Oprah Winfrey just betrayed and backstabbed this 2020 presidential candidate


Oprah Winfrey remains one of the Left’s most revered and worshipped Hollywood celebrities.

Which is why Oprah’s big betrayal is such a big news story.

Oprah Winfrey just backstabbed this 2020 candidate by endorsing someone else and you’ll never guess who it is.

Marianne Williamson launched her campaign for the presidency with little to no name recognition or qualifications.

Her leading qualification on her resume was that she served as Oprah’s “Spiritual advisor.”

Williamson used this relationship to wedge her way into the Democrat primaries, where she has made a total fool of herself.

So when Oprah sat down with the president of the Walt Disney Company Bob Iger, Williamson’s campaign was crushed by what she said.

Breitbart reports:

Talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey said she wishes Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger would run for president, even though Iger has previously said he won’t run for office.

Winfrey took to Twitter Saturday to tease a clip of an upcoming interview with Iger that is set to air Sunday evening on her cable network, OWN. Iger has been making the media rounds to promote his new memoirs, The Ride of a Lifetime.

“This is the man I wish was running for President of the USA,” Winfrey said, referring to Iger. “His decency prevails in all decision making. His 10 steps for leadership revealed in his new book #RideOfALifetime apply to every business and every life.”

In the clip, Winfrey gushes over Iger, telling him that she would be campaigning for him if he had decided to run.

“If Bob Iger had decided to run for president, I would be canvasing in Iowa right now. I would be going door to door,” Winfrey said.

Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Bob Iger may sink Williamson’s campaign entirely.

Marianne Williamson has yet comment on Oprah’s statements, but it is without a doubt a devastating blow.

As an outsider candidate, her path to victory is even more difficult to envision now that Oprah has left her in the dust.

Will Marianne Williamson’s campaign survive?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Will Marianne Williamson campaign survive? My answer is who cares! I’m voting for Trump..
    What I find so amusing is , after reading this story, that some Leftists have posted that Trump had no qualifications to be president. But what are Ms. Williamson’s ? Oh that’s right, she’s served as ” Oprah’s Spiritual advisor”. That’s a very commendable and useful qualification for sure! NOT!!!
    I guess Ms. Winfrey will be looking for another spiritual advisor after this betrayal …

      • And Oprah who. Of course Oprah would snuggle up to Iger because he’s just as liberal as she is. I’m sure Walt Disney is turning over in his grave after seeing what Iger has done to Walt’s legacy!

        • How easy for Opraha to spew liberal vomit. She is a billionaire made on the backs of White American women. So why wouldn’t she betray one? She’s got all she needs. Why won’t she put a big Trust into feeding the hungry, liberating the street people. What a despicable
          hypocritical POS . And such a racist –witness her Black TV programs. Poor Phil is the token white to fill in space.

    • In the beginning Oprah was a no talent affirmative action dim wit the industry didn’t know what to do with. So they placed her on a day time TV show that appealed to well fare mothers.

    • Linda – I too am voting for President Trump. There is not a dim out there worth voting for. I would never vote for anyone that winfrey recommended.

  2. Oprah you endorsed the worst president in the United States. Now you want to endorse a person who really isn’t living up to what Walt Disney about and has changed Disney for the worst. If Iger isn’t living up to Walt, what makes you think he’s going to live up to the constitution and our founders.

  3. Her “campaign” has never had any traction anyway… Oprah is probably just trying to help her make her decision earlier rather than later… It is a foregone conclusion that she was never a serious candidate anyway!

  4. Who cares what Oprah says, this belief that we have to give such attention to someone in the entertainment industry is silly.

    • But…But… Oprah declared years ago that she never had children in order to become “The World’s Teacher”.
      Translate that as saying,” I am a billionaire and you must do as I say because of that.” “And NO, I am not grateful to the white men and white audiences that put me there. I can revelal, now that I am a billionaire, what a blantent racist I really have been the whole time , you fools.”

      YOU MUST LISTEN TO ME is her mantra now. You don’t seem to understand you peons!!

  5. I never understood how Oprah ended up where she is today – & why people seem to revere her & follow her lead. Makes no sense to me at all. She is a TV personality with very little education who got really lucky

    • WHY is this fool held in such esteem? She hates white people and won’t even help the poor black girls in THIS country! Her much lauded school for girls in a foreign country was busted for sexually abusing the students, but that was swept under the rug too. The only things Oprah can count on from me is (1) I will NOT vote for anybody she endorses and (2) I WILL vote for Trump AGAIN! I do not support her insane decisions!

  6. I agree with you Linda. This poor soul had no choice but that’s Oprah for you. I never watched her, never will. I will back track a little to say that she had as much chance as any of these other fools on the stage. The best one was Gabbard, and they threw her overboard when she was serving her country. For shame. Serving her country, what will they think of next? I don’t watch the crazies when they perform, cause I am voting for TRUMP. TRUMP, TRUMP 2020.

  7. Most anyone with any ears, eyes, or brains know just who and whar Queen Oprah stands for. It surely isn’t for anything but making money… We’ve already heard her feelings about old white people from a few years back. Yeah,..

  8. Williamson is a successful author and was No.1 on NYT list for a long time. She is an unusual candidate, but she’s no fool. She took the Dems to task recently and made no bones about their practices. I never expected her to be the candidate, but I sure as hell give her credit for having the cajones to show up. BTW: She has more b_ _ _ s than Joe.

