One state Supreme Court just issued a shocking ruling about taxpayer-funded sex changes


Transgender activists want to ram their radical agenda into law.

They truly hate Christians, who disagree with their lifestyle.

And now they are getting their way in a surprising state that is forcing taxpayers to pay for their sex-change surgeries.

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that gender reassignment surgeries must be covered by Medicaid, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

This stems from a discrimination case by two gender-confused men who believe they are women.

They argue that the surgeries are medically necessary, and that they don’t fit the previous category of “cosmetic, reconstructive or plastic surgery” which is not covered by Medicaid.

Now, taxpayers will need to foot the bill for the surgeries that cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

As reported by Life Site News:

“Iowa must allow gender-confused residents to obtain “gender-reassignment” treatments at taxpayer expense, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The case stems from a discrimination suit against the state Department of Human Services by Eerieanna Good and Carol Beal over its classification of transition-related surgeries as “cosmetic, reconstructive or plastic surgery,” and administrative code excluding “surgeries for the purpose of sex reassignment,” The Blaze reports.

The plaintiffs got a district court to agree that such surgeries were “medically necessary,” spurring state health officials and Assistant Attorney General Matthew Gillespie to appeal.

“This case is not about transgender Iowans at all,” Gillespie argued, but rather the treatment in question was for physical or psychological purposes, and that the Iowa Constitution contained no mandate to cover all services. Gender-reassignment procedures can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.”

This is the end-game of the radical LGBT agenda.

They don’t just want to be tolerated in society; they want to force those who disagree with them to accept – and pay for – their sick lifestyle choices.

Transgender activists are already infiltrating schools, taking advantage of the minds of developing children to brainwash them into supporting their lifestyle.

But they aren’t going to stop there, and they will continue pushing as far as they can go.

Do you think sex changes should be paid for by taxpayers?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Any transgender surgery should be based on DNA. If you are XX you are FEMALE. If you are XY you are MALE Period!

  3. Absolutely not………Its a life style change…………So if I wanted to change my features as I don’t like them, will the courts okay medicaid or any insurance pay for it. If God wanted them be male, they would be a male and the same for a female. Stop this idiotic nonsense.

  4. I wouldn’t mind chipping in for their mental health help, but i draw the line on such stupidity. Pretty soon we are going to have to start locking all liberal democrats up to protect them as well as ourselves.

  5. If any Gender Changes are paid for by Insurance, then any items that are considered “Elective Surgery” should also be paid for by Insurance. To pay for 1 kind of “Elective Surgery” and not another is discrimination. No person should be forced to participate in an activity that they do no believe in, including the Transgender. Therefore they should not be able to “Force” others to participate in their activities. I do not care what another person does as long as it is not against the Law; just so long as they do not try to force me to participate.

  6. All gender confusion should be treated by a head doctor, not a surgeon.And the parents and others that are causing the gender confusion should go to prison.

  7. Absolute idiocy for expecting taxpayers to pay for such selective surgeries. I have to assume the bench members have been eating too much corn in Iowa.

  8. jesus is coming! and boy is he pissed! how can any young person want to bring innocent children into this society. rise up and fight! at least let them pay for their own sick choices.

  9. I think if this passes I will just deduct some more from my tax return and not

    show if of course. All working people need to organize and call the perverted

    politicians into account on this matter too. If the politicians think this is

    alright let them pay for it.

  10. Where has logic and common sense gone? Where will the stupidity of catering to the mentally insane end?
    Can I now go before the court and say I have developed a mental inferiority complex because I don’t live in a mansion, drive a new car, or have lots of money.
    Instead I am wallowing in my confusion…lol.
    So is the State of Iowa going to cater to my horrific needs?
    $100,000 given to me by the taxpayers so I can indulge my envy would certainly go a long way to alleviating my anguish.
    So hubba hubba and get with the payments so this cloud of confusion can be lifted and I can live a normal life.

