Parents are furious after what one popular children’s cartoon just did


The new trend for long-running television shows is to prove how “woke” they are by forcing the radical LGBT agenda down viewers’ throats.

Parents are growing increasingly alarmed by content they used to think was “safe” for their children to watch.

And they’re furious after what one long-running children’s cartoon just did.

The show, Arthur, has been on PBS since 1996.

It’s a family-oriented show that promotes reading, friendships, and the importance of family.

But everything parents thought they knew about the show just radically changed forever.

In a recent episode, Arthur’s third-grade teacher married another male character and his third-grade class watched his same-sex marriage.

Breitbart reports:

The season premiere of the children’s cartoon Arthur featured a same-sex wedding, surprising some young viewers about the sexuality of the protagonists’ primary school teacher Mr. Ratburn.

The episode, entitled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” shows aardvark Arthur’s third-grade teacher Mr. Ratburn tying the knot another man. When Arthur and his friends find out their teacher is getting married, they assume that he is getting married to a female rat named Patty.

However, they eventually discover that Patty (voiced by Jane Lynch) is his sister and that his actual partner is a chocolatier named Patrick.

According to the fan page ArthurWiki, “Mr. Ratburn is primarily known for being a strict teacher, but he has many other hobbies outside of the classroom, including puppetry, playing in a rock band, and bird-watching. He is also seen as a role model by several students.”

Arthur has never been known to advance a left-wing agenda or force LGBT issues on children.

Little children are watching this show, and it is largely a positive influence on their social skills, relationships, and education.

But it’s clear that Arthur just caved to the radical LGBT agenda.

Children do not need to be exposed to same-sex marriage from a kids cartoon show.

The Left immediately applauded the show’s actions and called it a heroic decision to show a same-sex wedding in an episode.

But many parents are slowly learning about what happened and are up in arms.

What’s more concerning is what these TV shows could be teaching kids about without their parents realizing.

This could be a big mistake that finally takes Arthur off the air.


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  2. people have to be aware of what their children & grandchildren are watching on tv & videos & what they’re being taught in America’s schools! please become involved in your community’s education system – from pre-school to high school! college is worst of all! doesn’t matter if you have no children in school please become involved in educating America’s children!
    Lord help us JESUS!

  3. This is just yet another sick attempt by Radical Liberal Homosexuals and there supporters to force this perversion to the young and innocent children of the world ! They are trying to make Homosexuality look as normal and natural as they can ! The fact is there is nothing natural about it . In the end Homosexuality will only lead to one thing … ” Extinction” !!!

  4. Children are born that way it may not show itself until they are much older. I worked in an operating room and C-sections were done their. I once saw an infant born with both so what would be its true gender. Clearly the parents knew they could not make that decision till the infant was old enough to decide them self who they were male or female and left the decision up to the child till they were old enough to say if they felt like a woman or a man. No one makes them that way that is the way they are born even when they are born one gender and you know it is a boy or girl but you will not know what they identify with until they get older. My sister said she knew as a child and she is happy with who she is and that is what I want for her is to be happy and I am and wouldn’t change her for anything she is perfect the way she is

  5. These sub-culture groups need to keep their deviance to themselves. The vast majority of parents in this country do NOT want their children exposed to deviance. What’s next — bestiality? Get a clue!

  6. You can’t claim that hate will send people to hell and not know the Bible says to hate sin. It also says the for man to sleep with man or woman with woman is an abomination. Revelation 21-8 says the abominable will have their part in the lake which burns with fire. Also Jesus says that anyone who misleads the children will also burn. We are to love the people by telling them the truth and to hate the sin.

  7. That is a very rare birth. Who are you trying to convince that it is alright for these POS shows and schools to attempt tp shove homosexuality down their throats. Your post is BS !!!!!

  8. PBS, yet another poison to our television sets…..

    All the left wing lies and agendas included….

  9. The courts want to make anything against these groups and people hate crimes. They are not fighting with Parents , Christians or Jews ,but they are fighting against God himself who will not allow any sexually immoral person enter into His kingdom. Parents need to wake up to how far left the courts and Democrats have gone to do harm to families and children. How to deal with a corrupt people will be up to God to bring destruction upon a people and nation that refuses to repent of their corruption and sin . This people will be no better than the condemnation of the cities of Sodom and Gommorah in the days of Lot

  10. This is ridiculous, they are born with either X or Y chromosomes period. No matter what they think in their head. Or how they came to start thinking that way in their head. This is tantamount to child abuse. No they don’ t need hate and no one is trying to give them hate, except the liberals pushing this. What they need is compassion and help figuring out why their feelings are not aligned with their biological birth. Liberals want you to think that feelings trump everything and they couldn’t be more wrong. Common sense and the natural God given order of things trumps feelings every time. So anyone pushing people to become LGBT is doing more harm than good. If you believe they are born that way, then I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. Give me a break!

