One sports writer is calling for this famed golf tournament to do something outrageous


The cultural demolitionists remain on the warpath.

Leftists are scouring every American institution and looking to uproot it.

Now one sports writer is calling for this famed golf tournament to do something outrageous.

The radical Left is feeling emboldened, and they’re making a big move.

Monuments are falling, food brands are disappearing, and television productions are shuttering because the cultural deconstructionists of the Left feel they have enough clout to push forward a decades-old agenda.

Sadly, politicians and businesses have bent the knee to these radicals who wish to tear apart the country.

The next target in the crosshairs is the Masters golf tournament, one of the four major events of each year.

Far-left sports writer Rob Parker, who recently called for the national anthem not to be played before NFL games, now wants to see the Masters name removed because it connotes slavery.

Parker argued, “The name ‘The Masters’ must go. The heralded golf tournament…needs to go back to its original name — the Augusta National Invitational. It became the Masters in 1939…Tiger Woods, other big-time golfers and corporate sponsorships should demand it. In the current climate, with all the sweeping changes, it’s only right and just.”

Parker has been critical of Woods in the past because he hasn’t been outspoken enough on social issues for Parker’s liking.

Parker had previously been fired from ESPN for calling NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother.”

Parker remarked about Griffin, “I keep hearing these things. We all know [Griffin] has a white fiancée. There was all this talk about he’s a Republican.”

This is the mindset of the activists masquerading as journalists who are desperate to find cultural targets to attack.

A similar move was recently made in the NBA to change the phrase team owner to team governor.

This language policing has been a tactic of the Left for 50 years.

They use clever rhetorical tricks to shift the meaning of words to fit their agenda.

At the end of the day, it’s a form of control.

Nobody other than race-obsessed leftists think about slavery when they think about the Masters tournaments, particularly when Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters last year in dramatic fashion.

Will figures and sports finally stop bending the knee to the “woke” mob

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  2. tiger’s too smart for these idiots!he plays golf on occasion with trump but not one of these aholes have the nerve to call him out!i remember the dinah shore tennis tournament years ago in sc and the williams sisters were commenting on how racist the state was.and why they didn’t play there! then they confronted tiger and asked him why he wasn’t playing there that year!he told them he’s never played there because it was never on his schedule!they were always trying to get him to follow their agenda but he’s way too smart for them!

  3. Should white people demand that all people of color be loaded up and sent back to their country of origin? Of course not!!
    The ONLY way we are going to repair the damages done by radicals on both ends of the spectrum is for people of all races who have and use common sense to get together and solve our differences. Eliminating the negative influence from all those who want and profit off of the division.

  4. This movement is not being driven by the black population so don’t blame this on blacks.
    This BLM movement is being driven by white liberals. They are the ones that want to tear down our country and create their own Marxist government. White liberals have always been the enemy of black people and America as a whole.

  5. You’re So right, Dr. J.D., the White Liberal or Leftist is the USA’s no. 1 Enemy in my opinion.

  6. I suppose they will no longer air the Seinfeld episode where they were the “Masters of their Domain”. I said to my wife that I bet they will go after the Masters tournament. Ridiculous

  7. Every time I think something is too dumb for anyone to go along with it….I’m proved wrong. And every time I think Americans cannot get any more cowardly….ditto…

  8. Mike: Not so fast there, Mike…Lincoln liked the idea, and time has demonstrated that he was right. Just too much water under the bridge…

  9. You the company who runs this page can go to hell. If I don’t agree with you you don’t publish my comments please delete me from your page and remove me from your lists.

  10. These dirtbags are unbelievable and don’t know their butt from first base. The Master’s refers to who masters the course the best! Stupid idiots with a bunch of brain cells missing!!

  11. Yea Dr.J and Blue,Don’t Blame the blacks for ANYTHING,That’s the freaking Problem..They Don’t get blamed for Anything Or take Responsibility For Anything,It’s Always Whitys fault.. EVERYTHING,I don’t know if you Noticed but This D-bag is BLACK!!!! Quit the Freaking Bull….!!

  12. Henry FitzGerald lll: I cannot say for sure, but in my case, it seems to be random….I’d say about 2/3 of my comments go through, and the rest somehow disappear. I’ve gotten so used to it that I’ve learned not to devote too much energy to any one post, since the fate of such messages seems so precarious…But the messages they post don’t seem to be any more to their liking than the ones they ‘lose’, so I’m not sure that it’s actually deliberate.

  13. I wonder how many of these ‘crusaders’ know that the old, original ‘masters’ actually purchased those slaves from OTHER BLACKS??? Even PBS acknowledges this…in fact, it’s common knowledge to anyone who has read anything about the subject. Maybe we should go over to Africa and start tearing down some of THEIR statues?

  14. What a bunch of crap. Should we rename America (Africa)? Get real and stop bending to these idiots.

  15. I’m not saying blacks ain’t at fault, I’m sayin’ the Damn white leftists like LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” are a big part of it, yeah, I notice this guy is a POS!

  16. This is getting ridiculous ! Enough already. If your Damn feelings are so delicate, it would indicate that you need psychiatric help. Blacks have crossed a line from which there is no return. They have declared war on our country with their violence, rioting, looting, burning, destruction, raping and making ludicrous demands. They declared war, millions of us are happy to oblige. Like in Seattle, they run when they are threatened. They are cowards with big mouths.

  17. I don’t know where they think this is going ,and how much it’s going to take before the backlash hits. I do know one thing. It won’t be long before they realize their white liberal puppet MASTERS (ironic isn’t it?) put them on the road to certain destruction. Listen to the rumbling. getting louder and more militant against them.
    They are being made fools of for a political agenda that will hurt them more than anyone. Sad.

  18. The Masters honors Master Golfers you bonehead. Don’t fabricate where there isn’t any connection. You idiots have to put your evil slant on everything you feel makes your narrative relevant. GO searching somewhere else, like in another country. The US has given you the freedom to become a sports writer – write like you appreciate it.

  19. Gee, I thought the term “Masters” referred to the players being masters at their craft. Silly me!

  20. Will these whining liberal morons please just shut up. If everything offends you, the problem is YOU! You’re inability to see the world with its’ good and bad as part of the history of mankind, points to your failings, weakness and fragility. Buck up snowflake, you’re not that important in the scheme of life!

  21. We need to MOON Rob Parker! Anyone who wants to change the name of the Master’s Golf Tournament needs to be MOONED!

  22. Nailed it. I posted this would happen over a week ago. It was obvious the crazies would go there. Next the Democrat congress will introduce legislation requiring the use of the word master, in any form, be stricken from public discourse and be treated the same as the N word. Religious organizations and churches who continue to refer to Jesus as Lord and Master will lose their tax exempt status as part of the new legislation banning the word Master.

  23. It’s about mastering the game of golf…to master something is to become the best in what you’ve accomplished.

  24. libtard snowflakes don’t care about anything, they aren’t intelligent enough to. I know a lot of black people who are just as patriotic as I am and who despise the blm and antifa fascists. these fools will be victims of their own ignorance if they do get their way just as Hitler’s brown shirts were.

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