” wrote a one-star reviewer of 3 Dollar Bill on December 3 via Yelp.

You can’t make this stuff up.

This is the consequence of parading Desmond around on Good Morning America.

They treat him like an adult that knows what he is doing, when in reality, Desmond is just pawn for the so-called “progressives'” sick fantasies.

Not only that, but they are normalizing pedophilia. What else can you call an 11-year-old “drag kid” dancing sexually at a gay bar?

But no 11-year-old should ever be put into that position.

His parents are parading him around to virtue signal to their friends and LGBT activists.

And the child sees their cheerleading as a reward for this behavior.

This is a problem because the LGBT activists made it a problem.

By telling lies to kids about gender identity and sexuality, they are setting them up to become pawns for their sick political game.

Do you think Desmond’s parents should face consequences for this? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Twenty years ago the parents would have been jailed and probably the nightclub closed and the child put in protective custody. The laws have become
    twisted, but wrong is still wrong.

  3. At that age the kid thinks this is all just “make believe”. The parents should be locked up for child abuse.

  4. Yes, the parents should have to face consequences! This is nothing but child abuse in it’s most heinous form! They both should be in jail!

  5. How sad for that child! The parents are obviously perverts whose activities should be kept behind closed doors to their kids. At some point that child will grow up, realize the life style dictated by their parents is not for them and they will probably hate their parents for the rest of their lives. Live the way you want, but let the kids grow up and make their own decision when they reach the age of consent!

  6. Child Abuse, child endagerment,Jackie Coogin law for child actors and the list goes on. They chould have arrested these parents right on morning TV> This is so foul there are no words to contain my disgust at the parents

  7. This is SEXUAL PERVERSION over the top to use a child like this. What are these parents thinking to have their child in a place like this. Parents are to PROTECT their child, not throw them to the wolves. Also, I think it was illegal for this child to be there and after hours. YES, these parents should be charged with child abuse. JMO

  8. Parents all over the US and world push their children to do all kinds of things. Are we to police all activities?

  9. Just one of the results of following Leftist (i.e. Democrat) ideology. When will our populace rise up and say “Enough?”

  10. The parents should lose custody and jailed. The bar he dancef im should be shutdown. Sieze everything from the owner and jail him too. Leave oir vhildren alone and srop brainwashing them. It’s one thing if an adult wants to do it nit not a child under 21.

  11. What would any normal person with any common sense expect to hatch from an egg that was incubated in HELL First it was sniffing glue for the euphoria effect, then some great mind found Marijuana and then they studied its effects for medical purposes. Though Pedophilia has been around for 100’s of years, wounder of wonders a Monumendous discovery has recently been brought to the attention of the public. Children, some sold by their parents and others kidnapped into this hideous form of recreation have flourished throughout the World in all aspects of life and professions. Not just in the big cities. Folks it has come to your local neighborhood, just a mile from my home in suburbia. The owner of a local motel was caught and arrested and had been in the business of human trafficking for 20 years.

  12. Not only should the parents be up on child abise charges but the bar should be shut down and the owners fined for allowing children in there. That is no place for children.

  13. Castrate the “parents” . the kid really did not know the difference .Obviously, the kid has not been taught what is right and what is wrong . He has been taught that what is wrong is right , and ,what is right is wrong ! Ten years ago even , the “parents ” would have been cited and jailed for child abuse and child endangerment .
    I think the “parents” should be neutered .

  14. Anonymously contact Children’s Services and allege that the parents are emotionally, psychologically, physically and sexually abusing the child. They paraded the child in front of a bunch of pedophiles to collect money, and eventually set up meetings with the pedophiles and the child, for profit.

    Making an example and arresting the parents, and putting the child in foster home, will end this nonsense.

  15. We were just witness to a fag, drag queen Miss Spain, competing in a beauty contest and had his cock handed to him for lunch. Those women he insulted and made into a public spectacle WON! HE LOST! We need to take this child away from these irresponsible parents…children have been taken away for far less. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE! This kid needs psychological help…not a showcase on national television and making him perform at a gay bar!

  16. This in my humble opinion constitutes child abuse, child endangerment, and prostitution of a minor. The parents should be prosecuted, and the venue where he danced should have their liquor license revoked, and closed. The same results should happen if it was a girl dancing in a brothel.

  17. Who or what kind of parent would expose their child to this kind of publicity? Answer! In my opinion, it would/could only be one kind of parent and that is sick, twisted, deviate individuals that care little, if anything, about their child! This young man is 11 freaking years old for God’s sake! Where is the law in this case? How is this not exploitation of a minor?


