One Democrat Presidential candidate’s campaign is over after what he said about white men


Democrat Presidential candidates have all made insane policy proposals or statements that will make you cringe.

But one candidate just made a huge mistake.

And now this candidate’s campaign and career are over after the awful things he said about white men.

The Democrat field for president has a diverse group of candidates.

At the same time, the Left is becoming increasingly hostile toward white men.

This puts candidates such as Rep. Eric Swalwell in a difficult position to find support in the primaries.

Which is why he decided to throw all white men under the bus in this interview with VICE.

Swalwell told VICE that white men can’t possibly relate to others of a different background and that he would let others lead when he had “knowledge gaps.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy mocked Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell for acknowledging his alleged flaws in being “a white guy,” during an appearance on Martha MacCallum’s show Tuesday night.

Swalwell acknowledged during a Monday interview with Vice News that, as a white man, he should promote the voices of minorities….

Swalwell said in the interview, “A white guy who doesn’t see other identities or understand other experiences should not be president.”

“I do,” Swalwell continued. “And where there would be gaps in my knowledge or my experience, I will pass the mic to people who do have that experience.”

The most recent Morning Consult poll, collected from May 13 to May 19, 2019, revealed that Swalwell received less than one percent. The poll interviewed 15,342 registered voters.

Buying into the social justice warrior agenda may have just sunk his campaign and career.

The reality is that he must first visit states such as Iowa and New Hampshire with majority white Democrat primary voters.

And he just threw the vast majority of their voting populations under the bus for no good reason.

Swalwell’s campaign was likely dead on arrival anyway.

He has yet to break 1% in the polls and likely won’t appear on the debate stage.

Do you think Swalwell should just end his campaign now?


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  2. Oh great ANOTHER Democrat coming forward with an inflated ego.Just because YOU have had a very sheltered cushy life, please don’t speak for all white people.Many, many white people have felt the pain of being prejudiced against. Being of color is just one form. Right now, equality is not equal.
    I went to Mississippi to march for black rights. I suffered severe injuries. Was in the military during the Viet Nam war.Put myself through college and had to fight tooth and nail to obtain a good job (back then) in a man’s world..
    So young man, when YOU actually live life, pass “the mic” to me and we will talk……

  3. Coming from a man begging for people to donate $1 to his campaign, so he can appear on the debate stage! Yup, real Presidential material!

  4. Swalwell is your typical California golden boy, with lots of $$$$ but little common sense or real intelligence in that brain of his. Even Democrats have him polling at 1%, amazing he even wins his own district!

  5. I think he should pull out of the race, but what do I know, I’m a Republican, and I know who I’m voting for, and it’s damn sure not Swalwell.

  6. I agree, not all whites are racist, in my many long years I have encountered other races far more racist than the whites! They even cal each other names!

  7. Does anybody else feel like slapping him silly? This guy is so distasteful, he needs to be recalled but it won’t happen because he is from the land of fruits and nuts!!

  8. Nothing golden about him. He is the classic MediaWhore with a huge Ego. CA voters, feed him some humble Pie!!

  9. If there is one thing we should all have learned by now, democrats will say or do anything to achieve their desired goals. Swalwell is no different, he is an egotistical and corrupt progressive without principle and moral certitude. Other than that, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. This guy is sooooooooooooo consumed with himself….. Please go away and take BOZO ORoake with him.

  11. What a stupid bastard. White Europeans are what made our country. Not Blacks. Not Hispanics. Not Muslims. Now every nationality would like to come here and get a piece of what White people made. The Blacks and Muslims in Africa and the Middle East sure didn’t develop their countries, except for the ones that found oil. Otherwise, they would “ALL” still be living in mud huts and squatting in the dirt.

  12. Swallowell wasn’tgetting my vote anyhow. Where do they find all of those stupid liberals. Are they crawling out from under mad max rocks. I haven’t seen one person on the liberals side that I would vote for. Just look at all of those stupid liberals making some of those stupid comments of what they are going to do. All I have to say is look out for all of them buying votes and getting them out of their grave

  13. I’m so darn sick and tired of listening to all these DAMOCRAPS That keep bashing our country and what it all stands for. We are what we are, if you don’t like us and what we stand for, you are invited to pack your sorry B-hind and take the first ship to No-Where because that’s where you belong. That last racist president we had promised to fundamentally transform America. Well he missed the mark because he Racially Transformed America and gave these ugly Damocraps a platform to run their bigoted mouth as they feel. Clowns like Eric Swalwell should shut their ugly traps and be thankful he is living in a country that have a constitution that allows his sorry B-hind to speak freely without fear. I need to close before I really really get mad and say something that I may regret.

  14. Hey Swallows-well, I found a gap in your logic. Here it is, pass me the mic: As a female who happens to be a minority I find these men and women riddled with “white guilt” to be incredibly insulting, embarrassing pandering fakes who are underhandedly condescending towards the people you are trying to impress. Just be yourself, which is probably hard being the douche bag that you are, even though your real self is probably not that relate able to minorities. I’m pro-Second Amendment, Pro-border wall, a patriot, and sick and tired of hateful Democrats trying to paint me into a corner just because of my skin color. I’m sick and tired of being told I must support and pay for illegals who break our laws! I’m also tired of the hate being thrown at white Americans. I see it all the time, and it’s even more disgusting when it comes from one of their own. Shame on Swallows-well.

  15. He Could Just Go To A Tanning Bed , Like Biden , Then He Can Keep The Mic Instead Of Passing It To A More Qualified Person .

  16. This guy is dumb as dirt! His ego is getting out of hand! He’s wasting his time, he will never become President!

  17. NO, Tom….NO! I want ALL of the 23 idiots running for the Democrats to stay IN! It will be hilarious to watch, especially when the debates start. LOL!

  18. Hey Swellballs your done.Say goodbye to your chance of being a Douche bag politician. Wipe that smile off your face.You should be crying at this point.

  19. To bad that for some one who wants to abort babies that his Mother didn’t abort him.

  20. Please remember to vote in 2020. The Democratic party, and anyone associated with them, will use ANY under handed and deceitful maneuver to get Trump out of office and proceed to totally destroy our country and what it stands for ….

  21. A white man who won’t stand up for his own race. What a pitiful little man. Will say anything for a vote. He’s related to Nancy Pelosi. Right there should tell you run away from this useless piece of trash.

  22. I’m am really sick and tired of all Californians getting put into the left wing liberal pot. I have to admit that those of us right wing Trump supporters here in the golden state are in the minority but believe it or not there are millions of us here so please think twice before you call ALL Californians left wing morons !!!

  23. The only gray matter between Swelled-head Swalwell’s ears is nothing but oatmeal mush.


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