One late night comic said something ludicrous about the Supreme Court


Late night comedy shows have become extensions of cable news.

The goal is no longer to entertain, but to propagandize on behalf of the Democrat Party.

And one late night comic said something ludicrous about the Supreme Court.

Stephen Colbert has become insufferable on late night.

His monologue is a predictable screed against the Republican Party with some “jokes” sprinkled in.

In a recent episode, Colbert had on liberal Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer.

During the conversation, Colbert openly questioned the legitimacy of Breyer’s conservative colleagues on the bench.

Colbert said:

“I guess what I thought of when you were saying that is, I think those 330 million people, many of them would say they do not see the Court as being representative because many of the people on the Court, mostly those who lean more toward the right wing of the Court – if there is such a wing in your mind – were appointed by presidents who did not have a majority of the vote when they were elected, by a Senate, a Republican Senate confirmed, that represents 41 million fewer Americans than the Democrats in the Senate. And while you yourself may not be political – and I accept that – the Court itself is created through a political system that no longer represents the majority of the American people.”

That’s an absurd argument.

First, Breyer and liberal hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg shouldn’t have been seated by that logic because Bill Clinton didn’t win a majority of the vote.

Also, the founders were concerned about both a tyranny of the majority and a tyranny of the minority.

They set up a system of checks and balances, but since the Democrats can’t get their way, they want to discard the Constitutional norms they frequently accused Donald Trump of trampling.

The Democrats have openly talked about packing the Supreme Court, ending the Senate filibuster, and other norm-breaking procedures in order to get their way because they can’t do it legislatively.

Ginsburg herself was vehemently opposed to court-packing, as was Joe Biden when he was a Senator.

Democrats hate the fact they don’t have reliable control of the Supreme Court, something that has allowed them to ram through bad policy for decades.