One major Hollywood figure just made an announcement about abortion that floored everyone


It’s no secret that Hollywood is a corrupt bastion of far Left “progressive” values.

They peddle leftist talking points at every chance they get, distancing themselves from everyday Americans more and more.

But one major Hollywood figure just stepped over the line with this announcement.

The Abortion Lobby has been up in arms over the Heartbeat Bill that was signed into law in Georgia.

So naturally, big names in Hollywood are giving their unwarranted 2 cents.

Two of those names include the director of the new Star Wars film, J.J. Abrams, and Jordan Peele, the Sophomore horror film director behind “Us”.

Abrams and Peel announced they will donate 100% of their proceeds to the ACLU and Fair Fight Georgia to support abortion in Georgia.

Life News reports:

“Star Wars” producer J.J. Abrams said he and director Jordan Peele plan to donate the proceeds from their new show “Lovecraft Country” to fight against the pro-life law, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

Peele, known for directing “Us” and “Get Out,” runs Monkeypaw Productions, while Abrams heads Bad Robot Productions, both of which plan to donate their episode fees to the abortion groups, according to the report.
All this spring, Hollywood liberals have been protesting the heartbeat bill by calling for a boycott of the state. Celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Mia Farrow and Ben Stiller joined Milano in their condemnation of the bill.

Ever since Governor Brian Kemp signed the Heartbeat Bill into law, the Left have been pushing fake news stories out like clockwork claiming the bill would criminalize women who have miscarriages.

And Hollywood liberals have been sharing these outrageous fake news stories all over social media.

This is yet another example of Hollywood liberals using their elitist position to push leftist politics.

However, the Georgia Heartbeat Bill will not criminalize women who have miscarriages, or even commit their own abortions.

It will only criminalize third parties who seek to commit abortions for women.

J.J. Abrams, Jordan Peele, and the rest of Hollywood are completely out of touch with everyday Americans.

And donating money to oppose legislation that will save untold numbers of lives is the ultimate expression of just that.

What do you think about Abrams’ and Peele’s move?

Will you still see Abrams’ new Star Wars film?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I think Mr. Abrams’ needs to stick to Movies and stay away from the Abortion issue . The unborn must be protected under the Constitution . This is about the right to live and not about the right to choose !

    • Since when is it any business of yours, mine, or the law’s to determine the future of any woman’s pregnancy.
      Unless and until the first man gives birth top the first child, man need to keep their opinions to themselves.

      • Actually moron, murder is everyone’s business. Murder is against the law, and murder of babies should not be a protected right for women.

        • AMEN Linda! You are 100% correct. The moron doesn’t realize that the law is there to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

          It’s the same with guns. How can a 100 pound woman protect herself from a 250 pound man if he wants to beat, rob, rape, or murder her? The LAW: it’s called ‘The Second Amendment,’ THAT’S HOW.

        • Agreed. We no longer hold God’s word as sacred in this country. When we turn our backs on God, he turns from us. We need to have a national revival. Abortion is totally against God’s 2 great commandments. 1) If we love God, how can we kill his creation, made in His image? 2) And how can we kill our neighbor, as small and innocent as they are as we love ourselves? It makes no sense. We should love them and thank God for them. There are many women that can’t have children, and would give anything to have a baby to adopt and love.

      • Since the woman decided to share her body with someone else. The two become “one flesh” thus forfeiting exclusive rights. Obviously this doesn’t apply in rape.

        • The two become “one flesh” only applies to married couples, not other circumstances. Your comment needs clarification.

        • In the case of rape, how is it that the child should die because a man did the unthinkable? Let the child live. Many of us divorced women have children by men we don’t call wonderful. But, we don’t dispose of our children because the sperm came from less than desirable men. In fact, some of those exes beat, raped, and emotionally abused their wives. Still, the children are not guilty of anything. Children are blessed by God. When the sperm and egg unite, He puts a spirit inside him/her. He makes him/her in His image.

          • I never said and certainly did not men to imply the unborn should be killed. I was simply saying that the woman had lost her “exclusive rights”. Except in the case of rape where the sperm supplier has no rights.

          • Carol Smith,

            You must be a strong woman, in spite of our tough times.

            You have my admiration…….

            Best wishes

      • Since we have “the RIGHT to LIFE,” not to ABORT life!

        And if you are an olddog as you put it, you should think about this… Those who support abortion also support euthanasia. When will they decide to put a limit on how old you can get before the state can destroy YOUR life?

