One UCLA professor is risking his entire career standing up to the Black Lives Matter and leftist mobs. And you won’t believe what happened next


In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the Left and Black Lives Matter movement have plunged major cities in the United States into chaos.

Now they are making absurd demands that are threatening to destroy people’s lives.

One UCLA professor decided to stand up to the outrage mob.  And what happened to him next will make your jaw drop.

Outside of the riots that are destroying private property, cars, small businesses, and hurting people, the Left has begun making impossible demands of Donald Trump, state and local governments, and private citizens.

Among these demands is a push to completely defund police departments across the United States.

As the list of demands grows, the more ridiculous they become.

Now, students at UCLA demanded one professor adjust his final exams for black students due to Floyd’s death.

UCLA Professor, Gordon Klein, officially declined this demand over email . . . that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Thanks for your suggestion in your email below that I give black students special treatment, given the tragedy in Minnesota . . . Do you know the names of the classmates that are black? How can I identify them since we’ve been having online classes only?” Dr. Klein asked.

“Remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the ‘color of their skin . . .’ Do you think that your request would run afoul of MLK’s admonition?”

Klein’s rejection sent this campus into a chaotic uproar and students have started to organize to have him terminated.

So far, over 20,000 people have signed a petition demanding his termination.

The University has placed him on mandatory leave, calling his email an “abuse of power” in order to appease the left-wing mob’s demands.

Gordon Klein is now being legally defended by FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) who argued the only one abusing their power here is UCLA.

And Klein is completely in the right.

Giving people special treatment or unfair treatment over the color of their skin is exactly what Martin Luther King preached against.

However, this isn’t enough for the PC police and radical left-wing activists.

What do you think?

Is Gordon Klein being treated unfairly for refusing to give black students an automatic passing grade?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Well our kids have been indoctrinated for decades with leftist dogma, and now the chickens have come home to roost. They are quite literally insane. Victims of cognitive dissonance, and moral relativity.

  3. So what essentially they are admitting is that Black students aren’ smart enough earn their grades? Wow-who is the racist? And why would Black or White students agree with this. It is demeaning to assume the Black students can’t pass the the exams. Gotta ask why anyone would pay for a college Education that has this philosophy about any student’s ethnicity. Shame on UCLA and any university that would even suggest this be done. Guess it’s time to stop public funding the colleges and universities that follow this procedure.

  4. Wow, I think this professor is doing the Right thing, hope he wins his case against these leftists.

  5. If I were the professor I would cancel all the exams for everyone and give them all a FAILING grade as a failure to complete the required work and make sure that the university could not override his final grade.
    Since they failed to complete the required work I would also erase all records of these students as never attending the class, and make the university repay their tuition monies or refund the monies to the VA or the federal loan programs. Simple if you do not want to do the work required and in the time frame YOU FAIL.

  6. A new rule now, black rules, if you do not cooperate you lose your courier, next they won’t even show up for class, you just send them their diploma, but white has to earn theirs.

  7. Am I in a bad Sci-Fi movie!!????? What Next..White’s bending over and kissing a blacks ass whenever they see one,And if you refuse..Your a RACIST!!?? I wouldn’t Doubt it.If you say Anything about Blacks that’s 100% Truth, And it’s Not just a 110% Brown nose towards them..You can Lose Everything! You Can’t even Question them Anymore ..No Matter How Crazy they are…Your a dirty Racist!! This S… is WAY out of control people….And WE’RE The freaking Racist’s!!???? I’m in my 50’s,And in My lifetime they couldn’t even GO To collage,Now they Run the collages like a bunch of Spoiled brats.People bowing to the’re Every Whim. They don’t want equal treatment..They want Special treatment,And to take Over the country! They Don’t Have to,Leftist Whites are Handing it to them on a Silver Platter.

  8. It sounds terrible – and, of course, it’s politically incorrect – but damn it: IT’S TRUE:
    And I am sure that well over 70% of African Americans would hate to see it – be afraid of:
    But, what else is it?
    And i’s not even spread by the African Americans
    (except one – and he is only half and grew up in a wealthy white life)
    It’s spread by donkeys carrying Rich White Bosses program for more riches,

  9. LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” started it, these White leftist college professors, most media, the Sorryass democrats are continuing the hell out of it!