  11. Well, if it’s a guy that wants to be dickless, I volunteer to use one of my own guns and shoot off their peckers. No cost what so ever for the gov’t. My free weapon, ammo and my time.

  12. Yes in deed we are becoming! Has gotten so bad that we of a sound mind need to either home school or private school, oh! yes Christian colleges that our precious children to protect from such lunatics, leftist, evil and wicked perverts. And just imagine, at one time we though those that played with children was harmful, now even in schools as early as kindergarten they are being taught the gender crap. These nuts are gaining a foothold everywhere, there seems to be many in the government/churches/homes etc to allow such crazy rights. As for me I say GOD LOVES EVERY SINNER REGARDLESS OF HOW CRAZY yet requires ALL TO REPENT?TURN AWAY OF SUCH BEHAVIORS by presenting yourselves before him to receive MERCY/Forgiveness

  13. This needs to go to the Supreme Court and this type of “elective surgery” should not and must not, be covered by the taxpayers. You do not change how God / The Creator / Mother Nature decided how you should be. If you insist on such an insane change, you pay for it yourself.

  14. What that be Cosmetic surgery? To fix something of your body or face, that you feel, needs to improve. How far can people go? Ok, that is might thinking. You do not have a illness, right? Than what ever your Heath Insurance covers, than what ever is left to pay, that is you own Bill. Than You Pay.

  15. Politically incorrect but sensible: Throw the Gay movement back in the closet where it belongs and lock and bar the door!! Throw the liberal Murder Party (Democrats) in with them. They can “play” with each other.

  16. “What a sick, perverted and Godless society.”
    Don’t like the USA?
    You are free to leave.
    The mrality rules are ERY strict in Iean just to your liking.

  17. Attention all transgenders aka the totally confused. ALL of you move to Iowa so we don’t have to pay for your surgery. If they want to be that stupid then they should pay not the rest of the cfountry.

  18. What the hell? What is wrong with you people? You can’t make me believe, that the majority,of IOWANS, think this way! This must be over- turned, by the United States Supreme Court! There is no-way, that taxpayers have to pay for this nonsense! This travesty will open the door for other states to join this hideous ruling! Those people are mentally insane! You are what you were born with!

  19. Oh, yeah! Did you read where parents of toddlers are choosing which prosthetic genitals their poor confused-to-be kids will get?

  20. We better get a handle on this insanity, why can’t people with sound minds, rise up and take it to the streets! We complain on social media outlets and that’s the end of it!
    These damn computers and the internet has made us a bunch of inept zombies!

  21. Will this court now decide that all other elective surgeries should be paid for by medicaid? What makes this one special?

  22. The Iowa Supreme Court must be made up of medical doctors to decide which operations are medically necessary. Are they saying that anyone who wants a sex change must know what they are doing?

  23. We, The People, Are supposed to be the Bosses! The People are the bosses over politicians, yet they tell US what to do, and we pay them, to ignore us, to take away our rights, to pass laws we hate, and force us to pay for insane ideas!
    Imagine the United States as a factory, we the people, are the owners of this factory, we get up at 5:00 am. drive to work in rain, sleet, and snow, clock-in, bust our asses for 12 hours, while our employees, do little work, make bad decisions that will bankrupt the factory, and make 10-times more money!

  24. How far does this craziness go? I want to be a giraffe will you pay for my surgery and then I may change my mind after a few years and want to be a lion, another surgery? I have no problem with them paying for it themselves but not on my dime! While people are starving.

  25. Totally stupid. Majority of people in Iowa are going along with tbis crap
    . No I don’t think ???? so

  26. We got homeless and starving people in the country ,have people with real medical problems that can’t be helped because of money ,but yet they want to help some psychotic fulfill their perverted dream on the taxpayers dime

  27. This is illegal and that court needs removed immediately No state or Federal has the right to force Taxpayers to pay for anything perverted as sex change and abortions and you people need to start suing this state Immediately and call for the removal of sick demented perverted judges

  28. It appears that the people of Iowa have a critical need to clean up the membership of their Supreme Court. The people who sit on that court currently lack the ability to think logically. It’s as simple as that.