  19. I agree they should be in jail. The sad thing about this is they are not and this behavior has become acceptable in this country. It’s one thing for the kid to be different and the parents to accept it. But to promote it at that level is criminal……

  20. It’s really sad that these alleged parents are allowed to pimp the kid like this without consequences, worst yet is that some pervert is really turned on by this , the kids liable to get snatched up and raped and murdered and it’s going to be someone’s fault, but not his parents or the sick people furthering this agenda

  21. First of all, what is the legality of an 11 year even being in a bar ? Shouldn’t both the parents and bar owners be prosecuted? Something wrong in NY.
    But, I forgot that it is the bar owners and patrons who provide support to the corrupt poloitical establishment there. Secondly. If a homosexual male really prefers men, why should a truly gay man get excited about a man pretending to be a woman? It’s all a perversion.

  22. SO right-what USED to be rightly labeled as child abuse is now rewarded in this sick, upside down world. I pity the child, but would hope (and pray) he gets as sick to his stomach of this stuff as many of us….

  23. Fence NYC in, let nothing in and nothing out, after a few monthswe can brign some queers in from California to drag out the dead bodies

  24. HOW can a minor dance in a bar??? A person under 21 years old is not allowed near alcohol. What is the ABC doing about this??? I know, NYC is all Democraps who feel that the law doesn’t pertain to them.

  25. It’s because of sick, demented, trash like this parading this child around like this & having the idiots on GMA applauding this as brave to come out that makes the jehadists want to kill Americans! They see this & think all Americans are this sick & should be put down as rabid dogs!

  26. How is it legal that a kid at the age of 11 is allowed in a bar to begin with and then perform a sexual dance man v man. This is beyond sick and the parents should be arrested for child endangerment.

  27. The parents have groomed this child to be this way. The child needs help and the parents need to be in jail.

  28. The Devil is working overtime!
    This is so outrageous of any parent, the child doesn’t know any better.
    One day he will grow up if he lives long enough to hate his parents for using him for their advantage.
    Lock up bar owner and parents and Americans please pray cause this country is “hell” bent today.

  29. The kid does not profess to be gay. He of course enjoys the attention. The parents should be executed and the places that are using him for entertainment closed and fined.

  30. I think this is a form of Child Abuse, this kid is only 11 yrs old. The parents R not making good choices for him, & hes to young to make his own. To put a kid in a nightclub should be illegal. And a sexual dance is definitely not appropriate.
    Pimping their kid out for money.This kid does not belong in a Bar. Sexual proprietors could become a problem in this kids life, then bullying as the word gets out. How can the parent use him like this? Terrible, Terrible thing do do or to be allowed.

  31. This country is hell bent because God Almighty has no place in the American family. Abortion ( murder ) is allowed by law. Some states allow public restrooms for both male and female. The list goes on and on. When someone says to you, God bless America, just ask one word, “How?”

  32. Is it racist to point out that his parents, like many other “similarly thinking” parents are of anti-Christian Jewish origin?

  33. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard, the lemon, Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  34. This is disgusting and incites queers to engage in Pedophilia with this 11 yr old. Pure child endangerment and abuse ! Arrest the parents for child abuse, this child is not old enough to work
    He should be in school and studying. Where is child social services? Good Morning America should be fined for promoting pedophilia. Awful.

  35. Are 11 year olds even allowed in bars? You have to be 21 years old where i live…Bringing your 11 year old to a bar will get you arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I would think having your 11 year old dance for money at a bar might be child endangerment. You are putting your child in a dangerous situation. Child Protective Services should be called and the kid should be removed from the home until the parents complete a course in parenting.

  36. Parents? I think I would call them handlers. To use this kid to promote a perverted lifestyle is beyond child abuse. But I guess it’s better to prosecute parents who take their kids to church and try to teach them about a God who loves them, but hates sin, than deal appropriately with these publicity-hungry weirdos. Poor kid!

  37. It is a sign of the the book of judges, chapter 21:25, “in those days there was no king in Israel;everyone did what was right in his own eyes “. Christ is my king but He has been kicked out of almost everything, ” everyone is doing what is right in his own eyes “. We can expect nothing more from people who are estranged from God..unfortunately, as in most things, the little children are suffering the most..

  38. About the time some drunk guy drags him into the bathroom and shows him what male gays do, then he will understand the consequences, but it will be far too late, because he will be scarred for life, all because his parents are perverts. Send them to prison and get this child some help before it’s too late.

  39. And why would adults be clapping for a kid who is made by his parents to look ugly, and where is social services which is supposed to be protecting kids from this ugliness world. Talk about the sexual trade of children. Wait till his friends if he has any and the kids in school see him. These parents are sick and just looking for attention and money and using him to get both.

