One Governor mocked religion in a shocking coronavirus briefing that left viewers stunned


The Chinese coronavirus has brought out both the best and worst in people.

Some local politicians have used the coronavirus to say and do some outlandish things.

And one Governor mocked religion in a shocking coronavirus briefing that left viewers stunned.

The coronavirus has killed over 34,000 Americans and has brought the country to the brink of a depression.

Unemployment has soared exponentially and many small businesses may never recover.

Now is a time where many turn to faith in God in order to navigate the rocky shoals ahead.

But New York governor Andrew Cuomo used his Easter Monday press briefing to take a cheap shot at religion.

New York, the epicenter of the American coronavirus infection, has essentially flattened the curve – the healthcare system has not been completely overrun by an excess of patients like many feared.

The number of deaths has begun to plateau, which suggests there’s no longer an exponential growth in new cases.

The travel bans and social distancing measures have seemingly been effective in slowing the spread of the virus.

This is good news, yet Cuomo went out of his way to say that faith played no part in New York State getting past the worst of the coronavirus.

He said, “The number is down because we brought the number down. God did not do that. Faith did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that . . . That’s how it works. It’s math.”

That’s a slap in the face to many believers.

For many New Yorkers, their faith in God is what gave them the strength to carry on in tough times.

Faith is also what led many health workers from other parts of the country to venture to New York in order to help.

Cuomo is treating faith like a four-letter word, which is commonplace among people on the Left.

There’s an aversion to religion in most of their statements and actions.

This crisis has drawn a lot of that hostility toward religion.

Some local officials have shut down church services and deemed them “nonessential.”

However, someone can go to a store and pick up buffalo wings.

People of faith have made the point that there are ways to worship while adhering to sensible social distancing guidelines.

Cuomo’s reaction shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, especially considering he lit up the Empire State Building pink after passing a radical pro-abortion bill.

Do you think Governor Andrew Cuomo is unfairly calling out people of faith by denying God’s work during the coronavirus?

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  2. Pharaoh Cuomo just might bring more heartache, heartbreak, and destruction to the people of New York because of his anti-God approach to any and everything. I surely wouldn’t want him speaking for me.

  3. And IF a bus were to hit Cuomo while he tries to cross the street THAT too will be a case of Mathematics… Namely Statistics. And NOT an act of GOD sending a message. Yeah, right?! GOD created “KARMA” on the 8th Day JUST to screw with people in a way that HE doesn’t have to do anything more but watch. GOD is very good at ‘delegating’. HE always had someone HE chose to do something in THE BIBLE.

  4. jack, go away. This is a conservative Christian site and you have no clue about either one. You didn’t even capitalize the “G’ in God, so give yourself away. You are a plant from satan

  5. This moron THINKS he has a religion but there is a paper from the Vatican with Cuomo’s name on it that states ‘Excommunicated Forever’.

  6. I seem to recall when Cuomo was crying how bad things were and he needed help to get thousands of ventilators. It turned out he was wrong about that also. I would certainly like to see him hit by a bolt from the blue and while his hair was burning see if he was saying “God help me”.

  7. It’s all mathematics, hmmmmm. I wonder if that is how it would be called if he were to be killed in a car crash or fall down a manhole. He did nothing to prepare for these events and when it happened all he could was piss and moan and blame others for his immense incompetence and self serving ways. May he and his family rot in hell for eternity.



  10. AC is a moron look what happened to NY with him at the helm. He has as lot of nerve saying what he did about faith……………………………..but he is a idiot so…………………………

  11. Cuomo is a complete moron sitting in NY screaming gimme, gimme, gimme because he has a huge problem in NYC. Half the deaths are up there and he has spend money foolishly! We are pretty sure that Trump has a lot of empathy with the people because it is his hometown but never forget, Cuomo doesn’t appreciate him nor does Wilhelm DeBlasio!

  12. AC is a moron look what happened to NY with him at the helm. He has as lot of nerve saying what he did about faith……………………………..but he is a idiot so…………………………He has to take responsibility for what this moron says and does.