        • It’s a right to life and a baby has the right to live as much as you or I. I would like to say to these people who promote abortion at any stage. If you have children or grandchildren, which one or two or all would you abort at any time, including a live birth. I’d be interested to know

      • To theolddog. Murder is murder. Women can do what they want with their bodies so no one is telling them they must keep their legs closed. But once they create an innocent living human soul theyare have no right to murder that soul. Maybe these women should get themselves “tied” (or better yet “steralized” if they don’t want children).

      • theolddog,

        According to you – since no man has yet given birth, we are all free to voice are opinions about all human pregnancies.

        If you have a guilty conscience – you might feel better if you talk to God and ask for His forgiveness (something we all should do often).

        Best wishes

    • I think Abrams (In reply to David Joe) just need to Stick IT. He is an a.hole along with all the rest of the Hollywood trash. WE are so sick and tired of their big mouths telling people with to do, how to think. The fools that are listening are just that, fools. Why do these blogs even bother stating what they say. We are so sick of it. Stop bothering with this crap Culture Watch and print things that are important!

  2. The Georgia legislation criminalizes doctors, nurse practitioners, barbers, butchers or any person or group looking to make money as HIT / Men or Women who murder babies and want to profit from the sale of their body parts.

    HollyWeirds that believe that killing ones baby is a woman’s choice will learn that their is an earthly punishment for the sin in Georgia that will also soon be legislated in many additional states.

        • Hank is right Naizer is right! ALL these murderers WILL BURN IN HELL, and so will their supporters! Don’t believe it? I dare you to try! And by the way, theoldog, God gets a CAPITAL LETTER! Show some respect, jackass!

        • We don’t have to speak for God. He spoke for himself. The sixth commandment says, THOU SHALL NOT KILL. If there I a heart beat there is a life.

        • To theolddog. I don’t think anyone is trying to assume they are speaking for God. However, God has already spoken about this. Maybe you should read the Bible to hear what He says about such things. But then I’m sure you don’t really want to know or you just might be forced to rethi k your life & choices. BTW, it doesn’t really matter whether a person believes in God or not to know that murdering an innocent unborn child is the epiome of WRONG.

      • Hank Naizer: Yes Eternal punishment is forever and the part about abortion which is the murder of a baby is that when the murderer, the woman, leaves the building with her body in tack while the baby’s body is left in the building in parts, dead, and their parts sold for science or whatever the buyer wants the baby’s body parts for. The baby’s body is dead thrown in the garbage while the woman’s body is fine and dandy ready to go have sex again. Of course the right to privacy is important because murdering anyone is what the murderer wants done in private and the Supreme Court told women you have the right to murder a baby in private without a trial and conviction for a crime by a jury of the baby’s peers, man, talk about Eternal punishment. And this right for a murderer to murder in private isn’t even in the Constitution but conviction for a crime resulting in someone being viciously murdered is in the Constitution. Too bad the unborn soon to be born can’t take the woman murderer to court for murdering the baby. Maybe that is the law we should be looking at to make.

  3. Congratulations to Georgia…they flat out told Hollywood to shove their fantasy world and stay the hell out of their state if they don’t like it. It’s time for a nation-wide boycott of movies in the theaters and any channel showing their garbage.

    • I couldn’t even tell you the last time I went to the movies. I will not fund people who go against the basic right of human life. No one, as some liberals claim, are putting women in jail but will charge those who murder innocents. I don’t care what entertainers think and they will not influence me in my decisions or beliefs. It’s just that simple. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do. I’m an independent woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Either we believe that murder is ethnically and morally wrong or we don’t.

    • Amen to that!! Once hollyweirdo’s open their mouths telling anyone what to do, or disrespecting the President of the United States, hit them where it hurts “the box office”.

  4. I feel confident that The Judge will find them complicit in mass murder. Hell is hot and eternity is a long time. Money well spent????

  5. Hollywood is composed of people who live in La-La land. It is a shame their mothers did not believe in abortion. Then, maybe, we would not be continually bombarded with these so called “progressive” ideas. I don’t know what is so progressive about killing infants and children. Barbaric societies have been doing it for centuries. Life is a precious gift and should be treated as such. Children should be nurtured and cared for to the best of our ability. If someone doesn’t want children, they should stop acting like alley cats and practice birth control. One of the most effective ones is abstinance which is free to everyone. If you can’t or won’t control yourself, there are many others available that are 99% effective.

