One thing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said is going to destroy millions of lives


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist agenda is a danger to the future of America.

If implemented, her policies have the trajectory to destroy the economy.

But even if she fails, she has already said one thing that will destroy millions of lives.

Despite not even being thirty, many in the Democrat Party are looking to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their future voice.

She is wildly influential, commanding a massive platform to spread her message.

And those that follow her are listening.

In a recent social media post, Ocasio-Cortez questions whether it is “moral” for young Americans to have children.

“There’s a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: is it OK to still have children?”

And as it turns out, this advice is being listened to.

There is a new movement of woman calling themselves BirthStrikers, who are refusing to raise children in a world that they believe is not doing enough to stop climate change.

Believing that the world is only a short way’s off from a climate disaster, they are abstaining from having children.

But in doing this, a massive amount of women are setting themselves up for an unhappy future.

Women deciding not to have children is nothing new, but it has become a more prominent an idea in recent decades.

And with many of these women now in their mid-life phase, they are beginning to regret the decision.

Kate Spicer is a Daily Mail journalist who has been promoting the idea of going childless.

In her pursuit, she has had 18 abortions in her 44 years on earth.

But now that she is beyond the age of being able to have children, she is regretting the decision, even penning a piece in the Daily Mail discussing encouraging woman not to take the same path, stating that, “Between today and the end of my life, I hope there are a few more decades. But, as time goes by, the idea of dying without children feels unnatural and sad.”

So while Ocasio-Cortez is questioning the need for children, women who have already taken that advice are regretting it.

Do you think childbirth should be encouraged or discouraged?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. this “person” is TERRIBLE & we have to believe JESUS will reveal her intentions to destroy America & now to destroy America’s youth! she’s a worker of the devil himself! Help us please Lord JESUS!

    • The lady with 44 abortions is an idiot. They could have been prevented even before the first one. Simply she could have had her tubes tied. She has committed 44 murders and will pay accordingly when she is judged. There are many who fake being a Christian by attending church – spouting words they never intended to honor. In the same light it is not up to any of us to judge but know this each of us will be judged. Planned parenthood, atheists, Homosexuals, Transgender , Lesbians and all the rest that choose to ignore the few commandments we were given to follow will stand before Christ and be held responsible for our choices.

      • Actually she didn’t haveb44 abortions, only 19 but that’s not really the issue. I am horrified that someone would use abortion as birth control but I am happy that these GODLESS morons will not be proofreading! Somebody needs to force them to watch an abortion and teach them to use birth control!

        • She sounds like a harlot to me. She can’t keep her legs closed and then murders the baby. Shame shame!! The Bible mentions to flee from fornication. Maybe she should heed to it. Oh wait she’s not a Christian. Muslims don’t care.

    • This awful thing needs to be taken out of Congress in cuffs, put on the nearest mode of transportation and sent over seas where she’ll fit right in.

    • AOC is a Nazi. Children and grandchildren are the future of life at this planet. AOC, Tlaib and Omar and Sansour should be deported and if they have children their children should be taken away and given to normal families.
      The only dangers to this planet are Leftists and muslims so they should not have any children.

      All Jews, Christians and other religions (except islam which is a nazi ideology not a religion) should have many children.

      the women who say things like the four furies (AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sansour) should be castrated

  2. If you want 10 kids or 0 kids as long as you can provide for them it’s nobody’s business but your own!Once again trying for government overreach and another social engineering experiment!😡 And we all know how well that goes! 😡😡😡

  3. Just read a very interesting article on this fake congresswoman. Her party actually recruited around 1,000 people to try out for different seats, in many different jurisdictions across the country and the party then ran these actors in the primaries and then elections.
    Every thing she says or does is scripted and written by her handlers. Her chief of staff is the money guy. I forget the name of the other guy, but he leads a group called the Young Turks.
    These people are dangerous and our young people are being sucked right into their abyss.

    • Every political party has always done that. How do you think Richard Nixon got his start? He responded to an ad in the newspaper looking for someone to run for Congress.

      As far as AOC, she is the total opposite of scripted. The other Dems wish they could write her script, but she keeps going outside of their Clinton center-right box. She is the best thing to happen to the party and our country in many years.

      • And you are an absolute IDIOT who also should not be proofreading! There is only one place for IDIOTS like you in your present state and that is with your god, satan!

