One video just hilariously exposed Hollywood’s blatant anti-gun bias


Hollywood is a cesspool of Leftist groupthink.

Gun control is one topic Hollywood Leftists are very passionate about, while also equally uninformed.

And one video just hilariously exposed Tinseltown’s embarrassing anti-gun bias.

Hollywood celebrities are often condescending toward the rest of the country.

They pat themselves on the back at award ceremonies while lecturing regular Americans about their Left-wing bumper sticker slogan of the day.

And one hot-button issue that animates these limousine liberals is guns.

They can’t stop infusing popular movies and television shows with messages that further their radical gun control agenda.

Daily Wire reports:

In a new video that blasts Hollywood for its bias against guns and its purposeful misleading of the public on the issue, John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center uses clips from various TV shows to show exactly how deep the bias is and how the animus toward guns is redolent within Hollywood.

This is just a smattering of the propaganda baked into the Hollywood cake.

There are countless others.

Take the television show Designated Survivor, a series about the government being rebuilt after a terror attack wipes out the entire presidential line of succession except for one low-level cabinet appointee. Episodes regularly infuse gun control messaging in the most ham-fisted way possible.

The new president in the show is billed as a self-described “independent” to appear non-partisan, but in truth he’s independent in the same way as socialist Bernie Sanders.

He takes every single Left-wing position, and he’s regularly opposed by the “evil” Republicans at the state and federal level.

The only good-guy Republicans on the show are the ones who bend the knee.

In one episode on guns, a character in favor of strict gun control relays a sob story where a woman was killed by her stalker ex-boyfriend who broke into her apartment at night and shot her.

Hollywood Leftists are so blinded by their ideology they can’t even see that the fictional story is actually an advertisement for strong gun rights.

If the woman had had a gun, she might’ve been able to defend herself against the violent lunatic who broke into her home.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

This truly captures Hollywood’s political culture in a nutshell.

What do you think?

Is Hollywood completely clueless about guns?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Some of Hollywood actors are delusional and act know it all, because they have so many yes folks around them they can’t hear or see the truth. The good ones can’t vocalize their opinions because they are then vilified.
    I believe that those who are very vocal against Trump as well as some politicians, we will eventually see their names in the files found at the home of Epstein.
    Baldwin with his god like demeaning know it all attitude called Trump followers smelly Wsl Mart shoppers. Well, aren’t their movies, music, endorsed products sold at Wal Mart. Don’t buy any of their products, don’t watch their shows, or purchase their music and let’s show them where the real power is. If those whiners don’t have public support the powers will stop them like a rock!!!! Let’s do it!!!

  3. Hollywood was not always a dump of leftists. Remember the best westerns in the world, fighters, where the strong at the risk of their life defended the weak with arms in their hands. But with the advent of Obama, Hollywood leftists are truly blinded by the idea of ​​robbing people of their weapons, depriving them of the right to resist the tyranny of the deep state that is approaching. Having taken away weapons from 50 million Americans, they rob us of our freedom. Trump must stop this crime!

  4. Once Obama took office, he became the “celebrity” president who appeared on every talk show he could get himself booked on. He divided the country and started racism where there is none. Why should we listen to these fools who still make movies filled with violence and gun use? Kamala Harris owns a gun. They’re all hypocrites.

    Democrats want to tell you what to think, say, do, eat, wear, watch, read, listen to, etc. If you don’t do it, they attack, harass, slander, stalk, and threaten. They steal from you, beat you up, chase you out of businesses and force businesses to close. Someone was wearing a MAGA hat on Frontier Airlines the other day and HE got kicked off the plane, NOT the people jeering him! THIS is what it’s come to. It’s time to fight back and refuse to cave to leftists. It began when they pulled down statues and no one said anything. Now look what’s happened. Fight back, America. Your very freedom depends upon it.

  5. JoAnne; You stated every important point about the evil Leftists and how they ARE controlling this country right now. Can you imagine if they get a sitting president in 2020,what happen to our great country then? NWO, that’s what! I am planning on voting for President Trump in 2020. But, I must also add, I am very disappointed that nothing is being done in being back order to this disruption going on in our country , and those traitors in and out of our government haven’t been charged with something.. We must see some justice handed down for their actions. I am very fearful we will be involved in another civil war if something isn’t done and soon.

