One iconic movie hero is about to get an obnoxious “woke” makeover


Leftism destroys everything it touches.

And it’s wreaking havoc on Hollywood.

Now, one iconic movie hero is about to get an obnoxious “woke” makeover.

Hollywood has been liberal for decades.

While conservative titans like Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra, and Louis B. Mayer may have had their day, right-wingers have either been purged from Hollywood or driven underground.

But the Left in Hollywood, just like the Left nationally, has now moved wildly toward extremism.

Every movie seemingly has to have “woke” messaging in order to get praise from critics.

And now one iconic character is about to undergo a “woke” progression.

Daily Wire reports:

James Bond will finally be ushered into the age of #MeToo and Time’s Up, according to actresses Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas, who will both be playing opposite Daniel Craig in the upcoming Bond flick “No Time to Die.”

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the actresses said that James Bond will be experiencing an “evolution” as the makers attempt to modernize him to keep the character in tune with current culture. Much of this new take on the famed MI6 agent has been credited to screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whom Lynch praised for her on-screen portrayal of women.

Producer Barbara Broccoli…has previously stated her desire to see Bond films arrive in the #MeToo era.

“#MeToo has influenced our culture, which is a great thing, so of course it’s going to influence everything we do on Bond,” Broccoli told the Daily Mail in April. “The films are representative of the times they’re in.”

The new adage “get woke, go broke” appears to be truer than ever, as evidenced by the epic failure of the latest “Terminator” film.

Now James Bond looks poised to suffer the same fate.

Actress Lashana Lynch said she wanted a character who struggled with weight problems and perhaps was on her period.

“Woke” culture doesn’t understand the concept of an over-the-top action film.

Everything must have the same stamp of Left-wing politics.

For people so obsessed with diversity, there’s a hollow sameness to all of their storytelling.

Is the new James Bond going to be as insufferable as it sounds?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  2. I started out with Sean Connery (and had my first wet dream). I don’t want to know that this classic character will be transformed into??? A black lesbian does nothing for me, no matter the talent, dialogue, or other technical/”artistic” qualities. Bye Bye James Bond.

  3. The ‘Terminator’ franchise has now become almost total fantasy with ridiculous violations of physics, and this new Bond will probably bomb for other reasons. Hollywood understands only one thing – box office
    receipts. They seem to have no concept of the core likes of the public in general – the ones that pay!
    Maybe, if they make enough of these crash-worthy films, they’ll get the point! (But don’t hold your breath.)
    The “Superstupid Stars”, like Dummy De Niro, Strident Streisand, Rosie (Miss Piggy)O’Donnell, and the other
    tsunami mouths have the intellect of a retarded amoeba.
    (I apologize to any microbes who may have been offended by that.)

  4. It appears Hollywood LOVES wasting millions of dollars catering to a small percentage of the population, with their woke makeovers. How many millions of dollars has the new Terminator movie lost so far?? Well, they just keep making it easier and easier for me not to waste my money on their brilliant (not) decisions. Haven’t been to a movie theater in years and I’m not regretting it for one moment.

  5. “Woke” or not, there shouldn’t be a new one of every old series. They’re all the same: They start off good, but then later installments are just empty cash grabs.

  6. The last movie I saw was “Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” AS you can see that was a while ago. I started watching when the brothers that owned the Burligh Movie house in Milwaukee. We got to see the Saturday movie free if we spent the morning scraping the gum of the seats. I am now 87 and do not know of a picture I would pay to see.

  7. I have nearly 800 movies in my home video (DVD, VHS) and computer library. VERY few of them were released after 2000. Garbage like the latest Terminator and Bond (bombed!) offerings are why.

    Movies are supposed to entertain not indoctrinate! True, many movies are politically charged but many of them are still entertaining.

    I have the Sean Connery 007 movies on DVD and none of the later ones. After Connery they went downhill steadily. Now we’re down to this garbage. What next? A trans-sexual lesbian British spy versus a homosexual robot fighting for control of the World Headquarters on Fantasy Island in Martha’s Vineyard?

    As ridiculous as they could be I’d rather watch a Three Stooges movie!

  8. OOOOOO maybe Rosie O’Donnell can be one of bond girls. She fits the description of what Lashana Lynch wants to see and I don’t think Rosie is ever off her period so they don’t need to worry about continuity problems during the months of shooting.

