Oreo teamed up with this Leftist organization to further brainwash children


America’s best-selling cookie is getting back into the culture war.

This time they’re deliberately targeting children.

And conservative consumers were outraged when they saw what the company was planning to do.

Teaming up with the National Center for Transgender Equality, Oreo produced “special” rainbow Oreos to brainwash children about transgender pronouns.

The company posted about the one-of-a-kind Oreos on Facebook and Twitter.

But don’t expect to find these cookies on a shelf in your local grocery store.

Oreo knows what a mistake it would be to deliberately alienate half the country.

So aside from the social media posts, which the company hopes many conservative consumers will never see, the only way to find out about these “Share Your Pronoun” cookies is if you attended the Pride event they were giving them away at.

Unfortunately, reports show there are far too many children being exposed to all sorts of deviant behavior at these Pride Parades.

And that’s exactly who Oreo is really targeting with the “special” LGBT cookies – young, impressionable children.

This isn’t the first time the company has embraced the LGBT community.

In 2012, Oreo tweeted out a picture of a cookie with six layers of rainbow frosting.

The question is, will conservative consumers be turned off by their antics enough to quit buying the cookie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Well, if Nabisco wants to promote the LGBT’s movenment, ESPECIALLY targeting young children with their Oreo cookies, then guess what? I won’t be buying ANY Nabisco product again. I find this so distasteful that a cookie company would promote this movement, targeting children no less. Nabisco is just another company pandering to a minority group so they appear politically correct .Nike , Gillette and now Nabisco products are off my shopping lists.

  3. They are off my list forever. I will never use anything they produce especially catering to small minority groups. Majorities rule no the other losers.

  4. Put those on the market and KISS YOUR COMPANY GOOD-BY. There are many companies that I will buy from.

  5. I am so sick of companies pandering to the likes and dislikes of the people who feel they are political correct, and the rest of us are just piles of crap. If it comes down to push come down to shove, I bet you that Nabisco is going to find there are enough of these liberal politically correct butt wipes to keep there company in business. I no longer will buy any Nabisco product! And I will continue to fly the American Flag, and sing the National Anthem, and also tell these butt wipes that they have you know what all over them!

  6. The company seems to forget that it’s the parents who choose to buy or not these cookies. I choose not to from now on. These cookies are junk food anyway and no one needs them.

  7. Hey Nabisco! Stick with what you do best: make delicious cookies. You have lost a huge segment of your customers, and for what? Just so you can pat yourselves on the back and demonstrate how “caring and inclusive” you are? Sheesh!

  8. These kwerky people need to get back in the closet and stay there. I have nothing against them until they try to force themselves on me. I feel like they are doing that by trying to influence the young into their way of life. If your going to be gay so be it. Don’t turn someone into a gay life style if they are not gay to start with..

  9. Nabisco will be gone from my house hold forever, there are too many other choices.
    Let them manby pamby to this minority group, I can only hope it effects their bottom line at the end of each and every year hereafter. ????????

  10. Oreo knows what a mistake it would be to deliberately alienate half the country.

    Only ‘half’?

    I’m betting that a LOT MORE than a mere ‘half’ are getting EXTREMELY tired of the bullying and harassment by the ‘less than adult’ mentality, emotionally STUNTED ‘gays’ that are completely CONTROLLED BY THEIR SEX ORGANS.

  11. So true. What convoluted social construct of logic did these company heads use to come to this decision. Do they think the public can not get by without a daily

  12. Repost it everywhere you can, I just posted it on Facebook, not that it will last on their, but make as many people aware of what their doing to our babies. Their afraid to fight with the big boys so they try to corrupt our children. Fight back, hit their pocketbooks. Save our children

  13. I think they are controlled by their immature, emotional feelings. There’s something wrong with their sex organs!

  14. Never again!!! Boycotting all products by this company! How foolish can they be? LGBT are a minor percentage of customer base….makes me question WHO runs the company……Alohaaaaa Oreos! You’ve lost your minds…..