  40. No he knows its real, not make believe. Do you have any idea what those men are saying to him while they hand him the dollars? Surely not, “once upon a time.”

  41. This is Sodom and Gommorah all over again. Good Morning America should be off the air. The Bar should be closed and find for having a minor in the Bar. The Parents should be locked up. The Child should receive mental help for the abuse of his parents. Remember God will punish these sinful people. I will pray for the Child that the Holy Spirit reaches him before it is to late. Dear Heavenly Father help this child. Amen

  42. That doesn’t make it right. Yes, we need to stand up for the children. We need to stand up for what is right. Evil only wins, when good does nothing. This is evil. The parents are evil. Everyone who was involved in this and did nothing about it is evil. They should all go to prison for the rest of their miserable lives. This little boy needs serious help.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  43. It is freaks like you with your commie indoctrination that are crating these other freaks. Pack up your bags and get out of our country. You aren’t welcome here.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  44. Parents can make or break a young developing mind and unfortunately too many breeding couples in our country are using drugs and are sick in the head and it is their unfortunate offspring who will suffer the most. Anything goes in our society today and it will hurt us all

  45. Since when is a 11 yr old child belong in any sort of bars, I thought this was against the law. As far as the so called parents, throw them in jail for endangerment of a minor, they also must be hard up for money since this child gets money thrown to him at this bar. This “tip” money must be taxed just like anyone else tip salary is, and doesn’t he need a work permit for doing this?
    Either way you look at it, it’s “parents” are one sick case and need a lot of mental help which should start with them losing custody of this child.

  46. He should be placed in a foster home, IMMEDIATELY, the parents should pay substantial fines and perform substantial community service and if they have any other children, they must be fostered, as well. All the children should have psychological care.

    michael zitterman
    [email protected]

  47. I know I am going to get a lot of peoples panties in a bunch but I still live in the USA and have the RIGHT to speak up when I see such stupidity and Sin like the above. The BIBLE says GOD created ADAM and EVE!; NOT! adam and steve Just more sickness from the Ungodly, the PC and THE Liberal Left.

  48. Odd I thought that it was just a few years back when they had a SIMILAR incident (without a TV appearance) only it was an actual underage girl at a regular bar, they found the bar in violation of the age restriction law for letting her in and took the child from the parents for reckless endangerment.

  49. they should be charged for exposing their child to this sick actions. Parents are supposed to ptotect and guide their children.–not try to get rick by exposing these kids to sexual things like this

  50. This is not a matter of ‘policing families all over the world’. These parents, knowingly, went on a major t.v. station to promote their own personal thoughts, without regard to the kids position. It was the ’15 minutes of fame’, for the parents- trying to show how ‘understanding’ they are. At 11, it’s ‘fun & games’ for the kid. Sad part is, when he realizes what it’s all about, it can go one of two ways. And, neither way is positive for the kid. Sorry, but, the parents should have used better judgment.

  51. Why hasn’t Child Protective Services came & took this BOY from these parents? isn’t this “child abuse”? this child needs help! not put on tv & on stage! Lord help us JESUS! where are the churches? why aren’t they protesting this promoting of child abuse? doesn’t the Lord tell us to protect the “little children”? every adult in this child’s life one day will have to stand before Almighty God & I sure wouldn’t want to be them!
    Lord JESUS please help this precious little boy! JESUS, this child needs YOU! Help him JESUS! Please JESUS!

  52. The LGBT platform has gained to many inroads into society! Normalizing perversion at their own destruction! The fake leaders of this movement are leading vulnerable youths astray into a sewerpit of debauchery and sin. Nothing will prevail against the truth however this misguided agenda tries to blur the lines between good and evil right and wrong? The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. The Roman Empire as powerful as it was fell because of the same agenda and the Church is still here and will be until Jesus brings us home.

  53. You certainly did not show any respect for his age. Usually minors names are not reported. You took great joy in setting the child up to be beato ans maybe killed by bullies.

    No part of a community is responsible for the actions of his misguided parents

    The parents have not demonstrated love for their child. They have demonstrated the opposite. No loving parent would put their childin a dangerous situation as they did.

    Why has the child not been removed from the home?

  54. I’ve seen parents lose their children for a whole lot less than this. Once for insisting on a second opinion on their child’s illness. This has become a topsy-turvy country, and unless we stop accepting the wrongdoing as normal and insist on people with a Leftist agenda being prosecuted like those on the Left make sure happens to those on the Right, this country won’t be worth living in and our founding fathers’ great experiment will have come to an end.