    • Most women today have more balls than any man today. Even…
      MARLEANA WOMANSON needs to slogan “Oprah has gone senile & is a Nazi.” That would get her the OUTRAGE points she needs to beat Trump. It’s true because Cultural Marxism.

      David Letterman just saved his career by going on the comedy show BETWEEN TWO FERNS as Santa Claus with eating disorder, and named a newborn after his face. Letterman is funnier than ever… in his own mind.

    • If you vcd are in the bottom level of HELL you may rise a level or two reading WOMANSON – otherwise not. A reader occupying the upper levels of HELL will not benefit but be demoted. I know. I read some of her books & while doing so could not get it out of my head that she reminded me of a monastic nun or teacher who was trying really hard to make sense of her decades in the habit relating to the real world which she rejected. Then I began looking at John Birch Society, STEFAN MOLYNEUX, JORDAN PETERSON, & dozens of other shadow banned obviously psychotic Nazis with far more intelligence than any Alinsky lying leftist.

      We must all learn leftist-speak – just as soon as they stop changing it every day.

  9. Boy, what a NUTCASE! . . . Who listens to OPRAH , anyway? I’ve got more “smarts” than THAT. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  10. I believe she was the candidate who ran for office in a southern state, then challenged the election because Oprah and the Obamas had told her she would win. Apparently actual votes weren’t supposed to count anymore because they all assured her she would win. She was as graceful a loser as Democrats usually are!

  11. Never, ever, thought much of Opie anyway, but know she should stay a mile and a half away from anything to do with politics, especailly when you are dumb as a brick in the back corner of the yard. Trump will wipe them all out and get the entire Democratic Establishment “COMPLETELY” out of DC because of their OBVIOUS INSANE childish ANTICS! I think all AMERICANS need a givernment that at least looks like it knows what “should” be done, not try and create a TRAIN WRECK every minute of the day. I am FED UP with what, where, and how the DEMOCRATS are trying to BRING DOWN this once great country!

  12. OPRAH
    & PRETENDS TO BE !!!!!

  13. OPRAH
    & PRETENDS TO BE !!!!!

  14. In all honesty that is why politics has become so rotten – the really good people don’t want to have anything to do with the corruption, the media intruding into everything they have ever done since they were born and all the lies reported as truths. Politics was supposed to be a “civic duty” which you did – didn’t really get paid for it, and went back to your private life. All these “professional political bums” have in rebased their perks and salaries and then their retirement benefits that befit royalty. They are all just playing WWF game with the peoole where one is the bad gut today and then the good guy tomorrow. And on top of all of that MOST ARE FREAKING LAWYERS MAKING LAWS THAT BENEFIT MORE LAWYERS ! The number of any one profession in Congress should be limited, just like term limits- pay raises – and all the perks. This is not a game aimed at increasing THEIR WEALTH and fooling simple minded people with simple solutions that would never work under any circumstances. We need more common people, more diversity in professions, and less
    salaries and perks for those that run this country !
    anyway !

  15. Has Oprah put on weight?, or is she totally full of BS!!!!, and by the way Iger is full of BS, My family and I attended Disney World last Christmas and it is far from being the happiest place on earth, for sure the most expensive place for a theme park. Alot of things going on small children should not be seeing or adults having to explain it. Walt Disney would not have approved of some behaviors in public display, but than again it is Orlando.

  16. Oprah must be off her meds again or off her rocker. Another useless Follwood has been who thinks their opinion is gospel but irrelevant can’t even describe it just like the rest of Fairyland.

  17. You have said it all- Oprah has disappointed so many women because of her strong teaching… Society she indicates and the reality of the l tender life of young women– are FAR apart. Please never buy her book about what God says to teens- it is so foul and full of poison. How can a young teen grow to be healthy with such indoctrination? Poison is poison.

    • What does she know about God anyway…NOTHING. She once said that there are several ways to get to Heaven. I don’t know what Bible she has, but it’s not the one God gave us

  18. Never heard oh this candidate, but I would NEVER vote for anyone Oprah endorsed, her New Age beliefs are certainly not for me! Trump all the way!!!!!

  19. Never did care for or trust Ms. O. I feel that she is the classic example of prejudice. Dislikes white folks to the Nth. degree. Trustworthy No Way. Reminds me of Muddy Waters without the “F-Bombs. Only my opinion folks !

  20. Marianne Williamson seems like a nice person. As a candidate for President, she is a bad joke. Nothing personally derisive, but she is neither qualified nor experienced in any way for the job.

  21. The only reason she endorsed Obama was because he was partial black. She hated all the other white runners for the Presidency! I lived in Belize Central America while he was in office and living in a 3rd world country was better than serving him. I am back, Trump all the way and who cares who she supports! Their all going to lose!!!

  22. What qualifications Does Mr. Igor have? He has totally ruined the dreams of Walt Disney and Disneyland with his bowing to the sick LGBT… group. They are not family oriented but insist on forcing the other 97% of Americans to their idea of love.

  23. Maybe Iger could have Pete Buttegieg as a VP. They have a lot in common. They could be the first to be married in the White House. I think Iger better think twice, or three hundred times before exposing himself ot a political run.

  24. Of all the Demtard cant-didates not one is qualified to be POTUS. TRUMP RULES and racist Oprahrahrah is a total donkey dong.


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