  11. Hermaphrodites aren’t common but they’re not freaks of nature either.
    My cousin’s daughter is Lesbian – same sex marriage followed by same sex divorce.
    An usher at our wedding was (I say was as AIDS claimed him in his early 20’s) was a fantastic friend who never pushed his sexuality. He did nothing special to hide it either. How about a live and let live attitude? You do what you want in your bedroom or motel and stop trying to glorify your diverseness. I don’t play grab-ass with my wife in WalMart, why should you?

  12. Good point, the ‘LG…whatever’ has their way, we would all be the way they are, then soon the human race would cease to be! Interesting thought process!!

  13. Enough is enough … time to shut down all the displays of LGBT to our children … there is no reason to shove their perversion down our throats … and no way in Hell should our children be INDOCTRINATED in a way that they should accept the LGBT CRAP as social normal !

  14. Gee, bigots, must be that your channel changer and/or the On-Off switch on your TV’s is malfunctioning.

  15. You are correct BUT that type of programs should NOT be presented to kids. If one wants to try and make it up to be “normal,” that type of shows should be ONLY for adults.

  16. ENOUGH OF THE LESBOS AND THE THE FAGS!!!!!!! I am a Christian, and God will NOT receive them in Heaven! Read Romans 8! Number 2…After being a hairdresser for 35 = years, ALL my friends were gay. And I loved them! We used to have a great time, were great friends! Now, it is shoved down our throats with hatred and violence! I am SICK OF THEIR ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE! What the hell ( where you’re going ) do you want? For us to ‘ literally ‘ bend over, for you morons? ENOUGH! Go screw whomever you want, with whatever you want without forcing us to agree or watch!

  17. The Bible has many violent punishments including stoning to death is O.K. The Old Testament has some wisdom and also wickedness.

  18. Those who push the LGBT agenda… you claim it is OK because you were born that way?

    Are you supporting the pedophiles who are now claiming that they were also born that way? Do you support NAMBLA who says it’s their right because they were born that way? Why should you expect your way of life to be supported if you won’t support the lifestyle of others? Either you are a hypocrite or you are not.

    Lately we have celebrities claiming they knew their child was transgender as early as age 3 when the child told them they were not what their physical form indicated. What 3 year old knows anything about anything. Would you also allow your 3 year old to decide what they will eat and what they will not eat? What time they will go to be. Whether they will go to school? Poop or pee in the middle of the living room floor just because they say that’s what is correct? Who is the parent and who is the child?

    No wonder our country is so screwed up. No wonder the rest of the world detests Americans. They see all this stuff going on on their own televisions and that becomes the impression of what we are like.

  19. Take a look at Birmingham England. The gender/lifestyle options that are part of the UK curriculum have just been shut down by, you’ll never guess, a school in a Muslim majority neighborhood. The sharia means an end to that kind of education but unfortunately also means death to gays.

  20. No one is born that way. God forbids it and He does not make mistakes. It is satan who will cause all the chaos and confusion he can

  21. These perverts will answer to God. There is no way children should watch that crap. There is nothing at all bigoted about the truth. It is a sin before God and a freak of nature.

  22. This country has become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan is gaining ever more ground. He will rule for a time before Jesus comes.

  23. As long as we allow our local news service to continue to use a minimum amount of clearly understandable with strongly slurred and thick accents our children can not even continue to speak our language. If we all speak English how would anyone have an accent? Why does the broadcasting station allow them to maliciously malign the President we look to for a return to of our ideals. Look at the cruel and vicious way their mouth twists as they do it. Note the absence of identifying anything resembling an alien especially in the sanctuary cities. Media is all forms of ads, billboards, movies , we watch and listen and learn and say nothing. I want both forms of news to make up my own mind and no broadcast service disallowing OANN to air their views. I will not buy from anyone disallowing my rights including Facebook! Or Arthur could be our next president!

  24. We all agree that a small minority of folks are not Heterosexual. The LGBT-Q Community is in the minority. Being a Heterosexual Woman I do not go around wearing a T-Shirt that says I LOVE DicK? I do not feel inclined to shout from the roof tops what my sexual preferences are? I do not want you to know my sexual desires anymore than I want to know yours? I most certainly DO NOT want my CHILDREN to know either one of our preferences. OKAY. As ADULT’S do what you choose and reap your own results. BUT, LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF IT. This is a private conversation that PARENTS have with their OWN CHILDREN. NOT YOU NOT THE SCHOOLS. AND CERTAINLY NOT CARTOONS. I do not believe in parading around stating my sexual desires. No matter what they are. I suggest you keep you sexual desires to yourself as well. NOT HIDDEN … BUT , NOT FORCED ONTO OTHERS. Do you understand? Live your life! But, allow all the rest of us relief from your personal choices. Bedroom Choices. This is Common Sense and a No-Brain-Er.