  15. The corporate ‘pretzel bending’ continues. Do not waste any more of your valuable emotional energy over yet another aggrieved group’s trials and tribulations. I’m in the live and let live catagory who finds ignorance and avoidance to be workable options for me.

  16. and don’t forget the “Childrens’ Television Workshop” and it’s product “Sesame Street”

  17. I wonder if any of these PC organizations actually see a benefit in their overall sales by pandering to the outcast loosers…

  18. They looked into there own brains.
    They will try anything,they are sick.
    I gave up Oreo’s for the Aldi brand,saved a lot if money long ago.

  19. Good for Nabisco and Oreo cookies. It is so nice to see a company trying to be inclusive. It is way past time for all people to realize that everyone is allowed to live who and what they are without being castigated.

  20. I see I wont be buying Oreo cookies anymore.. The leftish liberals are ruining the country big time with all this BS about gay pride rights ,transgender equality, what a f***ing joke . God created two genders male and female .. my question is how does an IT fit into the equation .

  21. Just live and let live. I don’t approve of their lifestyle and definitely don’t want it being shoved down my throat. But all the hype is what keeps it going. They will be judged by the main Man when their time comes and then they will know right from wrong but it will be too late for their souls.

  22. Nancy Alexander: If they want to support the alphabet people, that’s fine. But not when they are targeting young minds that can not understand what these cookies REALLY stand for . All they will see is a colorful package with pretty cookies inside. But of course, someone like you that supports anything vile and against GOD , your comment isn’t surprising.

  23. Never again will I buy any Nabisco products. I am so sick of them trying to brain wash our youth with their sick ideas. I will also be spreading the word to everyone I know.

  24. I hate to give up our favorite cookie, but there is no way I will support their action.
    I will search for all the info I can find from any reliable source, but in the meantime, we are finding that my own baked cookies are a bit more safe, and almost as yummy! 🙂 Thanks for the information.

  25. This is very, very disappointing. Nabisco should stick to making cookies and stop pushing an agenda
    on the American people. A sick agenda at that. Did they come out with a Red, White and Blue cookie to celebrate the 4th of July? Gee, I don’t think so. Guess we are done with oreo’s and if it keeps up with Nabisco in general. We stopped buying Kellogg products years ago and guess what – they are not missed.

  26. Oh, by the way, Hydrox is an alternative for Oreo and was the original prior to Oreo becoming more popular.

  27. NEVER liked their cookies, so I have NEVER, EVER bought them after one try, and that was back in the 90’s…..So, they have NEVER gotten a Dime out of me, anyway…..!!!! I also DON’T buy Heinz Ketchup, always go with other brands…..!!! Thank God we can make CHOICES in our Grocery Stores, if not, than I will bake my own cookies and make my own Ketchup……!!!!

  28. Hey oreo wrong choice!!! I will not buy yout products. P. S. Your fired from my house and shopping!!! No more $$ for you see if you like that!

  29. I haven’t bought any Oreos in a long time because of their leanings. It is sick what they are doing to kids. It is time for the sickos to pay for their crimes against children. That prosecution & death. That is the only solution. Because they don’t quit lusting after children.

  30. Nabisco closes plants in the US and makes the oreo cookie in Mexico among others. Stopped buying
    Nabisco since the plant closings.

  31. This is another insane, evil conspiracy theory from the right, shame on all you people who buy into all this propaganda thought of by thugs throughout the country to cause division and more hatred from the right, iike there isn’t enough from the KKK, Proud Boys, white supremacy groups that are multiplying, the Nazis, militia groups, the biker gangs, the survivalists, the nuts with countless weapons are almost entirely on the right.

  32. I stopped buying cookies a long time ago even before I had children. Too bad politics are everywhere now. You can’t do much these days without some agenda being shoved in your face. Right now it’s the trans thing, which is annoying. Some of these trans activists shut down actual scientific research providing truth about this being a mental health issue and one healthy people wouldn’t make. Suicide rates are high among sex change recipients, but Nabisco wants to celebrate this tragedy. Lefties hate facts because it usually wi destroy any lie they like repeating over and over again.

