One “woke” actress made a statement about Big Tech that stunned everyone

Emily Ratajkowski

Hollywood leftists are rejoicing as social media sites are taking extreme measures.

Conservatives voices are being purged posthaste.

But one “woke” actress made a statement about Big Tech that stunned everyone.

Leftists are out for blood, particularly in Hollywood.

Arrested Development star David Cross said exactly that on Twitter recently.

The Capitol Hill attack only intensified the Left’s bloodlust.

Donald Trump was banned from social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and Parler – the right-leaning alternative to Twitter – has been booted from Apple, Google, and Amazon’s web hosting services.

As most leftists cheer on the Orwellian censorship, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski surprisingly called it out.

She rightly expressed concerns about Big Tech CEOs having the power to censor the President of the United States.

Ratajkowski is very much on the Left; she has backed virtually every single progressive cause célèbre over the past few years.

However, she’s taking a principled stance on free speech, which has no longer become a priority of the Left now that they’ve seized so much institutional control.

Ratajkowski also boldly speculated that the ease with which the Capitol Hill rioters breached the building could’ve been a pretense for Big Tech to tighten censorship controls:

It’s deeply concerning that Big Tech has the power to shut down the President.

As Ratajkowsi pointed out, if Big Tech oligarchs can silence the President, they can shut down anyone, and they already are.

While only high-profile public figures make the headlines when they’re booted from social media, it’s happened to people who don’t have a platform to defend themselves.

The Left has been becoming more and more Orwellian over the years, and this latest censorship push is a dangerous escalation in the culture war.

America is headed for Chinese Communist Party levels of censorship if this trend does not reverse.