      • Clinton “center right”?
        You just lost every bit of credibility you ever had! If that was any more than ZERO!

        Now for some real news history!
        I may we’ll be old, but I remember it well!

        TheDemocrat Party ceased to exist way back in the 1960s! When they ripped off and adopted the Party platform of the CPUSA!

        They have been trying to bring Communism to this country ever since!
        They thought they had succeeded when they elected a Muslim/Communist, not once but twice! And almost succeeded the third time, but Trump “HAPPENED”!

        And now for the absolutely most important thing of all!

        If we can’t bring ourselves to call our enemies by their true name, we will be fighting them until WE LOSE!

        They are no longer the “Democrats”, they are the COMMIECRATS!

        • Yes, Clinton is “center right”, and that is being generous. Judge her by her deeds, not her phony policy statements:

          1. Tyson – when Bill ran for his second term as governor, she accepted a $100K bribe from the outside counsel for Tysons Chicken (“the cattle futures scandal”), and in return, when Bill was elected, he allowed Tyson to dump one billion pounds of chicken waste into the White River, setting off a drinking water catastrophe far larger than that of Flint, MI.

          2. H. Clinton was a cheerleader for Monsanto and their use of glyphosate, a recklessly-conceived weed killer that is killing all types of wildlife (including essential pollinators), and is already starting to fail as the weeds adapt.

          3. As Secretary of State, she refused to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.

          Funny how easily she fooled you. You should study your enemies more closely.

  4. AOC is being given too much “influence” but like any fad will diminish with time! How long can anyone enjoy watching a yo-yo go up and down? That is AOC!

  5. Dr. Marten Luthier King said it Best,
    If I knew it would all END tomorrow
    I would still plant a Tree.
    Remembering there is always HOPE

    Fools don’t heed this advice

    • John, you’ve said it best in these comments. Thank you for a sincere and well timed answer. I agree with you and Dr. Martin L King.

  6. Having children is a personal choice as long as you can afford the number of children that you have. I would have liked more children but did not feel able to provide financially for more.
    AOC is definitely a threat to the freedom that we have in this country.

  7. I actually think that AOC’s lasting contribution to this country will be the total destruction of the Progressive wing of the Democrat party. The ideas she and her like espouse are so outrageous that they have to make her whole movement a laughingstock!

  8. I don’t even know where to start with the idiocy of this article. First, she did not claim that people should stop having children, she is just opening up the conversation. In fact, world population is booming and as agriculture collapses (as it is in many parts of the world, and we are seeing the first problems here now) how are we going to feed the people we already have, let alone the billions that will be added in the next two generations?

    AOC seems to be the only politician who is thinking about the future, or at least talking about it.

    • BUT… what she ‘thinks’ is disastrous. She’s nuts. Why is she looking only at the U.S. concerning ‘climate change’, when she should be looking at China? China is the world’s worst on anything environmental. Or, hadn’t you noticed? Take a long, hard look at the world-wide situation, and then you will see that the good old U.S.A. is doing very well, thank you. For those women (AOC included) who declare it is wrong to have children just ask a person who, for no fault of their own, cannot have children for medical reasons. Anyway, all those females having abortions are living very, very selfish lives. —

    • You and your ilk are nothing but brainless IDIOTS! The govts of the world destroy more food than can be eaten by all each year. But youre an IDIOT and IDIOTS like you cant learn anything, you just mimick the political IDIOTS!

  9. What I do not understand is why anyone in their right mind would pay attention to this woman. Are our young people in this Country so easily led by someone with a very big and sometimes cruel mouth??? She has no claim to fame other than putting down this Country and many of the people in it. I feel very sad for the upcoming generations if this person is someone they will look up to!!! Maybe at some point her compatriots will say enough is enough!!!!! !!!!!!!
    God help the rest of us in the meantime!!!

    • Our young people are not being educated in schools about the Bill of Rights, Constitution, the Executive, Legislature, and Judicial branches of the government and their functions…. I believe our children are being brainwashed by the radical Democrats…. No one can do for YOU what YOU can do for yourself…
      Climate change is a hoax as there is no scientific evidence…. This is Al Gore’s baby and he has made millions off false claims….. Cortez is climbing the Democratic ladder….. I heard a saying once that the higher a monkey climbs the more butt you see……

  10. If American women stop having children, it will necessitate more immigration.
    From where would it come. From Muslim countries?