  13. Remember what Cuomo said about God and faith in November when you vote and let this remind you of how the left thinks and believes. Vote Trump and Republican’s in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

  14. Gov Como sounds like an anti . Typical anti american atheist. Typical democrat who hates.

  15. Isn’t he the same one who said that people who oppose abortion and gay marriage are not welcome in his state? I’m not really sure how anyone can be shocked by anything a liberal says at this point. The shocking thing is that there are Americans who actually support the liberal filth.

  16. To even mention what FAITH, along w/medical work, isolation, lack of peoples’ jobs, etc., has done to help stabilize NY, is like “throwing pearls to swine” in trying to convince the NY Gov.

  17. NY Gov Cuomo like his bro they sit on their brains if they have any Maybe when they need some help tell them to ask GOD and see what happens?

  18. It’s bad enough that he is a moron. However, it’s doubly awful that he is a whining one. He should get off his duff and DO something instead of complaining. He had years to prepare and he didn’t. He’s not alone. Most states did not prepare. But this guy is just a jerk and a nasty one at that.

  19. That’s Rich Coming From a Name Called bj…GOD Gave Man The ” Will ” Over EVERYTHING To Choose Right From Wrong !!! Which Takes ” Thinking and Intellect ” And oh yeah…You Forgot To Capitalize Satan !!!

  20. Hey, Cuomo! Don’t get too swell-headed and take the credit for yourself! You may not believe in God, or prayer, but MANY other Americans DID and are still doing, and it was because of THEM, and NOT YOU that people in New York were helped. So, get off your high horse, and down on your knees and thank God! And if you continue to mock God, don’t be surprised if He doesn’t hear your screams/demands for help the next time! And I won’t blame Pres. Trump one whit if HE chose to turn a deaf ear to your demands, either! Your daily whining sessions made you sound like a spoiled brat! The other governors didn’t whimper like YOU! Your demands for MORE masks, MORE ventilators, MORE hospital beds, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (the list goes ON and ON!) are PROOF that all this was YOUR fault due to YOUR stupidity and procrastination! Even into March, you were telling NY citizens that they didn’t have to worry…what a bunch of crock you handed to them! California has many more people than NY, yet they managed to get through this with MUCH fewer deaths and a lower number of cases than NY….because they took action ASAP and were prepared. So, Cuomo, don’t blame God or the president or anybody else, because in the final analysis, the tragic outcomes in NY WAS YOUR FAULT!

  21. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The unalienable rights are contained in the “Bill of Rights” anyone elected, appointed, or next door neighbor, no one can interfere with your “God Given Rights”. They were not given by the Government so the Government take take them away. Look up the Legal Definition of “Unalienable”.

  22. Mr. Cuomo needs to read and heed the account of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon whose arrogance nearly cost him his life, but a merciful God allowed him a second chance after spending seven years in madness, eating grass. Andrew C. is arrogant and rebellious toward God. He spent several years shacked up with Sandra Lee, the celebrity chef, while Governor of New York and while the Roman Catholic authorities looked the other way( they should have ex-communicated him possibly bringing him to repentance). He will eventually reach a horrible end if he continues on this way.

  23. If prayers and faith were that is needed there would be no pandemic. God gave us brains to come up with solutions and that is what Gov, Cuomo did. He saved lives by coming up with a plan and acted on that.

  24. Christopher
    ” JUST to screw with people in a way that HE doesn’t have to do anything more but watch. ”
    Remember…GOD Is Offering ALL OF US ” EVER LASTING LIFE ” With That Said…GOD DOESN’T Need to DO Anything But Watch !!! It’s Called the ” The Test of TIME Through Faith ” in Return For His EVER LASTING LIFE.

  25. This is a bit from a sermon that i wrote a long time ago. Hope that you like it. You can contact me and I will email you the complete sermon.

    Sometimes a prayer doesn’t change the situation.
    But it changes our attitudes towards the situation
    And gives us hope which changes our entire life.

    Why VICTORY both spiritual as well as worldly has eluded the country that we live in today!!
    There is one single verse of Scripture that can be ,and is, the total answer to all of the ill’s and problems of not just this country that we live in, but every country on the face of the earth.
    2 Chron 7:14

  26. Cuomo may think God has no part in this but he is desperately wrong. It could be math but who gave us math? Who holds the world in His hands and watches over us?