  6. Hollywood folks are making a fool out of themselves, the messages comeing out of this so called Hollywood ,what ever. Those folks get way too much money for what they do, I guess getting in frount of camera and bragging about how good they act, but not in real life, the only thing that has come out of Hollywood is a few goodpeople, such as Clint Eastwood. Jim Stewart , John Wayne, Charles Branson, I can think of more but my spelling ins’t real good.

  7. Robert deNero said that if he saw Trump he would smash his face. Trump is 6’2”. DeNero 5’5. He would have to take a ladder.

  8. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to comment! Basically, leftists have always sought to disarm the subject population because an armed population will resist tyranny a lot easier than disarmed peasants with little resources! Let us examine the history of the Bolshevik take-over of Russia! The Bolsheviks won because they were allowed to gain control of the one quarter of European Russia that had the major cities with the armament industries & had control of the major railroad lines thanks to the incompetence of the liberal idiot, Alexander Kerensky before he was replaced by the Provisional Government of Alexander Kolchak!
    The White Army or anti-communists while not united like they ideally would have been gained control of approximately 3/4 of modern Russia from east to west! They did well in areas where there weren’t railroads as it took longer for the Bolsheviks to get to them to kill them! What really did the Whites in at the end who had arms is they simply ran out of ammunition as well as attrition! The leftists know this and that is why taking out the 2nd Amendment is so important to them so their government officials can get the control they want to have of the civilian population like their mentors, the Bolsheviks did! Wake up folks, vote Republican because the leftist Dims are coming for your guns, your property and your kids!

  9. Hollywood and the politicians etc. that support gun control are clueless about a lot of things especially when it comes to the constitutional rights of US citizens that the government is prohibited from having any authority to infringe.

    Labeling it as being for “national security”, “diversity”, “anti discrimination” ,”for safety” etc. does not suddenly make it legal to infringe upon those rights.

    The even blatantly lie as we have numerous court records and police reports showing that NO LAW has disarmed a criminal and that ARMED victims stop more crimes than police. Rather than look at the evidence they instantly call the facts a lie, blame the NRA for them, then continue in their ignorance that an armed citizenry is the only reason they even have a right to spout their nonsense. In other nations they have even been executing those in media for offending government officials with at least one spouting they want to punish anyone who “pokes fun” at members of congress. you know like comedians, political satirists, etc.

    It has in fact already gotten so bad that we can not even find certain movies even from the 70s that have not had their content censored or cut making a lot of them no longer makes sense just to keep from offending those who think everything must be PC or denied from public access even it was just a joke poking fun at racists.

    Apparently accurately showing how stupid actual racists act might offend someone or is it those in the media think seeing what actual racism is might make people realize that 99% of the time they use that accusation it was not about actual racism but rather just a futile attempt to silence those opposing their political agenda.

  10. Two Hollywood actors that come to mind who are delusional hypocrites are Stallone and Schwarzenegger. They both made millions off of their movies that glorified the use of all types of firearms and killing the enemy in massive numbers. BUT, then in their private lives they want to tell us that we do not need to have guns for our protection. These two men are a couple of the biggest Hollywood hypocrites I know of.

  11. Actually, they are All Total Hypocrites because They Not only Promote Violence & Promote Especially Gun Violence in Everything They Do, Say, Sell or Write..Yet They ALL Have Their Own Security, Their Own Guns, Gates & Walls..So, Only Fools Would Ever Listen to Or try to Emulate Any Who Dare even Talk about Taking Our Arms away..Fools to Listen to a Single DEMONRAT or Globalist or Lefty Loon..aka the Entire Demonrat PARTY & Their Foreign COHORTS & the Common Ilk who Believe One More Promise Any Make, When Only ONE Who Ever Keeps Promises Are My President. He’s Kept More than he’s Made..TRUMP 2020 & How I Wish..Beyond. Yup, I’m One of Those..I Wish..He’s the Only President, in a Century or more…that Loves OUR Country As much as WE DO.

  12. Hollywood and the Great films died off years ago, sorta like journalism and truthful news reporting, they are things of the past!