  10. Schools on general and colleges in particular are cesspools of anti education. The book animal farm states it best. I thought what was wanted was equality. This is special treatment not equality. This is the work of fascist “teachers” unions and liberal appeasement.

  11. This is an outrage. These people will graduate and enter jobs with responsibilities. Do you want to be operated on by a surgeon who was passed along? Do you want your insurance claims handled by an agent who was given a free pass? Do you want the usual margins of error everywhere to grow a thousand-fold? Do you want your child to compete for jobs with a person who was given a free pass?

  12. It’s the “everybody gets a 🏆 trophy generation…is everybody proud of that decision now? We have a generation of wimps demanding special treatment. Wah wah wah!

  13. would you want to fly in an airplane where the engineer who designed it was passed on because of the color of his skin and not on his ability? Not me.

  14. Well folks welcome to Democrat/Communist schools run by Commies since the 50s.Democrats are the Evil in America.

  15. Aren’t they all fighting for EQUAL treatment. This would be contrary to their ideas. You cant have it both ways.

  16. It isn’t whites who insist on white supremacy. It is blacks who admit their inferiority by their demands for extra money and consideration in the classroom and in the workplace.

  17. This policy has been going on for years. And still they(blacks) are not making the grades. Look at any school and see the ones still under achievers are black. Does the extra help available to them not work?
    Or is it because they just aren’t able to process the instructions and and therefore are truly inferior.

  18. Let me see, so a black doctor or lawyer will obtain their credentials because of their color. Others actually have to learn and earn their degrees. So if I need life saving surgery or a good defender in court, would I be concerned about the color of their skin? Gosh, even a mechanic or tradesperson?

  19. When are we going to stand up and take these leftest, liberal, ignorant, hypocritical Demoncrats down. Please help save America and vote Republican!!!

  20. Trump is a racist and everyone that voted for him and supports him is a racist, and yet these democrats claim black people need special treatment because they’re just not as good as white people. Who is the racist???
    There is no logic or rationality or even structure to the mind of a democrat.
    Everything that comes out of the mouths of these democrats is just gibberish nonsense.

  21. All this does is further racism by causing white people to look at black people with degrees and assume they didn’t really work for it or earn it.
    It means white people would be less likely to seek the council of a black professional over a white professional.

  22. Good for you Professor Klein & UCLA should not only be ashamed of themselves, as well as the students who signed the ridiculous petition,UCLA should also be ‘Defunded’ by the Federal Gov. Any federal financial aid or subsidies must be revoked.
    It’s a very sorry state of affairs when some students demand special treatment based on an incident that didn’t involve them. What a bunch of snowflake crybabies. I hope the only jobs they get upon graduation are crossing guards for the grade schools they grew up in.

  23. If you don’t agree with the MOB, your entire life is ruined! See how that works? It’s MOB RULE in these Liberal States and Cities and it will not stop until citizens rise up. We don’t have much hope of this happening because most people seem to surrender without a peep! This is today’s America! We don’t have a chance of bringing our Country back with the DemocRATS! MAGA/KAG

  24. Here you can see the result of the participation medals for 4th, 5th and 6th place in sports. I has now extended to Academia. People expect the easy way out instead of working hard to reach their goals. If this trend continues, the future of the USA is in peril. GOD BLESS US ALL.

  25. Well this is what people get when they vote for theses Communists DumbOcrates’ in Local, State, and Fed Offices, Dumb down our kids for the past 30 years, the Soros, Killery, Obumers’, Chinese’s Communists, Muslim Puppets, all, Rioters paid for by Soros, foundations.


  27. When we start giving when not earned is when we as Americans lose ground for our country. We must treat all folks with equality or nothing at all. These students can back to class when college is open again and restudy what they were to have learned since the first of the Maham start. We all need to clean the sheet and start afresh. JMO.

