One TV network for children paused programming to air a shocking message


Children are not safe from leftist indoctrination.

Propaganda is being pushed on them at a younger and younger age.

And one TV network for children paused programming to air a shocking message.

The horrifying murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd sparked nationwide protests that sadly devolved into violent rioting and looting.

Floyd’s death was captured on camera as he repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe,” while an officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck.

All of the officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired and charged, but the outrage has not subsided.

And now protests have made their way to a kid’s network.

Nickelodeon interrupted programming for 8 minutes 46 seconds (the amount of time the officer knelt on Floyd) and put a message on the screen that read, “I can’t breathe.”


While Floyd’s death is tragic, using it as a pretense to foist a radical ideology on children is deeply immoral.

The Left refuses to let children be children.

Getting to kids young was a tactic of Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin who said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Because of these indoctrination tactics, parents have to be more vigilant than ever to protect their kids.

It’s not Nickelodeon’s job to indoctrinate children about social justice activism.

The reactions to Nickelodeon’s stunt were mixed.

Social justice warriors praised the move, while many parents voiced their displeasure on Nickelodeon’s Facebook page.

Some of the frustrated responses were:

“Whatever happened to letting a kid be a kid,” and, “I agree with this but young children that don’t understand what’s going on shouldn’t have this stuff shown to them.”

“Wokeness” has become a religion to the Left, and they’re doing everything they can to proselytize kids early.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to simply let kids be kids, because they’re receiving political messages in their shows, pop songs, movies, and grade school classrooms.

Many parents have taken solace in homeschooling, but even that is under assault from radicals.

Leftism is an expansionist ideology that will continue to spread unless people stand up and say they’ve had enough.

Did Nickelodeon cross the line by pushing this message on kids?

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  2. The “citizen of the world” is definitely indoctrination since The New World Order is pushing a world without borders. The first right for kids about being seen, heard, and having their opinions respected is laughable. If they are liberal kids they will be respected but conservative kids not so much. The second right to live in a world that is peaceful is also laughable since the same New World Order is managed by groups that make their money from lending huge sums of money to countries who wage war. And, within the countries (notice the USA right now) races have to be divided because that’s how the Left keeps power. What children need is honest education and media which teaches them to think for themselves and make their own judgments. And children should be taught that the police are very important members of our society who deserve respect.

  3. If Jesus Christ was killed Again you Wouldn’t have such Attention and uproar,Hey NICK ..How about stopping programming for the White people that are killed by Blacks EVERY DAY!!?? Blacks kill A lot more cops then cops kill Blacks..Only you’ll Never Hear about it!! But ANYTIME a black is killed(Which is actually Rare) it’s World wide News!! Where is the Outrage for how many Blacks that Blacks kill…Just Chicago ALONE has Multiple killings Every weekend..That’s ONE City!!!! And you hear NOTHING!!! One guy gets killed And they want to get rid of the Police!!And NO Blacks are NOT getting murdered by police Everyday like they make it Sound.WHAT A JOKE!!

  4. Most kids shows now days have the underlying messaging in them. Just as the commoncore program Obama and Gates put in the schools. All new books with social justice in the questions posed to kids as story problems & etc. Gates made the software to indoctrinate the kids. Surprised anyone?

  5. Yep, their religion. That’s why they are kneeling. The indoctrination, in school, worked.

  6. All of these so-called “children’s” networks are all jumping on the leftist bandwagon, and pushing propaganda on innocent children, to whom all of this stuff should never be entering the minds of our precious children. UNPLUG your TV’s and put them in the GARAGE.

  7. There is going to come a time when we have to make a stand against this assault that is happening to our republic. The left is always the loud squeaky wheel, Claiming tolerance but only if Agree with them. It seems our only weapon against them will be at the ballot box. They have literally taken to the streets to beat, burn, and kill anyone that opposes their agenda. It’s ludicrous! Can’t even say “All Lives Matter”! You will be shouted down as a racist and beat with a baseball bat. If we don’t fight fire with fire we will lose the country we have fought so hard for and sacrificed even more. It’s time to get off the sidelines and get some skin in this game. Before it’s too late.

  8. Nickelodeon did the same thing 2 years ago for March For Our Lives. It’s not the Nickelodeon I knew as a kid.

  9. Our country is being assaulted every day, from without by China (manipulating currency and meds), Hispanics (draining our resources for helping those in need), Muslims (just because) and from within by Antifa, B.L.M. and corrupt politicians (mostly Dems). I’m old and will leave soon but I fear for the type of nation my kids and grandkids will have to suffer!

  10. Luckily we outgrew Nickelodeon several decades ago. Even then there were some shows that were not right for our kids. They grew up to know the world anyway. One’s a Republican, the other is a Dem. One likes Trump, the other hates him.

  11. Nickelodeon is becoming a RADICAL leftist channel and is worthless . If about half the country [ conservatives ] didn’t let thier little kids watch it , and thier advertising fell , it would be interesting to see if they changed thier gig. Also , why didn’t Nickelodeon pause for the 38 black on black killings in Chicago last weekend ??? Because those blacks getting killed DOES NOT fit thier narrative . When blacks kill blacks , they can’t blame Trump or the police , THAT’S WHY fake news cnn or msnbc never reports on those black killings . Why didn’t a$$hole al sharpton or jesse jackson go to Chicago last week and make an issue of those 38 killings , in just one weekend ????

  12. This world is fast becoming one government. However there remains one problem that remains and the cure cannot be talked about in the news. That problem is “there are too many people on the planet.” Food will be the deciding factor and as you have seen it does not take much to go from peaceful to riots. I do not need to worry as my age and health will not let me be around for a final show. But it is coming.

  13. Sharon, you’re 100%right about Common Core being taught in grade school. The text books teach ideas to fit leftist agenda. An example: ‘A US citizen is someone who lives in the community’. So anyone living in a community therefore ,has the right to vote. See how the kids are being brainwashed?!

  14. The people going after the formation and brainwashing of the little ones with their twisted agenda are totally despicable.


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