One Hollywood star gave Dr. Fauci an award that will make you sick


The hero worship of Dr. Anthony Fauci continues.

The corporate-controlled press wished Fauci a happy birthday as if he were a beloved uncle.

And one Hollywood star gave Dr. Fauci an award that will make you sick.

Hollywood star Julia Roberts is presenting the Foundation for AIDS Research’s (amfAR) Award of Courage to Dr. Anthony Fauci at an upcoming event called “A Gala for Our Time.”

A promotion for the event showed Roberts telling Fauci, “There’s no one more deserving . . . You’ve been tireless and true for all of us and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

This isn’t the first time Roberts has been awestruck by Fauci.

Back in May during a social media campaign called #PassTheMic, Roberts said upon meeting Fauci, “Oh, this is such a thrill . . . This is a thrill for me because there are very few experts of anything in the world and you truly have emerged as a personal hero for me. Just to have this little corner of your time for us is such a joy.”

The exaltation of Fauci has to be galling for millions of Americans who are living under COVID-19 tyranny.

Fauci has flip-flopped so many times on so many issues that his credibility should be shot by any objective standard.

He’s gone from telling people to wear zero masks to one mask to two masks to one mask then back to two masks maybe.

He was months behind “the science” with regards to reopening schools.

Fauci said lockdowns were a bad strategy for containing the virus, yet he’s advocated for lockdowns possibly leading into 2022.

Fauci equivocated on the vaccination rate needed for society to reopen.

He also condemned anti-lockdown protests while demurring on whether or not “social justice” large gatherings should take place.

Fauci has shown that he’s more than willing to play partisan politics as a tool of the Left.

Because he’s ready to play ball, the establishment will continue to heap praise upon him no matter how terrible his record on the virus has been.

A year ago he was telling Americans the coronavirus was merely a bad flu season, and now he’s saying people might have to be cooped up inside for another full year.