One Late Night Show just attacked Trump supporters with a sickening message


Hollywood’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has become commonplace at this point.

But elites going after Americans who voted for Donald Trump never gets less disgusting.

Now one late night show just attacked Trump supporters with a sickening message.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah constantly uses his platform to attack Republicans and conservatives.

Noah rarely – if ever – beats ups on the Left, something his predecessor John Stewart did on occasion.

But now Noah thinks it’s a hilarious idea to nuke the entire state of Florida because it voted in large numbers for Donald Trump.

The so-called experts said Biden had a comfortable lead in Florida, but the pollsters were dead wrong.

Trump won the state in a walk even though the networks were reluctant to call it for him hours into the night.

Noah’s attack on Florida is indicative of the Left’s comfort with slandering Republican voters.

Barack Obama called them “bitter clingers,” Hillary Clinton labeled them “deplorables,” and Joe Biden called them “chumps.”

“Woke” journalists lamented the fact 55% of Cuban American in Florida voted for Trump and deemed them to be white.

Far-left actor John Leguizamo said latinos in Florida were like lemmings marching off a cliff.

Now Noah is joking about the entire state being destroyed because it voted the “wrong” way.

There’s a chilling trend that’s happening on the Left where there’s talk of putting Trump supporters and “collaborators” on lists.

CNN host Jake Tapper suggested that supporting Trump’s election legal challenges might adversely affect future employment.

Never Trump traitor Jennifer Rubin said Republicans must be defeated up and down ballots all across the country.

Unfortunately for her, Republicans picked up House seats, defended the Senate, flipped a state house, and maintained control of state legislatures.

Even if Joe Biden’s dubious win holds up, 71 million people voted for Trump, and they’re not going anywhere.

Maybe smug leftists like Noah will realize that he’s part of the reason why so many people voted for Trump in Florida and across the country?