    There have been a lot of prayers going up to Heaven. God hears our prayers. Yes, God gave us minds to think but it is still God. This is not a time to write God off.

    Cuomo is supposed to be Catholic but he does not uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. He needs prayers.

  27. mario “GOD”, “FREDO”, cuomo has spoken! He IS a GOD, just ask him, he’ll tell you, he does every day at his USELESS EVERYDAY BREIFINGS!!!

  28. My math says that New York has many more cases, and many more deaths than any other state, even more populous states like Texas and California. Can anyone spell “chastisement”” ?

  29. FYI There is no Santa Claus and there is no God time for everyone to grow up

  30. Cuomo and Pelosi are both fake Catholics and only occasionally mention their affiliation when they think it is politically expedient. During this pandemic, I have noticed that it has been primarily protestant members who have questioned and challenged state governments about overriding the Constitution. Several Catholic sources have also noted this.

  31. Carol Fields; What was Cuomo’s plan that saved lives? Downplay the corona19 virus in the early stages, encouraging people to put themselves in harms way. Or was it when he began to panic the people of New York which caused them to travel to other states thus spreading the virus to them. Or was it when he whined and moaned about not having enough ventilators, and ppe when he was the one who refused to stockpile those necessities when they were offered him. Or was it when he refused the use of medications that were healing many people around the world and in the United States. Or when he begged for temporary hospitals and beds to be made available when they proved to be unnecessary after they were provided. Or when he whined and blamed others for not having enough tests while doing nothing to make the ones he had available to those who needed them. Needless lives were lost because of his actions and the only plan he had was try to spread the blame to others. God must have failed to give Cuomo a brain or maybe it was because Cuomo thought he was god and he didn’t need to trust the brain God gave him. Either way, he failed the people of New york just like he has for years and your morons keep electing him.
    The ones with the brains are the ones that got out of New York when they could.

  32. There is no…You can deny truth but that makes you the fool that you are. You will know the moment you die that God is very real. ALL who come to Jesus and are saved know that He is there for them. I pity you. Nothing you say can change the truth. This is a Christian site and we know the truth that you deny. You have the same chance as everyone else to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You have obviously chosen satan. It is really going to suck to be you when Jesus returns, but your choice to make.

  33. carol…Gov. Cuomo denied God and did not give Him the glory. He did not use his brain in a way that pleased God. If he did it would not have been nearly as bad as it was

  34. Some people with so called “brains” have made EGREGIOUS mistakes without coming to God for ANSWERS . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  35. Eric, you need help with your hatred. Jesus forbids it. And NO WAY would I EVER give satan any recognition by capitalizing his name. He is evil

  36. joeyp…Be careful about using big words like egregious. The left does not have the brains to know what it means. You need to simplify things for them. And they will not come to God, as they deny Him. That is their sad choice for eternity

  37. Chris…you are obviously the one easily duped, as you have been by the left. You blindly believe their vile lies without question. And please take and English course and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, which is very simple

  38. For those of you out there that are still having a little trouble concluding that A. Cuomo is a total complete jerk, loser and erstwhile loser his latest anti-God rant should give your thoughts a boost. For start he is a media pig. He really belongs in Hollywood with the rest of the weird no talent media pigs.

  39. Cuomo is an arrogant fool. How does he know with such certainty that pain and suffering caused the numbers to drop or that “math” caused the numbers to drop? No one of us is God, so no one can be certain of the reason for the happening of any event. Personally, I generally think that things happen because of the “rules” of nature, which were designed by God. However, I would never claim that Divine Providence does not exist.

  40. It appears being “GODLESS”, is a common trait of the demorat club It appears they have developed their own laws and Commandants. Pray for them..

  41. Mrs. Cuomo must have been quite a woman.
    An accomplished lady indeed.

  42. I think I understand what he TRIED to do,but ultimately failed miserably.
    The people who are staffing the front lines are working diligently to keep this virus’ affects on America to a minimum. Many of them are now being unfairly criticized, as can be witnessed in the local protests.
    Therefore, he, I believe, tried to ensure that they were not overshadowed by what his conception of “faith” is.
    Maybe Governor Cuomo should have said something like “with God’s Grace we have the skills, courage and determination of our medical workers and everyone else who goes a step beyond to eradicate this virus”.

