One far-Left Hollywood actress just called for a radical change to awards shows


Hollywood is completely off the rails.

The film industry has been extremely liberal for decades, but the election of Donald Trump accelerated Hollywood’s descent into madness.

Now one far-Left actress is calling for award shows to become even more radicalized.

Ratings for Hollywood awards shows have been on a steady decline.

Audiences are tired of sanctimonious celebrities patting themselves on the back while they lecture the rest of America on how they should live their lives.

The most recent Oscars and Emmys were particularly embarrassing because both shows carried on without a host, as gay activists bullied the scheduled host and comedian Kevin Hart for jokes he tweeted years ago and already apologized for.

So Hart backed out of hosting the Oscars, which had been a life-long dream of his.

No other comedian dared to subject themselves to the scrutiny, so the show did not have a host.

Same for the Emmys.

And now Leftists want to push even further.

Billions and John Wick 3 actress Asia Kate Dillon, who goes by the gender-neutral pronoun “they,” believes award shows should eliminate gender categories.

Breitbart reports:

The gender non-conforming Dillon is calling on the Television Academy to drop gendered acting categories from the Emmys, telling [The New York Times] in an interview, “I presume no one has asked them directly to make that change, so perhaps this is the right moment… What are the first steps that need to be taken to make that change? Call me. Email me. Let’s get it done.”

A spokesman for the Television Academy told the Times that while the organization “celebrates inclusiveness,” it has no plans to make that change.
[…] Dillon plays the gender non-binary character Taylor Mason in Showtime’s Billions, and chose to be submitted for Emmy consideration in the supporting actor category two years ago. Dillon, who has so far failed to earn an Emmy nomination, was born female and but now identifies as non-binary and uses the pronoun “they.”

The great irony of the transgender and “non-binary” movement is that it squarely contradicts the feminist movement.

If the Oscars and Emmys catered to Dillon’s wishes, it would only serve to limit the number of women being recognized for leading and supporting roles.

Leftism is a destructive force, and inevitably it will always eat itself.

Do you think eliminating gender categories for awards shows is a good idea?

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  2. only word I can think of to describe this is STUPID! how many people really watch these types of shows anymore? can’t believe the pollsters! we’ve stopped going to movies, we only watch old reruns of “good” television shows!

  3. Isn’t Hollywood in the business of entertainment? What happened then? Did some kinda flesh eating bacteria infect their brains and cause uncontrollable running of the mouth? I guess they forgot they have to sell the crap they spew. Good luck with that.

  4. Frankly, who cares what they do. When all these Hollywood Leftists started coming forward and spewing their hate and totally disrespecting our sitting president, I don’t support them one iota! I don’t go to the movies any longer, or have Netflix, and etc.
    I am quoting one line from this story; “Leftism is a destructive force and inevitably it will always eat itself”. I would like to add, not fast enough!!!!

  5. Damn freakazoids! “They” indicates a ‘group’. So, her wanting to be referred to as “They” reminds me of Legion (the collective of demons) in the Bible. They say in unison, WE ARE LEGION and Jesus forces THEM into the bodies of pigs and forces those pigs into the ocean to drown. If she were in front of me live, she would be SHE! I am not feeding into a mental illness or enabling the gross twisting of reality. EFF anyone who doesn’t like it!

  6. Those award shows are tedious and out dated relics. Their joy won’t last long if their plan ever gets fulfilled, it would just be the last nail in the coffin for that dog and pony show.
    I’m certain no one would be grief stricken.

  7. It would be better if actress Dillon did not appear not only on the Oscars and Emmys, but also in crowded places – it was disgusting to look at her.

  8. Lyudmila: I try never to make remarks about how someone looks, but in HER case , I tend to agree with you! Since I no longer go to the movies any longer, I have no clue if her looks fit the part she played or not. But either way, darn……

  9. buddy you are so right I think we should all picket Hollywood onot go to see any of their productions hit them in the pocket boo. God help us.

  10. Never watched the Emmys, haven’t watched the Oscars in over 35 years, haven’t been to a new movie in nearly 20 years. Most of these so called entertainers I never heard of. If I want to watch a GOOD movie, I will go through my DVD collection and enjoy a Bogart classic like Casablanca, or a Grant- Hepburn comedy like Bringing up Baby.
    At least these people could ACT, not depend on four letter language every other word.

  11. The left is doing its best to destroy the way they make a living. That proves how dumb they really are. When they are finally gone maybe some normal people will get into the business.