  29. I agree with everyone that says, born a female you are a female born a male you are a male. How can you tell your child that they can pick what they want to be. Paying for someone’s surgery so that they can have a sex change is stupid, you want the surgery, you pay for it. My Insurance is high enough, I am not paying for someone’s stupidity My premiums go up & they get free medical care. That’s a bunch of B.S. What is wrong with people??? If they can’t pay for their own surgeries, then they can’t have it. I am tired of paying taxes for idiots who have babies like Gerbils so they don’t have to work & can collect State Aid. But we have Veterans living on the street because Our Own Government won’t help them & they fought for Our Freedom & for the U.S. but the government will pay for idiots who want to find out how they would feel if they changed sex organs. God Help Us All.

  30. This is about as sick as anything I’ve heard, but all I know is in the last days the Bible states men would become lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, I thankful, unholy, 2. Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. E. Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God!! We have become an unholy Nation who founded on Godly principles, we have forgotten where all blessing come from, and God will not turn a blind eye for what we’re allowing to happen to innocent children, God will and always has been righteous and he will Judge in righteousness, I don’t believe in climate change I just think Gods hand of protection will be taken away from America if we don’t humble ourselves and pray for this great Country and STAND against all this perversion that is taking over our Country, Democrats wants to protect an Eagles egg and a kitten but want to snuff out the life of a newborn baby, America has lost its moral compass, Lord help us !!!!

  31. I’ll go along with that and help pay for the electricity for the electric-shock treatments.. These people are very sick individuals.. They need help.

  32. And who gets to pay for the psychological work after they get the surgery, because every one of them will need it and how is the great state of Iowa going to stop the influx of people moving there just for that purpose ,this obviously was not thought out ,it’s more of a buy out by the judge/judge’s who passed this on to the state.
    This was obamas ideal when he allowed trannies in the military ,the financial burden would be outrageous.

  33. WILL YOU ADMIT Christians activists want to ram their radical agenda into law.
    They truly hate Transgenders, who disagree with their lifestyle
    freedom of religion includes freedom from religion
    Transgender people also pay taxes and don’t get a big write off for their religious activity
    end the write off and tax the churches fir fairness I don’t want to pay for their exemption

  34. WILL YOU ADMIT Christians activists want to ram their radical agenda into law.
    They truly hate Transgenders, who disagree with their lifestyle
    freedom of religion includes freedom from religion
    Transgender people also pay taxes and don’t get a big write off for their religious activity
    end the write off and tax the churches fir fairness I don’t want to pay for their tax exempt status

  35. This is just one of many fronts the Progressives have launched against the citizens of this country all the while our Rhino’s have been sitting on the Uni Party Ass’s because of being “Politically Correct”! That need to come to a screaching hault to say the least. We need to put a fire under our so called Representitives in both houses of Congress or WE are going to be the big loosers.

  36. Damn right! Lets settle it in the streets! ! ! Be sure it will eventually end up there. No way

    to turn it around with diplomacy and voting now. Lets go ahead and get it done.



  39. Give me a break please, this is just another tactic of the liberals to enforce their stance on LBGT movement. What a bunch of sicko’s if you want a sex change regardless of the circumstances it ought to come out of their own pockets why should the people have to pay for your obvious denial of who you were when you were born. As one man said Mental Health yes but this let Nancy Pelosi or the Clinton foundation pay for it.

  40. This is the result when you elect democrats, and they in turn place radical leftist judges on the courts. This should be a lesson to all voters.

  41. Wonder what these transgender folks will do when they stand in judgment before the Lord?! It will be too late and there won’t be a second chance! But, the choice “was” theirs! So sad!

