One host of The View crossed the line with this insane comment about President Trump


The View has devolved into a cauldron of anti-Trump hatred.

Even Meghan McCain, the lone conservative on the show, has her own personal issues with Trump.

But one host of The View crossed the line with this insane comment about President Trump.

ABC’s The View is viper’s nest of anti-conservative bias.

Meghan McCain serves as the sole conservative punching bag as the rest of the women take turns clawing out her eyes.

Abby Huntsman was briefly a fellow right-of-center voice on the panel show, but she quit after less than a year citing a “toxic” work environment.

Joy Behar might be the most obnoxious host on the show, and she showed why when she called the president of the United States a terrorist.

In response to Trump rightly pointing out that domestic terrorists seized six city blocks in downtown Seattle and renamed it CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) – a deliberate reference to the mass beheadings of the French Revolution – Behar said, “As a matter of fact, he has the nerve to call anybody a domestic terrorist. He’s the domestic terrorist. He’s the one who’s been impeached for obstructing justice in this country.”

This is unhinged, even for The View.

It was so off the rails, fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg had to go back to the comment after the panel had moved on in order to give Behar a chance to set the record straight.

Goldberg said, “Joy, I need you to clear up one thing. You were not calling the president a domestic terrorist. You were just saying that his take on this is a little crazier than you thought. Is that right?”

No, she quite clearly called him a domestic terrorist, but Goldberg gave her the opportunity to walk back the insanity.

Behar reluctantly acknowledged she went too far.

She said, “Um, yeah. I guess. I’m not calling anybody names like he does. It’s just that it seems ironic . . . I’ll get in trouble for calling him a domestic terrorist, but he won’t get in trouble for calling innocent people domestic terrorists. That’s the irony of this situation. So I take it back. I take it back.”

The problem is Trump was factually right.

Antifa was recently designated a domestic terrorist organization, and their fingerprints are all over CHOP.

The chief of the Seattle Police Department was forced to abandon a precinct within the CHOP against her wishes.

The “protesters” immediately set up a perimeter with armed guards who frisk people on the way in.

Also, journalists have been forced out of the occupied territory.

Those are not “innocent” acts.

Did Behar cross the line when she called Trump a terrorist?

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  2. These liberal anti-Americans cross the line of civility and decency every day. Or at least so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t watch this poisonous show if you paid me!

  3. If obstructing justice makes you a domestic terrorist then so is Hillary Clinton, but it doesn’t make you one.
    Behar is just an idiot that doesn’t know what domestic terrorism means. I don’t understand why anybody would watch that show.
    I’m also shocked at how many words democrats throw around without knowing the meaning.
    Its like what children do pretending to engage in grownup talk.

  4. Who really gives a s—t what that no good b—-h with the deep truck driver voice thinks or says??? She is in her own little snowflake world and has no idea who makes this country run!! They should all “ shut up about politics “ !! Especially when they have no clue what they are talking about!!

  5. Maybe in the future they will study TDS in university psychology classes.
    On second thought, probably not since most professors are suffering from TDS.

  6. For all of the inaccurate comments made by Culture Watch, this one takes the cake:

    “The chief of the Seattle Police Department was forced to abandon a precinct within the CHOP against her wishes.”

    Real slowly, the precinct had been abandoned some months previously, it was empty.

    I imagine that this site gets its information from Fox or ONAN, but seriously a bit of fact checking wouldn’t hurt.

  7. The view is nothing but a bunch of left wing propagandist, They are all deaf, dumb, and blind to what is really going on in this Country, Well,mabie not, their all just part of the problem !!

  8. I think that maybe there is a chance that the sex medicines and Botox injections have mutated her brain !


  10. Behar would have to sneak up on a bucket to get a drink of water. This CREATURE IS UGLY ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE , Can’t imagine what HELL IT WOULD BE to BE AROUND HER ALL THE TIME. If she has a Husband Or LEZ ; they HAVE TO BE BLIND!!!

  11. It is obvious from the number of people the rioters / protesters have killed and injured that BLM needs to change their name to BLACK LIVES SPLATTER (BLS)

    You are never right to protest violence with ten times the violence all you BLS members and rioters.

  12. What do you expect from an aged, corrupt, ignorant and hate-filled female. Behar is known for her outbursts and liberal thinking. She should be pitied and ignored.

  13. All the left has to offer is sick hate, lies, and violence. They are the enemies of this country and our freedom. There is no way someone could pay me enough to watch that show. Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country but they can’t stand the truth

  14. They should fire her like they do everyone else who says those things. Behar is one of the biggest IDIOTS that was ever allowed on aTV. What is th S world coming to. I’ll pray for her.

  15. How is it the left can get by with this hate language and conservatives are really censored for anything against the grain of leftest propaganda??? where is the FBI etc???- oh, that’s right, they’re also left.

  16. Hey Joe, yes most of us watch REAL news, like Fox. I don’t know why anyone would watch CNN or MSNBC!! I like to have the TRUTH reported to me , not their ideas or opinions. As far as fact checking goes…if you watch those liberal sided stations.. fact checking is ABSOLUTELY no big deal to you!

  17. @roaming……….. “How is it the left can get by with this hate language and conservatives are really censored for anything against the grain of leftest propaganda???”

    I’d suggest that you watch some of Fox, listen to Rush, Brietbart, even pay more attention to Storm Front.

    They, collectively spew more lies and hate, yet get away with it.

  18. Actually Ex-D, “Someday psychiatrists might study TDS and see learn how it suspends rational thinking.” that those psychiatrists will find that ‘Trump Disgust Syndrome’ is the one thing that saved America from the clutches of Donnie ‘Tiny Hands’ Trump and his crime family.

  19. If as Joe says, “The precinct was abandoned months earlier”. Why did the news state that the police had to hurriedly remove police equipment from the building before the Antifa anarchists took over the area? Perhaps “Joe” is with Antifa and trying to make the police chief look like she is lying. She is recorded as saying that she was ordered to abandon the precinct building. So “Joe” maybe you should get your facts straight.


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