One government school in Texas is now forcing this propaganda on Second Graders


It is becoming more and more evident that government school teachers have zero problem tailoring their content and their teachings to fit whatever agenda they are trying to promote. 

Really though, anyone familiar with the history of government schools shouldn’t be surprised by the indoctrination of the students by leftist teachers.

And in one Texas school, a teacher is forcing this shocking propaganda on a class of second graders.

A teacher in San Antonio, Texas, sent an assignment home on December 1 of this year that suggested Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is the name of America’s President.

The homework assignment apparently also asked the young children to name the vice president, again offering only the name of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as an option, but not that of current Vice President Mike Pence.

After seeing the homework assignment’s information, one of the student’s parents contacted Republican Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain.

In an interview on KPRC AM 950 Radio’s Walton and Johnson Representative Cain stated, “This kind of assignment has no place in the classroom. There’s no way this was an accident or some oversight. It’s an overt act of brainwashing children.”

Walton and Johnson went on to write in an article that it is an “indisputable fact” that Donald Trump is the President of the United States “regardless of who won the 2020 election.”

The second grade homework assignment has rightfully caused a social media firestorm and even a fair bit of controversy at the school where the teacher is employed.

Today’s children are being indoctrinated to be uncritical of the Left’s socialist ideologies, and their minds are being shaped to believe in the “woke” anti-Christian, anti-American agenda.

America’s youth are not being taught to think through both sides of an argument objectively and are instead being told the liberal agenda is the only “correct” agenda.

Teachers are no longer teaching children the same principles the American founders were taught when they were kids, let alone teaching basics they are supposed to be teaching like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

That’s why, over the last few decades, millions of families, some at great cost, have moved their children out of the government-run education system seeing it as the only way to get them a proper education.

The American public cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what is being taught across the country in these government schools.

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