  28. No there should be no giving of a grade just because of a death. You want your grade you earn it. The Great MLK was right and he believed that “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

  29. He’s still going to get fired, just like the Jewish professors in universities and schools in Germany. Being fair or conservative is no anathema to the left.

  30. I am happy to see that the Professor stood up for his beliefs! All students should be treated the same,
    not on the color of their skin! This whole country is getting out of hand. Black Lives Matter but so do
    White Lives, Brown Lives, Yellow Lives. All students go to school to be tested on what they know; not
    to get a grade for NOT doing the test.

  31. Absolutely right Don it’s called the wussification of America and we might as well get used to it. Everyone wins and nobody gets there feelings hurt. I honestly see a race war coming because the libtards keep pushing the issue. They won’t allow calm for too long.

  32. UCLA is a moral sewer and we should sue UCLA for this nonsense! Gordon Klein did nothing wrong! When I was a grad student at UMass- Boston in 1991, my Consultation professor had a policy of no more than two absences allowed! We met on Tuesdays and in the fall of 1991, one of the Tuesdays was when Rosh Hashanah ended and the following Tuesday was Erev Yom Kippur! When I asked to be excused, he said he doesn’t have different standards for different relations! Since class started at 7:30 and darkness was about that time, I attended the tail end of Rosh Hashanah but missed the Yom Kippur class! I survived and got a B for the semester!

  33. CONCUR: Professor Klein. Projected racism is bullying. No bullying, no political correctness, no preferential treatment. The “Disease To Please” afflicts complacent immature wannabes. We ALL matter: yellow, brown, red, white, and, black. (BLM funded by Communist China.)

  34. Professor Klein is courageous. No preferential treatment. Thank God for President Trump who is NOT racist. Not like Biden and “your not black” insult.

  35. Perhaps this Professor should ask these people what they would do because he will not do what they wanted. I am sure the alternate would be a threat if this man is not fired. But the want it free group should first look at how these may not work for them…”The federal circuit courts of appeals disagree over the correct mens rea requirement necessary to prove a violation of the federal threat statute. A majority of those courts require the government to prove only that the defendant knowingly made a statement that “was not the result of mistake, duress, or coercion” and that a “reasonable person” would regard as threatening.[6] Other courts have required a different, stricter standard—one that requires the government to prove not only that the defendant knowingly made a statement reasonably perceived as threatening, but also that he subjectively intended for his communication to be threatening.[7]” It seems these clowns want everything the establishment has to offer but they do not want to work for it.

  36. Black Lives Matter are the biggest bunch of Racist in our nation today. Those that support them and continue believe the Democrats that having been conning them sense the Watts Riots do not deserve the Star Spangled Banner as there national Anthem. They deserve Rod Stewart’s Reason to Believe.

  37. I think it’s situations like this that are making the lines of division bigger. How is allowing black people to pass or skip exams not putting one race above another? I’m not saying they haven’t had it hard but by treating them differently puts them in a category alone. Why does it always come down to skin color? Half of my family is black, the other white. I want them all to have the same opportunity. This has got to stop. I grew up in very southern Louisiana. We have always had a large black community. These are my neighbors, school mates, friends and family. Never have I felt this divided. It breaks my heart.

  38. A grade is a grade. You get what you earned. Why would you show favoritism to anyone. I hope the Professor retains his job.

  39. the people are getting out of control. it is not helping anyone to issue incredibly stupid demands, like freeing everyone from prison, re-trying convicted felons by a jury of their peers. what does that mean? a murderer gets 6 or 12 other murderers to sit on his/her jury???? get real. how can anyone respect people who go out of their way to be the very definition of racist? you know, there can be reverse discrimination. doesn’t have to be white/black, it can be black/white. how many people of color can honestly say they are racist??? give me a break here. it is a matter of respect. you respect me and I will respect you. its a two-way street. respect is earned, not demanded. you earn it by your actions. if you choose to be a criminal, dont expect a normal society to celebrate your actions. if you set out to break every law/rule, you can expect to be treated like what you are===. a dysfunctional human. maybe the BLM crowd should clean up their act if they want respect. who can respect someone who wants everything handed to them????? here’s a novel idea. TAKE STOCK OF WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU STAND FOR, AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, PEOPLE WILL TREAT YOU ACCORDINGLY.