  33. No more Nabisco, Gillette, Nike, Sesame Street or Target. I haven’t shopped at Target since they allowed Transgender men/women in the restrooms. God said there were two sexes, male and female. He also said He loves everyone. So, even though you may be gay, queer, transgender, whatever, He still loves you. HE HATES THE SIN!!! Don’t condone the sin, especially by telling children it is perfectly fine. It’s not.

  34. Totally agree with you! They can choose to promote what they want and I choose to not buy their products!

  35. The Democrats were the conservative party then, things have changed in 150+ year and I would think a racist mouth like yours would possibly have learned that, No, you are too brainwashed by the serial sexual assaulter, mobster egomaniacal traitor Trump.

  36. Since conservatives and others like us are being shut out from Facebook, Twitter and the like, our best weapon is to boycott all of the companies, including those two, who are participating in the attempted downfall of the USA. Boycotts work, if everyone would only stick to their guns, and not relent or forget.
    There are always other places to buy your goods, until you find that they are also on the leftist side.
    Boycott permanently, and tell your list to do the same. Stick with it!

  37. Nancy, you are free to support whom you want because of God who gave you that freedom. You speak of being inclusive, but YOU do not practice what you preach. You hate anything to do with God and His people. You are very vile

  38. ornery, your ignorance is ASTOUNDING!!!!!! That is FALSE!!!!!! If you bother to study real history instead of liberal propaganda, you would know that. YES, it is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK and it is the SAME dems today. And it is the DEMS who were against civil rights in the 60s and it is still the DEM party today. You have nothing but sick hate and lies.

  39. ornery, you come to a conservative Christian discussion board and attack us. We don’t need your sick hate and lies. YOU are the thug and it is you and the dems who are causing division and hatred!!!!!! Your leader Obama hates this country and his goal was to destroy it. He is muslim and sides with islam, our enemy. He is very racist and hates whites. ALL TRUE!!! Read his own books. It’s all in there

  40. these sick freaks belong to satan, who will rule for a time. Everything is falling into place. But they cannot win. Jesus will come and they will join satan where we will never have to deal with them again.

  41. Jesus said woe unto those who harm a child. These sick perverts will go to hell where they belong

  42. ornery…It is the dems who are insane and evil and they prove it every day. YOU are a prime example. You come here and post your sick hate.

  43. We live in what is still a somewhat free country and we have choices. I chose never to buy anything nabisco again.

  44. No Oreos for my house. How ridiculous can Nabisco get? These companies like Nabisco are cutting their own throats unless someone steps in to tell them how stupid they’re being and they listen.



  46. The Oreo Brand is owned by”Nabisco (Mondelez International), Cadbury, and Milka.

  47. Everyone has their own choice on gender, what race they like or don’t like, etc. I feel it is correct to treat all the way I would want to be treated, HOWEVER, I do not think that any companies, race, regligion should be allowed to try to brainwash our children. They need to grow up knowing that they have the right to like something or someone or not and to pick which sex/gender they want to relate to.

  48. The LGBT community needs to take a step back and realise that being QUEER is fine for you but the rest of the United States is getting tired of it being rubbed in our face everywhere we turn. Respect is earned not demanded which is what your community is DEMANDING.
    As far as OREO’s is concerned there doesn’t have to be one of your cookies in my home ever again.

  49. Want to call Mondelez International and let them know what you think of their propagandizing children with their LGBTQ Oreos. Call them at their home office in Illinois at 1 (855) 535-5648.

    I’m sure they will be interested in your thoughts. Home Depot was a big supporter of “Pride Parades,” but I believe they no longer support them because of the pressure placed on them. Maybe even the Home Depot leadership was changed because of the public outcry.

  50. What in the hell does a cookie have to do with mythological pronouns. Oreo needs to also team up with Nike so they can put Krapernick’s face on it too…..

  51. Honest gays want only to be treated like everyone else and otherwise left alone. I seriously wonder where these pushy political types come from, and what they think they’re going to accomplish by literally shoving their @sses in everybody’s faces.

  52. Nor mine oreos have crossed the line. MY kids do NOT need to learn OTHer pronouns in fact if the did I would quickly tell them there are only TWO He and she,Him and Her,Ms or mister. I am so sick of perversion now even in cookies?

