One judge issued a shocking ruling after a student was suspended for his pro-Trump t-shirt


America’s government schools are notoriously liberal and blatantly anti-Trump.

They often get away with outrageous bullying of conservative students.

But one judge issued a shocking ruling after a student was suspended for his pro-Trump t-shirt.

The fall of America’s public education system can be traced back to the advent of powerful teachers’ unions.

Their complete control over most school systems has left a government run system of less learning, more crime, and political correctness beyond the pale.

And unfortunately for our nation’s children, and our very future, they get away with it.

Most of the time that is.

An Oregon court recently upheld the right of high school senior Addison Barnes to wear a pro-Trump t-shirt in school.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman’s ruling was issued during a lawsuit brought by Barnes against Liberty High School in Oregon. He also brought suit against the Hillsboro School District and the principal of the school Greg Timmons.

The lawsuit was a result of Barnes’ suspension from the high school for wearing a t-shirt that the school’s principle decided was offensive.

Barnes, who is an 18-year-old senior at Liberty High School wore the shirt to show his support for the duly elected President of our nation, something that used to be promoted in our schools.

And, according to Barnes, the school made no similar efforts to ban viewpoints opposing his own, which he found offensive.

As an example he cited a poster, hung by a teacher in a classroom, that read “Sanctuary City, Welcome Home” and was never removed.

Lawyers for the school district tried to argue that the Barnes’ t-shirt would was contributing to a hostile learning environment” and was making some students feel insecure in school.

They tried to further their argument by pointing out that roughly 33 percent of the high school’s students are of Hispanic descent.

This faulty reasoning of course assumes incorrectly that ALL Hispanics oppose Trump.

But in trying to prove their allegation, the lawyers for school system used the argument that Liberty High School had been the site of recent student walkouts and sit-ins to protest President Trump’s immigration policies.  

Unfortunately for them, this argument essentially stated that the school system and the school had taken sides in a political debate. It also in effect made the claim that since the school had taken sides, any other point of view were considered by them as a “threat to the community.”

Hillsboro School District attorney Peter Mersereau actually claimed in his argument, This particular school district has a population that is one-third Hispanic. This is not Lake Oswego. This is not West Linn.”

By comparing Liberty’s school district to other, less Hispanic school districts, the lawyer was effectively arguing that once a community reaches a certain percentage of foreign-born students First Amendment rights are lost.

According to Mersereau, these school districts should be governed by the laws of the country from which their parents fled.  Not the U.S. Constitution.

But, in a shocking ruling for many observers, the judge stopped Mersereau dead, asking, So First Amendment protections vary from high school to high school?”

Then, Judge Mosman completely dismissed the school’s defense that Barnes’ t-shirt might offend some of the largely immigrant school population, saying the “thin” defense so far offered little support for the district’s argument that the shirt could “substantially disrupt” the school and the students.

Mosman’s ruling stated: “There’s not enough to go on here to show that sort of legitimate concern justifying censorship of this core political speech.”

It was a rare win for free speech in courts frequently dominated by Obama-era appointees to the federal judiciary.

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CNN is at the tip of the spear of the Fake News Media’s campaign to smear President Trump over his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fake news CNN will twist any story and misrepresent any set of facts to try and make Donald Trump look bad.

And now this CNN host said four words that will leave you speechless.

White House senior advisor Peter Navarro appeared on fake news CNN host Brianna Keilar’s show to discuss the administration’s efforts to manage the supply chain for crucial medical equipment like ventilators.

Navarro accused Keilar of sensationalizing the issue at hand by showing pictures of New York City hospital nurses wearing garbage bags in an effort to show the administration was not sending needed medical supplies to hospital workers.

This was not true as Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo even stated that every hospital in New York had enough equipment for the immediate future.

Navarro tried to point out that Keilar was distorting the truth by sensationalizing the issue, but Keilar rudely interrupted him.

“I am not sensationalizing anything,” Keilar fired back. “I am tracking in facts here and governors are saying that their states are calling up these suppliers and FEMA’s already purchased everything. So they are siloed from things being allocated and coordinated and they’re trying to spend all of this time and energy trying to acquire some of these things, and they can’t get it.”

Later on in the interview Navarro pointed out another truth – the Trump administration inherited a depleted national strategic stockpile after the Obama administration emptied the reserves during the 2009 swine flu pandemic and never replenished them.

“Don’t tell me we were ill prepared for this,” Navarro told Keilar. “We inherited the system of testing and inherited of stockpiles that was woefully inadequate for this and there was plenty of people to the last two administrations who had wake up calls and they went back to sleep.”

No criticism of Barack Obama can ever go unchallenged on fake news CNN so Keilar insulted Navarro by telling him “you’re wasting everyone’s time.”

