One streaming service could be in trouble after a big viewer exodus


Hollywood entertainment is being dominated by streaming.

Traditional theater and cable viewing is rapidly in decline.

But one streaming service could be in trouble after a big viewer exodus.

Netflix is currently the king of streaming content, but the company fell short of its subscriber numbers and took a big tumble in the stock market.

Competition in the streaming space has become fierce.

HBO Max, Apple+, Disney+ and others have all entered the arms race.

Markets Insider reports:

“Netflix shares tumbled as much as 8% on Wednesday, wiping $20 billion off the video-streaming platform’s market capitalization. The selloff came after the company added fewer subscribers than expected last quarter, and warned of further weakness . . . ‘We had those 10 years where we’re growing smooth as silk and then just a little wobbly right now,’ CEO Reed Hastings said on the earnings call.”

Netflix still leads the streaming space, but things can change quickly.

Roughly 20 years ago, Blockbuster Video had the chance to buy Netflix when it was a fledgling business.

Netflix operated in the red for years before finally turning a profit.

From that point forward, they effectively ran Blockbuster out of business within a decade.

With more studios entering the streaming space (Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount), Netflix faces an uphill battle of not having those companies’ expansive libraries at their fingertips.

Intellectual property drives the film and television industry at the moment, and Netflix does not have a lot of it.

Meanwhile, HBO Max will be putting out The Matrix 4 and Dune this year.

Netflix has also become very political in the past few years.

The company is promoting works from radical leftists like Colin Kaepernick and Ibram X. Kendi.

The Obamas also struck a lucrative deal with Netflix and produced the documentary American Factory.

When accepting the best documentary Academy Award for the film, co-director Julia Reichert said, “Working people have it harder and harder these days, and we believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite.”

Reichert openly used a communist rallying cry during her speech.

That’s the kind of content being created and promoted by Netflix.

The controversial film Cuties also chased off subscribers with its immoral portrayal of young girls.

And progressive mouthpieces Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently signed with the company.

It seems as though Netflix is only going to become more hostile to conservative values in the upcoming years.

In doing so, they could be signing their own death warrant.