One prisoner is using “woke” ideology to get away with one disgusting crime


“Woke” culture is almost indistinguishable from madness at this point.

Radicals and opportunists are exploiting people’s goodwill to troubling ends.

Now one prisoner is using “wokeness” to get away with a disgusting crime.

The transgender craze has run amok over the past few years.

Five years ago, it would’ve been considered daft by just about everyone to argue that men could become women and vice versa at the drop of a hat.

But society has devolved to that point.

Biological males have been allowed to compete in female sports and break world records, and men have bullied and cajoled their way into female spaces like women’s shelters.

Now a male prisoner who was sentenced to 34 years in prison for raping his daughter is claiming to be transgender in order to get treatment and be transferred to a women’s prison.

Mark Allen Campbell – who now goes by Nicole Rose Campbell – claims transgender surgery and therapy are necessary to ameliorate mental anguish.

The Post Millennial writes, “In December 2020 a federal judge declared that Campbell at age 49, now identifying as a transgender woman, has a Constitutional right to gender affirmation surgery, paid by the taxpayers.”

Leftists are bending over backwards to accommodate Campbell despite his despicable crime.

Campbell’s daughter testified that he“[had] sex with her, masturbated in front of her, used various sex toys with her, and exposed her to DVD and video porn movies and magazines.”

Campbell is a sick individual who should be viewed with skepticism.

Other sexual predators have claimed to be transgender in order to be transferred to a women’s prison where they subsequently sexually assault female inmates.

The massive transgender push seemingly came out of nowhere, but it’s actually a battle that’s been roiling in the background between trans activists and radical feminists for decades.

It turns out that feminists don’t rank favorably in the “woke” intersectional totem pole, so women must take a backseat to the excesses of the transgender movement.

World renowned author JK Rowling found that out the hard way when the outrage mob tried to “cancel” her for simply saying that biological sex is a real thing.

Gender dysphoria is a mental health issue, but doctors and the rest of society are not only feeding into the delusion, they’re pressuring everyone to toe the line no matter what.