One radical show is indoctrinating kids in a disturbing way


Leftists refuse to leave children alone.

They believe they can social engineer society to their will if they simply get to the children early enough.

And one radical leftist show is indoctrinating children in a disturbing way.

Transgender activists in Denver have sparked controversy by hosting a drag queen show for prepubescent children.

Children as young as seven years old are dressing up in exaggerated sexualized clothing and prancing across a stage.

The Denver Post reports:

A monthly Denver drag show for children gained momentum Sunday, drawing more than 100 participants despite demonstrations outside pitting “antifa” activists against “Colorado Proud Boys” and religious critics of gender-bending dress-up activity.

Mothers and fathers escorted carefully-coiffed kids, mostly aged 7 to 12, through the fracas as about 60 demonstrators squared off. High-decibel activists on both sides came ready for a fight, wearing helmets, masks and goggles with some clutching Plexiglas shields.
. . .
Colorado Proud Boys members said they are a diverse group supporting LGBTQ rights but opposed to drag shows for children. “Children do not need to be sexualized,” a 34-year-old spokesman said, declining to give his name because he said this could make him a target.

There is a very clear agenda by the radical Left to promote transgender children.

The mainstream media is in on the act, too.

“Good Morning America” featured a child “drag queen” called “Desmond Is Amazing,” who also caused a stir when he performed a striptease at a gay club to grown men who threw singles at him.

While agenda-driven leftists claim this behavior is totally normal, there are many harmful effects.

Developing children who have no concept of sexuality don’t need to be further confused by activist parents with an agenda.

More and more Hollywood celebrities are virtue-signaling by proclaiming they’re raising genderless children.

This is anti-scientific and terrible for child development.

Also, the concept of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) — the idea that the growth in transgenderism is a form of social contagion — has been attacked and suppressed by the activist Left.

Academics at Brown — certainly not a bastion of conservatism — published a study on ROGD, but activists had the study suppressed.

Radical leftists are determined to obliterate any distinction between men and women, and they’ll harmfully indoctrinate kids in pursuit of their fantasy.

What do you think about child drag shows?

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  2. Young people, more and more are being taught B—S in these so called schools of higher learning I call it brain wash. These kids are not taught to think for themselves, not all but a big majority do. these teachers , the ones from the big city are more apt to feed these children with propaganda not reality.

  3. What research is necessary to determine that allowing children to behave as adults is not responsible?

  4. Why didn’t anyone CALL CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES? The last time I looked? If IS ILLEGAL TO EXPLOIT UNDERAGE CHILDREN IN A SEX SHOW? … HELLO? And instead of DEMONSTRATING? Call the Police and have the PARENTS and the People HOSTING THE CHILD SEX SHOW ARRESTED. This has got to be put to a immediate STOP. It is one thing if a bunch of ADULT’S choose to Dress -up in a sexually suggestive manner? BUT, it is ILLEGAL to encourage UNDERAGE CHILDREN to participate in such provocative filth. WHY A SEX SHOW to promote Transgender? That alone makes ZERO SENSE? … You can be Transgender. That does NOT mean you need to parade yourself half-naked on a stage. See what I mean folks. AGENCIES NEED TO BE INVOLVED IMMEDIATELY. These CHILDREN ARE IN SERIOUS DANGER.

  5. I think this is so wrong in so many ways.. It steals childhood from these children…They should not have to be exposed to adults with major issues. So much must be faced through life becoming adults !! The adults involved the parents or promoters of these shows..should be arrested..They are SICK P.O.S. to whom children should not be exposed. Have the police and family services not been called to protect these children??? This “dress up” behavior in adults is their choice…BUT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE EXPOSED MUCH LESS INCLUDED IN THEIR DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR !!!

  6. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE…..They just need to be kids and any parent that partakes in this kind of assanine
    behavior should be taken out back and given what fore….
    A boy is supposed to be raised as such, masculine hobbies, sports, dress appropriately, etc.
    The same for a girl…
    The left has gone beyond left of center. They are unicorns in our current life… JUST NOT FOR REAL….

  7. Children have enough questions about life as children and teens it should be made illegal to force all the homosexuality on them when they don’t know what is going on. These adults that are changing the sex of their children need mental help and probably incarceration.

  8. Denver Communists have been active recently with Antifa violence. Propagandizing is just another sick part of the LGBT agenda of destruction of American values and families.

  9. This is a crime and police should putting them in jail. This wrong nobody should be letting there kid dress up like that. The people that are teaching and or showing children this should be put in jail. endangering the life of a child. We have to speak up and stop the LGBT[.

  10. It’s right out of the nazi’s handbook, take over the media ,take over the schools, indoctrinate and use children, disarm the country ,leftists send out their thugs “antifa” AKA the brownshirts and the powers incharge tell lies until the indoctrinated are fully on board and the rest are executed.

  11. I think the so-called ‘parents’ of these poor kids will be very sorry when the suicide rate skyrockets for their generation. But by then, of course, it’ll be too late.

  12. And you will be executed right along with the rest of them when the leftists take power for the cleansing, look up the nazi’s way

  13. Parents should be jailed and never see those kids again.People that use their kids for some sick left wing commie fantasy should go away.Maxie Waters knows a place to put them.