  12. A man entered a store in San Fran and saw a bronze rat for sale, and asked how much? The clerk said $12 plus $100 for the story. The man said forget the story and paid the $12. As he walked down the street he noticed rats following him he walked faster and more and more rats followed him, when he got to the wharf he threw the rat in the water, and all the rats jumped in and drowned. He went back to the shop and the clerk asked if he wanted the story and the man said no but do you have any bronze Democrats?

  13. Do enough people actually watch these shows to keep them on the air? I haven’t watched them in decades! Why do people care to watch a program that just pats each other on the back?!

  14. GOOD! When the Networks lose enough money on these award shows and finally pull the plug,these idiot’s will be the first ones to cry about it.

  15. As soon as HollyWeird started the trend not neutral gender awards they or is it, it would than complain that not enough trans-gender (read mentally ill) actors were receiving awards.

  16. Mark, great and proper use of the pronoun It for this thing. I do however support this “The great irony of the transgender and “non-binary” movement is that it squarely contradicts the feminist movement.” Love it. Many “women” are soooooooooooooooo stupid. To you beautiful (and all women that know they are women are beautiful) women of the world, thank you.

  17. I quit watching long long ago… except for the People’s Choice Awards which are based on audience approval rather than actors patting each other on the back so they can feel good.

  18. @ Dianna I couldn’t agree more, I haven’t been to the movies in years. Who wants to watch an actor/actress who condemns an AR-15 but uses one to make Millions. Hypocrite comes to mind. Like Leonardo DiCaprio who cries climate change as he flies in a Private jet from Australia to California so he can celebrate New Years Eve twice in the same Day…really concerned about the ozone. I watch about 4 different channels on the TV…the News and I scan for reruns of old shows. I haven’t watched an NFL Game in 3 years…don’t miss it either. Funny how that works, out of sight out of Mind.

  19. Ditto on MENTAL ILLNESS! But we are rapidly becoming a nation that celebrates mental illness not seeks to help the sufferers . Escaping reality in any form drugs, alcohol , believing you are someting you are not is mental illness and should be addressed as such. Can you imagine the result if you went intoan auto repair store and announced you ” identified” as BMW and wanted your tires rotated and an oil change what would happen. The Folks with a strait jacket would be called post haste!

  20. Jan13: Not this is about the story, but I also own and love ” Bringing up Baby”. Great comedy!! Have you seen “Arsenic and Old Lace”? Another funny one! I go through my DVD collection and am entertained that way as well.
    You are also correct about enjoying a movie without hearing foul language that is very present in almost every new movie today .It’s sad that our society has gotten to this level…..

  21. Scrap the damn awards shows altogether. Nobody watches them and the weirdos in Hollywood don’t deserve awards for the crap they produce.

  22. Anything from Brietbart can be brushed-off and right-wing, neo-Nazi propaganda, just like FOX “News,” which they admitted isn’t really news, just entertainment.

  23. Linda M.
    Arsenic & Old Lace another good comedy, Cary Grant, like David Niven, had great facial expressions.
    Think we could go on all day talking about Good movies and Actors/Actresses
    from the classic Hollywood years. Enjoying R. Burr’s Perry Mason right now, lol

  24. Richard, agree 100%. Who knows we might get lucky and an earthquake will swallow only the vermin of Hollywood!!

  25. John G. Great joke. Thank you for lightening up the day! If you ever find that bronze democrat store, please post it immediately !!
    God bless and save America from the liberal insanity of today’s democrats!

  26. Well, I call the governor of Maine, Governor It, because she signed a no gender bill. It is Janet Mills, former Attorney General who was against Conservative Governor paul LePage on everything.

  27. Do away with it all together. These elite so and so’s only crave attention and use it for a political bashing platform anyway, so do away with it. We get enough of this BS in the FAKE MSM NEWS…

  28. Do away with it all together. These elite so and so’s only crave attention and use it for a political bashing platform anyway, so do away with it. We get enough of this BS in the FAKE MSM NEWS…No I haven’t said it before.

  29. Just what I was thinking. Eliminate the ‘awards’ altogether. I doubt that many, outside of the self important celebs, would miss them.

  30. hollywood pushes all this PC BS, so I agree with “they” let them prove they truly believe what they say and drop the male and female categories. They should just compete equally. Actions not just words, so far, your actions prove you don’t believe what you’re saying.

  31. I believe THIS industry better “wake up” and find out what direction that it is going . . .ESPECIALLY when less and LESS people are paying attention to, much less WATCHING this GARBAGE. It’s disgraceful, and I’ll be DELIGHTED when MANY of these LEFTIST actors and actresses find themselves with NO EMPLOYMENT because they are “BOX OFFICE POISON”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  32. Who gives a s*** about the Emmy awards, just a bunch of self-righteous idiots that think they’re intelligent when all they are is a bunch of stupid ass actors. Which most can’t even act.