  43. Same guy who said he wouldn’t sign any state budget unless it provided for abortions until birth. Too bad his mother didn’t have the option. TWICE

  44. Karma is a B____. All I can say is the West Coast was sitting in our homes at least one to two weeks before
    N.Y. I made the remark to my family that news casters were in N.Y. city reporting with lots of people walking
    around in crowded sidewalks and no masks. You reap what you sew. Now the nut of a brother has given his
    wife the virus. Hopefully the mother and his children don’t come down with it.

  45. What an awful Liar & Hypocrite, Governor Cuomo seems to be. He Wears His LIB-CATHOLICISM, like a BlindFold to hide what he really is, A Pro-Abortionist, Godless Creature, who has abused his Power as GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK. One might say that he is a Kindred Soul
    Of the El Commio Del Blasio Ilk.

  46. If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven, I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land.
    2 Chronicles 7:14
    Governor Cuomo, I’m praying for you. I’m very concerned for you because of your attitude, along with things you’ve done and said concerning the things of God. You seem to have the attitude that you can do and say whatever you want concerning our Creator without ever facing penalty. Governor Cuomo I want you to know that Hell is a real place and there are unfortunately many souls there. None of those souls are atheistic, agnostic, nor are they deistic. Furthermore, every one of those souls are extremely sorry for the things they said and did concerning God.

  47. Cuomo is an idiot, a whiner. PO Donald, and he’ll make sure the deli’s are non essential businesses.

  48. We all have to face our maker at the end of our lives, Andrew Cuomo will stand like everyone else and answer the lord. His disrespect is something that he will have to answer for. It takes the same minute to show respect as it does to show disrespect. As my late mother always said if you can’t say something constructive don’t say anything at all, so I say to you Cuomo you don’t deserve the position that you hold since you belittle your constituent’s.
    I hope that everyone notices that I have not addressed him with any level of respect, he doesn’t deserve it. That is both a positive and a constructive comment.

  49. What a horrible, ignorant thing to say! He just offended every Christian in the United States of America. He surely will not be re-elected.

  50. Cuomo deserves an outpouring of thanks. While Trump was describing the virus as a minor nuisance, Cuomo righteously sounded the alarm. Cuomo has saved lives and will be judged for that God bless Andrew Cuomo.

  51. A loving and caring father would do all within his power to protect and care for his children, without them having to beg/pray for him to do so.

  52. Yeah, it was just math when his brother came down with the virus. He’s just another stat, luckily on the survivor side.

  53. Carol Fields, Chris Stephens, agree with you. Notice that the Catholic Archbishop in NY…and the Cardinal in Chicago…did not practice their faith in their church and cathedral…Told parishioners to stay home and watch it online…Cuomo meant that practicing your faith in church would not get your prayers to God any faster…and it is way too soon to say that NY will not need the rooms in Javits site …And those of you who think that your prayers are rapidly cutting down this virus are indeed reaching out to your God, but all those prayers still have taken thousands of sick people…and that does not mean that the virus is stronger than God, just that it is a disease…Whom do you think caused it if God is the cause of all things?

  54. Como is not Italian. If you do an DNA test on him it will show he is a cockroach. Arm yourselves with RAID people before he gets in your home.


  56. Perhaps the attitudes of people like the Governor are the reason New York has had to endure so much pain before the human efforts began to work.

  57. Marilyn remember, God warned us these times would come. Did we heed the warnings? No, just kept on killing babies and turning from God & making fun of those who believe. Cuomo needs prayer. The Bible says heap coals of kindness on our enemies.

  58. This is a real piece of work…. blasts the President by saying who does he think he is, King?????
    And the ‘crown prince’ had dine the same thing to the incompetent mayor…….. He is such a wuss…..
    Praised the President and then when some fools said, whoa, let’s make him president, turned on President Trump like a viper…. Wants what he wants and complains when he gets it…….
    Never gives anyone credit if it doesn’t make him look good and that includes God!!!

  59. Cuomo needs to go both him & his so called reporter brother Chris. Listen here Cuomo God did give us the strength to overcome this sabotage by CHINA.