“You’re wasting everyone’s time with this,” Keilar hysterically ranted. “It’s 2020. The president was elected in 2016. Can you get to a million ventilators?”

To fake news CNN there is only one story – Donald Trump is allowing the coronavirus to kill millions of Americans.

That is not true and CNN is censoring the real facts to mislead their audience.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  3. Genuine “FREE SPEECH” is a Constitutional Right. The Lunatic Left claims that the USA is a “Democracy” and that there is no “Free Speech” that CAN NOT BE CENSORED by “Public Opinion”, as in this case where 33 per cent of the High School students are Hispanic. The Lefties need to be constantly reminded that the USA is really a “REPUBLIC”. We have a “CONSTITUTION” with a “BILL OF RIGHTS” to guarantee our Rights and Freedoms and that most certainly includes or RIGHT of FREE SPEECH!

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  5. In the Near future it’s gonna be guy’s like Jack off that are going to get their asses kicked Right TF Out of this country..And Believe me it’s Coming!!

  6. A judge with a perchance belief in our Constitution and also a conservatives freedom of speech which seems to be in short supply.

  7. jack, you are not wanted here. This is a conservative Christian site and NONE of us agree with your sick crap

  8. There is a battle raging between God and satan and we know that satan has the dems in his army. Thank God they cannot win. When Jesus returns they will be out of our lives for eternity

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  11. Jack…off is obviously a troll not worthy of further comment.
    As for this Oregon judge, it is a rare ruling indeed in a state that is notoriously ultra-liberal. Only a few regions of Orgon like the centrally located Bend OR and Enterprise in the NE part of the state are not as left-wing.
    What’s ironic is that the school that persecuted this young patriotic student is called “Liberty”. They may want to consider changing their name…like Jack or is it John…like the toilet?

  12. Every legal decision in U.S. history had held that students have full rights of Freedom of Speech and those rights do not end at the front door.

  13. Good to know that not everybody in the Judiciary has lost their minds! It is sickening to see the inroads Liberals have made to weaken our societal and moral fabric!!

  14. The 21st Century American Bolshevik Marxists known as the Democrat Party are against the Bill of Rights unless they can use it to their advantage. Many times since Obama stated so in an interview, the Dems gave said the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block to their agenda to reshape this nation. They are the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of the American Marxists who supported the Bolsheviks of the October 1917 Revolution. Many went as far as traveled to Russia to take part in the Revolution, which ended the House of Romanov and laid the ground work for the Soviet Union. These4 people have been raised on the philosophy of Marx and Engles, Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky,and Bill Ayers. Yjeir foot soldiers in the street, such as ANTIFA are the American Khmer Rouge. This is a sadistic political philosophy that in just a little over 100 years has resulted in the whole sale slaughter of over 500 million innocents, beginning with the cold blooded murder of the entire Romanov Family in Russia from the oldest to the youngest and all of their associates. This is the murdering sadistic philosohpy the Democrats the Democrats envision for the United States.

  15. I have been pushing to eliminate the teachers unions from schools. The schools don’t have money for supplies because the unions siphon that money into their pockets. Check the salaries of union representatives and also see if they have ever taught. We had a double dipper getting a teacher salary and union money, she has not been in a school as a teacher for over 12 years.

  16. Let’s see, now – 33 percent Hispanic means 67 percent non-Hispanic. Can you figure that out?

  17. I commend the judge. Most schools are liberal and the latest study I read indicated that 95% of the college professors are ultra liberal. There is still freedom of speech in this country and it needs to be protected for ALL.

  18. I would feel vindicated if he had followed “So First Amendment protections vary from high school to high school?” with ‘And you call yourself a lawyer?’

  19. What does that mean., “You’re posting too quickly?” I would suggest that you re-read and re-insert it in the replies. I AM NOT A COMMUNIST!

  20. I laud the courage of Mr. Barnes to assert his First Amendment rights in Oregon, the site of Antifa run amok and other leftist insanity. I had begun to believe that Oregon was part of another country – or maybe another planet. Mr. Barnes has struck a blow for American freedom and the rights of all Americans. Thank you, sir!

  21. That young man, Addison Barnes is a brave young man. I know the schools in this country have gone downhill for the past 45 years. Ever since the liberal court that gave “Roe V Wade”, took Christ our Lord out of school.

  22. Finally a Judge with some guts and brains. Just remember all you that are offended by American pride can pack your SH*T AND GET THE F **k out of America. That goes for all you liberal teachers and school staff as well. You won’t be missed.

  23. It’ about time a judge with some commons since did some ruling. the thieving unions need to go and get the hell out of the education system. if the Hispanic’s don’t like our laws then go back to were you came from. you want to live here learn our laws and speak our langue.

