Oprah just backstabbed filmmakers exposing Hollywood for a shocking reason


Oprah Winfrey built a media empire over the last three decades.

The influential mogul has the ability to make or break careers.

And Oprah just backstabbed filmmakers exposing Hollywood for a shocking reason.

More Americans are getting sick and tired of Hollywood elites and their condescension toward the rest of the country.

That became crystal clear when comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the recent Golden Globes Awards and savaged the aloof actors and actresses in attendance.

Gervais is a self-described leftist, but even he’s sick of the sneering and superior attitude of his contemporaries.

As a result, Gervais received broad support and skyrocketed in popularity, even though big media tried to paper over the incident.

This was in stark contrast to a speech Oprah Winfrey gave at the Golden Globes two years earlier when she declared “time’s up” on sexual abusers.

In true hypocritical liberal fashion, Winfrey gave aid and comfort to Hollywood mega-producer and serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

In fact, Winfrey just refused to support a documentary film that focused on Weinstein’s decades-long misconduct.

According to Showbiz 411, “Weinstein put her in the movie The Butler, in which she garnered great reviews. She also got an Oscar campaign and became very friendly with the movie mogul.”

The filmmakers switched gears and focused their project around music mogul Russell Simmons.

Even though Winfrey was also long-time friends with Simmons, she jumped aboard the project.

But Winfrey recently pulled out of the project at the last minute and left the filmmakers without a champion for the project.

Showbiz 411 notes, “[N]ow Oprah has suddenly pulled out of the project, and decided not to include it in her presentations on AppleTV+.  The film will still premiere at the [Sundance Film] festival, but it now lacks Winfrey’s imprint.”

Without Winfrey’s auspices, the project might not be able to secure major distribution.

This is how Hollywood protects its own despite pretending to be our moral betters.

A similar scenario happened to acclaimed documentary filmmaker Amy Berg.

She won several accolades for a film about sexual abuse in the Catholic church, but when she made the film “An Open Secret” about sexual predators in Hollywood, the film got absolutely zero support or attention.

Ironically, the “Time’s Up” movement that Oprah Winfrey spotlighted in her Golden Globes speech essentially fell apart after leader Lisa Borders’s son was accused of sexual assault.

Do you think Oprah Winfrey intentionally tanked the documentary film?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. She like her friends live in that bubble and I guess you can understand it to some degree, to some degree that is. But they all like your life the way it is and they’re certainly not into changing it or anyone and that would include you or I

  3. When she can promote a negative film about the Catholic Church but not a similar issue in Hollywood, she lost all credibility. She is two faced & those kind of people you ignore. Especially her ‘Fans’. Time to find a new heroine, Oprah is washed up, at least morally.

  4. @SLMcG: Close to what I was going to say except I would include a comment to say that I find it ludicrous Follywood clowns think because they got wealthy in the entertainment field they’re so far smarter than the rest of us when they grew up in a fantasy land of total narcissistic ignorance and arrogance and live in indoctrination without a single thought outside that box.

  5. Typical liberal. It’s ok for them to tell others what to do, how to live and what to think but when it comes to one of their own they clam up, buddy up and won’t give up the perpetrator.

  6. She is best friend with Weinstein. She had to know what he was doing. The rumors were rampant but no one would do anything. They looked the other way. That job was more important than anything else.
    How many more Weinsteins are there?
    Ronan Farrow book CATCH AND KILL goes into detail on how the abuse was so wide spread.

  7. Oprah Winfrey is a Liberal . Their secret motto is ” Do as we say , not do as we do! ” . Being very wealthy by no means , means the person has great wisdom . Mrs. Winfrey has too many very powerful friends in show business that are secret sexual perverts! She is just protecting her own interests .

  8. She’s just another Hollywood nut case like the rest of the dumb ass democraps. I wouldn’t believe a word she has to say. If she was in my yard I run the witch off like a hitch dog. Just a bit mouth N.

  9. Ms. Winfrey has been exposed as the bigot and Liberal she truly is. So I do not care about her opinions about anything! And David Joe’s comment is spot on, as well as others in describing Oprah Winfrey….

  10. Oprah is a clueless Christian espousing ideologues inconsistent eighth reasoned thought. She told Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson that he couldn’t be in awe of the cosmos if he didn’t believe in a god. Anything she says is suspect after that.
    To the comment above, yes, like all right wing “Christians”, she’s a bigot and, no, she’s not a “liberal”. If she were, she never would have said that to Dr. Tyson.

  11. HCB; Once again you show your ignorance in your comments. Ms. Winfrey is NOT a Christian , nor is she a Republican. And yes she is a bigot. But she is a true Leftist such as yourself……

  12. We have cancelled that b..ch when she touted the great Obama as the savior for the Country in 2007 well before he ever accomplished something!! Every time we see her, it reminds us of her endorsement of him just because they share half a race! How did this turn out for the Country??

  13. Unfortunately we the people have allowed Hollywood to think that they are above everyone else. Fortunately we can fix that by not watching their films and their TV shows. Ratings go down and they loose money.SO what do you say shall we shut them down.


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