  42. Jackie ray…, your condemnation of these who are not “loving their neighbor” IS NOT even rational. You use the Holy Scripture to give pass to sin. To love your neighbor doesn’t mean that you stand by and give hearty approval to wickedness and sin. To love means that you hate sin and that you admonish with truth leading the wayward to life. If your going to condemn Bible Believers then do it in full and in your own words rather than twisting scripture that you didn’t author.

  43. Again you take scripture to use for your own….you are being foolish! Say your own thing and stand by your own words! You claim that God DOES make mistakes! So TELL HIM! You own your words, there is no way out of that…there is only two sexes, the idea that there are “freaks of nature” is only a sick and twisted idea. Malformities, deformities, illnesses and so on are real but the “idea” that sex is a “mistake” so a person has “a gender choice” is insanity.

  44. AND WILL YOU JACKIERAY, admit that you hate Christians, Jews and anyone who opposes to pay for what they believe and know is wrong and evil! OR DO YOU believe that a Christian, Jew or other God fearing person should have no say! You are A HYPOCRITE, and you have the “right” to be according to “human rights”.

  45. Medicaid was not conceived for this kind of “medical” (so to speak) care. And certainly not for reasons of choice concerning “gender”. This kind of thing is a political and social engineering quest that is corrupt from every angle. What about the actual poor and children who this was conceived to care for? This is hypocritical, it’s foolishness and it’s deception. What an absolute shame.

  46. tod…That is a true statement. You can deny God but you will know the moment you die that He is very real. And try English on your last sentence.

  47. God commands that we hate ALL sin. We are not to condone it. If sin was okay there would not have been any reason for Jesus to die on the cross. ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. Yes, God wants us to love and help everyone, but condoning their sin is telling them that you don’t care if they go to hell. That is not love.

  48. I am ashamed to live in Iowa. This is NOT what most Iowans want. Most of Iowa is very conservative, but the cities have a lot of loony libs.

  49. Don Nauyokas: The reason the Medical Dr’s. are wanting to decide to get this
    bill passed, is because they don’t have enough business “in their field”, & no
    big bucks coming in, so by getting this bill passed, they are assured of having big whopper chunks of money coming in for several yrs. to come!

  50. Arlene” Actually those ‘so=called transgender people”, are obsessed
    w/demonic spirits from satan. They need a good minister, that’s born-again that believes in praying for people who are possessed w/demons, and casting those demons out of that person.
    But, if the transgender person doesn’t want those demons to go out of
    him or her, then they will stay in that person! And, that person will be
    worst off!!!

  51. that’s elective surgery & shouldn’t be paid for by US government! if a person wants this surgery they should have to pay for it themselves & not US taxpayers!

  52. I don’t mind supporting mental health support, such as counseling, since sex reassignment surgery doesn’t work. But I don’t want my tax dollars going to medical procedures that violate the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. Sex reassignment harms the person because they realize, afterward, that it didn’t solve the problem.

  53. I have read many individual responses to this article and they are too soft. We need to be hard as diamonds on these homosexuals and thanks to the liberal Democrats we now have a perverted country. Luke 18:8, says, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Will you be strong for the Lord?

  54. All I can say is I think Iowa is a communist State and the people want that and all communist or they just are little puppies letting sorry trash elected get away with anything because they are cowards or just wimps or non American

  55. Jackieray….You claim Believers are ramming our faith into law but we can also put that shoe on the other foot. What you don’t seem to understand is God’s law, not man’s, will win out in the end times. God gives man the free will to choose how he or she will live their lives on earth but there are consequences that come with those choices….death or eternal life. You choose which one you want to be judged on by God, not me or any others who post on this forum. Many Christians, myself included, are commanded by God to love the sinners but hate the sin. When you judge us God says He will judge you and vise versa. Not all believers are hypocrites, we all are sinners who were saved by God’s grace. Jackieray I will pray that God will speak to your heart and mind and He will allows His presence to come into your life.

  56. I am totally disgusted with what my tax money goes for. Mentally ill people are running this country,namely Democrats and Rinos

  57. This is stupid! If these perverts want their body mutilated, that is their choice. The government should not participate in the disgusting actions.