  53. How stupid can you get??? It’s only a da*n cookie!! I buy whatever is on sale , (or not). I love most all cookies, especially the chocolate ones!!!

  54. We have to fight back against these co’s that puts profits before our children, no more oreo’s at my house.

  55. I agree with you. They’re indoctrinating kids without even asking parents as a natural concept.
    Kids are being targeted from all sides (books, Disney changes endings on cartoons (go see Aladdin) and even Ilhan Omar goes to speak in schools, parents should be concerned.

  56. as a old timer I’v bought a lot of oreo’s over the years; liked them alot’ but you will never see another on in my house. they can stick there oreos up there queer ass, leave the kids out of this bull crap.

  57. Mine either. They’re not the only cookie in town.. Let their business come from the queer community.

  58. As long as they sell cookies, I bet they don’t really care where their business comes from. And I am sure that the few here who won’t buy Oreo cookies won’t even be missed. I will buy Oreos or whatever cookie I please. Maybe even buy them at Target!!

  59. I haven’t bought Oreo’s in years….. won’t…. There are other brands who concentrate on the quality of the cookie, but cultural wars…..

  60. Won’t buy Oreo’s….. Concentrate on quality of the cookie…. how about making cookies sugar free for diabetics? Hard to find sugar free cookies….. limited selection. Tired of culture wars……

  61. Will not buy Orea’s any more or any other Nabisco product. Why is it that companies think they need to get political anyway? These companies are getting crazy!!! There is no need to try to ram something down the throats of those that disagree with your beliefs!! Quit trying to reform our children and let them live their life without interference from your warped way of thinking!!

  62. Just another big company thinking they have the upper hand. We can eat better cookies then their biased crap. WE can all ban together and not buy anything from Nabisco/OREO and if we do we can make a huge dent in their profits and show them a thing or two! WE can also send them emails to tell them how biased and prejudiced they are. The only way to get the attention of these huge companies is to hurt them in their pocketbooks! They have no qualms about donating money to liberal sides like LBGT causes (less then 8% of the population) or the SPLC which is so very racist, and of course, Planned Parenthood, which we all know is a for profit organization that uses baby parts for sale, and of course, banning religious rights and taking away gun rights , educational rights and first amendment rights. So, stop buying these companys products and check on a company before you purchase their products and give them your hard earned money!

  63. Nancy, you are supplying money for these liberals who donate for all the wrong reasons to the liberal causes to take away all our rights. If you want gun controls, taken away free speech, first amendment rights, continuation of Planned Parenthood making huge profits of baby selling parts, loss of all our freedoms because you want sale cookies then you must be the stupiest one of all!

  64. Going back to Saltines Crackers, no more Oreos for me, you should stay in cookie
    Business, not the children business!!!!bo

  65. “stupiest” – that’s a good one. And you all, by supporting the companies/organizations that you do, also contribute to groups that supply money to people and things that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!! So, tit for tat, hon!!

  66. As Christians we must take against that which is sinful. We will no longer buy Nabisco products. It is really too bad that which is good is now bad and what is evil is good. We are in the last days and those who commit sin will be judged accordingly.

  67. If you recall, LAYS pulled the same stunt a couple of years ago with Fritos. They had rainbow Fritos, which were given out during gay events. I stopped all obvious Frito Lays purchases then. Sometimes it’s really difficult to know ALL of a company’s products. But if it says it’s made by Lays, it doesn’t come into my house!!

  68. I loved Oreo’s as a kid growing up. Have a lot of fond memories of me and my grandmother. Well that is one thing my kids will never have after this. There will never be any more Oreo’s brought into my house. Way to go Now Oreo’s are going to be just like Nike and Starbucks. Why is it all good things are coming to an end. I guess these companies think ” Hey look at us we are taking part in changing the future.” The only future I see for any of them is a lack of sales. NOT watching the NFL was fine with me, Not watching womens soccer is gone right along with over priced Starbucks, but now one of the cookies I grew up on are gone as well.


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