  60. Now we know how all these “good Catholic” politicians can be so over the moon about abortions. They don’t believe in God at all and money from Planned Parenthood seals the deal. Why does any business that has money to pay off politicians get tax money?

  61. Buzz, I pity you. You have no idea who God is and His great love for us. You can read all about Him in His true book. He loves us so much that He sent His Son, who WILLINGLY died on the cross and went to Hell for us so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with Him. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan, the great liar and hater, to Hell

  62. alex, Really??? If not for Pres. Trump this virus would be a lot worse than it is. And Cuomo DENIED God, so will not be blessed for that

  63. Well – there’s 2 facts of life-one is taxes and the other is death. Do you get to pick your time of death -only if you help it along by overdose, suicide & etc. Yes, you may survive this “virus” today and die in a car crash tomorrow. Perhaps we should consider why the media chose this virus to do a “Tokyo Rose” type media blasting to demoralize the public rather than when the swine flu was prevalent. Different president? Different politics? What I do notice is the states with Democratic Govs can’t seem to do math either way. Their states are already in financial trouble and this added a way for more federal dollars to their coffers. God did not do this-Satan did. Power is an interesting thing. Haven’t heard the Bloomberg or Styer billions being put toward aid to NY. But lots of people who want power have trod on our rights. What will it be this fall? Another round of the “virus” just at the right time to affect voting? Time will tell.

  64. Gov. Cuomo is right on the money. Religion has nothing to do with flattening the curve of the Trump Coronavirus. Trump failed miserably in responding to the crisis eventhough he knew about it in January. Trump’s inaction has cost the USA thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Gov. Cuomo took charge in NY and has proven himself an outstanding leader. Though a devoted Roman Catholic, Cuomo has recognized science as the ONLY solution fo the Trump Coronavirus Crisis. He has used his state’s resources to combat the pandemic with little help and lots of criticism from Trump. The people of NY are lucky to have a real leader in charge. Too bad the nation has a complete incompetent wannabe dictator in charge.

  65. HCB, not ONE THING you said is true. NOT ONE. A devout Roman Catholic????? Absolutely NOT!!!! A real leader??? Wake up!!! He doesn’t know what he is doing and just whines about it. And without Pres. Trump things would be MUCH worse. Be very thankful that Hillary is not in charge. And where do you think science came from???? God gave it to us to study His wondrous creation. You can deny God and the truth, but it proves you to be a fool every time you comment

  66. HCB….You are EXTREMEY SICK and VILE!!!!!! You are way beyond disgusting. It is NOT Pres. Trump’s virus. It came from CHINA!!!! THEY are responsible for it and all the damage it has done. Take your sick hate somewhere else. Jesus forbids it and we know the truth that you deny. You will stand before Jesus to be judged for your hatred and it is not going to go well at all. God loves Pres. Trump and he has done only good for this country

  67. HBC…You left out the part that 98% of those who get the virus recover. It is a nasty flu, nothing more

  68. Sharon, you are right on. The dems are using this virus to their advantage to advance their vile agenda. They do not care about us, but only the power they can have over us. Their goal is total control over every aspect of our lives and they will do anything to get it. Since they have thrown God out and follow satan, morals do not matter to them. They are very dangerous

  69. To answer your question, “fairness” is only a fraction of the problem. What’s disgusting is that Cuomo is governor of one of the most populous states. I wonder what prompts people to vote for such a person. I’ve long believed that many Democrat constituencies are blindly voting against their own interest. Logic has been kicked to the gutter. We must find a way to get to the hearts and souls of those people or our Christian/Judeo Republic will cease to be.

  70. God first; all else, distractions. Governor Cuomo may state a judgment against God, but to use it as a political platform reflects back to his own lack of integrity bolstered by vanity and ego — another self-righteous unbeliever. The reality of COVID-19 is a call to return to God: prayer, crosses, patriotism, fidelity, marriage. Any other interpretation is egotistical human perception. Primitive.

  71. If JAIME looks back on these comments: GO! I am still giggling regarding your definition of Cuomo, DNA, and, Raid. In fact, positive marketing for Raid!