    • lets have every woman in America stop have children until the population of the Earth stabilizes and the the can support them

      • donn Edmunds the US, Japan, Scandinavian and European countries have had zero population growth for over a decade. A good example about the world supporting a bigger population is the good old USA. Only 28% of our land mass is developed leaving 72% pristine. There is plenty of land and plenty of food here.

  11. What she and that generation are saying is just stupid. What they are suggesting are two things. One is that this country is crowded. Another is that everyone should be homosexual. Both go against God’s Law he would have made two men or two women. But he didn’t and told the man and woman to multiply. Why are we listening to someone who has no education nor any idea about what’s right or wrong. She should be deported along with the others. Every time I see a story about her it makes me sick.

  12. The tragedy IS that there are thousands of scientists who disagree with AOC’s understanding of climate
    change — but they can’t get publlished. Early computer studies were flawed. There is no real consensus
    and decisions are being made in the belief that there is total agreement. So very sad.

    • That leaves us with one option … PAID ADVERTISING. We need a PAC to get out the truth. Is there anyone willing to do a start-up? I would, but I am 93 years old with heart problems… just don’t have the energy.

    • No…. children are being brainwashed in schools and colleges by radicals. Radicals don’t think they do what someone in leadership tells them… like robots… programmed…

  13. Well I certainly think SHE should abstain from having children….as for others… Look how well China’s 1 child program worked…girls beong killed so they could have boys….nope. This is a very personal decision, that needs to be left to the woman…and her partner. OTOH…I do think a woman should have to take parenting classes(and pass them)…and show emotional stability/maturity. Sadly many of aoc’s followers won’t be able to show the last part.

  14. As a great grandmother of almost 80 years, I approve of most of ALL
    the previous observations with just an additional caveat…for her so-recent
    catapult to literally every newscast & venue (when important news, like
    Finland’s collapse! Is ignored) WHO & WHOSE $$$ are behind the obvious
    TAKEOVER of our once-GREAT country??!

  15. I believe God intended for women to have children but inside of marriage so many are doing it outside and not right that is my belief.

  16. This evil POS is going to persuade the American born people to NOT have children, when the immigrant Hispanics and Muslims are having children at an alarming rate of every 10 months. A respresentative of Hispanic immigranrts has stated that in a short while Hispanics will rule the USA and white Americans will be the minority and we will all have to speak spanish. THAT WAS A WARNING FROM a Hispanic activist. Saw this on TV about 5 years ago. How true is it NOW?????

    • I agree completely. This is another ploy by the ghost writers for AOC to further the domination of this country and of the whole world by the Muslims. I hope the non-Muslim population will see through all this before it is too late. AOC and her supporters should be stopped.

  17. If someone told me not to have children I wouldn’t have listened to them. I am recently widowed, but have 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. If I didn’t have my daughters, I would be alone.

  18. The people who jump on this bandwagon won’t have the number of younger workers to support the social security system that is broken now!

  19. The alarmist “the sky is falling” forecasts 0f imminent world-wide catastrophe from Global Warming has been scientifically proven to be a fraud (the media just refuses t0 publish anything that relates to that), so the only question here is which is the bigger fraud: the global warming scare or AOC?

  20. Why are we so quick to believe a lie. Whether the world is going to end in ten-twelve years or not. Our children are our inheritance. If we have no children then we eliminate mankind forever. That’s idiotic!

    • How does Cortez know when the world is going to end? On what authority does she provide that the world will end in 12 years? Evidently, she doesn’t read the BIBLE because it states… no one know when the Lord will return but GOD….. and baby she is far from being GOD or even an angel. Cortez and the rest of these radicals are nothing more than NATO (No Action ALL TALK)…… My question: Was all these radicals elected by legitimate voters or illegals? We need and must demand voter ID.

  21. she is a Dictator. Is she related to Hitler??? Who in the hell voted her in, those Muslims need to be thrown out of the government & Country, along with the Democrats. They are all Idiots.
    This is America.

  22. Idiots always listen to idiots. Does she know who her daddy is ? Old saying, ” stupid is, stupid does “. Forest Gump quote spoken by Tom Hanks in the movie Forest Gump . ” Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well”.

