One Supreme Court justice might’ve given pro-lifers the news they’ve been waiting for


Abortion is a regrettable moral failing that still plagues our country.

Each year, over 600,000 babies are aborted.

But one Supreme Court justice might’ve given pro-lifers the news they’ve been waiting for.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh nearly had his reputation and livelihood completely destroyed by the unhinged Left.

Since Kavanaugh was replacing Anthony Kennedy, a Republican appointee who often sided with liberals on big issues, leftists were terrified of the possibility of five steady conservative justices on the bench.

The Left’s chief concern was abortion.

They said abortion would immediately be outlawed in 16 states if Kavanaugh were appointed, but that never happened.

However, Kavanaugh recently gave pro-lifers some hope that the Supreme Court could reverse course on some bad abortion precedents.

In a concurring opinion on a case regarding unanimous jury verdicts, Kavanaugh suggested that Roe v. Wade was unsettled case law.

Kavanaugh wrote, “In Casey, the Court reaffirmed what it described as the ‘central holding’ of Roe v. Wade, the Court expressly rejected Roe’s trimester framework, and the Court expressly overruled two other important abortion precedents.”

On the issue of stare decisis, i.e. legal precedent, Kavanaugh wrote that bad decisions cannot be ignored:

“Stare decisis isn’t supposed to be the art of methodically ignoring what everyone knows to be true. Of course, the precedents of this Court warrant our deep respect as embodying the considered views of those who have come before. But stare decisis has never been treated as ‘an inexorable command.’”

Both the Left and the Right agree with this principle:  de jure segregation would still be in place if Plessy v. Ferguson had been considered “settled law.”

However, on the issue of abortion, liberals believe the precedent of Roe v. Wade is unshakeable.

Roe was badly decided case law based on the loosest interpretation of the Constitution possible.

It did not permit abortion, but rather said women who want an abortion have a right to privacy based on “penumbras, formed by emanations” within the Constitution.

The pro-life movement has slowly gaining steam, in large part due to scientific developments and earlier viability of unborn babies.

According to a Gallup poll, more people identify as pro-life than pro-choice, and the number of abortions is decreasing each year.

While 600,000+ is far too many, it’s less than half of the peak number of abortions in the early 1990s.

Justice Kavanaugh’s talk of bad precedent could serve as proof that pro-lifers are making inroads by fighting the noble fight.

Will the number of abortions to continue to decrease as pro-lifers get more effective at spreading the message?

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  2. As s former mental patient I can see first hand the hypocrisy espoused by women promoting abortion and the double standard that would automatically designate them as potential psych patients. A trip to the psych ward in laymen’s terms is warranted we an individual poses danger to self or others. The fetus is part of the woman’s body and metabolism set in motion at conception. Termination is like amputation or self mutilation which is self destructive.

  3. Abortion and war are the karma for killing animals.

    “When we turn to the protection of animals, we sometimes hear it said that we ought to protect men first and animals afterwards… By condoning cruelty to animals, we perpetuate the very spirit which condones cruelty to men.”

    –Henry Salt

    In a 1979 essay entitled “Abortion and the Language of the Unconscious,” contemporary Hindu spiritual master Ravindra-svarupa dasa (Dr. William Deadwyler) wrote:

    “A (spiritually) conscious person will not kill even animals (much less very young humans) for his pleasure or convenience. Certainly the unconsciousness and brutality that allows us to erect factories of death for animals lay the groundwork for our treating humans in the same way.”

  4. Just remember the abortion industry makes money selling the organs of these aborted babies. After the baby is born and checked over that all is healthy. It then killed. I call this post birth abortion and it is allowed. So what’s to stop killing someone for their organs to sell for transplants? Oh-that’s already happening illegally-just wait til the proabortionists make that legal. What is the difference between the two? A llife is a life.

  5. Supreme Court has already passed up three opportunities to rule on abortion abortion is going to remain legal and if you don’t like it allow quality sex education to be taught in all schools starting in the fourth grade

  6. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all oppose abortion, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor bring about world peace until first we abolish the killing of animals.



  8. Abortion is not a “moral failure”. Failure to provide healthcare for all of our citizens is a moral failure. Abortion is a medical procedure, necessary for health and welfare of many American women. To leave the decision to overturn abortion rights in the hands of sexual assailants like Kavanaugh and Thomas is an abomination. Anti-abortionists should work to better our healthcare system and sex education, and keep their noses out of other people’s personal lives.

