One famous Hollywood mega-producer just released ridiculous “woke” guidelines for his company


The murder of George Floyd has been fully seized upon by opportunistic leftists.

For weeks, they’ve used his death as a pretext to push forth their radical agenda in all walks of life.

Now one famous Hollywood mega-producer just released ridiculous “woke” guidelines for his company.

Bad Robot founder J.J. Abrams has a plan to “dismantle white supremacy,” and he’s doing so with a checklist for his company.

The resources include instructional videos and links to films and series like John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood and Ava DuVernay’s The 13th and When They See Us.

These are odd choices because Boyz N the Hood focuses on the impact of fatherlessness and gang violence in South Central Los Angeles, and When They See Us is revisionist history about the Central Park Five.

A review of the court transcripts or interrogation videos paints a much different picture.

For example, Raymond Santana, one of Central Park Five, pleaded to cops on the way to the precinct, “I had nothing to do with the rape. All I did was feel the woman’s t*ts.”

Since the Left controls culture, their falsehoods and misleading interpretations often go unnoticed or the rebuttals are drowned out.

Ironically, Abrams is going “woke” after doing his best to undo the social justice pandering of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, which was savaged by the fans.

The Bad Robot resource guide also included the writings of far-left author Ta-Nehisi Coates, but of course excluded the prolific writings of Thomas Sowell.

Coincidentally, Coates participated in a History Channel documentary on Ulysses S. Grant, so one wonders what he thinks about the rabid leftist mobs defacing his statue.

Will Abrams’s pandering guidelines and resources backfire?

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  2. They seem to be attempting to revisit the parameters of post-Civil War Reconstruction. So-called “bottom rail on top”. Can anyone see immediately why that wouldn’t work and why they should know that humanity has built in defenses to combat such a contention?

  3. Mark my words and watch what happens. If Biden wins all of this racism nonsense will disappear, along with BLM. The only purpose for the riots is to try and scare people to take Trump down. Once the democrats get in power you won’t see anymore protests and riots. All the thugs will go back where they came from, and Soros will say “mission accomplished”.

  4. Dr.JD…If the dems/left/satan win this election, this country is finished. Their goal is total control of every aspect of our lives and they will get it any way they can. NO, they are not going to go away if Biden wins. They are evil terrorists who hate this country and they will bring it down in ways you can’t even imagine. Either we fight them and win or we lose everything our founding fathers gave us. They have declared war and we need to take it very seriously

  5. If you do not support BLM then you are a racist, and everything you say is hate speech.
    That is the narrative being fomented by the democrats. Its extreme peer pressure. Do as we say or else.

  6. Proud to be Homophobic, non LGBT, non BLM, deplorable and all other BUZZ WORDS THE LEFT WING SO CALLED PROGRESSIVES LIKE TO CALL THOSE WHO DO NOT BOW DOWN TO THEIR CRAP!!! but believe in God ,the men in blue, the star spangled banner , the military (although they have been weakened by LEFT WING BS )

  7. But….wasn’t this just a hoodlum trying to pass counterfeit money? Hardly seems to justify all this subsequent noise…

  8. There are a bunch of stupid people out there. Violence over peace till it comes to their home.some of the corupt dems are getting a taste now..dont call 911.

  9. But….at the end of the day…wasn’t this just some bum trying to pass counterfeit money?

  10. IF (big IF) it all goes according to their ‘plan’, all the woke crowd will be woke one day to ‘why can’t we say this that way ANYMORE!?’ IF it goes according to their plan, someone will just have to tell them. “Sorry guys, you insisted it BE this way.” My fervent prayer is that all this woke stuff gets put to sleep and never wakes up again.

  11. True Gregory he passed a bad 20 at a liquor store. Why did he move to Minnesota From Texas to start a new life, If he keep his promises. And started his new life being a good citizen he would still be alive, and all this would not be. Personally he was a bad person in Texas. And he was going in the wrong direction In Minnesota, Yes it was wrong what this officer did but remember if he didn’t pass a Bad 20 he still be walking and talking.

  12. Hollywood is mentally and morally bankrupt. Call me anything you want, because at this point it’s probably true and I’m proud of it. Hollywood, BLM, ANTIFA, Democrats and liberal extremists made me this way. Now I dream of a get out of jail free card so I can practice my sniping.

  13. Bill S.: Absolutely. I live in the Deep South…I know that there are lots of honest, hardworking black people. But somehow, the media only seems to care about the miscreants. I cannot understand this.

  14. Film producers do need to take action in support of Black Lives Matter and against other bigotry in our society. Some means may be questionable, but the film industry is a leading influence in our society and they need go take that responsibility seriously by promoting diversity, understanding, and action against bigotry. It’s important as part of that effort to expose the hypocrisy of the religious alt-right including the very anti-Christian groups that promote the “prosperity gospel”, deny healthcare to those in need, deny basic human rights and dignity to the LGBTQ community, promote anti-science teaching, and promote bigotry in all forms.

  15. Movie people should not play at politics. I used to go to the movies all the time but it has been a long time since they have really come out with a “good” movie.

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