  9. They ruined Ghostbusters, they ruined Terminator, now they intend to ruin Bond, James Bond. Well, guess I’ll be saving a bundle NOT going to the movies. They won’t be happy till everyone and everything is a crappy shade of gray.

  10. Is James Bond going to have a sex change? Maybe he will find out he is really attracted to men for sex? Maybe all the men in the film, Bond and the bad guys, will be dancing around it tutus and eating quiche? Yup… Can’t wait to see this! I will be standing in line! NOT!!!

  11. well, another movie icon down the drain and one that will not see me there. best thing to do folks is
    do not attend any movie – perhaps hollyweird will “woke” up. a term I personally dislike.

  12. The desperateness of people trying to prove they are more tolerant and cool and modern is hilarious. They becuase fascists and evil in an attempt vfb to prov ed they are not. They want to prove they are kind by take money one family needs to give ccx to another family that the liberal decides need the money.

    Liberal only think about as far as their mouth as a result they ruin everything they touch.

  13. Looks like another franchise will bite the dust. Use to enjoy the Bond movies, especially the earlier ones with Sean.
    Haven’t been to a movie theater in many years, so doubtful will be seeing the new “ woke” version.
    Personally, I enjoy classic films from the 1930s & 1940s. Bogart is my all time favorite actor.

  14. Have not gone to a theater movie since the X Files the sound was too loud so not again. That said we have a big TV and a library of films and old TV programs watch and enjoy them. Naked City, Highway Patrol, Ernie Kovacs, Red Skelton. Mad Mad Mad World,Blues Brothers etc. Again I can skip the modern leftist crap. Oh yeah my son (62now) watches Mad Mad Mad World at least once a week says I made him do it from when he was a kid.

  15. I pick the movies very carefully there are some good ones out there. Most of the time I have passed on a large number of them as I don’t need to be woke. No good story’s from Hollywierd. Last one that was a very good one was Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

  16. Hollyweird is known as Tinsel Town, right? We’re all greyed out now with no difference in the sexes, races(unless you’re white), politics or aspirations. We’re all generic animals on the Animal Farm.

    I agree that they ruined Ghostbusters and Terminator but so many others, too. Recall how feminists trashed Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with the stupid female flip called The Hustle? If this ‘woke’ BS keeps up, Hollyweird will be filing Chapter Eleven very soon.

    Give me some great entertainment and not stupid banquets of Left Wing gruel.

  17. Pete, you short changed a great movie – there are 4 MADs in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
    As far as I’m concerned, the LBQabc crowd can lump it. Today was Veteran’s Day, and as a salute, yesterday I saw a commercial that showed a soldier get off a bus, and be reunited with his best friend. The two proceeded to lay a big kiss on each other. That was it.

  18. Exactly! What is it with snowflakes that they must destroy every entertaining icon we enjoy? They can’t even come up with their own stuff! It’s either a crappy “remake” or total destruction! Get a life!

  19. Action movies for the last decade or more are ruined with impossible CGI stunts and injuries not even a superhero could survive. I gave up years ago. I watch my treasured collection when I need a GOOD movie!

  20. I won’t be looking at this move since it sounds like Mental Deficient so called females are Destroying James Bond.

  21. Leave these epic Characters alone! They have withstood the tale of time for a reason. We like them as they are. Everything has gone too far”Left”. It’s a good thing I have plenty of movies at home to watch that are unopened, so I do not have to worry about going to a movie for entertainment.

  22. Wow. The hits just keep coming. At my age, it’s a good thing I’m not waiting for the next great movie. Once Eastwood is gone, will there be anything good enough to watch?

  23. Hollywood can keep their James Bond do over. All they make is crap anymore. Have not been to a movie in years. None of their movies are worth my money, If they would would actually make a movie with a plot and story I might go see it. I am tired of sex, bad language, politically correct garbage

  24. I say let them make Hollywood as woke as they want as they will either self destruct or should I dare say the evil capitalists will swoop in and save the day .I’m to the point where I say let them have their way as self destruction seems to be their path, it’s kind of like a controlled burn no one likes it but it has to be done to save the forest and as you can see the Californians still haven’t learned that lesson yet. I still think we should let California and Oregon become their own country and save taxpayer dollars .The unhappy people would have a new country to go to that would welcome them with open arms. I figure within 10 years they would self destruct and the cleanup would be confined to a relatively small area

  25. I’m sorry, but watching a movie where James Bond is menstruating is probably ranked between digging my eyes out with a rusty spoon and and getting my gums scraped with an orbital sander on my bucket list. I’m gonna hurry up an miss this.