  40. Can you say “black privilege”. I’m black so no rules and laws should affect me. And I am owed reparations and anything and everything I can get for free including food, housing, phones and education and shouldn’t be expected to work for anything. I applaud this professor!

  41. If this professor loses this suit, then it will show that even the judicial system is biased. If he loses maybe it’s time to burn down UCLA during a “peaceful protest” just like what’s going on now.This is sick. Let’s give all the blacks that don’t earn their grade a graduation trophy so they can take a picture with it and show to the recruiter when they go job seeking and see how far that gets them.

  42. Isn’t is interesting that Black Lives Matter that they want equality then demand special treatment. Apparently the idea of working hard to attain what they demand is a foreign thought for them. I applaud the professor for standing up to these bullies. He would be doing no one a favor by giving them an easy way to get through life. That isn’t a realistic way to live your life and how do you build character then like Martin Luther King or Colonel Powell and all those who came before you who overcame giant obstacles to achieve what they did. To have the same opportunities is important but not to give them a crutch in obtaining them.

  43. This professor shows he really cares about his students first and their education. The fact that he was not backed by the education system is scary. It shows how most of our institutions today have been attacked from all sides. May God protect those who take a stand for truth.

  44. Professor Klein is doing his job. He should be free of blackmail, subversion, threats. No show, no grade, fail. The anonymous U.C. Berkeley Professor’s letter was courageous and astute to note the inconsistencies by BLM. Racism is a default bullying tool by manipulators. Do not surrender to victimization and the “disease to please.” Comrade Biddable Biden vs. Patriotic Capitalist Trump. GO TRUMP!♧

  45. What can I say that hasn’t already been said by many other posters to this thread? Members of the UCLA administration who placed Professor Klein on leave should be ashamed of themselves. When I was pursuing my educational goals, I would have felt insulted by any hint that I couldn’t complete my work successfully without being given special consideration because of my phenotypic assignment to a certain racial category. This madness needs to stop, but I fear it won’t, and since most of it seems to be coming from the left, it is pushing me ever farther towards the right. I hope there are enough who feel as I do to ensure that Trump is elected to a second term in November of 2020.

  46. The University of California system is headed my a nincompoop, left wing, out of touch political whore. She has decimated the system with leftists, “progressive” so called professors,instructors , who are successful undermining the greatness of the USA, pontificating about homelands they have abandoned, attempting to degrade the standard of living throughout this country. Unfortunately, the infertile minds of 17+ year old college “attendees”…aren’t keen or experienced enough to realize the crap they are digesting…..the UC system has lost its way…terribly so!

  47. These students demanding a free pass for what happened in Minnesota are nothing but lazy punks trying to take advantage of the situation . The professor is 100% correct.

  48. Let’s see! You insist the college give blacks better grades than you because they are black. Then the blacks get the jobs you wanted after you insisted because they got higher grades at your demand. They may or may not be as smart as you but now your working for somebody that may not be as qualified as you. But they are your boss and making more money while you do more work. How would you like that down the road?
    The professor is up holding that you earn your grades and hope you learn something along the way. Want a doctor that was given a pass working on you or a pilot that never really learned to fly? You get what you earn and there is no shortcut or it will come back to haunt you. People are stupid! Can’t see two inches in front of their face.

  49. Time to have a reality check folks!
    Break any law, take the consequences. It has nothing to do with race, religion or political ideals. It has everything to do with respecting yourself and striving to be the best you can be WITHIN the law not by breaking it!


  51. The BLM issue is them striving for equality. We can look at affirmative action and see that it did not really work as intended. It became a quota system Nd not the most qualified. The professor did the right thing. You have to work for what you want in life. You want an A in class you have to work for it.

  52. Most know the problem. Whites always have higher grades. It has ALWAYS been that way and it won’t change. Remember when standards were lowered? I wonder why?


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