  6. never pay attention to hollywood people they just make no sense.and the “entertainment” isn’t worth paying good money to watch!

    • John,

      Good post.

      Hollywood “stars”, etc., with few exceptions, are ignorant and immoral egomaniacs. Why would any sane person listen to them about it being okay to murder defenseless babies (or anyone for that matter)?

  7. Star Wars stopped being Star Wars after the seventh movie. It is now just trash trying to be like Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. It’s kind of like a remake of Das Boot or Every Which Way but Loose… classics with B-rated remakes. I would never pay to see any film either of these two made and watch so little TV I am not worried about seeing their garbage there either.

    Hollywood can’t even produce movies the rest of the USA wants to see.. they should keep their mouths shut and their ears open.

    “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.” Proverv 17:28

  8. You say that the Hollywood freaks are giving their unwarranted advice but also their unsolicited advice. These people will pay dearly one day unless they turn to Jesus and denounce what they are doing and saying. I read the Bible but still don’t know if there is a hotter or worst place in hell for the most evil people among us but from a human point of view I think there should be not that any of us would want any part of hell.

  9. “…Major Hollywood figure…” who the hell are either of these guys? Your choice of wording for the headline of this article leaves a lot to be desired….

    • That was my first thought also John !!! Who are these clowns and their opinions only matter to themselves. I pity anyone ignorant enough to listen to these morons from hollyweird.

    • I agree with you John. Heads up Culturewatchnews I’m tired of misleading head lines it should have been ‘Some Insignificant Actors Are Trying To Keep Their Careers Alive By Pushing Their Abortion Agenda’. I have no clue who these two are but I’m putting those two on my list not to watch and see how fast they tank.

  10. Hollywierd is full of more queers than good actors any more , we just lost one of the best professionals they had in Doris Day . I dropped Netflix because all they showed was garbage they were not entertainment , even have to monitor the cartoons for my grand kids! Hollywierd sucks like most of the it’s out there!!!!

  11. Calling for a boycott of the state? It’s about time states get some guts and stand for the right to life. The The Democratic party has declared war on new born babies by allowing late term abortions. The Democrats, or the “party of death”, danced for joy when the late term abortion bill(s) passed, which in my opinion was and is sick and twisted. Now the directors and actors are amping up to protect these newer abortion bills. Maybe it’s time to boycott anything these actors star in and the same for these directors for anything they produce film-wise. My question is, why do actors think Americans give a rat’s behind what they think? All they are is employees of a film company who have a job to do by acting like another person. If I were to choose a role model, I would opt for a model that was of good moral fiber and that I could look up to. Definitely not any of these jokers!

    • Yank & everyone else let me put a seed in your head here. Back in the 1972 – 1975 ”Gas Krunch” the then newly made mouse in the woods that became the Government Jack Ass Parties new toy the E.P.A. demanded 5 things

      1) 55 M.P.H.
      2) no more Leaded gas right after the Gas/Oil companies had 100% of the summer blend in all the storage tanks so there was no place to put the New Ordered No Lead.
      3) You were only allowed 35Gallons a week.
      4) Prices Took Off the comply with the new Gas & Diesel tax from the $0.28 a gallon to the now $1.48 a gallon ( when the minimum wage was $1.35 per hour )
      5 ) E~5% was now the base blend, 11 months later E~8%, then 23 months later E~10% …

      Now think about all that power given to only 1 new small mouse of the Federal Government by ONLY the vote of the JACK ASS PARTY In the Con~U~In~To~Grifes & the Sin~I~Cans ( Just like OBamYa Not Affordable No Health Care ). Now, look at the actual outcome of that 40 months. 38% of the Oil/Gas companies filed for chapter 11 protection & still lost, 65% of the cars & trucks burned out the engines due to the E Blend & no lead, Cars & Trucks doubled in sells cost yet had nothing that made them be more better than they had been in fact they where CRAPY. My 1968 L82 427, M22, Maco Shark T ~ Top churned 20mpg but after if I got 16mpg I was lucky. Truckers were also using more fuel because the refer was running more than before the miles went from 15 mpg to 9 mpg. In real truth, it cost more to do less because the JACK ASS PARTY just had to be the big ass on campus. The part I’m pointing out here is the JACK ASS PARTY ended up killing its own Gas & Oil Tax when overall 38% of the companies were gone, people were forced to use less when they needed more to do the same job. Since then it has been known that if we cut our gas use to just 20 gallons a week We can crush the Gas / Oil in 1 month. The same can be done to Holly Wierd 1 month with ZERO TICKETS HollyWierd will cry a lot for protection from the JACK ASS PARTY 2 months will toast them 3 months will kill them . . .