  25. Taxpayer money is going to this group that are seeking to propagandize children. Propaganda should never be used on children and this needs a cl;ass-action lawsuit to stop this from being shown to children. Our government has resorted to practices that are prevalent in countries run by dictators, looks like we “ARE’ one!! I can still comment here but disqus has blocked me from commenting on some sites.

  26. Yes, we all sin. But Christians know when they do, ask forgiveness, and try not to repeat the sin. This however, is a different story altogether. Deliberately evil. The Sodomites have gotten very powerful due to help from those who wish to destroy Christianity. The list includes Hollywood, MSM networks, social media, and atheists planted everywhere. Parents and concerned Christians could fight this if it were just the Sodomite community, but with these rich, powerful backers, it’s nearly impossible. We need lots of prayers.

  27. It always amazes me when I hear a homo refer to themselves as a “Christian”. Have they not read the Bible?

  28. Bill Ayers … murderer… the bomber.. said he wished he had found education before. It is so much easier to brain wash these young heads…. and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. So what our kids are getting in our schools, cartoons, etc another area the far left have taken over. Take away their tablets.. limit their time on computers. Years ago no one would have allowed their kid to sit on the telephone for hours… NO DIFFERENCE. Take the time to see what and who your kids are being brain washed by.

  29. Eileen…I totally agree with you. I was just pointing out to Aline that we all sin. So we must love everyone as Jesus commanded. That is very hard to do in the case of the libs and everyone who hates us. Yes, they are very powerful, but they will all lose in the end. There will be none of them in Heaven. We will have true love, peace and joy because there is no hate or evil in Heaven.

  30. Jesus said woe unto those who harm children. These people are in grave danger of going to Hell if they do not repent. They are truly evil.

  31. Down with LGBTQ.Get Rid of Cartoon Arthur and all those involved with its production.they have Balls to promote this type of Behavior.Its Radical and Against Jesus’ teachings.STOP the Madness!I know there are many LGBTQ’s in Our Government at this time.As people I have No problem with them.I do have a problem with their beliefs.They Make Up Agenda’s as they go along.What ever fits at the time.No regard for Historical Rights.CHANGE has to be a Positive one Not Negative as in Gay( Marriage).Please,a person who can’t find an opposite sex partner.How Mentally Weak!Look into the past of these individuals.Most have been Abused or Suffered Personal Degradation.

  32. I’m a great grandma and I always watch what they do meaning my grandchildren I am also fighting the new school on there new bathrooms I call them unisex and not happy trying to make them change them to boys and girls

  33. No one is born a homosexual. God forbids it and He does not make mistakes. And He created TWO genders…male and female. Satan hates God and His creation and will do anything he can to cause confusion and chaos.

  34. It’s not that they don’t read the Bible. They just decide to interpret it the way THEY want it to be. They claim that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of inhospitality, which is ludicrous. They latch onto ONE sin that is mentioned that doesn’t concern them and choose to ignore all the other perversions that were mentioned as if they just don’t exist.

  35. I’m m for live and let live, but this goes too far! This type of show should be on lifetime or E or similar channel with at least tailored for PG-13 audience! To do this on a children’s cartoon is wrong!

  36. Exactly ! The LGBT people are Way out of line . It’s Sick exposing Our Children to their ways ! I’m sorry but we were all better off when they stayed in the closet . It’s Not a normal lifestyle and normalizing it is just Wrong !

  37. Bj you said it . I truely believe we are in the End Times ! Christians are being targeted and gays are being glorified .

  38. It’s not enough to quietly accept gay folk these days. Now we are mandated to Cherish and Celebrate their perversion!

  39. Common sense * no brain-er, Fantastic reply I couldn’t agree more. There are and have been gay people in my family, but we never discuss their sexual diversities. I had a cousin whom from earliest of life proclaimed to be a girl when he was obviously a boy. At 12 years of age he joined a woman’s knitting club and was excepted
    for the person he was. The entire family knew he was different, gay, queer, homosexual, what ever, but he and us never brought up his lifestyle. Gay or straight we just keep it to ourselves, no one laughs, giggles or points fingers. I believe it is a sin against God, but I also believe everyone has to make their own choices in life and when we pass. God will be the ultimate judge on us all…


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