  33. I do not think that this is a good idea. It is the same as having a man thinking he is a woman and competing in women’s sports. That destroys the chance of a true biological woman from ever winning in competition again. The biological man will win every time. As the article says that if they do away with female/male categories there might be fewer females winning awards. This person should not use the term ‘they’ when addressing them. They should rather use the term ‘IT” instead. These people are so confused about who they/it are that they can’t figure it out. God knew from the start which sex they are. Satan is the one who has muddied the waters about their sexual orientation.

  34. in Hollywood, I say let them eat each other it just a matter of time Hollywood would be bankrupt
    because nobody will support the movies industry and plus those lunatic actor and actress they really
    think that we, the people should follow there lead and what they do not know is we, the people have
    our decision to make and we, the people decided to VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE IN 2020 and
    we, the people surely do not need people in Hollywood to decide for us. we, the people will prevail
    because we love this great nation. we the people also know that Hollywood and the democrats are
    just plain lunatic and you do not want listen to the people but instead you want us to listen to you
    which is NOT going to happened because we, the people knows better than YOU in Hollywood and
    your plain loyalist the democrats party.WE, THE PEOPLE FULLY SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE
    in 2020/2024/28 and beyond. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  35. Lol…..Hahahaha…..It looks like this gutter trash just arrived from a street / sidewalk death camp like the ones in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  36. All the work feminists and the Suffragettes put in will be diminished in a few years thanks to these non-binary conforming idiots. I never considered myself a feminist, but I do feel bad that the ones who arrived for true equality to men and don’t want to berate men are losing out. Now trannies can win as many titles in any woman’s sports category and it’s going to eventually happen to these award shows too.

  37. I have a simple solution to their malady. I don’t bother with any of their sideshows which I think childish. They’re nothing more than shows to feed the already inflated egos.

  38. Simply amazing how they forget where their income really comes from. All the advertisers should stop advertising because they are wasting good advertising dollar on show we the people don’t care about the back patting Hollywood does.

  39. The whole idea of the awards shows are contradictory to the leftist movement. How do the people feel who do not win awards? Everyone should be given a participation award! Everyone in Hollywood should be paid the same! What a pack of demonic hypocrites! Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film, etc. are all recognitions of meritocracy and should be deleted from the vernacular!

  40. One thing proven by this “issue” is that people on “the left” are not able to agree, even with one another, as to how far to the left they should lean !!! They called it sexist and/or misogynist to recognize differences in the TWO sexes/genders, denying “equal opportunity” for certain jobs. They called it “chauvinist” for a man to be simply a gentleman, courteous to a woman, such as by opening or holding a door for a woman. They called it “boorish” if he did not. They demanded to not be referred by gender-specific pronouns. They demanded to ban gender-specific bathrooms. They demanded to be allowed to “identify” as male, female, non-binary/androgynous or trans-gendered. They want to force gender dysphoria to be treated by irreversible surgery and hormones upon their very young children BEFORE those children are old enough to make their own fully informed decisions. And now, they are crying out about the unfairness of male-bodied person’s competing as “female” against persons of naturally smaller stature with naturally developed lower levels of muscle mass – people who TRULY ARE FEMALES !!! The award shows used to heavily favor men, most often Caucasian (white.) New categories for gender and race were established in order to not bypass actors and musicians, other than white males. Now they want to reverse some of that recognition of additional categories. . It is no wonder, therefore, that their choice of political affiliation’s mascot is a JACKASS !!!

  41. The last movie I saw 10 years ago had no story to it and was filled up with sex scenes, killing and 4-letters words that I couldn’t figure out what it was all about. Haven’t watched any award shows in 20 years. You have to get on the casting couch, male & female, in order to get a role; how can anyone have any respect for that person. Since most producers, directors, etc. are jewish, I’m surprised they are liberals who I thought hated them. Or is it all about the money.

  42. I thought California the psycho liberal state was trying to succeed from the country! Then big events fires earthquakes natural disasters hit California Then California cries for help !!! Wow President Trump sent disaster relief!
    Hollywood elite should have held fund raiser and donated and paid for the natural disaster themselves !
    After all they hate the presdident? We will take your money ! But we still hate you !Actually its the USA citizens money! Wish Hollywood elite would had mention this !

  43. These are very sick perverts, who need help.
    People who support the perverts are also sick people. I feel sorry for any children these people may have.


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