  55. Good question. Where are the churches???? But when I see a church in my mainstream traditional religion support gay causes and drape a rainbow flag over the altar during a memorial service to the victims of the Pulse nightclub attack, I don’t even ask what next. I just pray and pray and pray some more.

  56. If these parents were addicted to drugs or alcohol it might be understandable, but what they are addicted to is even more insidious. They’re addicted to societal approval for their virtue signaling. Wanting to be approved of by their peers, as if they were back in school. They want to be known as social justice warriors at the expense of ruining their son for life. This is not only pathetic, it’s criminal!

  57. Not just for the parents. The morals of the world, are headed for the sewers. When the immoral elite, and the politicians write the rules, for the anti religious communities, and none with morals, including me, have the balls to stand up for what is right, because somes freedom have become more important than others, When a straight baker has to make a cake for a gay couple, his right to his freedom is taken away, but that is o.k. because he is a Christian, and his rights don’t count. because no one but the haters want to take others freedoms away.

  58. Isn’t it against the law for a child to be in a bar? And what about payed work as in getting money from adults and child labor laws. There is a lot of stuff that could happen to these parents in court. The law is allowed to be skirted.

  59. Are these same sex parents? Lesbians and homos? Sodom and Gamora! Women’s martches led by a women who’s men are rapists! The holocost of slaughtering innocent babies! How do you think God feels about all this?
    God has let people know in the Bible by extreme weather, fires, earth quakes, synomies, droughts. Is he warning us? Even some Churches are following the The evil beliefs of the devil. I remember hearing in end times even the Churches will become evil and the antichrist will walk among us. Pray for us like you have never prayed before!


  61. That child should be taken away from his ignorant parents and put in a rehab program. He evidently was talked into this charade by these two to make news and money. Take him away from them while he can be helped. He is to young to make such a drastic decision. Le hi lead a normal life and make choices on his own when he is old enough.

  62. Amen. They are using this mere child for the publicity and money. Take him away from them so he can make his own choices when he is old enough. Way to young to make this choice.

  63. Yes it is racist.
    With all the recent discussions about racism, I can’t believe you haven’t heard that religion is NOT a race.

  64. I feel bad for this poor kid and his parents should be in jail for child abuse and child endangerment. The club needs to be shut down and severely fined for allowing a minor child even in the doors. How sick can his parents and the club owner be to actually be okay with doing this?

  65. This is a sick stunt for the parents to capitalize on having a sick kid who desperately needs psychological counseling.

  66. In 2010, you can thank homosexual Obama for changing the laws so that homosexuals andLGBT’s, like Michael, can be significant and special because of their mental instabilities. Sad this man has created a hell on earth which is who he is. Now parents are engaging in this lawless hell exploiting a child who will be scarred for life. Thank you Obama for the ruination of any morals, ethics, decency. You want to bring America to the gutter where you reside.

  67. This is outright child abuse, on top of any and all moral and legal boundaries broken…the parents should be jailed, the child placed in a home with normal people – before it is too late. What about workplace laws-isn’t eleven a bit too young to work – even for tips? What about child protection laws that still, doubtless, protect children from adults whose agenda is not in the best interest of the child (in this case, not only the other “dancers,” the management, but even his own parents)? Yes, in another time he would have been immediately taken away and put in foster care. Says more than I care to think about for our society today. An outcry is in order.

  68. The devil has had control of our world since the 1880s. We don’t even have a true pope anymore!
    We need more prayers to God and our Blessed Mother!

  69. In today’s World everything that is wrong is considered right and that which is considered right wrong. Seems to me the Bible speaks about this and maybe we should take heed.

  70. His parents should be charged with child abuse, and the boy should be moved to a loving foster home with parents that care about his well being. His current parents appear to think that he is a cash cow that they can profit from with no regard for the welfare of the child. I am truly disgusted!

  71. Marilyn Unfortunately you are right. My sister has kept foster children for 40 years. It is impossible to change most habits learned by children as young as 5. Whatever deviant behavior the child learns from the parents in the early years stays with them for life and will sometimes show-up many years later, even after long time counseling.

  72. If this had been an 11year old girl put on stage at any bar dancing sexually everyone would have been arrested and the child would have been removed from the home. This is so discussing I really don’t have words for this abusive behavior of the parents and everyone who had anything to do with this. I am a great fan of GMA but I will not be watching anymore. It is amazing to me with everyone on the show who have children could have been apart of this outrages behavior. Whether you believe in God or not what in any situation make this behavior ok. God please protect this little boy.

  73. Notice they picked a real “cute” kid to do this, so they can properly get their jollies. They wouldn’t pick a buck-toothed four eyes because he, she, it, couldn’t give them the psycho orgasm they need. They aren’t looking for acceptance – they’re looking for recruits.


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