      • I image she was elected by her district because she promised FREE everything to them.
        Nothing in LIFE is FREE,,, you pay now or later down the line, but you pay.

        The higher a monkey climbs a tree the more butt you see…. Boy am I tired of looking at these radical Democrats butts and I’m sure everyone else is also. Nancy,,, either rein in these radicals or retire…..

  23. of course she doesn’t want americans having children think of how many americans are aborting children every day the progressives have made it popular but you don’t see illegals not having children and democrats are allowing illegals to flood our country no wall open borders if we don’t get americans and American politicians on board with president trump policies we as a country are going to have to leave our own country and start over some where else America will be a third world country soon

  24. If the media would stop giving her attention like she is some kind of star and people would turn the t.v. off when they mention her she will go away. I do not know why we have nuts like this ignorant idiot in congress. She needs to be removed along with the other muslim omar

  25. The far left should never have kids. The left is finding reasons not to for stupid reasons. The climate is no reason. If you don’t want kids, have the kid anyway instead of an abortion. There are people who want kids and can’t have one of their own. If you don’t want kids. keep your pants up or use somee other kind of birth control. But make the decision for yourself and don’t listen to some half-baked idea from the left..

  26. Are there really that many people in the country that are willing to give up having children just because some half wit told them to? The far left has some real issues concerning their intelligence or lack of.

  27. Ocasio-Cortez is the stupidest person on earth and eventually people will see that her advice is ALL dangerous.

  28. God wants us to have babies. Besides that, I know many old women, like me, that feel little children light up an elderly person’s life. There would be nothing to live for, if not for our kids. And, we need children to replace us old folks. Why do we live if not for the next generation? To carry on our dreams.

  29. So your point is that you want to force women to have children. Proof that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Muslims and Christians. Both religions are murderously anti-woman.

  30. AOC is an actress. She is the voice for a very evil group of people. Everything she is suppose to say is scripted. When she goes off script she looses it and looks foolish. She does not have the knowledge to have written the “Green New Deal”. She has a degree in economics and docent even understand that. How could she write a “Green New Deal” with no education in a multitude of sciences just for starters. She is dangerous because products of many of today’s colleges will believe her. Anything she says or supports is a danger to America.

  31. Everything she espouses is wrong. Anyone who follows her advice, well maybe it’s better they do not reproduce. I certainly hope she doesn’t. As for Kate Spicer……………..what possessed her to have 18 abortions. Wouldn’t it have been more responsible to have just taken some form of birth control? I took birth control for most of my early adult life, except whenever I was trying to conceive my two children, and then right after went back on the pill, until I was 37 and had my tubes tied.

  32. She is so full of “it” that she should be totally ignored! She is a huge scam, but, she is cute so she gets attention!
    I’m Canadian looking on from the north-west and am amazed at the publicity she is attracting!
    Please Americans don’t give her the time of day and I say that with all due respect!

  33. These clown’s make me sick, the future oh this country is at stake, when that stupid broad get’s older, she will be sorry she even said that. I am a father, a Grand Father and a GR G. father, an I only hope that some day the youth of today will be around to run, or ruin this country, such just as my age group: [the ww11 baby boomers ] are doing to day.

  34. All I can say is “SHE IS A TOTAL AND COMPLETE IDIOT”, along with a whole bunch of others that think
    they are so dang smart… She scares me to death. How can anyone be so ignorant…
    I’m thinking it might have something to do with our colleges and professors.

    My suggestion would be the we all need to never stop praying for our country.

  35. This female sounds like a reincarnation of al gore . She is just as ignorant, mentally challenged, insane as gore is and somehow- some way she gets other morons to listen to her just like gore did. According to gore — wasn’t the world supposed to be flooded by now, all the ice was supposed to melt and the US would be underwater — how does anyone with a half of brain listen to this BS !!!!!!! How can people listen to this female who doesn’t have a brain in her head and has zero real ideas. She is being fed daily by the communist organization known as “democratic justice” as what to say and what to do. I can’t believe ANYONE listens to her.

  36. Alexandria Ocadio Cortez’s Mother should have taken her unborn daughter’s advice.

    That piece of crap should have been aborted after she was laying warmly breathing in a nursery.

  37. Screw climate change! It happens on it’s own. Ever hear about the ‘Ice Age’?
    How about dealing wit keeping the Muslim Horde in check. A-Hole bitch.


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