One of the most popular NFL teams was caught supporting Planned Parenthood and you’ll never guess which one


President Trump has dealt Planned Parenthood several defeats since assuming office.

But the Pro-abortion industry just gained a new ally.

And fans were left in shock when they found out one of the NFL’s most popular teams is funneling money to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood attempts to disguise their abortion factories as a women’s health facility and will often promote all the other services they provide.

Somehow, Planned Parenthood expects Americans to believe abortion is only a minor “service” they provide.

Non-profits and politicians will then use this excuse to funnel money to Planned Parenthood, claiming they are supporting women’s health.

When in reality, they are supporting the pro-abortion industry.

That’s why so many NFL fans were upset when it was revealed the Green Bay Packers Foundation donated to Planned Parenthood.

The Daily Wire reports:

Naturally, many NFL fans expressed how upset they were on social media and the team is facing major backlash.

The Green Bay Packers refused to offer any apology or real explanation for why they chose to donate to Planned Parenthood.

This was clearly a politically charged decision on the part of the Packers and some kind of publicity mistake.

Given the reaction from the fans, the Packers could pay for this big time in terms of lost revenue for games and merchandise.

What do you think?

Was it right for the Green Bay Packers to contribute to Planned Parenthood?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The name “Planned Parenthood” is a euphemism that really means ‘she sleeps around, got knocked up, but doesn’t want to be responsible for raising a child’.

  3. Can’t believe the Packer organization is so short sighted in their contributions of fan base money to an organization that supports the taking of unborn babies lives. Whoever approved that contribution needs to be removed from the Packer offices and the contribution rescinded. There are more worthy organizations that SUPPORT children in need. I’ve been a Packer fan for 75 years and am greatly disappointed as I’m sure many, many more fans agree.

  4. Any group or organizations that donate money to Planned Parenthood should be forced to watch a video of what really happens during an abortion , then go face their mothers and thank them for not having the same mind set. Shame on Green bay or ANYONE that still supports this abomination called Planned Parenthood….

  5. Star, I think abortion is synonymous with murder but your scenario leaves me thinking: Is this the kind of person you want raising a kid?
    Giving up for adoption is a better alternative.

  6. That is the lie that way too many folks believe. They need to REPORT the rape and be treated by professionals in a hospital setting. I am an RN and believe me abortion is one of the worst things they can do. There are many things professionals can and will do to prevent a conception from happening. They will also treat prevention from contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Your response is typical of what the media pushes without providing the real facts. Also remember a man who has raped once will rarely stop. Hence he needs to be exposed.


  8. Amen your comments are right on. I would support an abortion on a very limited basis depending on the circumstances, which I believe should be very few indeed. Mickey

  9. Well…I would say none of them should be allowed to adorn a “Wheaties” box, where the intimation was to always eat a good breakfast and maybe you could grow up to be a champion…No, now it’s we’ll murder you before you’re born and in Virginia, we may wait until after you’re born…make sure you’r comfy…THEN kill you, because growing up is no longer an unalienable right, but subject to whether or not some Marxist believes you to be of value to the herd. I already had a bad taste in my mouth over the anthem kneeling, now they support murderers, but make it illegal to tackle somebody the wrong way…what am I missing here?

  10. I believe they have made a serious error as many have in attempt to do good. Your right in saying they should be sorry for what they have done, I pray that they will and do what’s right!

  11. How could they? There is nothing worth honoring. Next thing we know, Kaepernick will be honored for all the good things he has done for humanity! Yeah, right!

  12. When a COMPANY or ORGANIZATION starts to LEAN LEFT it is because of “THE MONEY”. As long as the CRAVING for the DOLLAR is around you WILL have more of these things happen. CHRISTIANS will have to do what they want either PROTEST or ACCEPT the situation. As for me, the PACKERS are no longer a time that I ADMIRE….

  13. Pandering to one social illness after another is a growing trend in professional sports. They seem so believe they’re enhancing their fan base by cozying up to the latest poster boys for sexual perversion, America-hate and infanticide.

    Haven’t they noticed the empty seats in the stadiums yet?

    Perhaps a better question is, do they even care anymore? They’re just obeying the edicts of their Globalist Party Bosses. I stopped watching or following pro sports of any kind. Stop supporting pro sports and hoping they’ll come to their senses! They’ve already proved that they won’t.

    As long as the almighty dollar$ keep flowing in they’ll continue to advocate and support the greatest holocaust in human history. Hitler? Mao? Stalin? The Mongols? Mere pikers compared to the abortion industry!

  14. The NFL is already dead to me. When they started kneeling for the flag I was through with them have not and will not watch or talk NFL. They should be demolished and forgotten, they are scum.