  9. The reference to a prior court rule is so much BS. If we could use the following as applied to abortion what would be the difference of me using the same law to take their life? Balancing liberty and order – Although there’s no enumerated “right to privacy” in the Bill of Rights, since the 1960s the Supreme Court has held that several amendments create a “penumbra” of privacy for individuals’ private beliefs and conduct.” Does this mean if my private beliefs allow for killing conduct can I get a pass on being arrested for killing someone that bothers me? This is just a word manipulator using the same type of phrase…”what is is?” you recall that don’t you. “In Griswold v. Connecticut, the Court held that the right of privacy within marriage predated the Constitution. The ruling asserted that the First, Third, Fourth, and Ninth Amendments also protect a right to privacy.”

  10. Roe v. Wade, to begin with, was predicated on lie. The complainant admitted years later that she lied to gain notoriety while furthering the agenda of the extreme liberal left.

  11. Vasu: Watch a documentary sometime. You do not KNOW brutality until you’ve seen what the denizens of the forest do to one another on a daily basis. Watch a group of wild dogs tear out the entrails on a still live, standing victim…take a look at the expression on the face of the gazelle as these creatures tear his intestines apart, right in front of him….or check out the nest of hatchlings who bully the smallest bird into starvation, or even tear him apart and devour him, themselves….It is rare that any psychopath inflicts the kind of agony that animals do to one another on an hourly basis. People may suck…but it could be much, much worse without the influence of Christ, and His followers.

  12. Abortion creates alot of controversy, no matter what you feel, whose to say right or wrong???? It is up to each individual to “live” with their decision, reagardless of the reason. Give them their privacy & right. After all, who are we to judge??? They will answer in the end.

  13. HCB: Nonsense, of course. Girls should be taught to be virtuous, warm, and nurturing. Instead, they are pushed to be aggressive, coarse, and increasingly vile. And if any of this leads to an unwanted baby, why, we can simply slaughter it. Better health care and education are hardly necessary to prevent girls getting pregnant. Just an adult understanding of actions and their consequences. But since the coarsening of our young women is, actually, your ultimate goal, to a far greater degree than the killing of the babies-which is largely incidental-your kind will want no part of that. Adults taking responsibility??? Why, you’d have to say goodbye to abortion, gun control, welfare, financial aid….I mean, where might it END???

  14. Vasu, who cares what the ancient eastern reincarnation religions taught other than you? This nation was founded on Christian beliefs. Some animals were given by God to eat which had to be killed first.

  15. Praises to Gregory Scott Garner !!! This man tells it like it really is, and thank God for that and him. No matter how someone tries to justify a moral wrong, it is still wrong. Only God can create and give a soul, and if you think you can do the same have at it. Those who abort some of God’s most wonderful works, are flying in the face of disaster, and terrible vengeance. “Vengeance is mine, ” sayeth the Lord, “and I will repay.” Sure wouldn’t want to be you on judgement day!! All the brain washed Demorats follow every word that falls out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth. Try and wake up and do not follow down the evil path she is maneuvering you to.. This woman is the devil’s disciple. What an awakening she is going to get, and the sooner the better!! How disappointed Jesus must be. At least, try and see the Christian side with an open mind. Talk to a priest, pastor, reverend, or any Christian person. Meanwhile, pray for each other.

  16. Martha, abortion is the MURDER of the most innocent and helpless human beings. God forbids it and He tells us to hate sin. So, YES, we can judge abortion for the heinous sin that it is

  17. HCB, you prove your insane ignorance every time you post. Nothing you ever say is true. Haven’t you heard that it is better to be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt??

  18. There is no…You will know that God is very real the moment you die. That is a fact. You will also stand before Jesus to be judged and He will send you to Hell with satan unless you repent. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. It is you who needs to grow up and learn the truth that you deny

  19. Mick, McCorvey did not even care about abortion being legalized. She was used as a pawn. She became a Christian and denounced the murder of babies

  20. In my heart I’m Pro Life but Intellectually I’m conflicted. I can see misery when an unwanted child is forced to be born and lives changed. Life begins at conception so as a Christian I do not believe an aborted fetus actually dies. After considerable thought I concluded that IF an abortion was elected after considerable prolife counseling and consideration of alternatives it must be within the first trimester. After that it’s murder.

  21. The hope of the prolife movement is that the Louisiana law, heard by the Supreme Court this past March, in June Medical Services v. Russo/Gee, will be ruled constitutional, and that the determination of abortion rights falls to the individual states, and from that point; God only knows. The court’s ruling will be announced in June, let us pray the five conservative justice’s rule for the life of the unborn.

  22. If I kill a pregnant lady as I drive drunk, I will be charged with killing two persons.
    If I cut up and take the parts of a baby out of the mothers womb it is called a legal abortion and is saluted by Planned Parenthood.
    If after the baby is born;I make it comfortable and then decide I want an “after birth abortion” and I provide for the baby’s demise, that is legally acceptable.
    That makes sense doesn’t it???


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