      When they get around to ask why We can tell them

      ” JUST SHUT UP AND ACT ! ” Thank Your Laura Ingram . . .

  12. JJ Abrams should be ashamed for aligning himself with these fools and scum suckers! The others , from Alec Baldwin on down do not deserve our attention or acknowledgement as their ignorance. Keep the trash in Hollywood, Georgia is a fine state and doesn’t deserve to be defiled or harassed!

  13. There is NO SUCH thing as eternal punishment.The bible says that after the 2nd punishment for sins that .the sinners will be no more.No conciuosness,no feelings.Nothing,A person is completely out and gone

    • ???????????????????? Uh, NO!!!!! WHAT Bible are your reading????? That is FALSE!!!!! God will send satan and all who follow him to hell for an eternity of torture. Be sure that you accept Jesus’ offer of salvation to miss it.

    • I’m still waiting for where I might find the scripture supporting your totally untrue statement. Really, I’m not waiting because I never expected to hear from you in the first place simply because such scriptures (you need at least 2 because “out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses thy word is established”) don’t exist. I strongly advise you to study The Word of God so you know the truth instead of something you may believe, or something someone told you. Eternity is a long time and you are responsible for where you spend it, the choice is yours and yours alone. In will pray for you!

  14. Maybe these two Hollywood POS have ulterior motives? They could be either gay or promiscuous who are in need of abortions for their multiple partners? If they follow Milano’s Sex Strike, no abortions will be needed! At any rate who appointed them to Abortion Rights Tsar??

  15. The Hollywood liberals/progressives (and ALL their like everywhere else) are OPPOSING GOD’S CREATION (JEREMIAH1:5 before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I consecrated you). That is a BAD CHOICE!!!!!!!!

  16. The likes of Alec Baldwin, Allyssa Milano & the rest of the so-called stars are the very reason I don’t waste my money on Hollywood movies any more. Milano is a disgrace to the females in this country. As a Georgian, I wish she would stay out of our great state. Her Mom didn’t do us a service by not having an abortion when she was pregnant with Alyssa, I am very pro-life so I am happy she gave birth to this poor excuse of a human being. I just she would stop being such a disgrace to our great state, she & Stacy Abrams need to go away!! I can’t do anything to change their minds, I just warn them: Judgment Day will not be a great time for them! God will be their final judge!

  17. In all, if it comes from California it has the sticky STENCH of DEATH ROT . . . In all the STARS of sports, music, stage, television, movies, & even the Yellow Commie NEWS need us to buy the crap they sell. We so need to stop NOW! Why run the multi Plex on the weekend when you can get the DVD in 90 days for $5.oo and then at the Good Will 90 days after that for $1.50. By that time it’s been on TV, & even so one can find a bootleg for free on the net . . . I stopped because I was in the Aurora 16 when J. Holmes shot at us, I’m still PISSED that the Theater owners think so cheep our lives are to disavow we who have years of the military, & police work too how to know how, when, why, the need to return live fire of deadly force is most necessary. I & 5 others when there . . . As far as the pro sport slimes I’ve been to 3 baseball games in 18 years, NO Football, No Basketball, No Hockey Games in the last 25 years . . . The reasons are a great many the high lights are Domestic Violence, $250.oo for a signed ball’s, DUI’s /DWI’s, Class #1 Drugs. & the new one Squatting when the U.S. Flag goes up the pole ( Other than Tebow when we know is tossing 1 or 2 up to the BIG GUY.) I want the pros to do 48 Hour weeks at Walter Reed in the PT center for 3 offseasons ( 3 Years = no less than 95 days ) Let’s see how they feel when 19 year old men will no longer ie never walk as God first made them for the rest of there life that has been shortened by 15 years for the loss of a hand or 20 for the loss of a foot. ( Yes this fact has been known since WW1 ) Let’s see how long they will keep in Goosestep when the box office only hits $2,000,0000.oo open weekend . . . For them, it will be the 1929 black Friday when the stock burned off 87% of the market in less than 42 minutes. Can we bo so lucky that they will do as 43% of the brokers did, they jumped off the rooftops of15 of the then tallest buildings in NY Ny We can be so lucky

  18. Who goes to the movies anymore? Popcorn is too expensive. I went to one about 15 or 18 years ago, I don’t remember.
    I read yesterday that when the killers want a baby’s brain to sell, ( who buys these things ? ), they cut the face with a scissors while the baby is still kicking. I doubt if the Nazis in Germany did things like that.