    I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross only.

  15. Michael javick: Call me cynical Michael, but you really believe this Richard person is really the owner of Green Bay?? Just by the wordage alone, it’s just too informal and immature for my taste. I personally believe he’s just another of these haters that show up and “think” we are here to poke fun at.

  16. The NFL’s in deep kimchee, and the GBP choose do to THIS!? They’re definitely gonna head down the toilet on this one. Sure there are fans who either don’t care or support abortion, but those who don’t………

  17. I love that Tennessee, as part of informed consent, requires the woman to have an ultrasound, the physician describes the infant within her, and she hears the heartbeat. I’ve often wondered why that hasn’t been part of informed consent. The woman needs to know what she’s about to do, all the ramifications and implications of it, and that means she needs to see the baby growing within her and hear the evidence that the little one has a life of his/her own.

  18. One of my biggest frustrations is that women should be told the TRUTH BEFORE having an abortion. I often ask those who are for the proceedure what the complications are. They have no clue. I won’t go into all of it here – suffice to say that is one reason many women in their 20’s won’t have one.

  19. I’m from Green Bay, and I am absolutely disgusted with the Packers organization and the NFL. I stopped buying NFL products when the players decided to kneel like idiots, even though my grandchildren wanted Packer things. Well, we won’t be buying anything Packers again. And, I hope the city planners wise up and do more that isn’t connected to the football team. There is more to life than football.

  20. Green bay packers Suck. I hope they never win a super bowl in the future !!!!! To back industry that kills Babies they are Devil worshippers!!!!! I hope they get wasted in the football world!!!!! They have shown their true colors!!!!!

  21. What do you own-one share? The Packers are publicity owned, by shareholders, and a number of years ago they sold single token shares to individuals, for bragging rights. Those people have no real sway in how things are done. But, maybe they should! The fans could probably run the organization better than the current owners.

  22. You might think about doing a bit of research into just who “owns” the Green Bay Packers. It may surprise you. The team is “owned” by many.

  23. Packers Foundation responds to backlash after awarding a grant to Planned Parenthood
    by Amber Luckett, FOX 11 NewsThursday, December 19th 2019
    The Green Bay Packers Foundation awarded 192 organizations around Wisconsin with $1 million worth of grants, December 4, 2019. (WLUK)

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) — The Green Bay Packers Foundation is receiving backlash from football fans after awarding one of its annual grants to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

    Since 1986 the Packers Foundation has awarded nearly $12.7 million worth of grants to Wisconsin organizations, but a recent donation to the organization has some pro-life advocates asking questions.

    “Pro-Life of Wisconsin is absolutely outraged and we want an explanation. Any money given to Planned Parenthood is too much,” said state director Dan Miller.

    This year the foundation awarded $1 million to 192 organizations focused on improving health and wellness in their community.

    In a statement from the Packers, it says the money given to Planned Parenthood of Milwaukee is for a specific program dedicated to reaching Latino families in southeastern Wisconsin. It went on to say that grant applicants are considered specifically for their initiatives and do not necessarily imply endorsement of other actions by the organization.

    “The program that Planned Parenthood has is called Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos, which means we are all growing healthier together. There is nothing healthier about abortions ask any baby that’s been aborted,” said Miller.

    In response to the criticism, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin released a statement, saying just like the Packers we have support in every single county in Wisconsin. It also says the organization works each day to increase access to preventive health care and education to keep all Wisconsinites safe, healthy and strong.

    Here is the full statement from Tanya Atkinson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin:

    Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has deep support across our state. We have thousands of donors, including foundations, community organizations, and individuals. Just like the Packers, we have supporters in every single county in Wisconsin. The reason for this is simple — it’s because we’re there for Wisconsinites when they need us, no matter what. We work each day to increase access to preventive health care and education to keep all Wisconsinites safe, healthy, and strong.
    The Green Bay Packers Foundation specifically invested in a local program called Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos (CCmáS). This is an innovative Spanish language education program that empowers people to take charge of their health. This is particularly important in Wisconsin. The Medical College of Wisconsin is predicting cancer rates among Hispanic women will double in the next 10 years. Programs like CCmáS serve as a critical connector between patients and the health care they need.
    Here is the Packers organization’s full statement:

    The Packers Foundation was established in 1986. Since then, it has distributed nearly $12.7 million to more than 2,800 organizations throughout Wisconsin. The Foundation’s support is for specific initiatives that are available to all.
    This year’s focus included health and wellness, and included a grant for the Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos (CCmáS) Program, which means “growing healthier together.” It is a Planned Parenthood of Milwaukee initiative dedicated to reaching Latino families in southeastern Wisconsin, an underserved population, with language- and culturally-specific health education they would not normally receive. The Foundation doesn’t disclose the specific amount of grants, but this type of grant from the Foundation ranges between $3,000 and $7,000.
    The Packers and the Foundation certainly understand there are individuals who disagree with some aspect of one or more of the 2,800 organizations that have been supported since 1986. The Packers and the Foundation respect those views. Grant applications are considered specific to their initiatives and do not necessarily imply endorsement of other actions by the organizations. Some specific initiatives that have received grants have been components of pro-life organizations, including Veritas, a program of Right to Life Wisconsin.
    Missing toddler found dead in northwestern Wisconsin
    Worker dies after becoming trapped in machinery at Sub-Zero

  24. That’s a lot of people! The team is publicly owned by shareholders. They hold their annual meetings in the stadium, to accommodate everyone. I am as disgusted as everyone else, and I am from Green Bay. I hope the fans will boycott their games, facilities, and products. That’s probably hoping for a lot, because they have rabid, diehard fans. I’m not one of them. And, there are a lot of people angry about this.????????

  25. This organization (Planned Parenthood) is famous for bait and switch, ie they will take the money for one thing so they can continue the abortion mill. That is why contributing to this particular organization is so henious. It allows them to spend other funds to support their abortions.

  26. There’s a story about Planned Parenthood and adoption. I believe it’s that they are the biggest provider of abortion, but they spend only a fraction on adoption. In many cases, they hinder and discourage a woman to place her child up for adoption.

  27. HCB; I just realized you are not an adult with a functioning brain. But one of those undisciplined youngsters that just say the opposite of what others are just for attention. Grow up and seek attention some where else you fool…

  28. This doesn’t surprise me anymore. People are dupped all the time by planned parenthood and the March of Dimes. In the past my employer, Schneider National, also contributed to the March of Dimes yearly. When confronted with their support of abortions, the company said that March of Dimes does a lot of good work too. I told them so did Hitler during WW2, he ran a robust economy but he also killed a few million Jewish people as well. It is so sad.

  29. Ever heard of the 72 hour pill? Take pregnancy. The rape victim could take the pill on her own or take it in ER. It is sold over the counter..shock!!!!!!!!There’s no excuse whatsoever for an abortion.

  30. Oh my Lord. It seems these days the more criminal and perverted you are the more popular you are. I noticed Tiger Woods is still “The Man” in golf. People fall all over themselves to accommodate and welcome the pervert. Michael Vick is going too far. He deserves nothing. Being good in a sport is nothing without integrity and character of some sort. As for Planned Parenthood, is it a state, federal or private organization. If it’s government run how is it they need or can legally accept private funding.

  31. why is the woman always blamed for abortion when a guy should be using a condom. Besides look how many baby daddies are dead bead dads that aren’t paying child support and so we the taxpayers have to pay for their fun. Besides mothers that aren’t getting help with support are struggling and so are the children.

  32. Everyone has an opinion which is absolutely fine. As for me and me alone I will not be donating to the Pack anymore.

  33. Valid point. Unfortunately everytime people try to post abortion procedure video’s on the web they are denied. The procedure is sickening and pro-abortion people don’t want such video’s because it would kill fundraising unfortunately

  34. You know, Planned Parenthood has one of the best communications departments in all of business–they excel in spinning lies into truth. No one ever hears about who started Planned Parenthood and why. Margaret Sanger wasn’t promoting healthcare for the poor, she wanted to try to control the black population in this country. Why do you think the PP “clinics” are historically located in lower income neighborhoods? And now, they have found an untapped abortion market in the growing Hispanic population of this country. Shame on them. I believe that the Packers thought they were helping promote a “legitimate” service, but, there’s nothing virtuous about the their biggest money making service, abortion. I hope the Packers do better research on players coming up in the draft because they totally dropped the ball on this one. Very disappointing.

  35. I was born a Packer fan.
    Watched a Lombardi coached 1959 game and the Ice Bowl.
    Love the Green Bay Packers but, this contribution was a very big mistake and should be rescinded.
    Please find a better way to help women in their time of deepest crisis.
    My Packer shrine is draped in black and my shareholder certificates may be burned.
    Is the traitor Jane even allowed into Lambeau Field?
    Her anti-aircraft gun pictures in Hanoi are a grim remainder of her willingness to KILL Americans.
    Please, please do not do this my beloved Packers!
    I will give up my 25 year place in line for season tickets.

  36. Agree with JRR. I may have to give up over 70 years of Packer support if the Pack doesn’t back off from supporting the killing of babies.


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