One dire consequence of the government lockdowns on kids was just revealed and it will make you red with rage


The government lockdowns have made 2020 unbearable for many.

The lockdowns were supposed to squash coronavirus, but instead they just impeded on Americans’ rights.

And now one dire consequence of the government lockdowns on kids was just revealed and it will make you red with rage.

The days leading up to Christmas are supposed to be the season to be jolly.

But like everything else in 2020, the government has decided to ruin Christmas joy for many Americans as new lockdowns are being put in place. 

Just over the past few weeks, California has put in place some of strictest lockdowns in the nation while Virginia is implementing a nightly curfew.

And these lockdowns are done in the name of stopping the spread of coronavirus.

But that is the last thing these lockdowns are doing. 

Numbers are going up while these lockdowns are in place.

All while countless small businesses close for good, suicides skyrocket, and kids fail in rates never seen before during “virtual learning.”

Now there is a consequence to the lockdowns that many feared but now the data shows is taking place.

According to the CDC, children are being hospitalized at a higher rate for child abuse than they were in 2019 while at the same time, reports of child abuse dropped.

The study found that the number of child abuse cases that ended in hospitalization drastically increased during the lockdowns compared to 2019.

More specifically, the report found that “the percentage of ED visits related to child abuse and neglect ending in hospitalization increased significantly among children and adolescents aged <18 years, from 2.1% in 2019 to 3.2% in 2020.”

This just shows another devastating consequence of the government lockdowns. 

Schools are usually the largest reporters of child abuse cases and now those cases are obviously going unreported as schools across the nation remain closed and only virtual. 

As a result the report seems to show that more kids are stuck in abusive situations with horrible consequences because of the lockdowns.