  26. I want to make a correction the Producer Barbara Broccoli’s statement. She said that ‘Bond’ will now be representative of the “…times they’re in”. Well Ms. ‘Vegetable Head’ that’s wrong! The Bond film’s will now be more representative of the time’s YOU”RE in. Unenlightened, self-serving, self-righteous, egotistical & I could go on but rational people, unlike yourself & your flakie douchebag actresses, hear my point.

  27. Warm milk was plentiful from her undulating breasts, round and firm and fertile, ready to feed the newborn that will inherit the earth in the name of Mohammed our savior and the only prophet of Allah Amen! Peace be upon them that swear allegiance to Allah and let him smite those who do not ahahahahahahahaha


  29. I’m not even going to see it. If it’s “woke” that’s enough for me to know it’s going to suck lemons and they ain’t gonna be in lemonade.

  30. Not interested in seeing any movies these deranged, hypocrites with full blown insanity are putting out for entertainment. All the great actors have aged and faded away and we are left with mouth pieces for political division, cultural destruction with moral bankruptcy, no respect as well as a tremendous hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinions on lifestyle, political correctness and gender confusion and a host of other issues they are using to divide and destroy our country.

  31. James Bond is a MAN, won’t see this movie, they are out to destroy Masculinity and women will be the ones who suffer. I still want a manly man in my life, not a wimp who succombs to a woman’s command. Me Too was good in the beginning but it is being taken to the extreme to the detriment of humanity. Give me a strong, take charge, man anyday. I am strong enough to stand up for myself if he over or under steps.

  32. I’ve seen every Bond film since the first ones came out in the 60s, when I became a teen, and have always been a Sean Connery fan. I think Daniel Craig is second only to Connery and look forward to seeing what a writer as talented as Waller-Bridge will do for the next Bond film. If you haven’t seen “Fleabag” yet, don’t watch it with your kids or parents. Watch it with someone who appreciates adult humor and drama, and you’ll see why this writer might have something new and brilliant for Bond–James Bond. (BTW, I’m also a huge Clint Eastwood fan and think both the radical right and radical left have more in common with each other than with the 80% of us who’re somewhere in the middle, where sane people of both conservative and liberal tendencies meet and respect each other.)

  33. Hogman, if enough people adapt your attitude Hollywood will soon look like Detroit. Besides, you’re going to miss out on that theater popcorn that gives you everything from toenail fungus to dementia (according to Liberals, anyway)

  34. If you are a politically or social issue motivated movie viewer I highly recommend you look into Stallone’s previous comments. You might take him off your list.

  35. How true. I am voting with my wallet. Guess I will not be seeing any more Bond flicks, if this is their intended path, and Hollywood will not be seeing any more of my wallet.

  36. These idiots are trying brainwash the vulnerable. Once they have feminized every male character; we will be a lost civilization.

  37. The movie people have become a closed society and now believe only what they decide is truth. Well I hate to break it to them, truth is absolute and not subject to opinion.

  38. That there is mighty woke, but makes no difference to me. I quit 007 after Sean was replaced.
    I suspect it will bomb just the same.

  39. Phonywood has always been a tool for propaganda and mind control.
    Its like a vacuum cleaner salesman. They just have to get in your door and fill your head with garble until you buy in.

    Close the door…

    Just saying….

  40. I agree with you about California and Oregon. However, you forgot Western Washington. Most of Washington is fairly conservative. It’s the three most populous counties in western Washington that determine the state’s political direction. Probably the same story in Oregon. I think western Washington and western Oregon should join California in a “new” country. It will very convenient when “the big one” (i.e.earthquake) hits and this part of the country just falls off into the sea.

  41. Democracts what a complete joke they all are they just can’t stand about the truth, it hurts them so bad maybe they should get rid of themselves. The movies they make these days are not worth one cent


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