  72. Gov. Cuomo is just another face of the communist’s in this country.
    I just recently watched the documentary called The Enemies Within.

    It’s bone chilling on how the communist’s have been taking over our country. It list names and backs it up with true video clips.

    Every American should watch this. It’s almost terrifying

  73. Man oh man. Even in the time of a global crisis, Democrats and Republicans have to hate each other. Even when talking about God, they sling mud. God made us in His image and loves each and every person on earth, whether they are saint or sinner. He waits for the sinner to repent. He heaps blessings on the saints, or sometimes tests them like Job.

  74. I believe the world is a better place because of the faith and hope, family and community that religion instills in people. But I have to say that 2000 years of known pedophilia may be a cause of anti religious attitudes that exist today.

  75. I would not want to be Coumo as he tries to enter Heaven. God is the ultimate judge and jury. Coumo needs to read the Old Testiment especially the books of first and second Kings. The brutality of those who did not follow God was immense. Prayer and Faith have had much to do as we deal with this coronavirus. I PRAY for those afflicted, those families that have dealt with the illness firsthand or lost a loved one and to all nurses, doctors, first responders, police, and those in the front lines that may be exposed. And prayers to our President his cabinet, and our country as well as our world as we deal with the unknowns

  76. Mr. Cuomo needs the Lord. He does not understand that Christians pray every day. Not just in a crisis. And by his actions and words, it seems that Mr. Cuomo panics instead of praying. Maybe he doesn’t know how to pray or he doesn’t know the meaning of faith in God. Pray for his salvation.

  77. I do not wish Mr. Cuomo or anyone else any harm. I am a Christian and that is not the way of Jesus Christ. I am striving to do, live and speak as He would have me do. But God does say He is not mocked. We all will reap what we sow.Some day ALL will bow the knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! While we have a heart that beats and a mind that can decide and change there is hope to accept Him as Lord and Savior. But some day time will run out and for far too many it will then be too late. Our God is a loving compassionate God but He gives us the freedom to choose. But doomed day we all will be judged and we will either spend eternity with Him or eternity in Hell. Every individual will choose but God in His great mercy sent Jesus Christ the Son of God to die for our sins and we all can accept that sacrifice or deny and refuse Him. But in the end we all choose and He doesn’t want any to be lost. Why would any sane or logical person refuse but there will sadly be many who will.

  78. Amen Suzy! I agree totally with all you said. God doesn’t force himself on anyone. It’s all free will. It’s like when someone gives you a gift. You accept the gift; you don’t throw it away. But sadly that’s what Governor Cuomo and many others are doing. This man will someday stand before God and be judged for his comments, as well as his contributing to murder of thousands of babies. Pray for our governor!

  79. Cuomo has no moral compass other than his own eyes!!! Hey Cuomo there is scripture that talks about people like you!! I challenge you to open the Bible a search it out. You might not be to quick to open your mouth about the very ones who are praying for you and OUR country!!!!

  80. Better be careful Governor Cuomo as your number of cases have increased, and will continue to do so as long as you continue to doubt our God and his power heal our nation. Life after death Governor. It’s real.

  81. Any of you all re;member the old tv show “Maude”? Leaving opinions of the show aside, the character Maude became renowned for her line, “God will get you for that!” Well, to HCB, Governor Cuomo, and any others that are in agreement with their reasoning, here is your warning: God will get you for that. So believe or don’t believe as you wish, but just remember…

  82. I’m sorry to be so pessimistic, but I feel we are doomed. These petty tyrannical governors have taken over and we are powerless to stop them. This is becoming like Germany, circa late 30s to mid 40s. All these governors would be like the gestapos doing Hitlers bidding. If they don’t obey.. they’re out! The police and army one day will be called in, and they will turn on us too. It’s called survival. I feel this has snowballed into something we could’ve never imagined. Well, it’s right before our eyes. I just read that the army removed a paragraph that mentioned prayer… the soldiers were baffled because they said faith is what helps them and millions of others. This has been in the works for years..It’s incredibly tragic.

  83. In a few years Cuomo will just be a piece of rotting meat. After a few more years no one will remember much about him and after a few more years he will just be another name in a few history books.


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