  24. I’m glad the student was able to take it to court. We had to tolerate all the Obama t-shirts, and miscounts at the polls, since they were strongly monitored by Pro Obama groups. We had to ask them to cover their Obama support shirts etc. before they entered the precincts. The new illegals and immigrants need to learn tolerance as well. If we are going to learn to live together in peace, we need to live and let live. We were told, if you don’t like it, stay away from them or if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. As far as the sudden panic on equipment, apparently it didn’t bother Pelosi and congress, as they pushed 24 million through in the Relief Rescue Bill, for the Kennedy Center and the Arts. Ask the Governor of Washington state, why he spent a billion, on the killer whales, when he knew in 2015, they needed ventilators then. This is a fear strategy. In 2012, Dr. Fauci, a friend of Hillary Clinton, praised her for praising China at the World Health Org. for Health Program advancements. They knew this virus was coming, since it began last December in China. it’s a strategy for their One World Order and Pelosi’s pushing Trump for big government.

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  27. I believe it’s common for the school master to have a picture of the current president in his office. I’m sure when Obama was president, he probably had one of him on his wall. (Even though he was “The Worst” President this country ever had!) So, by rights, the Schoolmaster should have a picture of the current president on his wall (Trump), but I strongly doubt it! Liberals only things when it works for them!

  28. (Correction)
    I believe it’s common for the school master to have a picture of the current president in his office. I’m sure when Obama was president, he probably had one of him on his wall. (Even though he was “The Worst” President this country ever had!) So, by rights, the Schoolmaster should have a picture of the current president on his wall (Trump), but I strongly doubt it! Liberals only want things when it works for them!

  29. I thought that all TV stations have to have FCC licenses to operate? As CNN and the rest of those “Fake News” outfits continue to lie and omit certain things to push their agenda how come the FCC doesn’t yank them? The American people are tired of their BS and their siding with the left on every story. If the stories about this president were true ( and maybe some are) it would be one thing, however , to blatantly lie all the time to make this man look bad deserves to have them put out of business!!!!!

  30. I wasn’t aware there was an adult judge in far left Oregon. Well done, judge. As far as Keilar…just another gum flapper from CNN who’s the real waste of time.

  31. Does anyone watch CNN anymore?
    This student had a win on the legal side but that has a lot of weight on the civil side. So the next step is the BIG ONE $$$$$$$$$$ Looks like instead of a diploma looks like this kid is going to get one BIG CHECK!
    Hope that wakes up the school system in ORGANDONE!

  32. Don’t be too hard on Jack. Can you imagine the damage his parents did when Mr. and Mrs. Ass named him Jack.

  33. I can see that it is pointless here to try to soften your Republicans hard hearts damaged by a fascist, dictator. I hope you appreciate the $1200 that some of you will see. Funerals cost much more than that but it’s a start. Don’t you DARE use God to back up your wretchedness. He know the truth and it ISN”T Trump!

  34. Right. keep vilifying “our” great President Trump. You evil DemoRATS have offered nothing but trash talk ever since his election victory. What will you rats do when he is re-elected?

  35. Trump is an offensive misogynistic, homophobic racist, so a pro-Trump t-shirt is, by definition, is offensive. The school system was right. They’re not teaching “left wing” values unless you think patriotic American values are left wing. Rather, they’re teaching respect for others regardless of gender, skin color, origin, sexual orientation, etc. Those are real American values that all of our children should be learning.

  36. President Trump is right again, like usual. The Demoncrats are wrong like always! That’s what happens when you lie a hundred percent of the time.Nothing new!!

  37. Trump is a great president, of course he’s human like all of us and is not perfect, but he’s the best I’ve seen and I’m 65.

  38. UCB— whew. I guess you failed in school as you clearly do not respect others, that is those that believe in the bill of rights. Your offensive as most all liberals. Do we ban you and your ilk ? Most liberals are vile in their speech which is offensive , cloths, tattoos can be offensive do we ban those deemed offensive by the upright and moral ? No you do not have a right to never be offended so you cowards and snowflakes need to grow up and face life.

  39. Why are their so many sex offenders and crimes around this school? much higher than average. now i remember most libs are perverts and “the weird kids” who had no friends or talent in school. Takes them 5 years to get a c- in mostly worthless degrees that only require memorization.

  40. Awright, just a minute here. What about feelings, eh? Some feelings count more than others. Wass-a-matter you folks? What about my feelings? Read The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. It starts: “We the FEELINGS of the people of the United States, etc, etc, etc… So there?

  41. It seems there is a double standard in public schools, the students opinion counts as long as it lines up with establishments.

  42. Wonder if the legal bills and judgement for the student blew the school board budget??
    Hopefully the judgement was large enough the student’s college education is paid for upfront…


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