  58. Not a chance in hell would I live in that state and pay for something that disgusting and nauseating. If I did live there I’d be moving IMMEDIATELY because obviously there’s going to be a whole lot of those sickening weirdos there. Pictures of gross ‘things’ make me want to throw up.

  59. This is just another example of the totally stupid and ignorant attempting to drive the ship of common sense upon the rocks. Since the ONLY way one can change their gender is by having a chromosome transplant, anything less is just a c ase of “parts is parts” and is de facto plastic surgery and therefore NOT covered by medicare. Suck it up buttercup – you are what you are, and were from the day you were born.

  60. The Iowa Supreme Court has shown it is full of false Judges by ruling we have to pay for a screwed up Mental Patient to have the Lying Gender Reassignment surgery! This is not okay, if you want to mutilate the Body GOD gave you pay for it your own damn selves. Impeach ever Judge who ruled in favor of the Bull Manure false Judgment kick their perverted butts right out of office!!!

  61. Transgender is nothing but man’s rebellion against Science/Biology which was invented by GOD! So if you want to mutilate the Body GOD gave you use your money not mine pervert I will never call a male a female nor a female a male it is the hieght of immorality nothing more! At the same time if you choose to do this mutilation and pay for it then at death as it is written It is appointed unto man to die and then Judgment it is between you and GOD I will warn you of the eternal consequinces of sin, any rebellion against GOD’S Moral order. I will pray that that Sinner repent of his or her rebellion before their natural deaths because once dead their is no more Second chance’s.

  62. Ps jackieray we hate the sin not the sinner, so get that straight and their is NO freedom from Religion even an Atheist worships something either their own intellect, Education, Human Knowledge, or The State, or their wealth. And the Secular Progressive Humanist is itself a Religion check the Library of Congress. How can their be freedom from religion man always worships something and whatever that is it is his or her god!

  63. Ps jackieray we hate the sin not the sinner, so get that straight and their is NO freedom from Religion even an Atheist worships something either their own intellect, Education, Human Knowledge, or The State, or their wealth. And the Secular Progressive Humanist is itself a Religion check the Library of Congress. How can their be freedom from religion man always worships something and whatever that is it is his or her god!

  64. As a survivor of a catastrophic injury, I feel that I know about needing more care than is provided by the state. For over 47 years, it has been my responsibility to take care of myself and move forward. Why should I have to take care of someone else?

  65. This has to be taken to the US Supreme Court. The Left always throws tantrums about how we have to listen to the science over climate change. I’m sure the Science is aware that there are TWO SEXES; And no matter how you feel about your self, you are still one of the two. If you want it changed, it’s on your dime, not the obligation of the Government or the citizens. Getting a reinstall of factory equipment is not going to change what is wrong with these people.

  66. WE, SENIOR AMERICANS, who have made a lifetime of payments into social security, are being DENIED increases & better medical coverages, so that these sex changes can be covered???? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?…….Drop the EXPENSIVE sex change operations & their” need followup medications & TAKE CARE OF OUR AMERICAN SENIORS…….WE COULD USE DENTAL COVERAGE! “DISCRIMINATION AGAINST AM”ERICAN SENIORS!”

  67. A lot of people have yet to Wake Up to what is going on here. The ultimate goal and end result of the entire “transgender agenda” happen so to be (for males, at least) castration, vivisection and dismemberment. Get the message!
    Furthermore, the problem is actually far worse. I mean, just why is “transgenderism” being touted nowadays? Perhaps the discomforting truth of it all is that these so-called leftists actually seek to “transgender” persons who disagree with them.
    Dear people, Men are Men. Women are Women. You can’t fool Mother Nature!
    The time is Right Now to speak up and speak out. “Transgender medicine” (so-labeled) must be OUTLAWED, in its entirety.

  68. Then once they start killing themselves cause surgery doesn’t cure their confusion…the ones pushing them forward with these agendas will line up for checks as well .bet me


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