One school is instituting an insanely racist policy that could soon be rolled out nationwide


The radical Left is on a mission to tear down America.

Activists across many organizations are pulling at the fabric of the country one string at a time.

And one school is instituting an insanely racist policy that could soon be rolled out nationwide.

Donald Trump warned America about the scourge of critical race theory, a destructive doctrine that substitutes traditional Marxist class struggle with race struggle.

The “bourgeoisie versus the proletariat” gets replaced with “white versus nonwhite.”

It’s an ugly, racist ideology intended to divide the country along racial lines in order to dismantle capitalism.

The scariest part is that the proponents of critical race theory openly admit it.

And now one school in New York sent a “toolkit” for white parents to assess their culpability.

The Democrats call for unity while promoting racist garbage like this.

When Trump issued an executive order banning critical race theory from the federal government, the Left cynically said Trump was getting rid of diversity training and racial sensitivity training.

That is a lie, and the supposed toolkit is proof.

Calling for parents to be “white traitors” and fight for “white abolition” has nothing to do with sensitivity training.

The most telling part of the document was under “white benefit” where it said that “some POC (people of color) are in this category as well,” meaning that “white” is simply a substitute for “anyone who disagrees.”

Radical leftists are ideological terrorists and they’re gaining legitimacy in the mainstream.

They cannot be shamed or bargained with.

The only thing they acknowledge is power.

That’s why conservatives and sane liberals need to stand up and tell them “no.”

These extremists are not large in number, but they depend on good-natured people remaining silent or going along to get along.