  19. I live in Augusta, Georgia and I was thrilled to hear about the Holly-Weirdos boycotting film production in this state – we don’t want that scum inside our borders!

  20. Who cares what two untalented individuals think? Isn’t it time that we dismiss “Hollywood” for the cultural cesspool it’s become?

  21. The question asked by Cultural Watch “Will you still see Abrams new Star Wars movie” is right on target. Send a message to Hollywood, teach them a lesson, don’t patronize their product, whether in movie theaters of on television.

  22. The question was asked, “Will you see the new Star Wars Movie?” That’s pretty easy to answer-in a word, “NO”. I no longer see Hollywood movies. My reason is quite simple-the ass holes who make the movies have come to believe they own us. They take their profits and huge wages and use them to fund things that are hateful to their fans. There are a number of people who are making good, low budget, Christian themed movies and I try to see as many of these as I can. I no longer watch the movies of the “big stars” nor do I watch the TV programs where they take turns patting one another on the back.

  23. The last movie that I saw was 25 years ago. The theater was so dirty, I haven’t been in a theater since then. I buy Christian movies on DVD. I HATE how the movies have contributed to the poor language people use, and the ugly curse words that litter modern conversations and communications.

  24. I BELIEVE that Milano has the RIGHT IDEA!!! TOTAL ABSTINENCE FOR ALL LIBERALS FOREVER!!!! I believe 50 years should do it!! Do it LOL get itr???

  25. Well, this is what I have been saying a lot lately. The Hollywood Whores and that includes the men and all celebrities whom have brain damage. They have money. They have lots of it. They are idolized by many and they think their sh-t does not stink. I smell a skunk here. I do not nor will I ever go to the theater or watch their movies on tv. Alec Baldwin’s family is from Camillus, New York. I used to live very near them. Today. I would spit on them all for having a low life son (brother) (father) like Alec. To do the disgusting acting of President Trump on Steve Colbert’s show and for Steve to allow that to happen is lower that low. To me that is an act of treason in itself. Colbert should be taken off the air because what he does is not funny. It hurts people and our president. May they suffer a disease malady and die!

  26. Who cares what these amoral Hollywood types think or do? The totally lack in standards and insult us who believe in decency so I am happy to never have to spend money on their trash.

  27. As a man I believe that I should have little to say about women’s rights and abortion.
    My wife sacrificed 10 to 20 times as much as I did in the raising of our three children.
    That included the pain of childbirth, the awkwardness of being pregnant, the changing of the diapers in the middle of the night and the work of being a mother.
    That said, if I were a woman, I would want the freedom to chose in the first half of pregnancy.
    By the second half, I would consider it murder.
    But then again, I am just a stupid guy who only contributed five minutes of pleasure.

  28. Next thing we will see happen is the killing of the elderly, because it is inconvenient for them to keep living in the deteriorating bodies they are living in, and soo expensive and not worth while to keep them alive because the families suffer.

  29. Beautiful Comment Will Harden. In response to the article about Abrams, etal. I would not see a movie from any liberal if they picked me up in a limo, drove me to the theatre and drove me home. I would not spend my hard earned money to support these idiot slimeballs that have the nerve to try to tell people to murder babies. They have no brains, no sense and no values. They are overpaid scum and think they are gifts to the universe when in fact they are the dirt of the world and Satans children. I hope they suffer in Hell for eternity because they deserve to.

  30. “One convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” People choose to accept the fact that God is the maker of all creation with the right to tell us how we should live, or the idea of evolution with no moral code to live by. Believers go to Heaven, the others to hell. Everybody chooses for himself where he will spend eternity. Everybody has the right to be wrong & accept the consequences of that choice. Since the Garden of Eden, human beings are born with the knowledge of good & evil because of the forbidden fruit they chose to eat against God’s command. We are without excuse! Praise the Lord that Jesus came to die in our place that we might choose to live with Him for all eternity! What mercy, what love & what grace!

  31. these people who approve the abortion issue, need their head examined, the problem could have been solved if their mommies had abortion and got rid of them, but their mother must enough love in their heart to keep the baby and raise them. They need to realize they will answer for their decision, and they might find out how hot it is going to be.

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