  13. I will never give up my gun. I’m 65 years old and hand to hand combat is not an option. If someone breaks into my house I will call 911 arm myself and lock myself in my bedroom. If the intruder finds me by breaking through my door I will not hesitate to shoot at body mass center. If police get to him and stop him I will politely put my weapon away. I’m a woman who is not afraid of the gun but am terrified of dangerous criminals. THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE GUNS NO MATTER WHAT THE LAWS HAPPEN TO SAY! Most do not get them legally. I WILL NOT LAY DOWN MY GUN SO I CAN BE MADE A VICTIM.

  14. Linda The next civil war will actually be a new revolution and once the left is defeated
    the constitution will be reinstated as it was written The new law enforcement will enforce all laws equally and our freedoms will be completely restored Read history
    from books written at the time (not the stuff that is written in our current text books)
    and you will learn that even though our republic is fragile the bulk of Americans are loyal to our founding principles The real key to this is the understanding that we as a country are based on christian values and traditions witch the left denies and hates

  15. I’ve said this many times; HOLLYWOOD ACTORS MAIN JOB IS PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE….Why do people think that they know ANYTHING about GUNS or REAL FACTS on GUN ISSUES??

  16. Hollywood’s position has turned into a replay of the McCarthy era . It has b come their playbook. The name calling his switched from communist to racist.

  17. The question should be when will the Liberals and Hollywood celebrities be willing to have there :Bodyguards whom I assume protect them from fans & Over excited Fans, Perverts, Paparazzi, and Stockers. And yet Hollywood still keeps on producing all these Violent Films that gives our young people and children “Idea’s” Specially Violent Video Games and yet you Hollywood “Bimbo’s really have the Gaul to tell the rest of Americans how we all should Protect Ourselves, Family’s, and Love Ones. I personally don’t think so and neither do you honorably. CAN YOU??? After all Washington DC is known as a cesspool but so isn’t Hollywood even from there own celebrity mouth’s they themselves have spoken out about “Hollywood” and definitely how much of a change that it has been going through
    And I truly believe that and it’s been a Real Shame.

  18. As we all know Jollywood is the biggest promoter of gun usage. A majority of their movies include gun violence and more violence the higher attendance levels. Would you say this is hypocrisy at it’s finest? Gary

  19. I agree with you all! And Christine, I’m there with you @72, only door #1 is where it stops.
    I’m a believer that the gun is not the weapon it’s the tool, the weapon is the mind, and if one
    Has their mind set on destroying they will find a way! There fore if not a gun, then what will they use, remember yester year. The stores are now starting to cave, not to really want weapons on you person in their stores, sure will assure the bad boys a SAFE wrong doing, way to go,
    We the honest good people sure get flack. Hollywood peoples have too much monies, if they had less perhaps they could see “The Real World” things have a way of coming back to bit. We need to clean house come Election Day. Just my personal thoughts.

  20. The problem is there are too few in Follywood that have more intelligence than an amoeba…..but that’s true of ALL of the left.

  21. It’s time for Hollywood to be rewarded with the 11 ultra mega earthquake followed by the tsunami, making Nevada the new west coast! It’s over due! I’d say Hollywood’s future is looking bleak! By the way, I haven’t wasted my money on any movies in the last almost 3 yrs! I don’t need you Hollywood, my life is great without you! Just saying!

  22. Stop supporting their movies and crummy TV shows. Everybody talks but doesn’t do anything. Stop going to sports events that insult our flag and country. Spend more time educating and having fun/good times with your family. Thats what will put a stop to all this BS.

  23. C’mon, Hollywood may condemn guns verbally, but loves to make money with them in their movies.
    Hollywood, and the group of religious zealots that control it, are the biggest group of hippocrites and predators outside of prison.

  24. Hollywood as we know it is long gone and replaced by a bunch of programed want to be actors that offer nothing in the way of any
    good acting period.
    When i want to see any programs with merit I reach back a few years
    back and I watch a [ GOOD MOVIE ].
    Today we watch actors stroking each other for comments.

  25. It is past time to re draw the voting districts to get people in office that at least have half a brain and are not corrupt. they have destroyed California . A State that once fed the nation with Quality Vegetables and meat Now an over built concrete jungle . Most business have left California because of over taxing. California thinks they can live off of tourism. The state is overrun with homeless living on the streets and they want more illegals to come here. Gas is highest in the nation any person that comes here for vacation are fools

  26. At least they have organically fertilized sidewalks. what a joke can’t for the big one to wash the mess out to sea!


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