  14. Disgusting! Almost as disgusting as the fact that those responsible continue to breathe oxygen meant for humans!

  15. Blah blah blah, Linda…hope you don’t, or won’t have any children! You speak of “responsibility”….really?!

  16. It is our duty as adults to protect children. LGBT’S have a right to live as they want. THEY DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO TRY AND INDOCTRINATE CHILDREN.
    Everyone who realizes the damage this is doing should take a ticket from the left and inundate the sponsors of this show with demands to remove it.
    These so called “progressive” liberals are indoctrinating our children and trying to destroy our Country. TIME TO FIGHT BACK AMERICANS.

  17. Just as an example, Child Protective Services has been called several times to investigate the parents of Desmond is Amazing in New York. They, if you can believe this, found nothing wrong with his mother allowing him to perform as a drag queen. So calling CPS is not necessarily the answer–they may very well be a part of the problem.

  18. Who’s to blame for this transgender BS? parents, parents should not encourage their kids in believing they were born the wrong sex, if they wouldn’t support this nonsense the kids would outgrow their fantasies and be happy as what they were born,

  19. The parents that took their young children to an event like this and especially to be a participant should be charged with child abuse. This is no different than child molesting. How good do you think they will feel when their child uses drugs and alcohol to escape their poor messed up minds or even commit suicide because they can’t live with the confusion their parents caused them to be in. Shame, shame, shame.

  20. This is sick beyond words. How can any media outlet countenance such blatant advertising for child abuse and child sexual predation? It is also grooming these children for future abuse from child sexual predators. There is no excuse for this activity. It is despicable!

  21. The LGBT can believe what they want to. That is their constitutional right. But to indoctrinate children is wrong. This is exploiting children. I don’t believe in there lifestyle. It goes against the Bible. I don’t go around shoving my religion down there throat. So stop shoving your lifestyle down my throat. Nothing that they say or do will change my opinion. Most people make fun of them but I taught my oldest daughter not too. She told them she was straight. They respected her for her honesty. I told my daughter to be nice & talk to them & become friends. It is the Christian thing to do. But it doesn’t mean you go along with their lifestyle.

  22. Anne; this information is truly disturbing ! Where are we supposed to go if CPS won’t really get involved ?? These children need to be protected and not subjected to this kind of perversion. Abuse is not just physical. It’s mental as well.
    Thank GOD my children are adults now and I don’t have to deal with this craziness. But my heart aches for the children that will not know know what is morally correct and will not have a normal childhood…..And this is the next generation??

  23. Lloyd, evil is everywhere, not just big cities. Satan is gaining ever more of a foothold and he will rule for a time. But they cannot win. When Jesus returns, satan and all of his sick followers will be gone from us forever.

  24. Brad, you have no clue of the truth. That is what is happening. Dare to open your eyes and see what is going on. The dem party has thrown God out and satan has taken over. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and us. There will be a final battle between God and His people and satan and his people. I am on the winning side. You can be, too. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell.

  25. The idiot left must ruin the ‘kids’ before they are old enough to understand that leftists are pure horse s**t. That way the leftist path to communism will be available for the fools to bring into being.

  26. Horrible!
    Only God’s Truth can help!
    But,it’s when one has nolove iftheTZrUZtH, that he gets full of bs like this. They think they are cute and right and are outsmarting ally’s stupid Christians.
    Just give them time and they will destroy themselves.
    Sad, sad, sad.

  27. Vickie, your child being kind to a sinner is being Christian. But to encourage her to be “friends” with gays? I look at Psalms 1:1 . love the sinner, not the sin. I have to wonder if by hanging around gays, it gives them the nod, that we accept their sex life. Would it be acceptable to you as a parent, to encourage your child, to hang around buddy, buddy with a prostitute? A pedophile? A druggie? Being gay, is all about sex. No matter how much they
    Protest that it is a lifestyle that deserves rights. My child is gay and a very mentally, unbalanced person. Who did not grow up gay, in spite of the lies she claims. How do I know? At age 17, she was very offended when a gay person attempted to befriend her. She thought it was gross. Like you, I encouraged her to be friendly, as long as that person didn’t try anything. My daughter loved boys. Grew up, married a wonderful man. Moved to Californica. Decided she was gay. My child believes, I accept her freakness, I mean, her gayness, because I love her. I will never accept her illness. May God have mercy on her soul.

  28. I am appalled at the thought of any young child being exposed to this. It is absolutely disgusting and the show should not be allowed to air! If that is the lifestyle one chooses, it is a personal choice and a decision that should be made as an adult and should not be thrown in the face of children. What the heck has our world become?

  29. Child endangerment, and whoever does this things should have their children taken, them prosecuted, and be put on a child sex abuse site !

  30. To bad you were treated this way . Maybe if you had a parent with morals, it would have been different !

  31. Gay? No such thing! Homosexual? Yes. God says no and that’s that! Choose ye now who you will serve. Love? Yes, with all your heart and soul. Tolerate? No! Be complacent? No. First desensitizing words then one move at a time. Never seen so much ignorance inn the name of some non existent, equality. Just like the fake crappy taking place. It’s all obvious as hell. It will stop.

  32. Children have a short time to be children; to believe in Santa clause and fairy tales, to run in the park and wish upon a star. Why expose them to an adult world that they don’t really understand?
    What happened to morality?


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