Parents are outraged over what Netflix did to this supposedly “family-friendly” show


Netflix is taking heat from parents and critics.

The streaming giant is remaking several traditionally kid-friendly comics and shows.

But Netflix may have gone too far this time, and it’s left parents outraged.

Netflix recently released “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” marketed to young teenage girls as a modern reboot of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

But when viewers encountered an underage orgy scene in one episode, parents were outraged.

Fox News reports:

Kiernan Shipka, who is best known for her role as Sally Draper on the AMC hit “Mad Men,” portrays the 16-year-old witch in the young adult series, but the intimate scene in “Sabrina” is about as provocative as anything infamous womanizer Don Draper ever participated in on screen.

The orgy scene – set to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” – appears in the seventh episode of the series and features half-a-dozen scantily clad teens in Sabrina’s house. When the 16-year-old namesake character is hesitant to join in, she’s mocked for “killing the mood” and told to either “get in, or get out.”

Family Research Council’s senior fellow Peter Sprigg told Fox News that “Sabrina” is not suitable for its target audience.

“Taking once-wholesome comic book characters and turning them into sinister and hyper-sexualized TV characters is a troubling trend in itself. The dark, occultish elements in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ provide reason enough for parents to keep their children — including teens — far away from this show,” Sprigg said. “The show has gone over the top in depicting an actual orgy on screen, and if they think having the teen participants keep their underwear on makes it all right, the writers and producers need to think again. This content is not appropriate for anyone, but especially not for the teen audience it targets.”

Media Research Center Vice president Dan Gainor criticized Netflix as “woke TV,” pointing to “Sabrina” as an example of why parents must proceed with caution before allowing children access to the streaming giant.

“This depraved show promotes teen sex and witchcraft. Parents need to know that’s what their kids might be watching when they tune in Netflix,” Gainor told Fox News.

This looks to be part of a disturbing trend in television geared toward teens.

CW’s “Riverdale,” based on the Archie comics, contained a scene where teenage “Betty Cooper” performs a striptease in a biker bar as part of a gang initiation.

Do you think Netflix has gone too far this time?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. The decline of our societies morals must be reversed. Currently our society is modeled after Rome. What happened to it?

  3. They need to block Netflix, it has turn into an infected vehicle for the left.. instead they complain but keep watching it….they can keep their filthy shows and The Obama’s participation in Netflix…
    Hit them where it hurts in the pocket.


  4. I suppose this is an example of the fact that none of us are monolithic. While I have no doubt that I disagree in some way with 90% of the beliefs most subscribers to this news aggregation site hold, this is one instance (and similar ones like it) where I am in agreement.

  5. It lasted for over 4 Centuries before it split apart, considerably longer than any other western dynasty.

  6. What did you expect when the Obummers put their name to NEXAFLIX, George Soros, Susan Rice. Did you really think it would be a station anyone would want to watch when it is nothing but the evil, lying people who push the Democrats/Liberals to destroy any civility, morals values this country stands for. Boycott this station

  7. You know, people have to SUBSCRIBE to Netflix, it is entirely voluntary. Buy the Disney channel if you are that puritanical, and probably need to have people stay off the Internet also since it has quite a bit of nudity. I heard this kind of griping 50 years ago when I was a kid . . . same ol’, same ol’ and we did not listen then, so why would youth today? If teens kept their underwear on, would be like a big make out session with people at the beach or “Sabrina’s Beach Bonk Party”!

  8. Just like everything else, the Obamas touch. It turns to runny caca. I never watched, Netflix and it looks like I haven’t missed a damned thing. Anything that bastard Obama has his hand or mouth in is doomed forever. So glad there were only two terms this bastard had to try to destroy our nation, One more term and he could have turned our beloved country into a sewer with those like Mad Maxine Waters at the second in command.

  9. But during the first and longest part of its existence it was a strong model for the family and government! It wasn’t till the end of it’s existence that it devolved into the mess that finally got it destroyed. And from what I read about it it did not go down in a very nice manner!

  10. Goes back a mite further than Rome; although they also delved into those depths. Try “as it was in the days of Noah”; and look what that got them. Rome just collapsed and was overrun by others. However, Yhwh God made a promise to Noah and all life on Earth that the next time it won’t be a flood; it’ll be FIRE! (No, He didn’t mean “global warming”, actual FIRE!)

  11. Some of us have already done that. I dropped them when they contracted with O and Mooch, and then hired Susan Rice! That they’re lurching even further to the left with that trio on board is NO surprise.

  12. I am currently a Netflix user I like to watch the British TV series’es but dont take any interest in American Netflix produced shows since they dont put any more shoiws in the “Longmeyer series” This was the best series of any TV programing today ! But now they are getting so politically active in the wrong way I rarely watch them any more I have several serices to use so Netflix gets short shrift!

  13. All this was probably Obamas idea. He is so corrupt and wants our country to be corrupted. And netflix is just trying to help this by ____ Obama’s _____. Well, no one is buying it! I won’t ever have a Netflix acct and everyone I know has cancelled theirs and hope that everyone else does. We hope you enjoy bankruptcy Netflix and just love the thought of it.

  14. Please cancel this account. You can watch British Tv in many other venues. Don’t support these biased bums.

  15. Yes, since Walt died, Disney has gone very left. My children are grown but if they were still young I would not allow them to watch anything by Disney because of the “undertones” of their presentations and their very left leanings.

  16. I am seriously thinking of dropping my subscription. I was really enjoying Anne with an E until they had to bring in homosexuality with Anne say , “if they love each other “. Read all of Genesis. That will teach you a few things.

  17. What can you expect from Netflix now that Susan Rice is on its board and the Obamas are named as consultants?

  18. Bill, the Longmire series started out strong but degenerated into a soap opera. I read the novels on which the series was supposedly based. The series barely followed the books; characters were changed, added, eliminated, and totally transformed–Standing Bear should be 6’5″ tall, Vic is a small tough brunette, Longmire has a great sense of humor instead of a sad sack, and there’s a dog named Dog. If you like the tv series, you’ll love the books by Craig Johnson.

  19. That’s where POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS has gone to FAR. That’s why
    Parents around the World and here at Home are so outraged about this
    Whole Mess. I would not ever let my Children when they were young watch
    any show on Television Network’s without myself or my Wife seeing it
    First before letting our Kid watch it for ONE reason and that is because of
    Filthy Smut in shows today. I will not let my Grandchildren or Great- Grandchildren watch SMUT EITHER.

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